Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's not really the very best day of my life,
but in my small realm of things, it's going to be a good one.
I just like that song, thought I'd use the words.
What could make today even better?
Gypsy baby and Kelmiester are coming sleep!
Yep, that is if she does not have to work too late.
Have the tea set set up for four,

gunna fill up each chair with someone who loves the bean!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya...

So, tomorrow I have bean allllll day and allllll night
and I am sooooooo excited as it's been a little while since
she and I have had time just us.
Santa brought her a Bean sized table and chair for her
room here and today i finally found a plastic tea set that
I liked. Tomorrow is going to be play all day, including,
you guessed it, Tea Parties!!!
I love that her toys are all in her room now and we can hang
out in there all day. Bought Pizza Hut pizza so I don't
have to worry about cooking, play alllllll day.
Yep, might not even be able to sleep good tonight because I am so 
excited and missing that little girl big time.
Excited for her Mommy and Daddy too as they are
going to Saints game, thanks to BFOB and
Better than Ezra concert, thanks to baby boy xmas gift
to Kd. Well, heading to bed to read until I fall asleep.
Tomorrow will be here before I know it...

Friday, December 28, 2012

I think I hit it right for xmas

Every Christmas, I search and search for the gift 
that will make my grown children and their loves happy.
It was so easy when they were kiddies,
It was a matter of looking at their lists and choosing what 
we could afford at the time.
They were sweet kiddies as sometime during the Christmas Day
they would be sure to come to me and mention this was the 
"Best Christmas ever"
Probably why at Christmas I miss being the Mommy of little ones.
Now we have Bean to shop for and although this year was fun,
next year she will truly get the whole concept of the gift thing.
It's fun shopping for her but each year the challenge for me
is shopping for the grown children.
Last year baby boy made a comment before opening
he and Kd's gift that was a combo gift,
"I know what that means, a gift for both of us means it's for KD"
Well, I was just a little insulted and so glad that as soon
as he opened it I told him he would eat those words, and he did
as they had received and Ipad for each of them.
He took his words back. 
So, this year, the pressure was on, wanting to make sure
the gift was not only something he would like but that all four
would be excited about but not busting the Christmas budget.
They also have a habit of guessing what my gift is and
often, they get it right and I hate this.
This year the hint was,
all 4 of them  had the same thing but each had their own of it.
Gypsy baby and Kelmiester was trying to figure out
what kind of gift I could have given them that all 4 would be
happy about. Baby boy was the first to open his
and announced to the other three what their present contained,
"Season pass to Blue bayou and Dixie landings"
And I have to say, each one of them seemed very pleased 
with the gift. This makes me happy, when I can still
bring joy at Christmas to 4 grown children.
Gypsy baby was like, "Yes!" me and kel have been saying how
we need to go more often.
Baby boy said,
"You did good, Lillian!"
So now, next year becomes the thing,
how can I do it again? 
I will somehow, figure out a good surprise,
one they cannot guess.
I am hoping that the gift of this year has them spending much
time together at blue bayou, attending the concerts, hopefully together.
I love it when they do things together which is becoming harder
for all of them as they grow into the adults they have become.
My mind is already thinking of next year...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another wedding for the Collins family

Now that I bored you with my weight loss blog....
We are excited about another wedding in our family!
Miki and Sayra are going to make their relationship legal.
This union is another exciting thing as these two
have overcome the adversity of drug addiction
to find both of them not only sober, but active in 
the 12 step groups. All the promises of AA are coming
true for these kids. They have a beautiful relationship,
Miki, through lots of hard work and proving he is worthy of trust,
has gotten his older girl, Cami back in his life.
Against the odds, Sayra got pregnant and they now share
a beautiful Silas Tamplain, known as Sy to us.
Miki is beginning a new job where he has the potential to move on up.
Sayra is in school for nursing assistant and has been voted
on the top of her class, has clinicals then will also join the working force.
They are hoping for a house of their own soon and both
working hard to get there. They are amazing parents to 
Sy and Cami has a loving relationship with Sayra who is soon to become
a step mom to her, have to find a better name than step mom for Sayra 
as she is an awesome friend to Cami.
It's going to be a wonderful 2013 for our clan!
( picture is a little old, when Sayra was preggo for Sy Man)


Yep, because the title says,
"lilbit of my world"
Ya gunna hear this again...
this time with a little determination.
Today starts my diet.... yep, again...
Time to stop blaming these big boobs on hereditary,
gunna loose weight in hopes that it's true
the first place you loose is in the chest.
I know you all have heard this so many times from me, on here.
Today, I am serious, I am determined,
blogging it here to hold myself accountable as
usually when I put it in writing for others to see,
it usually helps. However, over the last few diet pledges,
I didn't do it. Now that I am settled, loving the new house,
HOBL is back on the mend and back at work,
No more excuses. I am going to do this....
The twenty pounds I used to speak of,
is now 30 pounds I want to loose.
Now I know there will be those out there who will say,
"Thirty pounds that's nothing"
For a person like me who has never had to diet a day in her
life, it's a mountain for me. Going to get healthy
hoping this will also help the ta-ta's shrink as
well as back feel better as the last few weeks have been not 
so great! 
My worst time is night time, when that sun goes down
and I tuck myself in the second favorite room in the house,
"Scraproom is first"
I want to read and snack. Nothing left in this house.
Going to be diet Tuna for the next few days, lots of water,
and much, much, willpower...
Going to walk this afternoon, don't care how cold it is.
For you who are often treated to baked goods from my kitchen,
it's over for a bit. Hope you still visit anyway.... lol
Not waiting until the new year for this resolution, 
why wait, won't get easier and have 5 days to loose.
Wish me luck.....
I will need it
Oh and forgot to mention what my reward will be for me, I hope?
Telling myself that if I loose the weight and the sista boobs are
still here, going to look into a reduction. With my back hoping
my insurance will not call it cosmetic as anyone who has these
things hanging in their front, knows the nuisance they are,
again, I need the well wishes....

Monday, December 24, 2012

Another xmas blog

I went and get my Mommy to spend a few nights here in 
Plaquemine, no use being both of us being by ourselves in 
our places during such a special holiday.
She had no memory of being sick the night before,
another plus of dementia.
On the way to Plaquemine she was like a 
"Chatty Cathy" shared so many Christmas stories of Christmas past.
Reminded me of how Daddy pretended he hated doing the tree
but every year, on her birthday he produced a live tree,
untangled the multitude of lights that used to be a mess
back in the day. He changed the bulbs that needed it and
strung the lights. It was his job, he was the only one who could 
do this. She asked me if I remembered when the tree was crooked in
the stand, instead of cutting the bottom, he would just take
string and pull it till straight and nail it to the wall.
Yep, remember it now dear Mommy.
Her memories past are sharp as a tack.
We passed a home where there were many cars, a Christmas party,
no doubt. She said, "Let's stop, they won't notice two more"
Then she shared about how before I was born she and Dad and
the older siblings had many a parties on Dursette Street.
One year, she speaks of people being there no one knew,
they just saw a party and stopped in, said it took
a few hours before all realized they had not been
known or invited by any of them.
I asked what they did, she said nothing.
We let them enjoy the party.
What sweet memories she has to offer, to remember them 
will be something I treasure long after she is gone.
It's going to be a good day today as we continue
to talk of Christmas past.
Hoping tomorrow we can trek to Galliano to see the bayou family
as I find myself very lonesome for al of them lately.
Love being close to my kiddies but miss my birth family 
very much. 
Happy Christmas Eve to each and every one of you!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A scare that turned out great.

(Thanks, Kim for the momma pics! you the best!)
Heading to Thibby today as Mom was not feeling good last night
and Veronica spent the night with her.
I spoke with her today and she said,
"I'm fine" as if she never remembered that she had
felt bad last night. Dementia, I say, is not always a bad thing.
It was one of our fears, her getting sick and we all one hour away.
Thankfully C, Ted, and Veronica were able to go there
last night and give her the extra meds. she seemed to need
She had a great night and this morning doesn't even remember 
she was sick. Veronica spent the night with her 
and i am going up there to spend the day with her.
How blessed we all are to have her, 
How scary it was that we were far away but 
again, the manor came through for us.
I do not know if our Mom would be so happy and well
were it not for this wonderful place.
Rona, not only checked her vitals for me and reassured me
on the phone that she looked good and had been joking with her,
but continued to check and call me every 10 minutes until my
sisters got there. Once again, the manor came 
through for us and I have a comfort I did not have before
about what would happen if she got sick and we were
all an hour away. I cannot even begin to explain
what this place has done for our peace of mind and 
our Momma loves it so much that she does not even want to leave.
I know now that she can use that phone if she has to...
Thankful once again that my sisters and brother in law 
were able to get there in record time to relieve all of us,
thankful for the wonderful place of St. Joseph Manor.
We could never repay these people for their care and love
for our Mother.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The world has not ended, but...

No, the world has not ended, but....
a new family will be beginning.
My little nephew, (who is not so little anymore)
has asked his long-time girlfriend to marry him 
and Amanda Guidry, smart girl, said YES!!!!!
There is such a great story behind this whole engagement.
A few years ago, as Arthur, Kris and their women,
Amanda and Kaylee hung out one evening,
Amanda began talking about a wedding.
Arthur jokingly asked her who she would marry.
The conversation, as told to me by Kris,
Arthur messed with Amanda
that if the world did not end on December 21, 2012
as many suspected, then and only then, would he marry her.
Amanda, being the smart psychologist she is,
had him sign a written contract stating this.
I think this was at least three years ago.
Life went on, and all this week, I began
sending him texts and messages that
I thought a wedding was immenent.
I was joking, he never gave me any clue
that he would ask her to marry him.
He sent me back a message during this time
that he has been reminded of this many times in the last few weeks.
Then yesterday, the news comes...
Arthur asked her to marry him and she agreed!
I think it is just so special that he did not wait until the 21st to
ask her, showing true love right there, by asking 
the day before, making an unsaid statement
that whether the world ended or not, he wants to be her husband.
A hard working boy, the sweetest young man you will ever meet,
that is what this wonderful girl is getting as a husband.
I haven't been this happy since the shootings...
Our family needs a good wedding..
Congrats, Arthur and Amanda
Celena and Ted
Carolyn and Tab
It's a beautiful day, enjoy it!
Love you guys....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. Jude Christmas Pledge

After a night of bad weather, really bad weather,
I awaken this morning to the Christmas edition
of St. Jude Hospital pledge.
HOBL and I give monthly to St. Jude,
it's not much but it's giving back to children such as I was.
This special is one of those things that you want to shut off
so you don't think about it but at the same time, you '
are compelled to watch.
For me, I look at these children, their parents stories and
think, that was me circa 1968, my families lives.
Most days it is not something I think about, how lucky I am.
There was no St. Jude then and there was no cure for the
type of cancer I had called Wilms Tumor.
Listening to the families, I think these are the things my family
thought and felt. Radiation has changed lots since
my days, they can pinpoint the site, not damaging healthy tissue
but that old, Chemotherapy, it's worse to the body than the cancer is.
I am these children, I still live with the aftermath of having been 
a survivor, but there is no room for bitterness as I have said
so many times, the alternative was death.
I look at these little children and I think some are the age of Bean.
How in the world will we ever, ever, watch our precious Bean
go through what these children face daily. 
Yes, one of those things that you don't want to watch 
but you are compelled to do.
My money and my prayers will continue to 
go to the wonderful works of St. Jude hospital.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

and then there is gypsy baby

... and my dear, dear, gypsy baby...
Yes, there has been a few scary moments when raising gypsy baby.
I had lunch with her yesterday and
remembered how much I love that child, how
she is still so much just my baby.
Two memories come to mind when thinking of the old
days of gypsy baby, I will share one today.
The first was when she was in elementary school.
It was a rare event, tornado in lower Lafourche parish.
HOBL and I had both been there at her school for 
an end of school play. The weather began to get bad
as we were leaving, dark clouds much wind.
I had to go back to work so I sent HOBL back in to
check out gypsy baby so I would not have to worry 
about her on the bus.
As I got back to work, a tornado was spotted in our neighborhood
and I was so worried. I had spoken to BB so I knew
he was home and I knew HOBL had gypsy so
I had some relief that they were okay.
Just as soon as the weather passed I rushed home
to check on my family, my neighborhood.
HOBL was animated in telling me how when he got 
home he saw a tornado heading into our back yard.
Baby boy, his typical old self was crying and saying
he had to throw up as HOBL put him in the car
as well as grabbing the neighbor Jessica off the bus
and putting her whole family in the car and driving away.
Okay, I know after the fact, it was probably dumb to put

them all in the car with a tornado coming but it's what he did.
As the stories were told, the neighbors all out assessing the damage
of our neighborhood, I realized my gypsy was no where around
all the other kiddies. I asked HOBL where she was
and then it hit  him....
He was not able to check her out of school because he did not
have the check out card that was necessary at the time
so they she had to stay at school.
What????? I freaked, where was my gypsy baby?
I was frantic, but thankfully it was just moment after I realized
that she was missing that Ms. Lucy came down the street
with down power lines to drop my precious cargo off.
I hugged her so tight, felt so guilty that she was not
with us during such a scary time.
She told her side of the story that when Ms. Lucy saw
the bad weather she unloaded the bus into the hall of
the school where they all sat safely and quietly "Like Indians"
as they waited for the weather to pass. She said,
"We sang songs, and my teacher was nice but I wanted you"
...She came home.....
Connecticut children did not...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another memory from my past

You may be thinking,
"Not another post about the shooting,
Wonder when she will move on?"
Yet, can they move on, can they stop their minds
from wondering, thinking, longing for their children?
So, yesterday my thoughts were on when my own 
babies were in school, many old memories flood back.
Some I had not even thought of since it happened.
There is one day that Baby boy did not come home with
the other neighborhood kids off the bus.
He was in kindergarten, only just turned 5.
All the other kids, I noticed were home and yet, my little one
was not. Gypsy baby was a baby and sleeping as I waited and freaked out.
I tried to call school, no answer. This was pre- cellphone days
so there was no calling a teacher on her cell.
I paced, I cried, I walked inside and out....
finally at 5:00pm, one hour past his usual time home,
I see a bus park in front of the street and the bus driver,
Mr. John holding my dear child's hand.
I ran to them, started crying, he could not apologize enough.
I can evoke those feelings today just by remembering that fear.
I remember what he wore, a button down red and white
striped shirt, untucked with his favorite acid washed blue jeans,
I can remember he was sweating across his nose,
as he always did when he was hot.
I can remember his smell. I think those parents have
the same memories.
Two things had happened to cause the delay in getting home.
One, the driver, before he had baby boy,
would sometimes drop the kids off in the street over and they would walk 
across another yard to get home.
Baby boy refused to get off there, even when
the other kids tried to coax him
"I don't live here" the bus driver
said he just would not break my rule of not getting off
anywhere but at your house.
The bus driver told him if he didn't get off here he
would have to ride the whole route before
he could bring him home.
Baby boy said, "Okay"
and went back to sit down and fell asleep.
My reason for this long post?
For that one hour, that long 60 minutes,
my child was lost to me. For those 60 minutes I can
almost know how those parents felt waiting in that
fire station for their child to come through the door.
My baby came home, safely and the next day,
I made sure that for the rest of his elementary years,
he would be dropped off right in front of our home.
These 20 parents did not get that relief.

So, I continue to blog, for them, for us....

Monday, December 17, 2012

Going back one thousand years...

Saturday night I, and some of my family members
were transported back 1000 years,
back to the Renaissance era
thanks to South Lafourch High Schools'
drama and choir.
A dinner theater put on my some very talented children,
one being our very own Tedi.
(Last one on right)
Pictures were hard to take and
although I have a few videos of the singing,
they are not the best quality but that's okay
because really, it's one of those things,
"You had to be there"
 The play was based around the meal of garnish hens 
and many other staples found in the period.
These kids did a fantastic job as did their choir and drama teacher, Tansy.
As I sat and enjoyed the whole experience, 
I know the majority of the people there, minds were
on the 20 little first graders who will never have the 
chance to join the drama or choir of their high school.
Their parents will never burst with pride watching them 
do whatever it is they might have done.
 Our Tedi was great, she always is.
She is the type of teen that anyone would want,
good through and through, involved in all things,
works for her own spending money, good grades.
She is not perfect but she is such a lovely little girl.
 Sometimes I just don't know how she does all she does.
I am so darn proud that she calls me Nannie.

During a part in the performance, this beautifully voiced
girl got up to sing a solo.
Oh Holy Night.
As she sang, i listened to this beautiful voice 
and really focused on the words and again,
could only think of the shootings that took the young lives
right from our world, their families.
 When she sang, 
"... Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
til He appeared and the soul felt it's worth
a thrill of hope..."
Oh how sad our God is with the things going on in our world.
I thought maybe it's time he return...
I had trouble holding back tears.
Then she sang the verse that we rarely hear and I didn't even 
know existed, fitting for the night,
"...Truly he taught us to love one another
His law is love and his gospel peace
Chains he shall break, for the slave is our brother
and in His name all oppression shall cease..."
Oh how I hope that is true.
That in His name that town and those families will
find some peace.
The message for the rest of the world...
truly he taught us to love one another...
Thank you to the SL drama and choir club
for all their hard work. This play could not have come at a better
time following the shootings.
Even though it was sad to think of the losses
and everything we seem to do today for enjoyment seems
like we shouldn't because of it,
these children brought us the promise of peace.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

just can't stop the mind from thinking...

I, like probably most of us, cannot stop thinking about
the massacre of Connecticut. One minute I am sad, then angry,
then have the desire to do nothing but read the stories of the tragedy.
Last night, as I lay in bed, I thought of all the survivors, all 
the little children whose lives are forever altered by this.
I remembered a time when I was 10 and was at a friend,
Theresa Terrebonne's camp out.
After an evening full of beauty pageant play, laughing and singing,
we all finally laid down to sleep after her dad had put out our 
campfire. I wore glasses then and was blind without them.
I laid them on the side of my sleeping bag and slept.
Sometimes during the early morning hours, we were awakened
to fire. the home across the street from where our tent was had
caught on fire. The home belonged to a fellow classmate of ours
but thankfully the home was empty.
As I awakened to all my friends screaming and trying to get out 
of the tent, I could not find my glasses and believed that it
was our tent on fire from the camp fire we had the night before.
The terror I felt was one I can still evoke when speaking of it.
I, for a few minutes, thought we were all to die.
Once I realized we were safe, and Theresa's dad came to 
calm us all down, we watched as the fire fighters tried
to put out the fire to no avail, the home burnt to the ground.
I could not stop thinking of my classmate and how 
they no longer had a home or anything they loved
like their toys, beds. It made an impact on my in a negative way.
My dad was called to come pick me up because all I wanted was
to be with my momma and daddy.
For the rest of that morning, I slept between my parents.
for the next three nights, not only did I have to sleep with my sister, C
but I convinced her to sleep with the lights on.
She was a good sister, even though she told me this was ridiculous,
she left the light on and slept with me in my room.
My reason for this story?
I think of the impact on these surviving children as well as 
their families. This shooter did not just take the lives
of 27 people but he has altered the innocence of many children
who from now on will never be the same.
He has altered the lives of families.
I remain mostly angry today as I want him to be alive.
Death was too easy, so many families will never have the answers
they would need to try and heal.
I hate this... and I didn't even know them,
can't even imagine what that sleepy little town is feeling.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut shooting

As news comes out slowly about the deadly shootings
at an elementary school in Connecticut, I am sure all
are like me, wanting to cry and throw up at the same time.
Not much is known as of yet except that
at least 27 are dead and most of those are children.
The gunman was 24 and no motive is known at this time
as he lies dead in the school also.
There was a dead person found in his home as
well as his mother who was in the school.
How does a day like this begin as an ordinary day
for all these families and within hours you are finding out
your baby is dead.
I can only think of Bean. An ordinary day, turned tragic.
I think of the wonderful day we had yesterday together 
and wonder how in the heck would we go on if today she
was gone because of an event such as this.
I think I would be angry that the shooter was also dead
as I could not have my say so to him, I could not find out Why
from him, I could not let him know what he had taken from us.
How do you go to bed tonight without your baby with you?
How do you ever walk into the home, the room where that child lived.
What makes me mad, there is absolutely no sense in such a mess.
This world is becoming something that is just not pretty.
Tonight I am invited to the Dupont home next door
where three gorgeous triplet girls live with their parents.
There will be other children there who are gathering for
a Christmas celebration.
It makes me think of the news article that told of the children
at the school were crying,
"I don't want to die, I want Christmas"
I will be thinking of all the children the same age who will not 
have Christmas this year.
I bet those parents will take a little longer tucking in their babies,
a little more time reading that bedtime story, hugging and kissing.
Children today, all over the world will get away with things
that they would not on a typical day because of this act.
Somehow, people move on and this will become an incident 
that happened. For these families, life has been altered.
Just don't know if I would want to continue to move ahead
if I lost my child to such a thing.
May God, in his infinite wisdom, aid all involved to find some
type of peace as understanding will not be a part of healing here.
Even if you don't believe in the power of prayer,
say some anyway.
Without faith, I don't know how these people can get through this.
UGH, Gro- Cud, I have...


HOBL, this is one of the birds that has began to basically
live in our back yard, what is this???

She kissed a cow, and she liked it...

 Yesterday was Mommy's St. Joseph Manor Christmas party.
I am so thankful that Baby boy and Kd let me have Bean skip school
often to come play with her Mumsie.
Yesterday was one of those days.
I am in love with this picture, just saying....
 If any of you follow Facebook on BB's wall, it is known
that Bean is obsessed with cows, wants to "keese"
one and "hug neck" of one.
BB, when he was home last hitch, did all he could to find
a cow that would stay still long enough so she could
"keese" and "hug neck"
Went so far as going to a friends farm where there are baby cows
that would stay still long enough for the girl wish to come true.
You know, Her Daddy is all about fulfilling dreams...
 I can't even explain just how happy Bean was to see a lifesize
nativity scene at St. Joseph Manor.
And when she saw that cow, in the background,
oh she flipped,
"Cow" "Moooo" "hug neck" "keese it"
the Bean's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.
 She just could not get enough of this nativity.
She hugged and kissed Mary and Joseph,
 A camel, rode the camel,
 Kissed a donkey...
 kissed Mary and Joseph...
Then there was the cow, oh how she loved this cow,
that could not move...
She petted it, hugged it's neck and kissed it...
then kissed it, then kissed it again.
that girl loves her some cow. 
 The only thing she may love more than cows is her babies.
Oh when she saw baby Jesus, she was so gentle,
"BeeBee" over and over and over.
Then she did one of those things that she does that
just has a way of melting all of us,
she bent down, ran her hand on baby Jesus cheek
and planted the most softest kiss on his little lips.
I am so honored and so humbled to the fact that
this special little girl calls me her "Musie"
there is no better gift than a grandaughter made
and molded to fit perfectly in this family
by none other than that same Jesus that she gently kissed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh December, how busy you are...

I am happy to say that all handmade, 103 Christmas cards
are made, each with a love letter inside, ready to be mailed.
Now to get stamps...
Then today there is 32 homemade cookie bags to make
for the employees at the manor for the Christmas party there tomorrow.
There is also a cake to be made for that very same party.
Going to have Bean tomorrow so I can bring her to the Manor
party tomorrow where she will not only have a blast 
but will be the hit of the party because those elderly,
they love babies especially the kind that goes up to each 
of them to talk and share her toys.
Most of my xmas gifts are bought and wrapped,
tree is up as are the decorations.
I have many gift cards to make, including
32 of them because each treat bag needs a tag, right?
This is not complaining, I love doing all these things
but gee, would be easier if there were just a few more days
to the month of December.
Next year going to start making Christmas cards right after I
finish my Halloween cards.
I keep talking about downsizing the list of cards sent,
but how? How can I cut anyone off a list
so important to the holiday season?
This month is actually a hard one for many.
Those who have lost loved ones or can't be
with their loved ones during the month.
I, myself, am not sure how to separate myself into 
all the places I want to be come Christmas eve/morning.
Sometimes I am glad for the season to be done
as I hate not being able to be in three places at the same time.
Enjoy the month, even with the hustle and bustle because
January is coming soon and it is the rest and catch up month.
Usually too cold to be out, bad weather keeps us home.
The month passes fast...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life seems different....

HOBL is back at work after 6 months home 
with a broken back.
It hasn't been an easy 6 months but we got used to each other,
quiet mornings drinking coffee and playing on computers.
HOBL always has  a project going and if I don't help
I always feel quilty about not doing enough
but I like to play more than he does,
or maybe working is his play.
So the house is quiet, yesterday I stayed in my PJ's and
worked in my scraproom all day.
I probably would not have done that had he been home
but when the dark came, I was lonesome for our time.
Today he goes for his BP physical and if all goes well
he will be part of the working class again.
I know we will get used to this again.
Not all of the last 6 months was easy but
at least I know now that we will survive retirement.
Well wishes to HOBL for his physical today
as he really wants to return to his old job.

Monday, December 10, 2012

patience at Christmas.

Yesterday I had to take HOBL to the airport as he returns
to work this week after a 6 months recuperation from  a broken back.
I needed a few things at Michael's and crowds were thick everywhere
but most were in the holiday spirit, patient and happy.
I decided to eat at Subway since it was lunch time and 
I love me some "Tuna a' la" Subway.
From the moment I walked in I knew it was 
going to take some time as the line was long and
there were just two hard working women behind the counter
to serve all. They were not very talkative as they had their
game on, organized and making no mistakes.
Yes, I was hungry and yes, it was past 12 but still,
I was pretty impressed on how well they were running.
The cashier was also the one who was responsible for adding
the toppings to the sandwiches that the first worker had prepared.
Yet, she also had to wash her hands and reglove each time she
went from preparing sandwiches to handling money.
No one was complaining until the man two people in front of me
seemed to have an issue. Never did he acknowledge the girls were swamped
and maybe he doesn't know OSHA law about gloving and 
handwashing when dealing with money.
As she washed her hands, in front of us, and regloved,
she asked what he wanted on his sandwich. She fixed it just
as he ordered it then, before checking him out,
began to complete the sandwich of the patron behind him.
Then he rudely said,
"Listen here, I want my sandwich, I have been waiting her
for a long time and I don't want my sandwich to get cold.
Check me out right now so I can eat"
Really, was he not aware of the short staff that was happening
as well as the line that was now almost to the door?
I knew that young girl was pissed,  she said nothing.
However, I knew he was not going to get his demands.
Instead of ungloving and checking him out, she totally ignored his request
and continued on my own sandwich. Ugh, I become uncomfortable
with situations like this, mostly because it's hard for me not to
try and add my two cents to the scene. 
So what did the customer do?
He said, "Keep your sandwich, I am not paying"
He walked out quickly, red-faced and speaking under his breath.
The worker took his sandwich out of the line and continued
to do her job, efficiently without a word.
I thought about this whole scenario as I ate my tuna and continued
to watch the big line of people get served.
I thought of how stupid that man was, there was no sweat off her back
and now, no matter where he went, he was going to wait for a meal
and probably just as long if not longer unless he goes home.
I thought of that poor worker, who probably makes sandwiches for minimum
wages dealing with workers who did not show up.
I left a tip, I thanked both of the women for their time.
I wanted to apologize for all the impatient a-holes in the world.
Remember that during this holiday season to have much patience with others.
To realize that those people behind registers are busy trying 
to raise money to feed their families or save for Xmas gifts for others.
Yes, she maybe could have addressed the guy, explained 
how time management and washing of her hands between each encounter
would be slower for him.
She didn't, why should she?
Patience my dear friend, patience...

Friday, December 7, 2012

greener grass.

Just read a blog that I follow where she listed things
of differences that people feel.
For instance, she posted things like,
"for every mother who fusses about her pregnancy, another mother longs to be pregnant"
"For every mother who fusses about staying home with children,
another mother wishes she could stay home to raise her children"
Things like that, to get your mind thinking.
Her point was, we in America, many of us, have a bad habit
of comparing our grass to that of others and thinking
it's greener on the other side.
Surely got me thinking.
Tomorrow we will gather as a family, which has become
very big, to celebrate my own Mommy's 92nd birthday.
What an honor to be able to say, that not only do we still have
our Mommy/Mommee but that she is well and looking forward to this birthday.
HOBL is much better, going to be able to return to work 
next week after many months healing a broken back. 
Another thing to be thankful for. I could complain
about not sleeping much last night, but would rather
be thankful, that I can stay home today, having slept late this AM
and know that tomorrow will be a better day.
Holidays are tough for many and easy to say be thankful for 
what you have, living it is just a tad bit harder.
So, I think of the Mothers who are thankful to have their children
still with them, like Nicol,
and I think of all those out there, young couples who are finding
out they are having babies, how happy they are,
and then the Mothers that have lost and long for the nights of no sleep
with their children who have died.
Holidays are not easy for many, spend some time thinking
of your own green grass during this holiday season.
If there are some brown patches is some areas, don't fret,
as grass does grow back.
Love the life you were given and help those who may be 
struggling with the grass growing in their own yard.
Oh, and this is just for my bestie, Laurie.....
This would definitely make her grass green, green, green!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Kings Lane

Hoping this link works for those of you who are
in love with shopping. 
I love shopping, even though I may buy nothing.
One Kings Lane has the very best things and most
are well priced.  Their site is like eye candy to me.
Each day when I see and email for them, 
I have to browse their specials.
I have not bought anything from them as of yet,
so I can't speak for their service.
I can tell you that I see lots I would love to have.
Yes, they have things for each room of the house and
being in this new big home has me longing for  a few of
their wares. Enjoy the site as Christmas approaches!
okay link didn't work, just google One Kings Lane.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Beth, a miracle in the making

I was raised in a very close neighborhood with many children all the same age.
We played on Dursette street like no body's business and although we are all
grown now, all with families of our own, we still have a connection 
to each other. We rarely see each other any more but when one 
suffers, we all remember the old days and rally with prayer.
With that said, it was disheartening for all of us to hear of
Beth Doucet Felarise's terrible car accident last Monday.
For many of us, it has been on our minds and prayers since.
As I began to read and keep up to date on her progress via 
her Mom, Nicole's, facebook updates I began to understand that
we have all been witness to a miracle.
(Beth with her two baby girls at the birth of the baby, before accident)
Now many will not see it this way as some have trouble seeing
the difference between coincidence and miracle.
Beth being alive today, even though she has a very hard road ahead,
is a miracle, can be called nothing else.
Her mother, Nicole has given me permission to blog and share with all.
Beth was alone on Monday when she was involved in a car accident
in Houma.  The fact that she was alone is amazing, she has two little girls
who were not with her on this day.
By all accounts of the first responders as well as
the police, not only should she not have survived the accident but
they did not expect her to survive the injuries for much longer.
Her mother was told that at the scene, there was a Catholic priest
who prayed over her in her unconscious state.
She later found out that this priest was Father Joshua Rodrigue.
Here is another miracle.
you see, my children and Beth as well as her whole family 
have always attended Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church in Golden Meadow.
When they were all younger, we knew Father Joshua because
he would spend summers at our church while going to the seminary.
Fr. Joshua may have not known it at the time he was praying
at the accident that this woman had been a child in one of the 
many masses he assisted.
What are the odds that this very same man would be at the scene.
Again, Beth should not have survived this accident and I don't
think many thought she would but Father Josh told
people at the scene she was going to make it. She was going to survive.
Amazing that he was the only one who felt that at the time.
Nicole also posted that there were others at the scene who held Beth's hand,
spoke reassuring thoughts to her. They did not know who she was
and I can only imagine how comforting this was not only to Beth but
to her Mother to know that someone was comforting her baby 
when she could not. This makes me want to shed tears just thinking of it.
Nicole was a young mother to Beth, I think she would agree that they grew up
together and their bond is close. 
Nicole must feel like she has been on a roller coaster since Monday
but feels very sure that her baby is going to survive and she
will do all she can to make this road the easiest it can be for her.
Almost immediately upon entering the hospital Beth began to improve,
from her Mothers accounts almost by the minutes she began to fight.
Was off the ventilator and beginning to talk, was out of ICU 
quicker than anyone would have ever believed.
You see, Beth is a mother of two precious little girls, one just
a few months old that she was still breastfeeding.
I find it is amazing the fight a young mother has in her when it comes
to her babies. One of her first worries was pumping her breasts so 
that her precious baby could continue breast feeding,
still in much pain, with foggy thoughts, she still was able 
to pump her milk to be given to her baby.
On the day her little girls were to visit, her Mother
posts about the hours she took to get ready for them,
even with all the pain she was in, she took the hours to prepare
so they would not be alarmed when seeing her.
She put a smile on her face, reassured her older daughter, snuggled with 
her baby. Once they left and only then did she speak of pain.
Beth has a long road to recovery and yet, I know she will do this.
With her husband, parents, extended family, she will make a full recovery
and she will speak of the miracle of her life.
She will share with many that God spared her because her work here is not done.
Her days are becoming filled with more pain now that her concussion is healing
and the fog of what happened lifts.
She has many surgeries ahead of her and yet, she will smile always
when her little girls are there to see her.
Please pray for Beth and her hubby, Ramsey who has also been so thankful 
and supportive and for their whole extended family.
Being raised on Dursette street has molded so many of us and we are all bonded.
The Cheramie/Doucet/ Felarise families ask and thank all for prayers in abundance.
(Beth the day before her accident)
(Nicole, Beth's mom)
Continue to pray and watch the miracle of Beth transpire.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December the first

The hustle and bustle of Christmas really begins the day after
Thanksgiving but steps up a notch when December 1st.
This year, gifts are going to be minimum.
Something to be used for spending time together.
The words of the Grinch come to mind:
That old Grinch, he became a smart lil guy by the last page.
So as we all settle in to the pressures of gift giving and how will
we be able to see everyone we love and want to spend time with,
lets not loose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.
Let forgiveness be one of your gifts to someone who may need it.
Put the pain of a hurt aside for good and move forward.
Gift yourself with a healthier life and putting negative thoughts
away. Give yourself the gift of finding your own true happiness
even if it doesn't come right away,
"fake it till you make it"

Friday, November 30, 2012

A sad day for the Rousse's

I have been incognito for days as the pain of winter 
had me down for a few.
I am feeling better but sad that I am not well enough
to make the 4 hour ride to the funeral of a great man today.
Menton Rousse, my sister C, and brother-in-law Ted's daddy.
MY nephews were blessed in a way that I nor my children never were.
With the knowledge of what a real grandfather was.
When he was well, there was nothing this grandfather would not have
done for any of his children or grandchildren.
It was not unusual for him to babysit a grandchild or two if they 
were sick from school. He loved his family so much.
C commented that he had been her daddy longer than our own father had been.
We lost our daddy at the age of 20 and 22 so our children
never got to know him.
Mr. Menton, that was an example of a true grandfather and father.
He was not my father in law but treated me just as he would treat C.
Always kind and funny with my own children.
I am sad today for them.
For my brother in law, Ted, being the baby who's
daddy always was there for him, who began a plumbing business
many years ago which became Ted's living and now is passed
down to another generation, to Kris.
What an honor Ted and Kris are doing in their father's name
not to mention the gift of giving an established business to his 
son and grandson.
This business is proudly still called Rousse Plumbing and I
don't think that name will ever change, in memory of a terrific man.
Ted was his baby and when we were younger, when he and C
were first married, there was nothing TEd needed or wanted
that this man would not provide for. The epitome of a daddy.
There are also Myron and Meryl, Trudy and Bob.
All the grandchildren who was loved by this man.
A close knit family that should be so proud of all of themselves
for the love and attention Mr. Menton was given in his last 
few years and harder months.
Mrs. Rose, will be lost for some time as they have always
been the type of marriage that did everything together.
Yet, I believe in some ways the whole family has some relief
that his suffering is over.
It's a time for believing in Heaven and knowing
the Big Man has control over the situation.
I am sad that I can't be there, really am because
he was an important man to me also.
His brother died a few years ago and since then 
a piece of Mr. Menton was missing, he spoke of him often
and I do believe he was never really well again after that loss.
That is what the love of a sibling can do to you sometimes.
I know the Rousse family will feel comfort knowing that the brothers
are together once again and that we will all miss him but in Heaven
there is no sense of time so he will be there waiting for the rest when
their time comes. 
Love to all of you, wish so badly I could be there for all of you.
C, Ted, Arthur and Kris,
my love to each of you on this very hard day.
Rest in Peace, Heaven rejoices.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, it is that time of year again, 
time when so many say exactly what they are thankful for.
Seems as though this time last year just passed.
I have so much to be thankful for as this year has been
a hard one with many changes and yet, here I am, here we are,
celebrating another Thanksgiving.
Baby boy is offshore so it will be a quiet one
with gypsy baby, myself and HOBL for lunch
and Kd and Bean coming for supper.
Tiffy and Tedi-girl will be coming this afternoon for a few
days of studying for Tif, shopping for Tedi-girl and I.
The next month will be full of hustle and bustle of holiday 
Today take a little bit of time to be thankful for all that makes you happy.
Leave the bad parts out, look at the negatives as being gone, gone, gone.
I am thankful for HOBL being discharged from his doctor
with his broken back being completely healed.
I am thankful for gypsy baby, who shows me every
day another way to live. Who can always put a smile on my face.
I am thankful for Baby boy and the way he looks after HOBL and I
now that we are living close.
I am thankful for KD who is such a friend to me,
always remembers to thanks me for all I do for Bean even though
it is not necessary. 
I am thankful for my big, big, family. We are all so different
from each other but the one thing we all know is that 
we all love each other so much.
I am thankful for another year with my Mommy,
even though her memory is worse than ever, she still
is cute and funny.
I am thankful for the over abundance of friends I have,
I am blessed with so many. Each one is
special to me in different ways, for different reasons.
Last but not least, so, so thankful for Bean.
There are many times this year that she has been the one to get
me out of a funk, stop focusing on myself and remember what
a gem she is. As she grows and her little personality shows itself 
more and more, I like her more.
She is the very best for us, I love spending any time I can with her.
I can't wait to see her this evening as one day without seeing her
seems like a year. We moved here, to Plaquemine to be closer to her
and I can't even think of what our relation would be like had we still
been in Thibodaux. I want her to know me well, I want that as she gets
older, if she says, "I want to go to Mumsie's" it's not an hour away
but a mere 5 minutes. Without her this year, I am not sure if I would have
gotten through this year as I have.
I miss my job, I miss working but that is getting easier and I am thankful 
for that also. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all.