Friday, November 30, 2012

A sad day for the Rousse's

I have been incognito for days as the pain of winter 
had me down for a few.
I am feeling better but sad that I am not well enough
to make the 4 hour ride to the funeral of a great man today.
Menton Rousse, my sister C, and brother-in-law Ted's daddy.
MY nephews were blessed in a way that I nor my children never were.
With the knowledge of what a real grandfather was.
When he was well, there was nothing this grandfather would not have
done for any of his children or grandchildren.
It was not unusual for him to babysit a grandchild or two if they 
were sick from school. He loved his family so much.
C commented that he had been her daddy longer than our own father had been.
We lost our daddy at the age of 20 and 22 so our children
never got to know him.
Mr. Menton, that was an example of a true grandfather and father.
He was not my father in law but treated me just as he would treat C.
Always kind and funny with my own children.
I am sad today for them.
For my brother in law, Ted, being the baby who's
daddy always was there for him, who began a plumbing business
many years ago which became Ted's living and now is passed
down to another generation, to Kris.
What an honor Ted and Kris are doing in their father's name
not to mention the gift of giving an established business to his 
son and grandson.
This business is proudly still called Rousse Plumbing and I
don't think that name will ever change, in memory of a terrific man.
Ted was his baby and when we were younger, when he and C
were first married, there was nothing TEd needed or wanted
that this man would not provide for. The epitome of a daddy.
There are also Myron and Meryl, Trudy and Bob.
All the grandchildren who was loved by this man.
A close knit family that should be so proud of all of themselves
for the love and attention Mr. Menton was given in his last 
few years and harder months.
Mrs. Rose, will be lost for some time as they have always
been the type of marriage that did everything together.
Yet, I believe in some ways the whole family has some relief
that his suffering is over.
It's a time for believing in Heaven and knowing
the Big Man has control over the situation.
I am sad that I can't be there, really am because
he was an important man to me also.
His brother died a few years ago and since then 
a piece of Mr. Menton was missing, he spoke of him often
and I do believe he was never really well again after that loss.
That is what the love of a sibling can do to you sometimes.
I know the Rousse family will feel comfort knowing that the brothers
are together once again and that we will all miss him but in Heaven
there is no sense of time so he will be there waiting for the rest when
their time comes. 
Love to all of you, wish so badly I could be there for all of you.
C, Ted, Arthur and Kris,
my love to each of you on this very hard day.
Rest in Peace, Heaven rejoices.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, it is that time of year again, 
time when so many say exactly what they are thankful for.
Seems as though this time last year just passed.
I have so much to be thankful for as this year has been
a hard one with many changes and yet, here I am, here we are,
celebrating another Thanksgiving.
Baby boy is offshore so it will be a quiet one
with gypsy baby, myself and HOBL for lunch
and Kd and Bean coming for supper.
Tiffy and Tedi-girl will be coming this afternoon for a few
days of studying for Tif, shopping for Tedi-girl and I.
The next month will be full of hustle and bustle of holiday 
Today take a little bit of time to be thankful for all that makes you happy.
Leave the bad parts out, look at the negatives as being gone, gone, gone.
I am thankful for HOBL being discharged from his doctor
with his broken back being completely healed.
I am thankful for gypsy baby, who shows me every
day another way to live. Who can always put a smile on my face.
I am thankful for Baby boy and the way he looks after HOBL and I
now that we are living close.
I am thankful for KD who is such a friend to me,
always remembers to thanks me for all I do for Bean even though
it is not necessary. 
I am thankful for my big, big, family. We are all so different
from each other but the one thing we all know is that 
we all love each other so much.
I am thankful for another year with my Mommy,
even though her memory is worse than ever, she still
is cute and funny.
I am thankful for the over abundance of friends I have,
I am blessed with so many. Each one is
special to me in different ways, for different reasons.
Last but not least, so, so thankful for Bean.
There are many times this year that she has been the one to get
me out of a funk, stop focusing on myself and remember what
a gem she is. As she grows and her little personality shows itself 
more and more, I like her more.
She is the very best for us, I love spending any time I can with her.
I can't wait to see her this evening as one day without seeing her
seems like a year. We moved here, to Plaquemine to be closer to her
and I can't even think of what our relation would be like had we still
been in Thibodaux. I want her to know me well, I want that as she gets
older, if she says, "I want to go to Mumsie's" it's not an hour away
but a mere 5 minutes. Without her this year, I am not sure if I would have
gotten through this year as I have.
I miss my job, I miss working but that is getting easier and I am thankful 
for that also. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thoughts of Jade

I don't know why buy for the last months or so
I have been thinking so much of my elementary friend, Jade
who died a few years ago of round two of breast cancer.
I blogged about her when she died in October two years ago.
We had just again made contact with each other via Facebook
when she found she was faced with cancer again.
I still have her private message to me about her cancer
on my Facebook page because I don't have the heart to erase it.
It is like still having a part of her still with me.
It is a strange thing, friendships as for many many years
we had not spoken or probably thought of each other.
Thanksgiving is here and for whatever reason, Jade has been on my mind.
I think of her two children, Holly and Jake and wonder how
they are fairing. Sometimes I still visit her fb page and
there her little daughter will post something or her
husband will place a writing there.
I believe in life after death and I believe that there
is always a reason of why someone who has passed is on our minds.
I don't always know why. I think during this Thanksgiving time
it may be to remind me that although winter is hard on my body,
I am alive and have to be thankful for that as Jade would
love to still be here with her family and her children.
That she would put the pain aside that she may have
and put a smile on her face to make the holidays wonderful 
for her children. Sometimes I need to be reminded
that the very things that cause my issues now are the 
very same things that are the reason for my life.
On hard days, Jade's 4th grade picture comes into my mind.
It comes to remind me that I need to be thankful for all of it,
for the hard times, the good times, all the times.
For her memory, I am thankful.
(Jade is bottom row, 5th from left)
( my two besties are also in here, bottom row number 4 is Ann,
bottom row right near my Aunt Tim, is Laurie, I am
sitting right next to Laurie)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

oh yes she did!!!

Baby boy posted something on facebook to the effect,
"Who ever thought you could be so proud because someone pooped in toilet"
Yep, our Bean seems as though she will just be no trouble
to potty train as she basically asked Kd
for the potty and did her business.
When my baby came  out of diapers I remember two 
feelings at the same time.
One, it was like getting a raise as diapers are so expensive.
Then the second thought was,
"Time for another one"
Don't know if the other Riera couple had that thought
but to say we are all so proud of our Bean for pooping 
on the potty is an understatement.
The older she gets the easier she becomes.
Oh and that smile, and the way she looks at you from the corner
of her eyes just melts all of us.
She is growing so fast, continuing to bring us
happiness every day.
 She is very independent but so loving at the same time.
She will greet you with big hugs and kisses always
and she has a way of softly kissing everything her hands
touch that make her happy.
Everything gets kissed, everything from the 
little babies she loves to the ducks her daddy killed.
 She calls me "Musie" right now, hasn't mastered the whole Mumsie name
but when she calls me, "Musie!" I know it's me she is calling.
She continues to amaze us every day.
We are some lucky, lucky people we are.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Crisis in the Middle East

As I sit here in the safe and comfort of my home,
drinking my coffee,
I hear on the news about the 
crisis in the Middle East.
It has me unbelieving that these types of things
happen in the world.
A two minute warning to get out your home 
because it will be bombed,
all the political officials are in hiding as they
and their families are being picked off one by one.
This is surreal to me, living in the good old
US of A.
We all have our ways of complaining about the politics,
the government, who will win an election
and we do this with the freedom we have because of
where we live.
We are lucky to live in a country that no matter
how you live, how you believe,
you will never have to worry when you put your
head down at night whether you will 
get that two minute warning to save your life
and your family's life.
We live in a country that thankfully,
the majority of us are sane individuals
and don't have to worry about death for believing
Once again, I am glad to live in the place.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving and then there is Christmas...

It had been some time since I felt like decorating on Lee Drive.
The move here to Plaquemine, to this beautiful home,
I, once again, have the urge to decorate.
HOBL thinks its a waste of money 
but I think it makes me happy so I will do it.
I have found something that used to make me so happy
that once again is doing that.
My favorite things I have decorated with for Halloween
and Thanksgiving have been things I have found at second hand
stores for dirt cheap. Others are things I have made.
Now comes Christmas and I find myself excited to pack
up the fall things and remember those things that I have
in my attic from Christmas' past, things I have not taken out 
and used in the last 4 years since gypsy baby graduated.
To all you men out there who just don't get it,
we women, we love it.
We love to make our homes pretty for the holidays.
A warmness comes from a visit to a home that is full
of the Holiday.
Thanks to Pinterest, I have many ideas for home made 
ideas and gifts. I have decided this Christmas will
be full of handmade.
Enjoy the holidays, enjoy decorating,
enjoy the cool weather.
Visit your friends often, say kind words to those you love.
Try and put past hurts aside to make this Christmas holiday
the best it can be.
Muah to all

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 Yesterday I kept bean so we could go to a playdate
by Ethan's house. E's mom, Jessica was so sweet not
only to invite us but to have snacks and lunch ready.
We were also able to play with my friend, Lori and her
daughter, Cecelia who is visiting from Houston and
her little girl Genevieve.
 You can tell a little boy child lives at E's house.
Their coffee table is in fact a train station.
Yes, a whole table set up for a wooden train.
Bean loved that as she doesn't have many boy toys.
 She and Ethan are the same age with a few weeks between their
birthdays. They were so cute to watch.
Bean has learned the art of sharing at daycare,
she taught Ethan a few of the things she has learned.
 Genevieve, known as GG to her family is much younger than them,
not into interactive play yet but was such a good girl,
playing with every toy she could get her hands on.
 She is such a little sweetie and all three children
were fun to watch and oh, so good.
 I believe Ethan and Bean once again became
good friends, taking turns pushing each other 
on wagons.

 When we got back from our playdate, Bean was tired,
"Musie, book? night night?"
Love how she knows and can ask for what she wants.
Bean took a three hour nap while I read and dozed off a few times.
Just like every day together, it passed so fast.
When her Mommy came to get her, she was ready for HOME,
ready to be with her Mommy.
It was the first night with her Daddy offshore so that 
night is always a little hard for her
so I imagine she and her Mommy cuddled and watched 
the Goofy Movie which she loves.
Once again, I am amazed at all she is learning and doing so fast.
Her speech is better every day and sentences are becoming
longer and longer.
I always sing her the song, 
Sing a Song by the Carpenters.
Ever since she is little but lately she tells me
"No" very sternly when I begin to sing any song
she is not wanting to hear.
Except this week she began singing to her Daddy,
"Sing, sing a song"
She did it for me too, walking around singing,
"Sing sing a song"
then adding, "Musie, sing"
I sing, she dances her swagger.
I could go on and on....
How this child has become so important to me,
puts a smile on my face even on the hardest days.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading is not laziness

Winter is on it's way.
Even if the calendar didn't say it, 
my body would announce the news.
I thank myself so much for the love of reading.
I began reading at a very early age,
self taught by the many days and weeks I stayed in 
the hospital. Without the gift of reading I am not sure 
how I would ever have gotten past all those
days holed up in hospitals away from my siblings 
and peers. HOBL, he is not a reader so he does
not understand how I cans stay in a bed or on a sofa,
how I can lay on my Pappasan for hours with my nose in 
a book or my IPAD.
I can read, nonstop for hours without a break if the
book is a good one.
I also am kind of OCD when it comes to starting a book,
I have to finish it no matter how terrible it is.
Sometimes I feel guilty because HOBL is moving all around
me cleaning or doing some little project and I am
there laying and reading.
HE will ask,
"You don't get tired of laying there reading all the time?"
Answer, Nope.
Not ever, not even a little bit.
I feel for those people in the world who either can't read
or do not enjoy reading. I don't know what I would do without
this hobby, I can go anywhere, be anything when reading a book.
I can get away from the realities of life.
People ask me what I like to read and my answer is now,
anything. When I was younger I only would read what
I liked like love stories, horror.
Now I see myself wanting to learn more about the world around me.
I want to become knowledgeable about history
and geography, the possibilities are endless.
I love a good book......
shoot, I love any book.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Last thing I need.

There are lots of "last things I need" on my list.
I have so many collections besides loving again to decorate 
for the holidays.
I am finally getting used to the new home and all it has to offer.
I once again am enjoying decorating the new home
and even cleaning it.
I had not felt like decorating for the holidays like this 
since the kids grew up.
I understand that we are blessed to have such a beautiful home
and it's not "keeping up with the Jones'"
that has me wanting to decorate.
It is being proud of the abode.
It has taken me a while to get used to the home and new town.
Partly because HOBL being injured has worried us some.
He is on the mend and I am thankful for that also.
Back to the last thing I need,
a new collection.
GEES, do I have collections,
I have a miniature collection, a book collection, a journal collection,
a scrapbook collection and lets not forget my collection
of the deals I make a garage sale collections.
It makes me sound like a hoarder when put in words but
anyone who knows me and has been in my home knows
I am not a hoarder, just like pretty things.
So, you ask (or maybe you didn't) what is this all about?
I have a new love for One of a Kind hand made
miniature dolls. When searching ebay or etsy,
you will see OOAK.
For a while I thought this was the artist who made all these things,
then I realized that OOAK stands for
One Of A KInd.
I think maybe my new fad is because Bean and I both love little things.
When she holds one of my miniatures  I see her little eyes and face light up.
I explain to her what gentle means, remind her don't drop it and
she holds it softly with two hands, gently and she will softly 
kiss whatever the item is.
Oh I love her little face when she plants that kiss on the mini.
I love that she loves these things.
Another thing she loves is  babies, I mean adores all babies,
wants to feed them, put pacifiers in their mouth, rock them.
She treasures her baby dolls and if you go down the toy aisle
at a store she will say "Toy?" first then she will say, "Bee-bee"
which is how she says baby.
So now I search for miniature babies, OOAK ones to collect.
I want to have them to put in Beans little hands and see her little face
light up, see her soft little kisses on my finds.
Gosh, I love that little girl....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election done

Election is done and another four years of Obama.
I do know this, no matter how the vote would have gone,
this morning I would be okay and come November I would
support whoever had been voted into office.
Why? Because my Daddy who fought in WWII raised us
to respect our President and officials, to work with them not against them
and only in that way can our US of A be the best it can be.
This makes me different from most who are Romney supporters
who say Obama is not their president.
Until our Country comes together as one Nation,
I don't' know if we ever will become strong like USA was
when our forefathers lived.
This is my opinion, the one I can have.
I was misunderstood when I thanked those Romney supporters
who did not go out and vote.
My statement was merely to tell people it is important to vote.
I, too, just don't love the electoral vote system in place and
never agreed with it but it is what has been in place for generations
and will not change. 
Some have said their vote does not count with this system but
in reality it does. The vote of your area will go to the 
majority vote, if you don't vote then the incumbent vote will win.
It is also why turning in our census matters, it is how
the law decides how many electoral votes we receive.
Those states with most people, get more votes.
Louisiana actually lost an electoral vote with the last census.
I am not a pro at understanding this whole political thing.
What I type here is what I can remember from 2000
when Al Gore won the popular vote but Bush won the election.
When our vote does not count is in the case of an electoral vote tie.
Then each state gets one vote by congress.
No matter what the popular vote is, that congress can vote for whomever they want.
In that case, I am glad this thing did not end in a tie as then we
would be honest in saying our vote does not count.
Keep voting, do your census every ten years.
Our voices do count.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I don't care who you vote for as today is not to argue our points.
Today is the day to go out and act on your
freedom as a US citizen.
Time to put your vote behind your beliefs and
pull the lever for the things you want.
Many men and women have died so we can 
close that curtain behind us and cast our own ballot.
Today, people basically have made up their minds on
which way they are going.
If you don't use this day to use your freedom
then you really do not nor should not complain on
the way things change or don't change.
HOBL and I head to Thibodaux today to do just that
as we have not yet changed our address.
HOBL's first time to vote.
WE going to make a day of it and bring Bean 
with us....
Have a fine day, friends!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

an old friend, T-net

I am always in awe of the way we continue to play a part
in other people's lives, and they in ours even when we 
haven't seen these people in some time.
A few day ago, I posted the above picture on my Facebook wall
explaining that I had painted this for my dear Nannie when I was 12
and she had kept it hanging in her home after all these years, 
37 to be exact.
I had not remembered painting it and was touched that my
cousin, Geneva wanted to give it back to me after my Nannie's passing.
I can see so many flaws in it all these years after.
To my Nannie, it was a masterpiece.
After the post I had some comments on how special it was.
One post was from an old friend from high school,
Antoinette. As adults, we have spoken a few times
as she came when I spoke at Woman of God conference
as well as we are friends on facebook.
At my Nannie's funeral I find out just how close
she was to my Nannie and Uncle Charles.
She lived next door to them and told me 
awesome stories about how my Uncle Charles basically
helped her raise her boys, taught them  to hunt.
When her boys were growing up and they were sick,
there were times my Nannie actually babysat for her.
I am so floored about these stories as I not only did not know
she lived near them, but did not know how important
they all were in each others lives.
Another shocker when I posted the above picture when
Antoinette commented on the picture that she
also owned a "Lilly original"
What? I painted a picture for Tanette as we called her 
in high school? For the life of me, I cannot remember this.
I ask her to post a picture of the painting and she does.
This below painting is the picture she posts and the memory comes back.
One year, I painted pictures for all my high school friends and 
my Dad built  little wood frames for all of them.
He was always so proud of anything I did with art.
I am touched by the fact that not only does Tanette still have the
painting but still has it hanging in her home. 
I mean look at it, it is not the best, I mean I was a teenager.
To think that after 37 years, she still sees this and thinks of me
every day as it hangs in her master bath.
That two paintings that was done when I was a child
hung in two homes that were near each other.
Yep, facebook is responsible for the realization.
Thanks to Antoinette not only for sharing this news
but for being so close to my godmother and helping them
as much as they helped you.
I would say a true friend is that one that even after
all these years, the word friend comes to mind when their
name name is mentioned.
A true friend, that Tanette!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pampered Chef Party!

I love a good party.
On Sunday at 2 pm having one at my house.
Nothing like this to get me excited about Pampered Chef.
Have been in love with their products since I first learned of them
and attended my first party in 1999!
I have so many Pampered Chef items.
If you would like to attend, please do so, at my house.
Just please RSVP if you will attend so I can make sure
I prepare enough food.
If you love Pampered Chef but can't make the party but want to order,
google Pampered Chef and look for consultant 
Kristie Arp then look for my name as hostess.
You can even have it sent to your home if you would like.
Thanks in advance to all those of you who order or come to the party.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving...

 Just realized that I had not shared pictures of pumpkin carving
on my blog. This happened on Tuesday night, the event
was late in the planning but we had a great time.
It is a tradition that my kiddies always had growing up
and one I would like to continue for Bean and her cousins/friends.
 HOBL was nice enough to grill for us on his new pit
even though he has not been feeling well for some time.
and I must say the food was delicious, thanks, HOBL!
Above is Melissa and her sweet Carter, 
Katie's first cousin and her godchild.
 The girls were into carving,
The men, not so much....
 Baby girl was very excited that someone took her shift
so she could attend this event as it seems to still mean a lot to her,
then she didn't even complete her pumpkin....
could it be she is getting to old for this????
Perish the thought.
 Our new neighbors, Brittany and Devon and their
triplets were able to join us, I think these girls
had the most fun.
Thanks for coming, guys!
 Bean was not interested in carving "pumpakins"
especially when she saw the "Yucky inside guts of her pumpkin.
but she did have a fantastic time,
loved the three sisters, found herself this balance beam
that she had not noticed before this night.
Going to be a gymnast, maybe?
 Thanks to all who visited.
I promise next year not to wait until the last minute
and get it done on a weekend so we can spend more
time visiting and carving.

 Below picture is Bean scaring BG, her Nannie with the plastic 
roach I put in her Halloween bag.
She loves spending time with her Nannie.