Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shout out to two busy and wonderful Parents...

"Can you two grandma's come and sleep Saturday night
with the three girls so I can take Kd away for a night 
to NOLA?" Baby boy asked...
Wanted to surprise his lil wife with a short vacation
involving no kids, just he and her.
Being a preacher of the famous words,
From 8:30 am to noon the next day, with the three
grandgirls I would not have tackled it alone
but MawMaw, Kd's Mom and I were both free so we said,
"Go for it, surprise your lil wife and get away for 
quality time"
Us grandma's arrived at 8:30.

I mean, it is not like they don't know us,
it's not like we have not stayed with them one on one
in the past....
Okay they were great grand girls.
Except just when one needed you the other two did also.
"Come play with me" said the Bean,
Tuts being watched closely with her broken arm.
Piece of cake.... SMALLS was still asleep.
Then, 5 pm came and all three needed us at once,
one was hungry, one wanted play but it was mostly
she play and we watch and other wanted bath and bed.
Poppee was nice enough to bring supper
and Aunt Janice brought us requested diet coke,
with the melt down of three grand girls,
Aunt Janice was like, "See y'all, call if needed" and
was out in a flash, Poppee stayed lil longer but all
in all, it was just I an Maw Maw again.
I began feeding and bathing, Maw keeping up with SMALLS.
By the time we had them all down,
Maw and I looked at each other and agreed,
1) Kd needs a raise!
2) Thank God she has husband who is a hands on dad
3) for two weeks out the month, he is not there.
4) Kd needs a raise.
5) We were going to have to take sleep shifts.
6) Did I mention kd needs a raise?
It was not a bad night but we both woke up
early and felt like wee need nap as soon as the
Riera Parentals returned.
We spoke of we now know why the Big Man
gives children to younger people,
by our age its hard.
Also my heart went out to all the grandmothers
I have encountered who have stepped up to raise their
Baby boy and Kd returned around lunch time.
All three grand girls were not only still alive
but each were clean.
My car was packed, was ready to get home for a nap.
BB and Kd thought this was funny that we were ready
to run out of their. Honestly we were but not
because of the babies misbehaving, we are just
not spring chickens anymore.
As I backet out the drive, i already felt lonesome
even though was glad to get home for a nap.
I also realized, we get to go home and rest for as long
as we want, this continues for them every day
and yet, they rarely complain.
I mean it is their children, they love them dearly,
but raising three children is a full time job.
Thank you bb and kd for the time with the girls.
Thank you BB and Kd for coming back.
Last but not least,
thank you for being two of the best parents
there little girls could ask for.
Love you all!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


I have an awesome Christmas story to share...
It is a true story and it is about one of my godchildren
who finds herself to be 19 years old already!
This one is about my sweet Tedi-girl.
She is an exceptional child and yet she is also just
a normal young adult but yesterday she did
an act of kindness that will explain just how special
this child is at 19.
She passes up her street almost every day and
every day there is an older man who lives
there, he is usually outside and Tedi-girl 
explains that each morning, he seems
to be outside and he never fails to wave and smile
at her. She reciprocates. His yard is filled with things
that we may think is junk but seems to be his life.
Yesterday, as she rides up the street, there he is,
the man that she reports each morning puts a smile on
her face. He waves and gives her a big smile.
But yesterday she pays it forward.
Tedi-girl goes to Walmart and buys a $50 gift card
and stops to visit with this man.
In her card she explains,
"Thanks for putting a smile on my face all year,
Hoping this puts one on yours!"
Now let me just say, yes, an act of kindness
from a 19 year old.
But I also want to add, this child is not made of money
nor comes from money. She is in college,
commutes because she does not want to add
expenses to her parents. She also works
at her aunts clothing store.
This money, she used for this gift card may have 
been the money she earned or it may have been her
Christmas money. 
The fact that she thought of this sweet man
who she has never met until yesterday,
and bought him a gift card of 50 dollars, 
well this is a special child.
She would not want me to brag of her here
but I just know this story will have many of you feeling
like its Christmas even though its 80 degrees outside.
Tedi'girl, I love you and am so very proud of you 
not only for this act of kindness but for who 
you are always!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sometimes simple becomes complicated...

So you may wonder why this title?
Where have I been?
Let me explain.
I have not blogged nor journaled much lately.
Sometimes, there are so many things
I want to do, that makes me, me
that the list just gets soon long and
I become overwhelmed and just shut
everything down until I can get my bearings once again.
Such is what has happened with the blog.
My trip to Virginia with Alli, to spend
time with my godchild, Ricky was awesome
and I would not change that for anything
yet my handmade Christmas cards were not done,
my tree or village was not up.
I contemplated not putting it up but I thought
of the grand girls and the memories I want them
to have of Mumsie and her cottage...
the tree and village went up.
The Handmade Christmas cards, although
I had to shorten the list a little, got done.
Each of my children, and my grand girls
have a gift and a love letter....
I pulled it off and now my thoughts are to
the New Year.
Hate making New Years resolutions and yet,
every year I spend lots of time of what
I want to achieve the next year coming.
Usually by Feb. first, I have broken all I have made.
So this year, I am not going to post what they 
are except for the fact that I am def.
going to journal and blog once again,
I will print pictures that I have all over my 
computer and internet but none on paper....
I will work on trying to get some of my writings
published maybe in some magazines first,
then working on the book.
This year of 2016, we are finalizing the divorce.
I am proud of both Ron and I that
we find ourselves finding a new way of life
where we can enjoy the family we made
together as friends.
So tis the New Year, about to embark on us
and yet today, I will focus on Christmas eve,
going to spend it with a special friend and
Christmas night with my grand girls.
May this season be the best for you all.
As for me......
I look forward to 2016 and what is to come.
Merry Christmas, all!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


I didn't expect yesterday to be so hard on me.
I mean she has been gone for a few years now.
Yet, yesterday I could not remove my thoughts of her.
I miss the Manor, I miss the bossy one she
was before dementia, shoot I just plain miss her.
Mom would have been 95 yesterday.
I know, she had a great life, a long life,
and yet on some days, can't help but be lonesome.
Sometimes I still wish I was just a little girl
with no worries. Sometimes I get doubtful
of what is offered to us after this life?
I hope she is there, wherever we go after
this all is over.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


For some time now,
I have just been coasting along,
Living my life, enjoying the grand girls,
my children and their loves,
but not sharing important things on my blog.
Since Fay died, I kind of lost my blogging MoJo.
Then I went on a trip to Virginia Beach to visit
with my godson, Ricky who is stationed in the Navy 
there. His Mother, my friend, Alli made the flight
there and back and I feel like a changed woman.
While there, Rick took us on a three hour drive 
to Washington Dc. Anyone who knows me knows
that I am not good on Geography and probably 
just little bit better on History.
However, the difference on History is,
the older I get, the more I want to know about
the Wars that has been our reason for freedom.
Arlington Cemetery, a visit on my bucket list,
reminded us often,
The changing of the guards at the tomb
of the Unknown soldier was touching at the least,
brought tears to my eyes.
It also made me want to know more,
such as, who are those soldiers who march
meticulously on the black mat where
foot print markings are noted to be worn 
as they take 21 steps each way to represent
the 21 gun salute.
Yes, the trip was a learning experience
and made me want to not only get home but 
learn more, use my life for the better,
wasting no time of this life, when so many
have died so I could have this life.
To learn more, to work at my business more,
to be proud of the home that belongs to me
because of the life of saving Ron and I led
before we became apart.
To not only speak of the book I am writing 
but to actually put the words to paper,
try to publish small works leading to my book.
Geography, yeah well I am a little curious,
Like I wanted to know which ocean I was viewing
out of our plane window (Atlantic)
but history, our own American history is very 
interesting to me.
Stay tuned as I share with you as I learn,
lead, pray for peace.
Let us not waste on minute of our lives so
those who have gone before us will know
their lives were not lost without respect.
Love to all my followers!