Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First full vacation day

Blogging from my iPad so the format may be a little different.
I am in heaven!! As a cabin in the mountains with HOBL and the pups is pretty darn good.
The weather was nasty today and HOBL had decided he was staying in the cabin today
To rest from the loooonnnnggggg drive which left me to do what I love to do, spend time
With myself, to stop at every little hole in the wall store, to watch the people, to get my bearings
On this new adventurous place. I stopped at a few antique stores today and booked
Us a dinner theater for tomorrow night. So excited about that as I have been once before and loved it.
I am also excited about tomorrow to go,to the titanic adventure place. I have always been curious
And interested in the whole titanic story somthismis right up my alley. HOBL cooked us steaks on the pit for lunch and
I was on my way. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful but whether it is or not, not
Going to stop me from making the most out of this week in Tennessee.

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's almost Christmas

Time to grocery shop.
Buy the things to make the gumbo.
I smartly ordered the rest of the meal all cooked
at Rousse's this year.
All I have to do it heat it all up.
Making smart decisions in my older days.
Don't want to spend my time with the kiddies
slaving over a stove.
Going to make the gumbo and potato salad today.
In the morning just have to heat it all up.
Mom is all ready for Christmas, had her
hair and nails done yesterday and finally found a
beautician who cut her hair the way she likes it besides
taunt Mone who hasn't been able to get to mom to cut it.
Will pick her up tomorrow to come spend our Christmas with us
and have her packed for C to pick her up in the afternoon
to spend Christmas down the bayou.
She is so excited to go to her old
Our Lady of Prompt Succor church to see all her old friends.
I am excited for the holiday but cannot lie,
also going to be glad when it is done for one more year.
Cannot wait to see the bean open her presents as she
seems to love that part of Christmas these days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas week

I know, I know, I haven't been blogging much.
One of my new years resolutions will be not
only to blog almost daily but to have them full
of content, thoughts, meaningful things.
For this week, lots to do as we prepare to have our
little family Christmas on Saturday for lunch.
I cannot wait, this year I know my babies and Kd will
love their xmas gifts. As for the Bean, well
she is probably going to be overloaded here as well
as every other Christmas visit she attends.
Can't help but spoil that little baby on her
very first Christmas.
Today my pal, Megan is coming and play all day.
Have to get a corn soup on the fire for us for lunch
as I don't want to cook while we are playing.
Scrapbook room all day,
spent most of the day yesterday organizing so we
can find the things we need today.
I miss my Meg, can't wait to spend the day with her.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Guilbeau Christmas

Kd's parents were gracious enough to invite us
to their Guilbeau Christmas gathering yesterday.
They have always been so kind as to make us
a part of their family since BB and Kd married.
The food was delicious, the company was grand.
Watching the little ones open and enjoy their gifts
however, was the best part ever.
I know the bean is ours and so everything she does
is so fantastic to us.
Yet I do believe this child is much advanced for her age.
She is walking and has 5 or 6 teeth.
She understands the concept of unwrapping gifts.
She was the very best little girl yesterday as
was all her little cousins.
Having a conversation with one of Kd's little
7 year old cousins is what really reminded me
of the spirit of Santa in a little child's life.
I asked him what he wanted from Santa.
His answer,
"I want him to bring me magic so I can fly."
He did get a Harry Potter wand, so he may just
get the magic for Christmas.
Thanks to the Guilbeau's for a wonderful day.
(I apologize for my cackling laughter)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holidays are really beginning..

HOBL is coming home today for 7 weeks!
These two little critters will be sooooo happy!
Now I will feel like the holiday is really beginning.
It is much deserved on his part as he has
worked way too much this year.
The house is quiet and I find myself looking
forward to the daily company.
Like I have said before, it's not
like we do much, we are both content to stay
home and do nothing but just knowing
each other is there is a good thing.
Wrapped all my Christmas presents yesterday.
Ordered Christmas Eve lunch for our little family
yesterday, opted out of cooking it myself,
going to let Rousse's do it instead.
Leaving Christmas day for Tennessee.
Pain is under control so life is really good right now.
Enjoy holiday season friends!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manor Christmas party...

Every year Momma has a Christmas party at the manor.
This year, the siblings decided to all come because
it was so close to her birthday.
Rosie couldn't make it, dumb work;^)
The rest of the siblings were there plus a few extra.
Our family friend, Camille France was invited by
taunt Mone and he showed up to visit.
C came in a little late but made it!
She decorated momma's door for Christmas, her specialty.
Baby girl showed up...
she hates the pictures I take but this is always what
I get when taking her picture.
She said the solution is to pick up the camera,
yet that won't happen and she is constantly looking
at the pics on my camera, so I know she doesn't mean it.
The biggest surprise was that brother showed up and
brought along Cheryl, Em, Zachary and Abigail.
Abigail still lives in Em's belly but she was there.
Then there was me and my good ol' mommy...
This picture here is my very favorite by far....
Z loves his own Mommy!
It was a fun time and yesterday my Momma turned
91, how blessed we are to still have her.
Dementia, for her has been a blessing.
I leave you with this last picture of Z.
eating his fruits, such a cutie-patootie!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hope is with me again!

I made it to to Dr. Cowen's office on Thursday.
He is a chronic pain doctor who I have seen in the past.
He and Dr. Pitre consult often in regards
to how to treat my pain.
It makes me feel more comfortable to know
that two doctors are managing my pain
as I am always so fearful of addiction
to these medications.
It never seems to sink in when a doctor tells
me that people who worry about addiction are
not those who have addiction problems.
So after much thought, fears and painful days and nights
I am willing to finally, once again listen to the experts
and get back on the Duragesic patches that I have been so
afraid of in the past. Dr. Cowen reminds
me that he and Dr. Pitre will always be honest with me
and let me know if I am not handling this pain management
properly. He reminded me that I have a legitimate problem
and will need help with pain for the rest of my life.
He told me the one thing that I guess I needed to hear
once again, that made me want to cry right there in his office.
He looked me right in the eye and said,
"Lilly, you need to stop feeling quilty about needing these medications"
So, on that very afternoon I put on a patch and within 8 hours
my pain went from an 8 on the pain scale to a 4.
By the next morning my pain was a 2 and believe me, I can
live with a 2!
This morning I would say the pain is a 3 and the initial side effects
of the patch, dizziness, nausea, and feeling drunk seem to
be gone and I can tell you, I feel like getting out today.
I have not had this hopeful feeling for some time.
I can't drive again until tomorrow so one of
my besties, Laurie and the girls will pick me
up this afternoon to go to the movies.
I have a desire to get in my scraproom and play
and I have not felt like that in a long time
I am looking forward to HOBL and I's
vacation that will begin on Christmas day
as we are heading to Tennessee for a week,
a cabin in the mountains.
Life is hopeful again.
Thanks to all who have checked in with me
or have been praying for me to have better days.
Love to all,
and big, wet, aunt Jeannie kisses!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

I used to love the cold weather
and I hope after tomorrow's doctor appointment,
I can love it once again.
After two days in bed/ in the house
I am ready for some relief here.
Trying to stay positive
but pain sucks, big time.
There are still pros in everything if you look
for them.
For instance, yesterday I watched
right there on my Ipad, in my bed.
Oh how I love my Ipad.
I made cookies yesterday for Mom's manor party tomorrow
afternoon which I will get out of the house for.
I am hoping that on Friday I can attend
Lucy's choir singing in New Orleans at the fancy
Roosevelt hotel.
Her mom and dad invited me and even offered to go out
their way to pick me up to go...
now that is much to be thankful for right there.
I just know that tomorrow will change my outlook on winter.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morris junior, off on a new adventure

Mom got a call yesterday that her nephew,
Morris Jr. Had passed away.
He is mom's nephew but like me,
Her nephew was close to her age, they were
10 years apart so they were raised like siblings.
I can tell Mom's dementia is worsening
As she had very little emotion with the news
And by the evening she didn't even mention it.
I have many good childhood memories of Morris Jr.
Especially when he retired from the military and
Moved his family to Galliano.
Although the family never really loved the bayou
Morris Jr. Was never happier than when
He was on his bayou.
Other memories of him is of a cousin who was more
Like an uncle to us.
He was a happy and funny man.
Never did I ever see this man unhappy or angry.
I remember thinking as a little girl that I hoped
One day to have a husband who was happy and fun like him.
He and dad fished lots and when he visited there was always
Some kind of party that came with his visit.
I have, in the last few years reconnected
With his daughter, Cheri thanks to Facebook.
She and I were only a year apart and for a few years
She and I rode to high school together with her
Dad. I know in the last few years he had been really sick
But his death still has shook his Cheri's world
As you are never ready to say goodbye to your parents.
I know this, though
My daddy and brother were quite excited to see him!


Monday, December 5, 2011

A weekend of pictures

Happy Birthday to Carter!
Carter is Kd's godchild, The bean's cousin.
I cannot believe he is already a year old.
To see his mother with him, well it's a heart
melting experience.
I have learned a lot about the bean when watching her with
other children.
She is a leader.
She will take control of a situation and make sure it
goes her way.
She prefers older children to play with
and is very serious about her play.

Here she is trying to tell her friend, Carson who is the boss.

Bean is pretty much walking on her own when she chooses to.
It is a funny thing this walking, if she thinks about it too much
she falls but if she just takes off with a goal in mind, she
does perfectly.
We also made a little play date in Addis with cousin, Lillian.
Again, she was so serious about her play.
Loved playing with the "big girl" toys that Lillian owns.
Here she is with Minnie, but didn't like the fact that she
was keeping her from the job of play.
Bean loved the real metal dishes that were her size.
Lillian loved the company, we went early so she was a little
"hot mess" when we got there.
I know I will be spending more time with this little one
now that I am not working and will be spending more
time in Plaq.
It's interesting to see Bean in other situations besides
just in her home with her own stuff.
She is so easy to take somewhere.
She rarely fusses unless she wants something she can't have.
Yesterday when leaving, I wanted to cry.
Each time I spend time with her, it is harder to leave.
I love that she not only knows me but loves coming with me.
When it was time for bed, she wanted her Mommy's love,
went with her mom for some cuddling then put her
hands out for me so I could rock her to sleep.
I have said this so many times but
one of my very favorite things is going into her
cool, dark, room and rocking her to sleep.
She is by far, the best little granddaughter.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

JIllaxing weekend!

Heading to the little beauty for a weekend of play.
It will be my first time with her since she is walking.
Yes, she is only 8 months old and already walking!
This put a new perspective on Jillaxing day
as I am sure it will be less relaxing and more chasing
her around now.
I am up for the challenge.
The greatest thing about not working anymore is
the time I will get to spend with the Bean.
After Christmas, going to start my weekly scheduled day
with her and I cannot wait!
Make this a special weekend, friends!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Where have I been you asked?

Seems as though I must have a secret following out there
as in the last few weeks that I have not blogged,
many have checked to see what is up with me.
Well, I am still here.
Just lots of decisions made in the last few weeks.
Just didn't have much to share with my population here.
Now word is out, so I can share...
I have decided not to return back to work,
for real this time.
Not to go on much and to bore you guys,
I will just say that having to juggle work, life, and pain.
Well, life won as it should.
Pain will never win, it may be there and part of my life
but it will not win.
So now, I am trying to change my mindset.
While growing up, while a working girl,
when you called in sick, when you stayed home,
you stayed in your pj's and rested.
I have to figure out that this is permanent
and I can do all I care to at my own speed now.
This is what I have been trying to adjust to.
If I go out in the day, and I am having a good day,
I feel guilty thinking I could have made work today.
I am getting better but it is an adjustment.
I am sitting better with my decision.
Love to all!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Malaina visits

Malaina is visiting with me the last few days.
She is a pleasure to have around.
She is one that loves my scraproom, I mean if she
could have my scrap room moved to her house, she would.
Unlike most of my other nieces, she is the only one
on HOBL's side, HOBL's niece...
Well actually HOBL's cousin but that's a long explanation
we call her our niece and that she is.
Yesterday riding home from bringing HOBL to the airport,
she and I were deep into conversation
when a song she loved came onto the radio.
Without any conversation she bolted into song,
no shyness, no worry about what I would think.
Then one of those old memories flashed before me.
A time when Baby girl was her age, 8
and we were into the Dixie Chicks.
She and I would sing as loud as we could,
no embarrassment on either part.
These memories are what makes me long to spend
time with little children.
Thinking back on my own children's lives
brings me great comfort,
they did not have the perfect life,
but they had a good life, a good childhood.
I am reminded of this often
when spending time with children like Malaina.
(these pictures were taken last visit with Malaina)
(the pictures are backwards. I dared her to eat a
Poppa John's pepper)
(She took the challenge. the first picture is the last picture)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I love about 8 months:

The bean is 8 months old now.
Friday evening she and baby boy came and sleep
and because bb and hobl left in the wee hours of the morning
to go hunting, it was decided that me and the bean
would sleep in the spare room so the boys could rest.
There is much I love about being the Mumsie of an 8 month old.
For one, she knows who I am and that she loves me.
She is at a stage where she is learning fast so will try and do
most anything you show her once or twice.
She is happy and smiles with a big, open grin unless
she is crying and screaming.
I love that she now put her arms out for people and
that Friday night her arms were out for me a lot since
we had company that she does not know.
At one point of the night, she came and pulled herself up on
my legs and put her hands up for me to hold her...
ahhh how I love that.
She slept in the pack and play until 4 am then woke up crying in her
sleep I put her in bed with me until she woke up at 5 to play.
That hour was fantastic, I have always loved sleeping with my own children
so to sleep with her is one of my favorite things to do.
she cuddles when she sleeps, wants to have an arm on me or
her head in my neck.
I love still, to rock her and when she is tired she puts her head
on my shoulder and lets me rock her until she falls asleep.
She is beginning to talk, says mama and papa and sometimes dada.
She can't say Mumsie yet but I am sure that isn't far away....
She pulls up and stands on anything she can so she needs
full time attention, all the time unless she is sleeping.
I will have KD's back on the fact that when you have a little one
as active as bean, not much else can get done.
I had forgotten this about mothering babies.
It used to drive me crazy when HOBL would ask me while the
babies were growing,
"what did you do all day"
I watched the baby, kept them safe from harm.
It is a full time job at 8 months old,
I had forgotten.
I love 8 months and kind of sad it will only last 4 weeks,
then she will be on to other things.

Friday, November 18, 2011

honey crisp apples

Finding out that my favorite fruit, bananas,
are the absolute worst for weight,
especially if they are covered in chocolate,
wasn't good news for me.
When Dr. P. said I could have all the fruits I want
except for bananas, my face fell.
A few weeks ago, my friend, Donna gave me
a few slices of a honey crisp apple.
I am not a big fan of apples and the common,
red, juicy, apples are never chosen as a fruit for me.
Yet, these honey crisp apples are to die for!
I have found a replacement for
Dianna's chocolate covered frozen baby bananas,
it is honey crisp apples dipped in peanut butter.
Yes, I know peanut butter has a ton of fat,
but it is the good fat and peanut butter is an energy booster
so all is good.
Last night, I actually had a craving for apples and peanut butter
and that has never happened before over chocolate ice cream
in a cone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding my ground once again

4th day home and I feel like I am gaining ground
on this life of mines once again.
Yet, I have these long standing quilt feelings about
calling in sick but feeling well.
Today I feel so much better and my old mind
that I have worked with for my whole life says
if you feel good, you should get dressed and march into work.
Changing the mind set to believe, feel and know
that the reason I am well is because I have used the
last 4 days to regroup myself and move at my own speed.
A speed that just does not agree with me and my work ethics.
If I cannot give 150% on the work front then
I feel bad about earning a pay check.
It is why probably that only 4 months after
school starting, all my work is done for the year.
Changing a mind set after having that mind set
for my whole life is the hardest part of accepting
this whole chronic pain issue.
So, today, I will work on accepting that I should not
feel quilty for not working if I am having a better day.
To know that the reason it is a good day is because I am not
pushing myself to work.
I will today, work on eating healthy instead of the
emotional eating I have been doing lately.
I will try to walk again today, like I did yesterday.
I will work on not feeling quilty for a good day
and enjoy the day for what it is.
Tomorrow, the baby boy and the bean are coming sleep.
I can hardly wait for that!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's in a number anyway?

I have been awake since 3:30 am,
if I can call it awake since sleep really didn't come at all.
So What's in a number, anyway?
For a girl who always prided herself in needing
an uninterrupted 8 to 10 hours asleep per night,
this painful night stuff should be driving me crazy.
What is driving me crazy is thinking of staying awake
all night then trying to go to work.
I have decided going to take the rest of the week off.
Then I don't have to stress over when I sleep and how many
hours it has been.
Next week is off week and by then this darn weather
should settle itself.
What am I most thankful for these days?
Coworker friends who always listen to me and have my back.
Who when they say they are praying for me, I know really are.
HOBL who encourages me to stay home when I struggle
with what I should do.
Who never makes me feel like a burden or that I am not
pulling my own weight around here.
The fact that baby boy and the bean are coming and sleep
Friday night....
Baby girl being accepted back into Nicholls for the fall semester,
deciding that she has to get a degree.
Friends, friends, friends, and sisters, sisters, sisters
who are always encouraging me to do what I need to do
and remind me that they love me and I have nothing
to prove to no one.
Life may be full of pain and that sucks, but it is also
full of more good things and I am happy, fortunate
that I can still see and focus on this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rethinking decisions made

Today was one of those days.
Those days that the mind and the body are on different pages.
I wanted to make it to work, even after not sleeping
much for two nights because of pain.
I dressed and convinced myself that I could make it.
I tried to tell myself that I could hurt at home just
as I could hurt at work.
I went to Rousse's to get something for HOBL before
work and I just knew it wasn't going to happen.
I was going to have to stay home and take medications.
Yes, I called Denise and broke down right there in the
Rousse's. I cannot keep doing this.
I cannot keep playing games with myself and my fellow nurses.
I gave it my all and this is weighing heavily on my mind.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I am going
to reevaluate the work issues.
I am going to talk to my physicians, going to go back to
see Dr. Cowan, my chronic pain doctor who will give advice
to my family doctor, Dr. Pitre.
Dr. Donner told me there was nothing more he could do,
not a candidate for more surgeries except for removal
of the hardware, I am not having another surgery so
there is no reason to follow up with him.
He has done good things for me but as he warned me
prior to surgery, there are many other things I was facing
besides what he was able to fix surgically.
I have to, once again, get relief long term.
Cannot worry about what it means for work.
I cannot work as a nurse on Duragesic patches.
If this what it means then I will let my position go.
I am going to make these decisions between the Thanksgiving
and Christmas holidays because this worrying and wondering
what I should do is driving me crazy.
Acceptance, sometimes such a hard thing to do.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

unwarranted fears

I often worry about the time I spend with the Bean.
I worry about whether or not I will be remembered by her,
I worry about whether I am spending enough time with her,
I worry about whether she will understand just how much I love her.
Last night, when we went to see her, I wondered whether
she would cry not to come with me.
When we walked in last night she was standing and playing
with her big cousin, Maddy and the minute she saw me,
She squinted those beautiful little eyes and smiled big
and began trying to walk towards me while holding Maddie's hands.
Oh how happy and excited this made me.
We played a lot and she even cracked some smiles to her Pappy
who she gets to see even less.
She is beginning to understand her Pappy.
Then there was a time that she was beginning to get tired.
She climbed right into my lap and put her head on my shoulder,
wanted to cuddle with me and I swear a part of my heart melted
right there.... Oh I love her wayyyyy tooooo muucccchhh!!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been a while..

I haven't been blogging much,
been in some kind of slump with just life in general.
Cold weather and myself just don't get along anymore.
Yet before it had been one of my favorite seasons.
I am feeling better today, one because HOBL
came home last night.
I am kinda just tired of being alone a lot lately.
Never thought I would get tired of the husband who
goes away for work but the older I get, as I reflect
on the marriage I want as we get older, it involves
a husband who comes home every night.
I know we are not there yet but we are closer to that
than we were just a few years ago.
It's nice to know that at the end of a day of work,
HOBL will be here. This evening we head for
the night to Plaquemine to sleep with the cutie-patootie...
Coming home early to spend the day with Baby girl and Kel
at Thibodauxville. The rest of the weekend, just going
to hang around the house like an old married couple
and plan the trip we have decided to take to Tennessee
during the Christmas holiday.
A cabin in the mountains, even if we don't do anything but
sit in the cabin and play on our computers, we doing it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lay-a-way is back

I went to my "favorite" Walmart and
learned from the cashier that not only is Lay-a-way back
but she hates it.
I share with her that I too, don't get the concept,
if you can't afford it now, what makes you think you will
be able to afford it come Christmas time?
Then as I walk to my car and am putting my groceries up,
I realize just how selfish that statement was.
I, at one time, needed lay-a-way.
There were the days that money did not come easy
and I couldn't just go and buy what I wanted/needed.
One Christmas came into mine in particular.
It was my first Christmas as a Riera, marriage was new to me
and money was always tight.
I went to Walmart to see the Christmas decorations,
knowing that I could not afford anything at that moment.
We couldn't even afford a Christmas tree that year
so I had decided on using a family heirloom,
a tree branch on a base that was used for weddings
to hang rice decorations.
While at Walmart, I noticed these perfect little apples
that would fit on the tree just perfect.
In my mind, I saw the cutest little tree and the decorations
were in my reach, I just couldn't afford them.
I knew by the time I could afford them those little apples
would be gone.
I used the lay-a-way system.
HOBL was not happy about it.
He didn't then, and still does not now, understand
the whole decorating for holidays.
Weeks later, when I had saved the money,
I removed my lay-a-way
and was happy as I decorated my first home.
Sometimes I need to return to the life I had
before now, I need to realize that many, most
are not as fortunate as we are.
Yes, we are where we are because of lots of hard
work and saving even when we didn't think we could.
Sometimes, though you just have to bust and buy simple
things like little red apples for a tree branch Christmas tree.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't forget...

Daylight savings time is over.
It is, right now, one hour earlier
than it was just yesterday.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

If I win the lottery...

I went to my favorite gas station, chicken frying place
for some good fried chicken for supper.
As I am checking out, one of the cashiers says randomly,
"I want a black car"
"okay" I say because it is so random.
I tell her I can't help her, I have a blue car and no extra to spare.
She asks if I am sure I don't have a black car.
I proceed to tell her though that if I win the lottery
I will buy her a black car.
"Well thank you, that is very kind"
Her name is Sherelle, of course I asked.
I mean how can I bring her a black car if I don't know her name.
I continue by saying I am not even joking if I win the
lottery I am bringing her a black car.
Now she is laughing, saying it doesn't even have to be new
and she isn't particular on what kind, just wants black.
I say to Sherelle, "You know what? I am going to buy those
tickets right now from you."
She sells me two tickets and we continue with our fantasy,
"You know if you win, we are going to be on the news
and this story will be all over Louisiana.
Yes, and I am not even going to choose the car for her,
I am going to come and pick her up and she can pick out the
car she wants. I leave with both of us laughing and even
the guard is laughing at us.
As I drive away with my fried chicken and two lottery
tickets that I never buy, I realize that I really would do it.
If I win the lottery, or if I did, since it is past time,
I will go right to that gas station, pick up Sherelle
and buy that girl her very own black car.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mumsie number 1 makes the EDW facebook page

My cousin, Chris sent this picture to me via facebook.
It seems that EDW has a facebook page where they post pictures
from school events and today my Mumsie was the focus.
She's so darn cute!

Funeral day and cold fronts

This is the first big cold front since my return to work
from the surgery I had one year ago today.
It is not a good day.
It is also funeral day for Sean.
It is not a good day.
No matter how hard I think this day is,
it is nothing compared to the day this will be
for Sean's family and loved ones.
If I didn't have the funeral to attend,
I think I would have to stay home today.
It has been a most unbearable night.
Yet I will make it there then probably come home
after the funeral instead of returning to work.
I want to be there for support of Sean's family
but also for the support of my BG.
Many of her graduating class will be at this funeral.
It will also be the first time she sees many of her peers
since acknowledging she is gay.
I know this probably doesn't bother her at all
but I feel as her Mother, I need to stand by her
and be her support. Not to mention how hard it
is for young adults to say goodbye to one of their own.
Just puts some perspective on the life of a young adult.
Has them understand that life is short and
living a good life always is important.
Once again, I ask for prayers for Sean's family.
This will not be an easy day,
probably the hardest they have ever faced.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RIP Sean

It is a sad morning here in Thibodaux.
It's been a sad week as those who knew
him clung to news daily on how Sean Stilts was doing.
He passed away yesterday evening in the presence
of those he loved, in his childhood home.
Sean was one of the kids Baby girl first met
when we made to big move to Thibodaux and BG
joined the ED White band.
He was a quiet boy who everyone knew and liked.
He was a late bloomer so he was a little guy,
looked like he was too young for 8th grade.
Sean was one of those children,
a friend of your child who you just never forget.
Everyone, everyone loved Sean.
He began a battle with cancer the same year
they graduated from EDW, 2008.
He was going to college out of state
and even though he was diagnosed with cancer,
he was determined not to let it control his life.
He stayed in school and sought treatment in the state where he
was in school. Sean was a trooper and it wasn't until
this year that he moved back home for the help of
his parents. His parents are also well known people in
our community as his mom worked in the Thibodaux school
systems until she retired.
Please keep Sean and his family in your thoughts as
they prepare to say goodbye to thier precious child.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is one of the days of the year that I miss my
babies being young.
Many memories of Tarpon Heights Halloween
come back every year.
This year I did what I have done for the last 5 years
while living on Lee Drive,
Locked up the house, shut off the lights
and hid.
Trick or treating is not safe in my neighborhood.
(I thought i had no pictures of BG in her famous lion king
suit but here is one!)
But back in the days of Tarpon Heights,
it was a block party every year.
Our whole family came over for hotdogs and homemade chili
made by me and all it costed was bags of candy
because in Tarpon Heights, everyone trick or treated.
It was not unusual to give over 400 grab bags.
All the neighbors had their own block parties
and it was a time that everyone visited and it was fantastic!
It is one of the few things I miss about the younger days.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Glenn Campbell

Yes, I am probably too young and I am probably
going to sound like a dweeb by saying as a young
girl, I loved Glenn Campbell.
You have to remember I was the baby of 7 and the oldest
was 23 years older than me, so I had a wide range of music
to listen to and love.
I loved Glenn Campbell.
Last week as I was rocking one of the TES babies I
was thinking of an old Glenn Campbell song
and how it could be a mantra to life.
It made me go home and look up the words:
glen campbell
Is this not perfect lessons to live by?
It is my song of the week,
going to sing it in my head every time
I start to think I am better, that I don't have
patience. I am going to smile as I hear
Glenn Campbell sing in my head.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

JIlaxing day

Heading to Plaquemine today to spend the day
with the Bean, her parents and BB's inlaws.
Going to play with the girls,
Jilly bean and Frankie's little one, Lizzie.
Going to watch us a good old Saints game
and grub on some Crawfish soup and
an apple crisp that is in the oven as I blog.
I can't get over just how much I miss that baby
after just one week of not seeing her.
I am sad that I won't see her trick or treat tomorrow.
Again I will say it,
she is the only thing that makes me wish I didn't have
a job to go to every day.
When my work days are over though
I know, somehow, I will have to be closer to her.
I would give up my dream of living my retirement years
on the water to be near her every day.
Her poor parents will probably get sick of seeing me
every day when that time comes but I know
one day, I will live near her and when she calls and
says, "Mumsie I want to come to your house"
It will take minutes not an hour to get there.
Happy Sunday to all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can it get any better?

I speak often of just how much I love my job.
Even on days that my body doesn't want to cooperate,
it is the job that gets me up and moving.
We have this beautiful new building but until three
weeks ago I was still in the old building.
It wasn't really working, I was not where the children
needed me to be. I was walking way more than my
body liked.
After proposing an idea to my principal and with the
support of the two assistant principles it was decided
that the nursing office would move into a small
outer office of the assistant principal.
I love my new space and, if it can be possible,
I love my job now even more.
I am in the life of the children again.
I am able to nurture more than I was able to before.
I am hands on and because of where I have been placed,
I am able to help the assistant principals with some of
our students who need the extra help from people who love
them. Many days in the last three weeks I have been able
to rock babies. I LOOVVVVEEEEE rocking children.
They climb into my lap and I just sway my fancy chair back and forth.
Sometimes it was for babies who were sick, running fever
and we were waiting for their parents.
Twice it was for children who just have a rough little time
with school, with life in general.
Sometimes instead of discipline or being reminded
of all they have done wrong, they just need to be rocked.
Yes, I know they still need the strong discipline
but that is not my part, my part if to nurture.
I am also so close that I can encourage those children
who struggle with rules.
Being able to offer incentives like helping me if they follow
the rules has helped some students have better days.
It is amazing what a troubled child will do to make ice bags
for the nurse. I have also been able to help one of our
students who loves to draw learn new techniques.
He asked me yesterday if I could be his art teacher....
So long story, short,
school nursing is not just about calling home for students
who are sick, more than just checking immunization records,
doing hearing and vision screenings.
It is even more about nurturing the whole child.
On days that are hard for me, HOBL says
"Retire, ga-gee"
I can't explain why that is not an option for me right now.
I am selfish.
I need to be needed by all these children whose lives
are not easy. It is these reasons that gets me up on days
that are hard and gets me dressed to go to TES.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh how I have missed my computer and my blog!
My charger had broken and it took forever for my new one
to come in. I had decided if it didn't come in today I
was going to buy myself and IPad!
It came in, saved myself 500 dollars so I am HAPPY!
I will get back on tract tomorrow with my blogging life
but tonight, after a long week at work, I just want
to put on my pj's and lie around here, play on the computer,
scrap a bit and just enjoy this blustery weather...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A year in review:

It has been a year without Gina B. in the life
of TES. There have been many sad days since then
when we wish she was still here because often
we say,
"Gina would know what to do"
Yet there have been many good days at TES, too.
WE all feel as though Gina B. is still a part of TES,
Her picture sits on my desk in a frame marked
"Guardian angel"
and many employees come to see her, to leave messages to
her, to remember her.
There is a tree in our new atrium that is her tree,
planted in her honor.
The days continue on because I know, I really believe
that our Gina B. is in the best place, the highest honor,
the place where we all want to be when this
temporary life here is over.
I know that when I go there, because I work hard to assure
my space in heaven, it will be her right behind my daddy
waiting to greet me, with that big smile you see
above. This picture in my heart makes me smile.
I have often said that many days I forget she is gone
and those are the good days.
One year without Gina B. and it's okay today.
We continue to do good work with special children
often remembering
What would Gina b. do.
Love to all!
Smile today, it is what Gina b. would want.

Monday, October 24, 2011

annual pumpkin carving

As we waited for the other Riera's to awaken from a nap
JB and I played with the pups.
She has learned to art of open mouth kissing but is quite
stingy with giving them out, but this child loves the 4 legged set.
She loves her two boxers and they can make her LOL when
no one else can. Her Kitty is a source of entertainment for her.
Therefore, it did not surprise me when she offered a kiss
to Trixie, full mouth open.
She is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was important to me that bean at least get her hands in some
pumpkin guts. Kd, before joining the Riera's had never carved
a pumpkin and Kelli had not either.
Unfortunately, Kel and baby girl left before we began carving
because she had to work, darn Chili's!
Back to the bean, she wasn't sure how she felt about
pumpkin guts but she had a taste off the top her DeDa removed.
She is interested in anything her parents are doing so she
watched as her mommy cleaned.
Even Mommee got in the carving action.
I love this picture. One of my favorites in a long time.
Mommee's jackolantern. She went with the classic face.
So proud of this woman, That in December she will be 91.
KD working at her carving.
She has improved tremendously over the last few years
on her pumpkin decorating skills, and she is cute,
so all is good.
The BEan with the finished products.

Thanking the Big Man for this wonderful gift that
has become part of our lives.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

my children are sabatogers

I have been telling these two children of mine I have to get a
picture for my Christmas cards.
They sabotage each photo op.
Yesterday I ask them to at least know I am going to
take at least one picture for my Christmas card.
What follows is what I have to choose from.
People may wonder why my Christmas cards are always
so funny.
I mean with what I have to work with, what are my choices?
I even think they are getting the Bean in on their antics.
What is BB doing? Pretending he is taking cheerleader pictures?
Baby girl is eating the Bean's head and Roddie has his
drama face on.
At least Kd understands this is important...
This one may have been "good enough"
but then Baby girl, who by the way, did not dress for the pictures
like I had asked, decided she had to corrupt the picture
with her infamous middle finger.
Even as I tried to hold it down, she managed to get it up.
Baby boy's "prom picture face"
and baby girl looking like The bean just passed gas...
This one will not do.
KD however continues to be the trooper.
Baby boy again making fun of my pictures
and baby girl making the evil eyes...
This year I may just leave the picture out.