Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am angry, sick over this dreaded disease CANCER
I honestly hate giving it recognition as it rears its 
ugly head on the innocents but as 
Children's cancer awareness cancer month comes
to an end, so many new diagnosis are coming
to light. A young boy from my home bayou,
A young mother with a loving husband who
i have watched grow up, with two little 
children to raise,
Then yesterday after the best day with my two
oldest grand girls,
I get word that my first cousin, Faye
is going home on hospice.
Having texted with her sweet and only
daughter, Steph, they are trying to go home
tomorrow but not sure if she will make it
to the weekend when we make it there.
BB says I am always fixated on the negative,
I am not, these things are really happening,
can't change what is and pretending to live
like it does not happen, trying to see your lives
through rose colored glasses does not change the
facts. I choose to try and be comfort to some who
suffer. So back to cousin Faye I am so darn angry.
Her family put my family up and stood by my parents
and family so many days as I battled my own cancer.
Their door always opened and now I have to be there too.
I am so angry because this started with a dry cough 
for a lady who never smoked, was always just a wonderful
woman. I small spot on her lung two years ago,
prognosis was great. She even had the best family 
reunion at her home when she was considered in 
remission. Then a few weeks ago, tumors on brain.
Had brain surgery and now home on hospice.
Yeah, I can hear all this stuff about she is going 
to heaven, will be at peace, but fact is,
I am not ready to let her go and that is so darn selfish.
Saturday, if not sooner, I am going there,
she continues to say she "Sees and talks to Aunt Minta"
My mom.....
Prayers please for all fricking Cancer,
I hate you!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have been so busy with Mumsie's Cottage orders
and helping with the grand girls that I have not had
much  blogging time. Today I complete my Christmas boxes
for this Year! I am now going to start focusing on
other things I can offer you and post those on
Mummies' Cottage blog.
Until then, good news...
is almost sold! 
Found a sweet couple who will love this
house and make it a home, something
we never were able to achieve in it.
They are so excited as I am also.
Once this feat is done, I will be focusing much
on the business.
Thanks to all of you who have ordered,
viewed, questioned my business venture.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


I searched all morning through my over 4,000 pictures to find
a picture of these two cats as kids and I just can find the
ones you see here. It could be because I have hundreds of home
videos and no stills. SO I just a have to go on with the blog of
the day, that I will.
Today is a big day, a day that Baby boy stands beside
his best childhood friend and watches him 
marry the love of his life, the mother of his sweet Natalie.
 Yes, Scott Doucet marries Laurie Terrebonne.
There is so much I can say about these two boys
growing up. When we moved to Tarpon Heights and
their interests grew apart in Jr and High School,
they were not as close but it is safe to say,
they were each others first friends.
Which made Scott one of those boys dear to my heart,
lived as part of our family for many years.
In some ways, feels almost like my own child is
marrying today.
 Way back in the 80's, 85 to be exact, I gave birth
to this little boy above to the right.
At the same time the couple below, Sue and Foe,
received their sweet baby through other ways,
adoption, but he was theirs even before he was born.
We visited them the day Scott came home to them
and there was no doubt, Sue/Foe was in love and
this child was a gift from God to them.
Then when they were three, the boys,
the true friendship began.
I remember the first day, Sue picked up BB
to go eat at Burger King and play for a few hours.
Since that day those boys were inseparable.
Two boys so different but loved each others company.
Our family videos are full of stories of their 
friendship. My favorite story has Scott on his
blankie, yes, he had a blankie, BB had a wobble
and neither were embarrassed of their loves.
We were outside on the porch of one of our many homes
and they are running circles around the blankie
pretending to be an airplane.
Scott says,
"I be a airplane when I grow up"
I correct him, "You will be a pilot, you will drive an
Forget that, he corrects me,
"NO I am going to be THE AIRPLANE"
and that went on for years.
Baby boy tired faster than Scott playing airplane,
so as Scott runs circles around blankie, BB
pulls blankie from under his feet and
our little airplane crash landed.
BB first "time out" because of hurting a friend.
I still smile when I remember this day.
 These two parents loved this boy, nothing was good 
enough for him and love abounds.
The grand baby, sweet Natalie he and Laurie gave them
about a year ago is something they had been waiting for
forever. Today they marry this child of theirs to his love,
to the Mother of his child, beautiful Laurie.
Many steps up from his first love,
Jessica Rabbit. Yes, this 4year old child,
was infatuated with he cartoon character,
Jessica Rabbit and it did not matter how much his
Mom and I tried to explain, he could not marry her
as she was a cartoon he did not believe us,
He was going to change her name to 
Jessica Rabbit Doucet.
I can't write this blog without also bragging on 
these parents. They did not just love this child,
they adored him. Being their only child,
they gave all they could to him.
Often, so he could swim, they took BB and Scott
to sleep at the Houma Holidome for their indoor swim pool.
Some of BB best memories surround something he
did with Sue and Foe.
It was nothing for them to decide at 10 pm at night to
take the boys, and yes, gypsy baby, as for years, she
honestly wanted Sue to be her Mommy, spent more
time there than home for a few years.
Back to story.
They would take the kids to the Grand Isle bridge to fish
late at night. MY boy, still loves fishing, second only to
hunting, and I am sure many of his fishing memories 
have these parents in them.
They never missed a game, a school event, anything
Scott was involved in. Not just as a child,
many years ago, when a baseball team was put together
to raise money for Meningitis Awareness for their
deceased close friend, Robert, there we parents all were,
supporting our boys just as like when they were kids.
 ... And now I will share my feelings for this man,
Scott who is almost like a son to me.
Dearest Scott,
I met you the day you came home to your parents
but it was not until you and BB were three 
that you guys became fixtures in each others homes.
It was more Rod and your house especially at night
as you didn't like sleeping away from home.
Yet, many days were spent, watching you boys dancing,
singing, building Lego castles, playing football, basketball,
you were a tad spoiled, being the only child for the Doucet's
but I think you liked my house for the fact that
there you saw what it was like to have
I love you my child.
I love you as one of those boys who spent numerous
times at my home, almost as my own.
Be a good husband the the love of your life, Laurie.
Always remember the way you love her today,
because life will get in the way to try and mess that up
for you guys. When you are having trouble finding that feeling,
look into the eyes of that beautiful child, Natalie that
you have made with this woman and know not all
can do such a thing, make a beautiful baby girl such
as Natalie. Now you understand how much
Sue and Foe loved you, why we all did the some things
that seemed crazy at the time, it was all about love.
You are a lucky man, very lucky man.
A woman who adores you, a baby girl who calls
you DA Da. I know you think of your grandparents today,
especially Ma Goose, who was so special to you.
Know that she is with you on this special day as 
she is every day. She may not be sitting near in presence,
but she has the better seat in the house, above,
along with Laurie's Dad. 
I love you, Scott.
Thank you for being part of my history,
a big chapter in my book of life,
See you this evening as you become Husband.

Friday, September 18, 2015


When Mom hit her 80's before the
St.Joseph Manor years,
before we understood just how bad her
dementia had gotten,
she made a statement to us kids one birthday.
"It's not fun to get old, all you friends, family
are dying and you are happy to still be here
but it makes you want to not make friends"
A few years later, I went to visit her at her
little studio apartment, she was in her PJ's and
clearly depressed. This was when we learned she 
would need another living option if we wanted
to keep her with us for longer.
Yet, even when she went to the Manor,
her dementia somewhat protected her from the
loss of friends and family, to the point that unless it was 
immediate fly, we didn't tell her,
She even forgot sometimes that my brother Larry
was dead. Often while at the Manor
she would comment
"i'm not making friends because they just going to die"
All of this leads me to this blog.
Yesterday we lost a cousin who has been fighting cancer.
We also lost a well known hair dresser who everyone
knew on the bayou.
It seems like each week we are loosing someone we
love or one of us siblings knew well.
Younger and younger, our family, our friends are passing away.
I now understand what Mom meant when she felt like it
was easier just to be a loner.
I could never be a loner, I like people and talking too much.
I aslo am a believer in my Big Man and the world
he promises for after this temporary life.
However, loosing people you knew,
who made parts of your past, who you love,
is hard. 
RIP Laura Lee, my cousin.
RIP "Crazy Eddie" one who all below intracoastal knew
and loved.                                                                     

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another brag post..

When I moved to the cottage in May, 
one of the first things I wanted to do was
run A/C ducts to an addition that had been 
added but never connected to the central unit.
I will not name the the businesses who came
out and said, "Can't be done, that roof too low"
"We won't take the job, "
"The ducts will have to be run on the outside of these
two rooms"
"Window unit in the bath is the only way."
Then, I had a clogged A/C drain in my attic
and although Baby boy came out and fixed
the problem he thought it was best to have
it checked with an A/C company.
This began my "love affair"
Owned by Chad Robertson
but his emlpoyees,
Lauren, Stephen, and Smokey,
the ones I know, well he should be proud
to have these people work under the name of his
Stephen came out that day I called about me blocked pipe.
Although the problem had been fixed by BB,
I still wanted him to check as well as discuss the
duct work I thought was impossible.
Stephen, he thinks like me,
"There is no such thing as can't be done"
We discussed, looked in the attic, 
looked at the addition roof and the little
room there was to get in there
and said,
"I think we can do this"
Music to my ears!
He explained he had to discuss it with Chad,
he had to get their smaller employee, Smokey to
crawl in that space, but he had a feeling it 
could and would be done.
It was their busiest season, putting in generators
before hurricane season.
fixing a/c and replacing them during the 
hottest part of the year.
I was in no hurry just needed to know about how
much the endeavor would cost.
This is how I became to know Lauren,
their secretary, never met her in person,
but her and I had many conversations of my home.
She reassured me that Chad would come out there
but Stephen said it could be done and she
had no doubt he knew what he was talking about.
I called probably weekly to find out when my ducts
could be done, again I was in no hurry but I didn't
want them to forget me.
Lauren, the secretary and I spent many
weeks talking. She is exceptional and
always friendly to the point where I called
her so much that when she was able to get me a price
for the duct work I sent her flowers for being awesome.
So last week, I call Robertsons and Lauren answers:
"Good morning Ms. Lilly"
Yep, she knows my number by
but really my name comes up on their phone...
the answer on this day was different,
"You know what? Chad is in school this week
but I think the other guys might be able to do it today
and that they did, they came that day,
Stephen and my new pal, Smokey.
Smokey is the smallest who will be 
the crawler into the small space to cut these ducts.
They promise to come back the next morning
with the things they need.
They joke that they expect breakfast,
I promise they will have breakfast and that they had.
Smokey was so hesitant, said he is not usually the one
to do this part, afraid he may go through my older ceiling.
I assure him,
"Listen Smokey, I have confidence you can do it,
Stephen has been waiting for you because you
are the smallest one who can get up there 
and he has confidence in you"
They eat breakfast and they begin.
Just as planned, when Stephen told me months
before, "There is no such thing as 'Can't"
I have air.
But more than air, I have what I feel are new friends,
The were professional, they did this job
without Chad having come look at the job
as he was out of town for school.
I made them all do the happy dance
and I have central air throughout my home!
Kudo's to Stephen, Smokey, Lauren
and Chad who owns the company.
Chad, I never met you but you have an
exceptional group of people working for you,
a group that you can trust to keep your business
running on those times you are so busy
or out at school to better your business.
These guys will forever be my generator, A/C people!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last night Tiffy and I attended Nottaway Plantation
for a Murder Mystery Dinner theater.
If you have never been to one, you must go,
if you have not been to one at Nottaway,
make that your first! 
First, let me rate the atmosphere,
because of the small cold front, it was with
less humidity as we walked the beautiful plantation
grounds of Nottoway, having already been on the tour,
I knew of the families that have lived here before
and it takes you back to that era.
We then made our way to Randolph's room
where the supper would be held,
Food? Grand! I was starving, made sure of that 
so I could enjoy the meal.
Started with a glass of Champagne and cheese
and crackers, three of my favorites.
As Tiffy and I chose our table,
others began to come in.
Our first seated guests was the sweetest young
couple on their second anniversary.
We found that our table would work as a team
to figure out the murder so from then on
us four, looked for others for our team.
We were joined by two other married couples
and we were set. One of the best parts of the night
was meeting, laughing and sharing our lives
with each other. 
(picture of our group with the cast)
AS the meal was served, the mystery began
to take place around us, you must pay close
attention to the happenings.
I have been to a few of these murder mystery suppers
but this was one of the best, done different from all
Scene one happened, I won't give away any of the story,
plot or answers as that will give away the fun
for others.
After each scene, a new course.
Crab Cake and Crawfish cake was our appetizer,
Oh my! I think it was my fave!
Rich, well seasoned with a wonderful sauce,
Cleaned that out quickly, told ya, I was HUNGRY!
Scene two takes place all around this beautiful room
made to look like the year of 1857.
Acting was grand, so was the salad, served 
after scene two:
Spinach salad with a vinaigrette made there
on the plantation, I think Feta cheese,
yes, I ate all of that too and I am not a big
salad eater so, yes, it was great!
Another scene, the plot thickens and because
our table is a team, we begin discussing scenarios...
Third course, fish and beef tips with grilled squash
and potatoes, carrots, okay now I am STUFFED,
but next is dessert... my fave,
Murder mystery continues and our table was so much
fun, we hit it off right away and everyone 
participated with the mystery as well 
as sharing our lives. 
Then dessert and coffee....
Tuxedo chocolate cake....
to die for, and the coffee, which I love was a good cup
of Java. Oh and I forgot the wine also served with 
the entree'. Finally is was time to put in your thoughts
for who, what, why did the murder take place,
kind of like clue,
"Colonel Mustard, in the study with the candlestick"
Our table did not win but we had a good story 
we contrived.
Look at Nottoways' Facebook page as well as their website.
Treat yourself to a fun filled night!
i still think the meeting of new friends were the 
best part of night.New Facebook friends!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


These tis this place not far from me,
a mere 15 miles called 
What in the world is the PURPLE COW, YOU ASK?
It is a thrift store that I feel like part of the family there.
The first time I walked in, I knew it would become
one of my favorite places.
A thrift store whose main goal is to feed the hungry,
get the poor off the street, sober those addicted to 
drugs, a thrift store with a purpose. Yet they don't 
just give away money, they give these people a purpose,
 a reason to go on, they work in the store 
and earn their keep. The whole concept is the bomb.
Now on to my love affair, it started with these rugs

I walked in on one of my first visits with my pal, Cat
and these were on the floor, the sweet girls behind
the counter explained to me that they were huge, in
great shape and donated by someone who just did not want
them anymore, be still my heart....
Of course, I could not afford them,
they showed me the appraisal from the oriental rug store.
One, 9 foot by 12 foot was appraised at $4,500
the second,  a little bigger, 10 by 14 feet,  $5,500.
Way too much for my budget especially since I 
yet had a home to put them in.
Oh but you know me, I was in love, there had to 
be more to these beauties.
My Purple Cow girls explain that their prices
are not those of the appraiser, both were $!,500.
Still out my budget. I had been scrapping a lot
and the most I could spend was $1,000.
OH, we forgot to tell you about our sale Saturday,
30% off of furniture and rugs!
They would give them to me that day if
I wanted them.
So both rugs without a home were mine for $800
dollars. These rugs are investments, not just a floor covering.
MY dear neighbors, Linda and LIonelle,
rode with me to pick them up the next day and in
my garage they sat until I bought the cottage.
On the day the cottage key became mine, 
Baby boy brought the first things in the new home,
my rugs..... meant to be, the biggest fit perfect in my living room
and the second, perfect in my dining room.
I am in love with them both,
so is every one who sees them.
The best part of the purchase, was the friends I met there.
Not only have I brought many friends there but I cannot go
to that part of Baton Rouge without stopping by.
So here is my next story. It's my nephew, Lil Miki's
I had to bring a prom dress to  his truck for Cammi girl
so while I was there, going to pick up a few books from 
my PC, Purple Cow, I walk in and OMG!!!
Not only an old piano stood there but it had been
redone in my favorite color, red and antiqued.
the price, $450. Too much but I loved it!
I didn't even care if it played. I know how
heavy piano's are, having owned one before and 
moving it to my nephew's house took 4 big men.
I talk to my girls and they say because I have
bought so much there I would get a hundred dollars off.
Okay, this is looking better, I had that much from
scrapping every day.
But I explained my main problem was still getting it to my home.
and where in the world, in the cottage would I put it....
"We have a delivery service for $50  but I don't think
they deliver to Plaquemine."
Great, that will get it out my system,
but just like PC employees, 
I leave with a few books which was my original idea
but only the 1920's piano is on my mind,
"Momma was born in 1920"
"I wonder what price it costs now"
"Where in the world would I put it"
I text my pal David Paul, he loves antiques like I do
but he thinks I have a wild hair this time.
I took no picture to show him so I can't show him
the deal I speak of. I tell him I am going to sleep on it.
I sleep little. Why???
Because I find out that they will deliver this huge
beautiful piano, to Plaquemine for a mere $50!!!!
I count my scrap money. There is enough in that envelope.
The next morning I buy it.
Yesterday, the PC sent over three of the nicest, most professional 
employees in  the PC van with my piano in the back.
It is a day with rain forecasted but at the time, it is not
raining, just drizzling and none of these men
look intimidated by the move,
I, on the other hand, am nervous.
I have found a place for it,
in my dining room, right between my built-in cupboards.
They struggle to get it in, but in they do.
They place it where I want it and I could cry.
I have had a few rough days lately for 
many reasons and this beautiful thing just makes me
want to cry. I don't even know if it plays
(and yes, in case you are asking yourself, I play,
not well, but i play)
because I would have bought it whether it played or not.
These men, Don , John and Garnette (Sp?)
got hugs and lunch on me, they were so great,
I had to call their manager to brag on them.
Then I am left with this most beautiful piece of 
furniture I think I have ever owned for a mere 350 dollars!

I lovingly clean it, it plays! some keys are slow
coming up but will have a tuner come and let
me know what he thinks once the big house sale is complete.
The wood work is exceptional, the red color is my love.
I can't believe someone not only let this beautiful piece go but
they donated it! Here it will be loved. Right away,
I had the urge to play, yes, some keys stick, and the 
sound is off a tad, but I played it. Not well, because I
am just not good, but talk about a stress reliever.
So this is how my love affair with PC and its people 
began and I know will continue for a long time to come.
Thanks for your time for such a long blog!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My blog so I am able to use this as my opinion
on most things I choose to speak of.
Today I want to share my viewpoint on 
Kim Davis, from Kentucky.
Everyone pretty much knows the name by now.
She is a public appointed employee that not only
is refusing to sign same sex marriage 
certificates but also forbidding those who work
under her to sign as well.
Of course, having a gay child this is close
to my heart but even if it were not,
 I still would have a strong opinion on this issue.
Kim Davis is not a vigilante, she is not 
the "Rosa Parks of this century".
What in my opinion would make her
that hero many are calling her?
If she quit the paying job the people elected her to
fill and then tell us it was against her faith
to carry out the job the courts have deemed
constitutional and now law.
Same sex marriage is the law in Kentucky.
Her religion deems her unable to adhere to the law,
then leave the job and make less of the salary
that others are paying you.
Suffer for you God by stepping down from 
your job. She has been married 4 times,
divorced three. Since then, I understand she
has changed her views and has been saved.
Okay, I agree with that but what if
her first divorce was refused because
that judge decided his religion did not
allow him to permit divorce.
What if this same judge forbade others
to also allow her to divorce.
i feel she is receiving too much notoriety
standing behind her beliefs in God
and forbidding those when work under
hand to possibly not be able to follow their beliefs.
Step down Madamme.
I will tell you on one I think of as a hero in
an aspect that is very similar.
I will keep her anonymous because
unlike Kim Davis she wanted no one
to know. 
A few years ago, a nurse friend of mine
was working under a very stressful situation.
She was running a nursing institution
and although the pay was good the job
had her working long long hours
and being on call constantly.
She loved her job but was becoming "burned out"
she applied and was given the chance at a position
at the local health unit. The pay was a little less
but the stress was going to be so much less,
giving her more time at home with her family.
My friend is a faithful catholic
and was pumped that this job was going
to have her working with new mothers and
their babies. There was one big problem for her.
This health unit gave out birth control and
"the morning after pill".
She was not gong to be responsible for giving
the morning after pill, she may have had to
be involved in giving birth control options.
Did she take the job and then refuse to 
follow through her job while she got paid?
Did she ask someone else to do the parts of the job
she didn't feel her God was allowed?
No she did not take the job after much prayer.
This friend is a follower of her God,
she will not ever spend a day in jail saying
it is because of her right to follow her religion.
No one will ever know her job.
She will never have political people stand behind her
calling her the "ROSA Parks of our time"
If Kim Davis wants to truly follow her God,
her beliefs, I feel she will step down quietly
and allow someone else, who believes
in equal rights for all, who follows the 
Constitution that make our Country 
the one most want to live.
The people of Kentucky deserve to have her
leave office, find her another job where she 
can carry out her beliefs
and be a real hero.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I sometimes talk of being a survivor of the
once incurable Wilms Tumor, childhood kidney cancer.
In 1968, when I was diagnosed it was incurable.
I was given lots of radiation, lots of chemo.
and it saved my life as well as having a part in
proudly being able to say, because of my treatment,
Wilms is one of the most curable childhood cancers
out there. This does not mean children still do not die
from it and other childhood cancers.
Every day, many children die of this dreaded big C.
Once you are a survivor of it, you are forever linked
to those others who have fought the battle and won.
Such is the case with my sweet Kelly GRanier.
She too, now a big girl, a beautiful woman,
a teacher soon to be a wife and still when we
see each other we hug tightly and smile,
laugh and then sometimes we cry.
this was how we were at our dear Stephen's funeral.
She and my "Katie the neighbor"
have been the best of friends for a while.
 As we hugged in church we both knew what the
other was thinking, 
"Why us, why are we still here and our Steve-O is not.
I hug her tightly and whisper in her ear,
I know what you are thinking and we don't have the
answer, I only know we have to continue to live
and make a difference for Stephen as well as
all those who die of the childhood disease of Cancer.
Cancer is a family disease,
it changes the dynamics of each person in a family.
I, being the baby of 7, having siblings 24 years
older than me up to only 2 years older than me,
my cancer changed us all. Many don't understand
our relationships even now as adults.
We, like most in this world, have some crazy in each of us.
Yet, we are forever bonded by the relationships that
were formed way back in the 1960's.
Just random thoughts this morning before I pack to
spend the weekend with our Bean and
my dear Nephew, Miki and his family.
It is because of beating cancer that I have 
these relationships, two children I had against
what every doctor told us growing up.
Now having three little grand girls and hopefully
more to follow from gypsy baby in her time.
I am blessed, I am a survivor, and I hope in knowing
me, you have found something in me and my family
that makes you, also grateful that I beat it.
Forever grateful, never bitter,