Monday, April 30, 2012

A walk in the neighborhood

Yesterday, after a long day of unpacking boxes,
making a house a home,
polishing way too many miniatures and placing
them in the china cabinet where they live,
I decided to take the pups for a walk.
I leashed up ol' Trixie and Jake and
started on the sidewalk.
It was almost dark so the first thing I noticed
about the new neighborhood was 
street lights that glow, none burnt out.
Just enough to give the neighborhood
a "Norman Rockwell" glow.
No wires to stop the view of the beautiful sky.
Jake was loving running on the sidewalks,
those with no cracks on them, all 
even and matching.
It was quiet, quiet enough to hear all the frogs
in the pond and the horn of a train as it passed
the tracts of Plaquemine.
The first time I heard the sounds of the train horn,
I thought, "Oh this will take some getting used to"
but it hasn't. It actually has become charming to this little
city life. As the sun went down, I felt safe to walk the 
sidewalks. Neighbors were putting out their trash cans
and all were willing to say hello or good evening.
One family, the grandmother, her two children
who had ridden her grandchild up the street in 
a red wagon to see her grandmother,
was good for a 10 minute conversation.
This neighborhood will be a great place
to get old in. It's a good, good life...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

internet abounds

I have internet!!
Just not much time for blogging!
HOBL is feeling much better but still having
issues with a hip so tomorrow we are going 
to ask the doctor to order an MRI just
to be sure it is just muscular.
I can tell you, it is hell for him to be at this
new home and not be able to do anything...
I like it as I can go at a slower pace and
not feel quilty.
Just as soon as every box is unpacked I promise
to get into the blogging world again
full force.
Soon this will be possible...
Love to all!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

internet on friday.

I am in Thib. just for the night, going back to the 
new house this evening.
Will have internet on Friday at the new house but
until then, probably not any blogs until 
settled maybe this weekend.
Poor HOBL, was looking forward to going to work
this afternoon so he could actually rest...
He fell off the ladder yesterday onto the brick
kitchen floor and although yesterday he thought he was fine.
Yet this morning, moving is quite hard, no way he can sit
on an airplane for 8 hours.
Of course, he wants to try but I am having him go to the doctor
who I know will agree with me that with over 13 weeks of
sick time, Bp Alaska will survive without him...
So the house is still beautiful, I am still very much in love
with it even though we have been mostly cleaning.
The moving company comes to bring my things on Thursday
then I can start unpacking, my favorite part as I can
go at my own pace.
Sunday our new neighbors across the street,
Linda and Lionelle cooked lunch for us!
Red beans and sausage with home made corn bread
and for supper, Kd's parents had us over
for spaghetti! It was such wonderful showing of neighborly
love. The fact that after we ate supper at Cathy and Frank's
I was able to take bean with me to WAlmart to buy a few things
then take her back to her Mommy was awesome!
The major reason we are moving there, 
so I can spend time with the Bean and her family,
so that gypsy baby and Kelmiester are less than a half hour away!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Excuse me for all the mistakes that may come from posting from my IPad. I hate blogging from it but computer is packed somewhere so I Am down to just the iPad and phone and wouldn't even attempt to,blog from My phone. After much to-do and ronnie having to harass nd stay on the bank to get The paperwork to close on the house, it seems like tomorrow, well Really today is the day we will officially be Plaquemine residents. The first morning imam there, I plan on sitting on my upstairs balcony And watching the sun come up over bayou plaquemine while drinking my Cup of coffee in my favorite mug that my née née gave me. There is lots to do but it's exciting. Hobl leaves on Tuesday but has A moving company lined up to move all the furniture and packed boxes So I can unpack a little at a time at my own TOMORROW,TOMORROW, I LOVE YA, TOMORROW YOUR ONLY A DAY AWAY!! As little orphan Annie would sing

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a small note

Yes, I am still here,
yes I am still packing and HOBL is trying
his best to get this home signed to us by Friday.
Ugh... Banks... not going to go there.
This small cool front has put me down a little
but the excitement of the new home can't keep me down
for long. Packing has been slow this week because of it, however.
I am very anxious, very anxious to complete
the process of buying the house so I can
get my hands in there!
and my heart... leaving Bean on Monday was not quite
as hard as it usually is, one, because myself and HOBL
have so much to do and two, because soon
I know I will be seeing her more often.
I love the idea that she will not ever remember
not having two sets of grandparents living near her.
Unless, of course, their lives finds them somewhere else in
their lives. I will just enjoy this time, now, and not
worry about what the future may have in store for us all.
Having Gypsy so close in Baton Rouge is nice also.
I have pics. to download of her new abode
but my wires for connection are packed, so that will have
to wait.
Will leave you with a short video, yes of Bean again...
you know I have plenty!!!
Can you believe it??? Mumsie really does correct!
BB and KD said she started going to the road
and it was important that we try and stop that.
This day shows her determination to get where she wants
to be and her frustration when she can't.
I was standing in front of her and moving
in a way that she could not go forward or pass me.
It was fun for seconds... then she got really upset with her Mumsie.
I love her tenacity... playing until she realized
she wasn't going to win, then frustration...
She even tries to distract me by pretending to pick something up.
She is so smart, our prodigy... lol

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where am I???

I know, I have been neglecting the blog.
Probably will for the next few weeks as there is much
going on here with this move and all.
So today I share a few videos of Mumsie/Bean time.
The first was on our first trip to the mall together.
Oh I am sooo happy that not only is she now big
enough to bring just about anywhere but the fact
that she is so good, makes it an added bonus.
Gotta train a girl early for the love of shopping!
This second one has a long story that I will try
and shorten. We had been shopping but Bean
was so tired. She just won't sleep if there
is something going on around her because she
is a people/place watcher. I put her in the
car so she can fall asleep and my idea was that
once she was asleep I was going to bring her
to Gypsy baby's new apartment for a nap.
She falls asleep as planned, I after much trouble
finding it, find Gypsy's apartment.
I lay her down gently on the bed with myself
hoping for a long nap with the bean.
When low and behold.... she has enough!
I am ready for a nap!
Oh but the bean, the bean has other ideas
for even though she has only slept for
about a half hour, she is energized,
ready to play. This is the video of that.
I was so tired, and I hate my voice on here,
but I love what she does to me,
how happy this child makes me.
That is obvious in the voice...

Monday, April 9, 2012

and the sign goes up...

Yes, the move is real,
the FOR SALE sign went up in the yard.
The boxes are being found a filled.
Now that we have Momma set up at the manor
for her medications and have all her emergency plans
in order, I have no misgivings about this move.
Especially on this day when I miss Bean so much
and am going to go there tonight and sleep until tomorrow.
I look forward to the day when a holiday comes
and it's just a matter of riding down Bayou Jacob Road
to see her and her parentals.
Until a trip to see Gypsy baby is 20 minutes a way
but will also involve a little shopping in Red Stick.
Last week, as Gypsy Baby, the Kelmiester and I
checked out all these little shops in BR I told
GB, "MY Gosh, Gyspy, this opens up a whole new world to us!"
We remember our trips when she was younger and
we would go on adventures. Never knew where we were
going or where we would end up.
Those days can come alive again, with the addition
of KD, Bean, and Kelmiester, and even Kd's momma!
"A whole new world" as The Little Mermaid would sing.
As I pack boxes it seems so easy this time.
No concerns of money as to if we should do this or not.
No worries of new jobs or if this move will make it
harder for HOBL to get to work.
Some sadness about leaving all the friends I have made here
and that I will be an hour more away from my family.
Yet, all in all, it seems easy. Then I realize
it really is easy this time, physically because this
is the first time in the last 28 years that we pack
but don't have any kiddies to pack.
Never thought I would be this excited to move
into a big house again. I love my little home
here in Thibodaux and if I could have moved this home
on water somewhere I would have.
But I am excited about this home. I love decorating
with flea market and garage sale finds.
I had stopped decorating for all the holidays
and stopped buying things I loved because there was no place
for it. This new, bigger home, has me excited for
this again. Wanting to hit the flea market, garage sale
and estate sale streets again.
This move is going to be good for me, good for my spirit.
I am getting very anxious!
If we cannot get this done for the 20th I have a feeling
I may just cry....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

two cute videos

Two cute videos for your enjoyment.
The first is bean correcting the pups..
HMMMM maybe she will be the one to finally
train Trixie.
Jake loves bean, trixie... not so much.
She doesn't really like any one but HOBL anyway.
Soon I will get to see this little baby girl
more often. On this day she came to visit
in Thib. while BB and gypsy baby
loaded up gypsy's last pieces of furniture to
complete her move to "The Shining Manor"

This second video I was able to tape
when I stopped last night on the bayou side,
where Thibodaux library used to be.
I was thinking of the things I will miss the most
about Thibodaux. Besides my Mommy and the
wonderful friends I am leaving behind, this place
is another. Many times me and gypsy baby has
been to this spot on bayou lafourche.
When she was in highschool, we came here often to study.
One Easter she wanted a baby duck.
Once the duck became full size we realized that
we probably weren't being very fair to him
so gypsy baby decided this is the place
the duck should live.
Yesterday evening I come here to see our spot
for maybe the last time in a while.
I always look for Gyspy's duck.
On this evening, I not only see a duck
that looked a lot like hers but also
three baby chicks that were following her around.
I was soooooo overjoyed.
I also found some unhatched eggs.
Will have to go back soon to check out if those
eggs have hatched. I love this spot then
realized that soon, I will have this everyday
hopefully in my backyard. Our new waterway
is much smaller than bayou Lafourche
but it is big enough to be filled with wood ducks.
How peaceful will it be so sit in my own backyard
and be able to watch ducks in a natural habitat.
This move is becoming very real.

Friday, April 6, 2012

a house becomes a home

(if we can't sign on the 20th, I will just die!)
(the balcony that Carlos tells his stories from)
(Oh, and the swing set stays but I think, if BB and KD agree,
we will move it to
Bean's backyard. HOBL thinks it is the better place
for a grand swing set.)
(St. Charles is the name of this new orleans style home)
If I was not completely in love with the house
before Wednesday, I am now.
When I, BB, Kd and bean went on Wednesday to
do some measuring, we were privileged to
meet the "man of the house".
The one who's blood, sweat, and tears were put
into this house. Carlos is his name.
The minute I opened the door, this big,
black teddy bear of a man greeted me,
"Welcome Home!"
He is my kind of person, a touchy, feely,
story telling owner. He then precedes to lead me
around the house, telling me everything that I
am interested in knowing.
He laughs when I tell him his "Man" cave is about to
become a "WO-MAN" cave. Carlos has a story to tell
me about that spot but he can't tell it unless we actually
go to that room. We walk up the grand stairway and
to the scrap room. He opens the door to the balcony
and we stand there as he scans his hand over
the horizon. There is bayou Jacob, the highway called
Bayou Jacob and a sugar cane field.
"Over there you will get the most beautiful sunsets
with cool breezes. He shares that a friend of his
came to visit and landed up staying there to write a book
on the balcony, watching the sunset each night.
Carlos also tells me that one day he was laying
his last piece of sod to the back yard.
He was tired, thinking about his grandfather who raised
him after his father died. He said he turned towards
this balcony and he just felt like his grandfather
was standing up there with his arms folded,
hand on chin nodding his head yes, saying:
"You have done well for yourself, son.
I am proud. Very, very proud.
Oh I want to hug a man who speaks like this.
I don't though, I hold myself back.
There are many stories to be told about the back yard.
In one corner of the back yard there is a cement flower bed.
There is two rose bushes. Carlos says that corner
is called the corner of love.
Why? Because the rose bushes that grow there are the
actual rose bushes that were used for he and his wife's wedding.
So many stories surround this home, I wrote them all
down in my journal to never be forgotten.
I love the fact that I am moving into a home
that is not only basically brand new but is being
sold by the family who had it built.
As we stand in the foyer saying goodbye,
he tells me he will cry when he closes the door
to this home for the last time.
He tells me this as he stands by the stairs where
the back wall is dedicated to all his family photos.
Then I can't resist, I hug him goodbye. I thank him
for loving this home and promise him that
we are people who live in a home, fall in love
with its bones. I assure him that this home
will be treasured and if we ever sell it, his stories
will be told. He gets teary-eyed to this.
Yes, the new house has already became a home to me.
Cannot wait to add my own memories to those walls
as Bean grows up knowing this as Mumsie and Pappy's house.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The good people of our world.

This weekend the bestie, Laurie and her girls
and myself not only saw THE HUNGER GAMES
but went to Southdown Plantations craft show.
This year I loved it as there were a few booths
that not only had vintage things but
also had old furniture that had been remade into
other things. I was fired up when I found a booth
owned by a woman from Prairieville.
She had vintage linens for sale for a great price!
I bought two sets of old pillow cases.
One was a set that was hand embroidered
to say Mr. and Mrs.
Remember back in the day when a couple would
get married they would almost always get a set of
these pillow cases from either a grandmother
or an old auntie who lovingly had placed each stitch?
I had to have them, even if they were stitched in pink.
The second set was starched white king size pillow cases
with hand stitched decorations on ends.
They were only 8 dollars a piece but I fell in love with
them right away. When I got home, I could not
wait to get them, wash them and put them away
for the new house.
However, I realized that somehow I had dropped the bag
that not only held my pillow cases but a pecan pie, my favorite!
I was devastated but decided that by a long shot, I would leave
messages at Southdown and with those I had business cards for
in case the package would be turned in.
While texting Bestie with this news I was upset because
I didn't think I would ever see those pillow cases or
that pecan pie again. I even ashamedly admitted,
"Shoot if I had found them, I don't know if I would turn them in."
I chalked it up to a loss and hoped the one who found them
would love them as much as I would have.
Yesterday, though I have a missed call with a voice message.
Southdown called to say someone had not only turned
in my pillowcases but even my pecan pie!
I was laughing out loud, could not believe this!
I called the girl right back to claim my package.
To admit to her as well as many others
that there are still many, many awesome people
in this world, especially our small towns of bayou Lafourche
and Terrebonne. I am going to pick up these treasures
today and now, more than before they have
a story to tell.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another april fool... that's me

(she may have been cute, but you see that grin?
that's the one she still wears while taping her momma's
water sprayer down. Caution....
cannot be trusted!)

It's been 4 years,
4 years that gypsy baby does the same April fool's joke
and makes a fool out of me.
I even think I blogged about it last April 1st.
Yesterday on my way to Bean's world,
I even thought about it and wondered if
I should watch my back.
Even told myself in my head that although
gypsy baby didn't live here anymore,
I should probably check to make sure she
didn't come here during the day and tape
the spray nozzle on the sink down
in the kitchen.
That was it, though. I didn't think about it again.
Last night I got home from Bean's world
and I go into the kitchen to fix the pups their
supper. I put on the water, forgetting the date on the
calendar as well as the prank I have been fooled with
for 4 freaking years.
Yes, the prankster has been here.
The spray gets me on the left side of my face
to spray across the island where mail to be
mailed is on to the floor on the other side of the island
Again this year, the shock of the joke takes
me a little while to figure it out and the
water stays on for longer than it should.
I finally shut off the water and am so
soaked I actually have to go and change my PJ's.
There it is... a small piece of clear scotch tape...
I am a good sport, thankfully.
I text the bitc.... oh, I mean gypsy baby and say,
"lil bit#!, you got me again!!!!!"
Her response?
A momma only needs one gypsy girl in her life...
gotta love her!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hunger games

Met the bestie, Laurie and her girls
for a movie afternoon.
Hunger games was the one we decided on.
Before all the hype of the movie,
I had heard of the books but had not read them
nor really knew what the movie/book was about.
If you speak to someone who has read the
books, they most likely will tell you they were
disappointed in the movie.
This is usually the case.
I am glad I had not read the trilogy of the
hunger games prior to seeing the movie
because I absolutely LOVED the movie.
it as surreal to me to think that children under the age
of 17 may have to be chosen to fight in games
that adults view on tv, sponsor or gamble on.
That the children from each district are thrown into
a "survival mode" game that only one
can win, all to die except one.
It reminded me of an olympics type setting.
I suggest all see this movie.