Friday, October 7, 2016


For a few blogs I have shared how giving to others
less than us, Paying it forward.
Today I blog on giving too much,
being hoaxed.
I was at Walmart, buying things for my chili for
tomorrow's Pumpkin deco party.
While in the store had a cute conversation with a
little family, three little children, mommy and Daddy.
They were buying Play-dough and teasing
their Daddy about it, I guess Dad was not a fan of play-dough.
We went on our way and I checked out,
as I was loading my groceries in the car
a very thin, sickly woman was roaming the WM parking lot.
"I won't get close, can you help me out? A dollar, for a 
sandwich? I don't want a ride but i am trying to
get to my sisters house in Addis..."
I so want to give her money but I have a feeling she
is not going to eat with it. 
"I can't give you money, but I can go and get 
you something to eat in Walmart or you can have these
"No I really need the money as my stomach is sensitive"
it killed me to say,
"I am sorry, I don't give money to strangers but I 
will buy you a sandwich" She walks away,
I call her back, I give her two dollars, 
"Thank you so much!"
But she does not go into the store, she
continues to try and hustle others, I think, 
"by the time I get this car loaded with groceries 
and she still is bothering people I will go and
get my two bucks back and report her inside the store.
Then the little family I laughed with in Walmart
come out and the Husband spots her
She be-lines right out of there, I tell him, shoot I just 
gave her money. He says loudly for all to hear,
"Yeah and give me my two bucks back I tell her as she passes
me, she pulls out my two dollars from her bra 
and hands it to me with the meanest scowl on her face.
I look at the young family and say,
"I mean why didn't she just take my two dollars 
and buy herself some play-dough, her life would be
so much better."

Thursday, October 6, 2016


My head is jumbled with so much I want to blog and 
I don't want it to be confusing to my readers,
so let me try and put this in perspective....
I know and love Martha's Vineyard (MV)
because the Kennedy's loved it and have left 
so much history there.
I love MV because it is the type of VayCay 
of relaxation, writing, starting my art journaling,
I love this trip because the Besties will be with me.
But one of my main reasons is.......
I have always thought, when my book is done,
I want it to be in the Susan Branch way.
She used her own handwriting, with small drawn
pictures as well as photos to tell her stories.
Yesterday I get the book I have been wanting,
by yep, Susan Branch...
I went to bed late last night reading her book
all about the Island we are about to visit,
I am energized, energized about seeing 
all the things she writes about,
writing my own book,
beginning to journal in a different way,
making myself and the two besties
an art journal to bring with us,
Well so many things.
I text my Besties after sending them pictures of my book,
"Finally got my MV reading, one of my fave
authors, lives on MV now, I'm going find her,
if I get arrested for stalking will you girls get me out?"
One answers,
"Lil you can go knock on her door and run...."
I reply,
" If I knock I ain't running, I'm getting this book signed,
then they can handcuff me"
and the next text,
"You can go to jail, I am going to MV"
Well I know where I stand with the bestie's...
So, Susan Branch if ya not on the Island, I know what
your cottage looks like (yes, she calls her home a cottage,
just like me!) If you not home, I will just leave you a note,
if you still live there that is.
If ever you looking for a good read,
that makes your heart happy and see a different type of writing,
they type of author I want to be,
Pick up a book by Susan Branch, cheap on Ebay.
My very favorite,
"Girlfriends are Forever"
Might just have to see about getting the bestie copies,
but maybe not since they leaving me in jail! lol

Friday, September 30, 2016


People ask me at times,
"Did you see the news?" and I realize
I rarely watch the news anymore.
When Ron and I were together or when I worked,
I watched it every morning.
Today I remembered that I just realized Hurricane season 
is almost over and I have not had to look at news
for threats of a storm at all this year.
That is not what my blog is about this Am.
I decided this morning I would watch some news,
more because I am distraught over the Presidential campaign.
I see the devastation of a train crash in the terminal
in the Bronx. Ugh and another school shooting....
Back to the train crash. I am focused on the 
one young Mother who passed away.
There she was standing alone on the terminal,
waiting for it to stop I guess to board.
I wonder what she was thinking of...
the news says her one child was at daycare
and her husband was rushing home from a
business trip. How sad, and yet, again,
I am wondering, what was she thinking?
Probably like all of us, what we are going to eat
for supper, about her busy day,
wondering how her husband was doing on his
business trip. and for sure,
she had thoughts of her precious child.
I am obsessed with the fact, she awakened like all of us.
She probably fixed coffee or tea and fed her child,
being a single parent while her Hubby was away.
She dressed her sweet child, brought he/she to 
daycare and headed to work or errands.
Stood on the train depot perhaps with 
her cell in her hand texting with a loved one.
I pray she had no clue her life was about to end.
I also think, we all wake up in the morning, we
never think "today is my last day of life"
"today I will die" 
"I hope someone knows where my husband and child is.
That poor husband probably trying to get home 
to be with their child.
There is such truth to the quote,
"live every day as if it is your last."
RIP you beautiful woman who I have only seen
your picture, don't even know your name.
.... and things like this may be why I watch
Four weddings in the AM instead of the news.
Enjoy beautiful weather!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

She is old and disheveled, she is riding in LeBlanc's
motorized car. I get in line to check out behind her.
I see her leaving without her groceries.
I look at the cashier.
She rolls her eyes, "She is coming back, going to
the car for more money"
I am upset. Not for the customer, but for the
the cashiers attitude. Here she comes,
she pulls out her little coin purse and starts
smoothing out the money she has.
I move to the service check out and
I watch while I wait my turn.
I remember long ago, Oprah saying,
"Respect your money and you will have enough"
I have a feeling no matter how much this poor
woman respected her money, there will not be
enough to pay her groceries.
All her groceries are bagged.
There are no alcohol, there is no cigarettes,
only fresh vegetables and things
any household would need.
She leaves again without her groceries.
Again the cashier says to the manager who is 
helping me, "She is going back to the car for more money."
The manager asks her total. $123. I feel anger boiling.
I don't know if she has food stamps but that day she does not.
She comes back in, with the motorized car.
While she was out, I remembered I had cashed a check
sent by my dear friend, Ali for $30 she needs $23.25
I hand the $25 dollars to the little woman
as the workers were beginning to take things out of
her grocery bags.
"Oh thank you, God bless you my child"
I leave saying nothing.
This time I feel good about Ali and I being able to 
help her but I don't feel good about her cashier.
I think on the way home,
"I should have waited to help her put her groceries in 
the car,"
"Who will help her when she gets home"
I then realize I have done all I can do for this woman.
As I was leaving I hear the manager say,
"You are going to make me cry"
I hope the manager was observant of her employee.
Again, I do not write for Kudo's I write because
we must be observant of those around us.
Two Bible quotes come to mind
"What so ever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me"
"But for the Grace of God, go I"
Help your elders whenever you can!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


On the other end of my post of yesterday,
I've another story that I will leave out names
and change it up a little as the person
who is the main character has not given me
permission to post this but the story is a lesson 
for us all!
Weeks ago and episode happened where someone
I love dearly needed some time away,
could afford it but others wanted to help
and she was not wanting to accept the help.
I kept thinking to myself, I guess it would be hard
for me as well as when I want something that is not
a necessity I have trouble spending my money on it.
In fact, if I don't make the money by working
my little scrap business for it, I will not buy
it or go away for fun.
The next morning after this episode happened
as I was saying my "Momma Rosary"
(Rosary my Mom gave all us siblings before
she died for helping her so much)
This idea came to me.
"When we turn down or refuse help from 
another we think we are doing what is right
but we are actually stopping those persons
from being a disciple to Christ,
we are not allowing His mercy to be bestowed on us.
There will always be a time where we can do
the same for someone else, yet it if we are turned
down, we are not being allowed 
to do God's work"
I sent this to this person and I guess it hit her
and she allowed others to be Disciples.
( or maybe she had already figured it out and
I had nothing to do with
Remember, when someone offers to help you
in some way, whether it be clean your yard,
offer money because they know you are struggling,
anything such as that. Allow it, it may not even 
be about you, it may be something that person 
need to do for themselves.
Think about it, think about it.....