Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where everybody knows her name

I am happy to say that the other Mumsie is home
at her beloved manor where she loves to be.
She did land up spending an extra day in the hospital
and was not happy about that,
as she said,
"I missed my bingo game in this place"
"I never heard of a place that doesn't serve milk with supper"
and my favorite,
"They don't serve wine in this hospital!"
You see, every evening, at 5PM, the manor
has her glass of wine waiting for her in the dining room
and she sits, talking to her friends, waiting for her
supper to be served at 5:30pm.
I swear, it is like living in a hotel.
She has not only adjusted in the last 4 years to
St. Joseph's Manor but has molded her
elderly life around all that it provides for her.
It makes all of us siblings so happy to see her there.
Has us able to do all we need to do in our own lives
without having to worry one minute about our Mother.
We will always be grateful for all they do for her.
the old jingle from the old sitcom, Cheers
is what I think of when Mumsie returns to the Manor.
I know Mumsie being there has added years to her life.
I sleep comfortably at night knowing that if she
needs anything, they are up all night and will call me
with anything she may need.
They have all become part of our family.
Myself and my siblings will always be indebted
to the wonderful assisted living facility known as

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you, Henrietta Lacks!

I am in a book club via facebook thanks
to my pal, Lea.
In the past the books were fiction.
Entertaining but not my type of book.
Still I read them because I love to read and
try things outside of my normal genre.
This month though, I cannot stop reading
this mostly autobiography book called
by Rebecca Skoot
Oh my! What a book!
Back in my nursing school days I had heard in textbooks
about Hela cells and myself, just as the author,
never thought about what HeLa meant.
Here comes this book not only to answer a question
I never thought to ask but to once again
tell me just how lucky I personally am for Henrietta Lacks.
She was a poor black tobacco farmer in 1951 with three
young children under the age of 4 when she was
faced with cervical cancer.
Back in those days there was no real treatment for cancer
of her type and no way to test for cures.
Yet, against her knowing, a brave doctor took some of
Henrietta's cancer cells and brought them to his lab.
He truly believed these cells would die just as all specimens
he had tried before yet Henrietta's were different.
Her cells not only lived but thrived and multiplied.
In those days, when cells were used they would take
the first two letters of the patient's first and last name
and that is where the infamous cells began to be called
HeLa cells were the first to survive and this doctor
began mass multiplying her cells and spreading
them all over the United States.
Now medical scientists had a way to test chemotherapy,
polio vaccines, and many other things that
before could not be figured out.
The parts that really get me that all of this was
done without the permission of Henrietta or her family.
Unfortunately Henrietta died and no one in her family
knew of this until 20 years later.
Such an amazing story.
Although I have always known how fortunate, how lucky
I am to have beaten a cancer back in 1968,
I am even more floored by the fact that
as close as 1951 there were no known chemotherapy
and cancer treatments that were known.
The treatments were barbaric before 1951.
Had I been born just 10 years earlier I doubt
any physician would have known how to treat Wilms' Tumor,
I most assuredly would have died from the big C.
The book also gives me chills when it talks about
the things that were done to patients without consent
prior to HeLa cells.
It is because of her that there are now informed consent
laws. The most amazing and eye-opening book I have
ever read, and I have read many, many books.
The author goes into not only Henrietta's life, tells
the personal story of herself, but of her family that still lives
today, poor and never gaining any financial benefit from
the milestones their loved one gave to the medical profession.
Whether you read or not, this book should be bought and
read by everyone. I promise you will not be disappointed
and will also so thankful for this woman who
has, because of her cells, saved many people's lives
as well as the reason for so many cures to so many diseases.
If no one has ever said it before,
I must say, Thank you, Henrietta Locks and all your heirs!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where is Irene?

Have to start the post by saying my Mom
is in the hospital but doing fine.
Had a little bout of congestive heart failure
but they gave her fluid meds. IV and just like
the trooper she is, is all better now, just kept her
in for observation and should go home this morning.
Which brings me to the post of this morning.
It always makes me chuckle when someone calls the wrong
number but continues the call with questions.
Yesterday as we settled into mom's hospital room,
the phone rang. I thought this was odd because
the only people who knew she was admitted at that time of
the morning was family and they would have called on
my cell but I answered it anyway.
I reply, "NO ma'am, you have the wrong room"
"Is this room 200?"
"Yes it is, but it is not Irene"
"May, you know Irene?"
again I reply, "NO ma'am I am here with my mother"
"Oh you her daughter?"
So much for HIPPA laws as I reply,
"No this is now my mother's room, Irene is not here"
"May, where you think she is, she was there last night"
So as not to seem rude to this elderly woman,
"I don't know, maybe call her family?"
"May I am her family, you think she went home,
where you think they put her?"
Okay this is now just becoming hysterical to me,
simple things crack me up especially because
the whole time I am having this conversation,
the 90 year old momma is saying,
"Who is that, am I in the wrong room?"
Because I love old people and do not want to be rude
I explain to her why I am answering the phone
and suggest she call Irene at home.
"Thank you, honey, that's what I am going to do"
Oh whoever you are little lady looking for Irene...
Thanks for making my Sunday a good one.

Friday, August 26, 2011

An Erma Bombeck quote

I am always on Pinterest, looking for quotes
and things that inspire me.
This morning it is this quote that captures me:
-erma bombeck
These words are fantastically put,
fits my life style to the T.
Talent can be things you do, things you make,
people you love, how you reach out to others.
It has reminded me that although I am back to work
doing what I love to do, I still need to find a way
to get over the exhaustion and the pain that accompanies
the end of the day to do more than lie around
surfing the net, watching TV.
I need to craft, make stuff, write, read.
I know as I do more in a day my stamina will increase.
Yet I want to leave no talent unused.
Good Friday to all, mates!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

you know I am going to talk about it...

It may be a few days late,
but you have to know I am going to talk about the
tragedy that happened in our local Burger King this week.
A 12 year old boy raped in the boys bathroom.
I guess the part that angers me the most aside
from the fact that it has happened at all
is that there are always those who want to say,
"Where were to parents"
Ugh, the child was 12, long gone were the days
when he had to do his business in the ladies bathroom
with his momma because of safety.
At 12 years old, my children were riding their
bikes to the Burger King in Cut Off that happened
to be in front of our home.
They never went inside because they believed it was the
coolest thing to go through the drive-up on their bikes.
However, I know if they had needed to go to the bathroom
they would not have thought twice to enter the BK
to do their business. I would have never thought a
predator may be in the bathroom.
The thing parents have to worry about these days makes
me sad for them.
including the normal things like their education and their health,
now you have to worry about monsters lurking everywhere.
It is a sad world when you either have to take your teenage son
to the ladies bathroom with you or follow him there,
makes sure there is no one in the bathroom,
then allow him to go in there as you guard the door allowing
no one to go in until they exit.
Establishments will just have to start making family bathrooms.
From now on, when I have kiddies with me they are going to
stay right by my side and if they have to use the bathroom,
they will have to wait until we get home or risk the chance
that they are embarrassed by their auntie lil
as I scream in the bathroom "anybody in there"
if no answer, I go in myself and make sure there are
no monsters lurking, then they will be allowed in
as I stand holding onto the doorframes allowing no one in
until my lovey comes out.
Never thought we would have to take back our sayings,
"Monsters aren't real"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a Plaisance afternoon

There is nothing that makes me happier than kiddies in the afternoon.
The thing I love the most about Hughbee going to ED White
is that I get to see more of him and his siblings.
I am trying to help out as much as I can
and yesterday was one of those good afternoons
that Hughbee got to come spend a few hours with his
auntie Lil.
So it is a known fact, Auntie Lil does not have the kind
of snack that can maintain growing boy
so he had to resort to Jillybean snacks...
Looks like I am going to have to be replacing some
Jilly snacks.
It was Hughbee's 8th grade induction so he dressed here while
waiting for his parents to come from Golden Meadow...
They may not let him dress here anymore after they
see the way I sent him to EDW
he straightened himself out before he went,
I would have let him go like this.
I guess he is growing up, the younger Hughbee
would have gone like this...
Hughbee was no sooner on his way when the little nugget,
Ellen came to play.
Don't know what it is about the Plaisance girls but they
aren't in to scrapping much.
Ellie-pie hurriedly cut out a castle,
glued it on a paper, put her name on it and called it
done. Then was like,
"okay, what's next, can we watch Spongebob?"
"Can I have a snack"
oh-oh.... not many snacks,
JIlly snacks are gone...
Luckily, she settled for fruity cheerios
and spongebob,
then cuddling with auntie lil.
As we conversed, I began to ask her questions about her
little 4 year old life.
One of my questions were,
"Who do you love the most in the whole wide world?"
She is addicted to her Momma and her Daddy is a strong second.
Yet, that is not the answer she gives.
Instead, she asks me,
"What letter does your name start with"
I said L.
She came back with the answer to the question who you love the most with,
"It starts with an L"
Ohhhhhhhh how do these children know how to pull my
heart strings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

no plans for this post

Sometimes I have no clue what I will post in a blog.
Same with my journaling,
just pick up the pen and journal and start writing.
I am surprised by what comes out on paper on these days.
Usually it is something that I didn't even think about
or something I didn't think was bothering me.
There is something about putting thoughts on paper
that is so good.
I cannot stress enough how important journaling is
for everyone yet not many people actually do it.
When I die, there will be lots of me left behind
via this blog and the many journals I will leave behind.
I wonder if anyone will even be interested in them,
of what I wrote on any given day.
Baby girl and boy, they tease us sometimes about
making sure I go before their Dad so I don't spend all their
inheritance, wonder if they will fight over my writings?
They think it's full of mush anyway...
Where am I going with this?
I have no earthy clue since I started this with no
intention in mind and this is what the mind has produced.
The ones that are thought out are from the heart....

Monday, August 22, 2011

final destination part 5

Yes, I am a scary movie Junkie.
Therefore, just had to see Final Destination part 5,
in 3-D, of course since it is the only way it was
offered on a Sunday afternoon.
I went alone, which is okay,
would have been better with the bestie, Laurie
and her kiddies, or even HOBL but
going alone does not stop me.
I had my 3-D glasses,
my chicken nuggets with ranch sauce
(If you have not tried the nuggets at the Palace,
you must, they are better than Cane's to me)
I had my beef jerky bought at Target
and raisinettes to finish all that off.
I sat there with my snuggie,
knowing what to expect and happy about it anyway.
Final 5 was as typical as all the others,
but entertaining for me because
a raunchy, actorless scary movie is as enjoyable to
me as the best movie I know.
The 3-D thing really added to the horror,
nothing like blood flying on your nuggets
and knowing it's not really real.
if you have not seen a 3-D horror and you love
scary movies, this is a good one to see in that genre.
The effects were good, the acting terrible,
the nuggets a 5 out of 5.
I loved it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yesterday and Friday was blessed days

Another saying that I feel is overrated is
"Have a blessed day"
I believe people say it way to much and it has lost
is fire with me.
Yet this weekend has been a blessed one for me.
On Friday afternoon I picked up Hughbee at Edward D. White
and unlike many teenagers who have nothing to say to adults
Hughbee always has lots to say to his Auntie Lil.
I love that about him, we always have lots to talk
about and he knows because "What happens with the aunts,
stays with the aunts"
No conversations are off-limits.
I love this child.
Not long after Kd, Jillybean showed up and
then Rebecca, El, and Lulu...
Lu loves babies, it is one of things that
will spark her.
She could not hold her enough.
El, well she being the baby in most situations,
wasn't the biggest fan of "Jullian"
Yet she posed for a picture for her Auntie Lil
Saturday brought baby girl and Kelli for the best spaghetti
cooking ever and visits from old friends of Kd and I,
Mary and Lindsey and the sweet Adrianna.
I love it when children bond with HOBL.
There are some who won't give him the time of day
then there are those that attach to him and he becomes a
friend right away.
Sweet Adrianna was the latter.
She was telling him secrets that "he couldn't tell anyone"
and had him sitting behind the sofa on the floor looking
at the treasures in her backpack.
She is a loved child by her granny and her Auntie.
I do not know how that visit went without pictures
but I do not like the fact that I have no pictures of
a precious little girl with her hand wrapped around
her mouth as she tells a secret into HOBL's ear.
Later in the evening two of Jillybeans' auntie's that
have never met her yet came for a long overdue visit.
HOBL's sister, Anna and her partner, Dana spent the evening hours.
Jillybean took to all her new family and friends
which is unusual for her.
She is usually leery of new friends but not this day.
We do not spend enough time with Dana and Anna.
Anna being HOBL's half sister and they growing up
up together means they should work harder as adults
to spend time together.
Dana and I have decided that we will have to help in
this process. They are all each other has,
they need to be important to each other.
So, I will use the saying that I rarely use because when
speaking of this weekend, it really was
blessed days!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jillybean is coming!

JB is growing way too fast for my liking.
Especially since I can't see her as much as I would like.
Thankfully, KD understands the concept of grandparents
longing for their grandchildren and always makes it
a point to have us see her at least once a week.
It is another reason why she is the best daughter-in-law
in the world. She understands me and I think
she sees me as her friend, not just an in-law.
It is how I feel about her.
We call it playing when they come and sleep.
We will play in the scraproom and it is our
favorite place to hang out when most come sleep.
I have thought much about all the relationships
I have with the children in my life.
Each one is special.
Yet each one is also different.
If I look at each of them and compare it to the
relationship I hope to have with Jillybean,
it is the one I have with Cami-girl that I want
to try and build with her.
We are much alike, when I think about it.
She loves silliness and loves laughing.
She loves scrapping and making things but is also
content to just lay with me and read.
She thinks I am the most fantastic elderly person she knows.
We do stupid things like
play "Juanita and Shaquita"
a game we created to pretend we are a cajun
mother and daughter and speak in the strongest
cajun accent we can.
She thinks it is so cool that I refuse to grow up
and still buy toys. She understands all my jokes.
She also understands my rules about no
computers at Nannie's house unless
completely supervised by an adult.

She actually loves everyone who plays a part in her life.
She has this gift that makes you feel like you are her favorite.
I hope I have that gift also.
That all my little lovies feel like my favorite when with me.
Yet this little beauty, I think will always have a special
place for me in her heart, she will remember the special
times we have shared together.
I want her to remember and understand that I am
her Nannie and that is a special and important job.
That I will do whatever is asked of me in regards
to what is best for her.
It is the relationship with her that I am building with
the Bean.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 weeks down....

Today marks two weeks that I have returned to work.
I am hanging in, happier than I have been since Jillybean was born.
There is something about a job that you love
that is medicine.
I still have pain, will for the rest of my life.
Yet, when I get to that school, and see all the children
ready to hug, give me kisses, smiling,
there are no medicines that work like that.
I get home from work and I am exhausted,
still not used to the daily rigors of a job again.
Emotionally though, as I wind down each evening,
doing the few things that I do in the evenings,
I am excited about the next day, going to work.
I have the best job in the school, really i do.
There is the "paperwork" that every job these days
has that is not so much fun.
But to be able to love and be loved by 600 some odd children
is worth all those things that I don't necessarily love.
I am so glad HOBL came home yesterday.
Life is easier for me when he is here.
Not only is he afternoon company
but the help he gives to me when he is here
makes him the best!
For the first time in my life, I have decided
I have earned the help of someone to help with housecleaning
when HOBL is not here.
I just cannot have a full time job and do the big housecleaning
and I want to do the job, badly.
HOBL and I had just spoke of it
when Cami and Roen came to visit.
I was mentioning this to her and she was like,
"I can do that for you"
Like an answer I needed.
Someone I trust and love,
someone who loves animals
and someone who can use the extra cash as she
is a single momma in college again.
So as week two goes behind me, I am
a happy, happy woman.
The only thing that has been a negative
is I was not prepared for how much
I miss Jillybean.
Called she and KD yesterday morning just
to here her sneeze!
The weekend brings these two girls for a
long weekend visit and going to also
hopefully have Baby girl and her friend, Kelli
for a whole day on Saturday!!!
Going to be a good one!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"throw me under the bus"

I am so tired of hearing the statement.
"throw me under the bus"
I mean when it first came out I was like,
"hey that is a good statement"
yet now it is used way to much.
Like can someone please try different sayings once in a while.
Watched that designer show and every designer uses
it at least three times every episode.
Then last night on Hell's kitchen and the other
Chef Ramsey show I swear I heard it 10 times.
If I hear it one more time I may just be looking
for a bus to throw someone under.
Enough already!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On my route to work...

On Monday I did not take my usual route to work.
I couldn't. Once I found out who our little angel who was killed
was, I had to find an alternate route.
You see, because I got used to seeing a cute little boy in
a wheelchair waiting for the bus with his Mom or his Daddy.
On Monday I knew what I would see. Yellow police tape
and cop cars. I did not want that in my memory.
Today though I decided to take my old route
and instead of the cutie on the porch waiting for the bus
this is what I saw.
A cop was parked across the street to monitor the traffic
and people stopping to pay their respects,
a porch full of balloons, stuffed animals, letters.
It was too much, I cried to work.
I then got busy at work and while looking for a parent
I happened to call a school and who answered the phone
but Gina B's sister, yes Kia!!!
We spoke of her sister and how much we both missed her,
how hard the beginning of a school year is for those of us
who loved Gina B. because she loved the new year so much.
She worked with the young handicapped children.
I share with Kia that it is funny I should speak to her today
because I have been thinking of this angel going to heaven,
One that Gina B. would have taught had he come to our school.
I have been thinking of how Gina B. would have been the first
in her whole working body to hug this baby in his
now whole working body.
Kia shared that she would have knocked God right out of his
own pearly gates to get to him.
It made me laugh, that image.
It makes me feel comforted to know that Gina B. is still
up there taking care of children, knowing these
are her favorites, those who were also trapped in
a body that was not fully functioning just as she was on Earth.
It is the only comfort I have gotten since this tragedy has happened.

Okay, I promised!

So, my bestie, Laurie said I really need to stop putting
pictures of her on the blog.
I tried to explain to her that she loves me unconditionally....
She replied that the only thing that would make her
feel better was to post the pictures of the other bestie, Ann
and I with our clown heads so I told her I would.
No shame on my part,
not sure how Ann will feel, but I don't think she reads the
blog on a regular basis so I may be okay with her.
If you did not have a fear of clowns before, you
may be finding yourself with these pictures in your mind
when you try to sleep tonight!
I cannot even tell you the story behind these pictures
because until Laurie showed them to me,
I did not even remember them.
They make me laugh.... hard.....
Oh growing up was so much fun with besties like this!
Are we tight again, Laurie?

Monday, August 15, 2011

NO, NO, No!!!!

I awaken this morning to hear on the news
a 7 year old boy has been murdered in Thibodaux.
His dismembered body found on the street of West 7Th,
my school is on East 7Th.
I hear his name and realize he is not one of my children
at TES but he is some school's child.
Killed by the hands of his mothers' boyfriend.
When will people leave our children alone?
I am devastated when any child is sick or dies
but an unnecessary death just gets me angry.
Our future, he may have been the one to change
the world. The news says he had some learning difficulties,
he may have been the one that changes people's mind.
I do not believe the saying,
"It was their time"
It makes me aggravated when I hear people say that or
"God called him home"
I am sorry but God does not call a 7 year old home by
having a boyfriend not only kill him but dismember his body.
I do believe that God loves the little children more,
I hope he was in Heaven ready to greet this little one himself.
He must have been so frightened....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

staying in touch with those that mean much

In the last two weeks I have made a big effort to
speak/talk/visit with those that are important to me
but that I don't talk to on a regular basis.
It feels good.
Each time I speak to an old friend, it feels like
a day of accomplishment.
I have talked to my three besties
this week.
While raising our families, we have not taken the time
to connect.
We are reconnecting.
It is a funny thing, friendship and visiting those we love.
The longer you go without doing it, it just doesn't seem that
important. Yet when I touch again,
I sigh and smile, feel good inside.
I know that this is something that is me.
I want this to be part of me, connecting always to those
who mean something to me.
Such is the reconnection I made this week with
Mr. C... my "daddy" of my bestie who is suffering from ALS.
It was hard to enter that hospital room to reconnect.
However that whole day, I felt good about it.
I knew I had done what I needed to do.
Once that first meeting is done, it is easier to stay
connected, unless you wait too long to do it again.
So I called them yesterday and myself and Ms.G
had a good loving phone call and I knew I had done what
is right in this situation.
I did the same last year with another bestie and her daddy,
unfortunately he passed within days of my reconnecting with
her family. Today though, a few days never go by without she
and I speaking or texting, not to mention what an
important part her children now play in my life.
I cannot go to the movies without feeling like something
is missing unless I am surrounded by Laurie and her girls.
We laugh about it all the time but I really love these girls.
So, my message to you on this Sunday.
Reconnect, even if it feels uncomfortable, even if
it has been years, even if you think you have grown beyond,
moved on, grown up, do it!
You will be so surprised of the blessings that will come your way.
Just to tell Mr. C and Ms. G how much I love them,
what they have meant to me, what I wish for them,
well, it feels good.
Many say I was given the "gift of gab"
not sure if that is a compliment but it has allowed me
to be one of those that say the uncomfortable words,
to break the ice, to talk about uncomfortable situations.
It is a part of me I would not trade.
I do sometime think I "hog" a conversation,
think I need to listen more, talk less...
Yet, I want to say just because it seems like it comes easy to me.
It is, just as it is for you, uncomfortable but feels so good once
it is done.
Tomorrow may be too late!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

the coffee mug story continues...

I know boredom must accompany all my posts about
just how important a coffee mug is to me.
Yet, my blog, my choice... lol
I blogged last that Jillybean gave me the awesome
new favorite mug.
My wonderful godchild, Nee also gave me a birthday mug
and I loved it also so decided to bring that one to work.
After one morning at work drinking out of this mug,
I realized that although Jillybean's is special to the point
that it is from her, the mug Nee gave me not only meets
all the requirements to become my new favorite but it's size
is the perfect size!
1) It is cute, love all the colors and the saying.
2) It holds well in the hand, perfect size handle.
3) The PERFECT size, fits 2 and half cups of coffee just like
my old one.
4) Every time I drink out of it, I think of someone I love.
5) It fits the bill of being different, happy dishes.
So I had to bring it back home yesterday from work.
I sit here this morning using it instead of the Jillybean mug.
I will use them alternately and am quite impressed that for the
first time in my adult life I have not one but two favorite coffee mugs.
Jillybean's is really, really my new dunking cup and because Cami
is here and has recently learned the art of dunking biscuits in
her coffee, we will be utilizing JB's cup this am....
Happy weekend!
I am so proud of the fact that not only did I make my first
whole week of work in 9 months but I did it well,
accomplished a lot, gave many hugs and kisses in a week.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

baby girls' apartment warming party

We gathered last evening to finally
have a baby girl apartment warming party!
I've not much time for blogging this morning
but I do want to say that this child is so blessed.
To be loved by so many people in her family.
I could not have raised this child without
the love of all these aunts, cousins,
family that gave their part in her life.
Jillybean has a way of becoming the main part of every gathering,
as it should be....
She does wear clothing....
It was just a little warm with one of Baby girl's airconditioners
being out.
Anyway we love Jillybean in diaper and earrings and nothing else.
Thanks to all who drove the distance to greet BG and share
with her grown up move to her own apartment.

It was a fun night and as Momma said on the way home,
"That was so much fun, we should do it more often"

This picture touches my heart,
my Momma, and my grandbaby.
It does not get better than this.

One last thing, a mug has been found!
It is huge and I love it!
Jillybean gave it to me yesterday for my birthday
and it is now my cup for mornings.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ALS sucks big time!

This morning before work I will visit one of
my besties daddy who is in the hospital
after having his feeding tube inserted.
He has Lou Gehrig's like Gina B. did
and has been so weak trying to eat enough
to gain strength.
I am relieved he has gotten this feeding tube.
One problem will be over for him and his family
and he can build his strength back and be
stronger for some time and the pressure to eat
will be off of him.
Today I will visit, with no warning because
I am afraid if I ask permission to visit he will say no.
Yet, what do I say to this man who was much like a daddy
to me while growing up, to his wife who has always
treated me special since I have known her?
The man who when I got big and began nursing
at Lady of the Sea, treated me as a peer,
kind and helpful all the time.
I guess I will be my typical self and try and make
light of his situation, make him laugh, let him
forget how much this diagnosis sucks.
I will encourage him on the fact that I do believe
the feeding tube will be a blessing to him.
I want to say how much it all sucks,
how I would wish he had cancer instead of ALS,
how I want him to try and keep some hope through
this dreaded disease....
I love him, pure and simple, I love him.
It would be easier for me to just avoid the situation,
not visit making myself believe that is what he wants
but that is not me....
So today, before work I will visit,
I will try to leave some "Lil lovin" in that hospital room
and at least get a smile from the man who means
so much to me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I will never grow up...

Yes, just like Peter Pan, I will never grow up.
Yesterday I turned 48, 48!
What is that? Just a number my friend, just a number!
When people say I do not look 48 I remind them
that it isn't really about me looking young,
more about how immature I am.
How many 48 year old women can go into a cafeteria
full of students and do the "stinky leg"
This surgery got me down a notch but not for long.
You see, I will not grow up.
Proudly I say there is a part of me that still lives
in childhood, I don't worry about much and
if I do worry about it, there is a good reason to do so.
I still wear my heart on my sleeve, care too much
about people and their feelings
but also know that truth must be told even if it
means people may be hurt.
I proudly celebrated another birthday.
I was speaking to Gail who lost her son a few years ago
to the big C and I promised her this.
That I will not take this life for granted.
That I will live a happy and childhood life for those
who did not beat the big C.
I will give back to the world knowing that I beat the
odds that her son did not.
I promised her that I will be happy for him who didn't get
the chance but I most definitely expect him to repay
me when I reach Heaven.
He best be there at the gates of Heaven to show me
the ropes of the place I hope to be at when this life is over.
My advice to you who's birthdays find you getting older?
DO not let the numbers fool you into believing you are
getting old.
Always keep a since of a childhood life inside of you.
Play more, laugh all the time, be thankful even
when you think your life sucks...
if you think a day is bad, remember it could be worse.
It can always, always, be worse!

Monday, August 8, 2011

pup post

I am going to have to drop Jake off at the vet on my way
to work. Something is wrong with the oldest of the pups.
We know he has this liver shunt disease and he already
is way too skinny...
over the last few days he started with the "reverse sneeze"
type cough. Yesterday began vomiting and Just won't play.
Called the vet last night and is having me bring him in first thing
this AM.
Funny how these fuzzy creatures get into your heart.
I have worried about him all night,
had him sleep close to me.
A few times during the night he coughed and moaned.
He never growls but growled at Jude during the night.
Just doesn't want to be messed with.
If you believe in a "pet higher power"
please say a prayer for my lil pup.
I don't know what is wrong but I know my pups
and this is not normal!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feeling like a normal human being again.

Who ever thought a job could stabilize a life.
I feel like my old self for the first time in 10 months.
My days are already becoming more organized,
my time is being used in ways that need to happen
when you are part of the working class.
I was almost ready to hang up a nursing career, so close.
Believe it or not, it was a disagreement with HOBL
that made me decide to go back.
We very seldom have arguments these days
and I like it that way, hate dis-harmony.
Yet this one was the reason why I happily
returned to work.
Yesterday as I walked on the campus of TES,
everything new and shiny,
Children so happy to be there, so happy to see
their school nurse,
I thought of Gina B.
Our dear TES sister who was not here this year
to start the year.
She always loved the first days back as I did.
I thought of what she would have given last school year
to be where I was, beginning work again.
There is nothing like the fear of not being able
to do a job again, to make you love the job
you thought you disliked just months before.
I wonder how I will ever be able to retire but I also
know that there is a difference between retiring
and disability and I know there is a difference in
working because you have to and working because you choose to.
I work because I choose to.
I was even sad that it was Friday and I have to wait until
Monday to go back.
However today will be a fantastic day...

Friday, August 5, 2011

A wonderful day was to be had!

Yes, today was a most perfect day!
The children were so excited to be at school in
a brand new, high-tech. school.
The staff felt the same way.
I gave so many hugs, kisses and dances today
and not enough pain to even speak of.
I just know I made the right decision.
Now tomorrow, on to Plaquemine to
see the other little love of my life!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is the Day!

Yes, the alarm went off at 5:30 am and I wondered,
"Now why did I want to go back to work?"
Yet now I sit here with my cup of coffee almost down
and I am energized, excited!
Today is also my first Thursday without my Jillaxing day...
That makes me a little sad,
Two teeth breaking the gums already!
To all of those children out there,
Have a great school year.
To all my fellow school nurses,
this is the year that all will be perfect ;^)
Hope they can stand my enthusiasm at the
nurses meeting today.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ooh boy, oooh boy!

One more day off and then...
school starts full time for me!!!
I am so excited, going to go there today
see my Denise, catch up on all the changes,
see old friends, make new ones,
Just like the kids, I am!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


The summer always brings visits to Auntie Lil's house.
Have a few great nieces and nephews that I was not able to get
in over the summer so this year it will extend to a few weekends.
Abby, Owen, El, didn't forget you all!
So let me talk to you about this little treasure.
Her favorite sayings are:
Now why, you may asking, am I blogging about Ange' first?
Well because I promised her and one thing I don't do
is make promises I can't keep.
I had forgotten how much 11 year olds think they know
and how much they talk. It took me about 3 minutes with Ange'
to realize I was going to here a lot of,
"Oh my God"
"Are you serious?"
So I said to my Ange'
"Ange' auntie Lil is going to break you of that habit,
everytime you say, 'are you serious?'
I am going to say, 'as serious as a heart attack'"
I explained to her what that slang meant and she was on board.
I do not know how many times I said that back to her
but towards the end, she was saying it to me when
I would forget and we would laugh and laugh...
I don't think I broke her from the habit,
I think I just gave her a new phrase to use.
I also love teasing Ange' about her being a drama queen.
She is always trying to tell me how she hates drama
but let me tell you, this girl likes drama.... lol
She is beautiful and sweet.
Allowed me to still rock her and give her a good back rub.
Maybe next year she will think she is too big for Auntie lil
or maybe she will be a superstar like she told me
and will be living in Australia like she also told me.
She may be dating Cody Simpson and being home schooled.
Oh the dreams that live inside of Ange'.
If, however, next summer sees her still loving visits at
Auntie Lil's house, I hope we can still rock, play, and cook.
Love you, Ange'