Wednesday, December 9, 2015


For some time now,
I have just been coasting along,
Living my life, enjoying the grand girls,
my children and their loves,
but not sharing important things on my blog.
Since Fay died, I kind of lost my blogging MoJo.
Then I went on a trip to Virginia Beach to visit
with my godson, Ricky who is stationed in the Navy 
there. His Mother, my friend, Alli made the flight
there and back and I feel like a changed woman.
While there, Rick took us on a three hour drive 
to Washington Dc. Anyone who knows me knows
that I am not good on Geography and probably 
just little bit better on History.
However, the difference on History is,
the older I get, the more I want to know about
the Wars that has been our reason for freedom.
Arlington Cemetery, a visit on my bucket list,
reminded us often,
The changing of the guards at the tomb
of the Unknown soldier was touching at the least,
brought tears to my eyes.
It also made me want to know more,
such as, who are those soldiers who march
meticulously on the black mat where
foot print markings are noted to be worn 
as they take 21 steps each way to represent
the 21 gun salute.
Yes, the trip was a learning experience
and made me want to not only get home but 
learn more, use my life for the better,
wasting no time of this life, when so many
have died so I could have this life.
To learn more, to work at my business more,
to be proud of the home that belongs to me
because of the life of saving Ron and I led
before we became apart.
To not only speak of the book I am writing 
but to actually put the words to paper,
try to publish small works leading to my book.
Geography, yeah well I am a little curious,
Like I wanted to know which ocean I was viewing
out of our plane window (Atlantic)
but history, our own American history is very 
interesting to me.
Stay tuned as I share with you as I learn,
lead, pray for peace.
Let us not waste on minute of our lives so
those who have gone before us will know
their lives were not lost without respect.
Love to all my followers!

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