Saturday, November 7, 2015


I sometimes wonder...
Are there others who think like me?
Am I eccentric or more whimsical.
Yeah, I think I am more whimsical...
okay, back to this blog!
I can't find the picture I took that led me to the thoughts
leading this writing.
It is a heavy yellow glass piece of two children
on a big balloon ride.
I bought it on one of my antique/garage sale adventures.
I use it on my stove as my spoon rest.
Yesterday, as I washed the white beans I had cooked
off of it, I wondered....
Wondered about how old it was?
where did it come from?
What hands touched it before?
What was its purpose before it became my spoon rest?
Then my thoughts went to,
What if all my sweet treasures had a voice?
It may sound eerie or scary to some,
but for me, I am intrigued.
For instance, the chairs I picked up for 10 dollars.
Who sat on them, who bought them, who loved them
before me?
 ...and my beautiful old piano...
When were you new?
Were you bought for young children to practice on?
Did you bring happiness to a home many years ago
like you bring happiness to Mummies' cottage?
The piano, bought already painted in my favorite color,
red, has gotten me to practice piano playing again.
Having taken lessons as an adult for two years 
with my sis, C, I was never good, but I can practice
and get better.....
Then there is the stool that my friend, Jessie and I found
while on an adventure...
Who sat on you? What was your purpose?
 Then those rugs, the one above and its partner
that is mirror image in color in my living area...
How many people have walked on it before it found
its last home here on the floors on Mummies' cottage.....
Last but not least, as I could go on and on..
My dear friends, Linda and Lionelle are always looking
out for me and looking to buy for me.
On the left is the bowl that belonged to my Mommy,
one of my very favorite treasures that my Mommy gave me.
I have so many childhood and adult memories of this
bowl and all its uses. When moving to the cottage,
it is the one and only thing that was broken.
I cried when I removed it from it well packed box
and found it in three pieces.
Yes, I was able to glue it back together but from now
on it would not be used for baking purposes.
So When Linda found another same size and colors
she bought it and the smaller mixing bowl for me.
I use them so often I rarely remove them from my stove or cabinet.
If they could talk, what stories would they tell me.
I can't be the only one who thinks this way 
and yet, I am glad i am an eccentric/whimsical person
who is a tad different from most.

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