Saturday, June 30, 2012

Three in a row

It is something that persons who work in hospitals know to be true:
Deaths come in three.
If two patients die in a week, a third will happen soon.
In my private life, yesterday the trilogy was completed 
with the death of dear
Ms. MaryAnn Martin
She knew of this hospital legacy as for many, many years
she was an RN at Lady of the Sea, a staple there
just as Mr. Charles was. 
As a new nurse at the age of 18, I trained with the best,
I trained with Ms. Martin.
If you were lucky to be trained by the famous Ms. Martin,
then you not only learned the correct way but
she demanded her own perfection in your work.
Some were afraid of Ms. Martin because she would
tell you if she did not think you were working to her potential.
To some she sounded harsh but it was really only because
she believed that a sick person deserved the very best of 
everything while she was in our care.
If the staff was afraid of her, that was never the case of her
patients. People came in requesting her nursing service.
If she was charge nurse you can bet she was visiting
with every patient in that hospital making sure each nurse 
and nursing aide was doing their job. If you weren't 
get ready because she was calling you on it.
I worked under her but I also was lucky to have her as my own
nurse many times while being hospitalized.
She treated me with the kindest and most compassionate ways.
On one morning as a patient I was having a rough morning
as I was missing my little kiddies.
She climbed right onto the side of my bed and hugged and rocked 
with me. Not many nurses would do that.
The thing was, she didn't do this just for me because I was also 
a work partner, she did this to all her patients who needed it.
Ms. Martin was my Nannie's next door neighbor so it makes
me happy to know that they have left this world in such a close way.
She suffered in her last days as the dreaded cancer took her
away from us.
She was a phenomenal woman.
I am such a better person to have not only known her
but worked and loved under her.
I know many of my old LOS friends feel the same loss I do this morning.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Triplets on Village drive

 Upon moving to Village Drive I found out that triplet 
little girls lived right next door along with their wonderful parents,
Brittany and Devon.
You think I am going to be happy watching these three lil thangs grow?
This week was their 5th birthday and I was invited to their family
gathering. What an honor to have just met them and their family 
and already be invited over for a birthday party.
Amalie, Shelbie and Maddie are identical triplets
made without any help from fertility drugs.
To hear and read the stories on facebook of when their
parents found out there were three of them are so cool.
 They may be identical but so different from each other
each with a sweet and unique personality.
I have yet to learn all their ways as well as telling them apart yet.
I am in love with them.
The funny thing about them is that they love each other so much.
They have little time to play with the grownups because they
are too busy playing with each other.
 Standing by their Daddy as he video taped their 5th birthday
was an added gift. 
To hear him speak of these precious gifts to him melted me
for he is a man who is in love with his three little girls.
Asked often,
"What am I going to do?"
I said what I have always said about my own when asked 
that same question,
"Love them"

 For in the end, isn't that all they need?
A daddy who loves them unconditionally.
A Daddy who loves their Mommy more than any one else.
A Daddy who will do the tough job of raising them
to be moral and happy individuals as I am sure he will do.
Having been there with their immediate family I know 
these girls will grow to be happy little independent girls
because there are so many people who love them in their village.
I am so glad to have moved into their village also.
I cannot even explain how glad I am to be able
to watch these girls grow.
Thanks Devon and Brittany for allowing me to 
be at their party and letting me in to their little world.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People of Walmart

 I love all the sites that show the People Of Walmart.
Always get a good laugh at those..
 But these of today, I had to actually make two blog posts today to show them...
Because this one, right here I would think, would turn off anyone 
from breastfeeding not to mention turn any little boy off
of boobs for the rest of his life.

Going back to a thing of enjoyment

I went last week to register at my new church,
St. John Church, the same church the other Riera's married at.
While there I met the Director of Religious Education
and began talking to her about the 13 years I taught religion
while my kiddies were growing up as well as loving 
speaking to teens about my life story.
She was quite excited and asked if I would please meet with
her to discuss how I could be of service in my new
church home. I will meet with her today at 1pm.
I want to give back to my new community and
I miss being around the children.
This is something I always enjoyed, teachin religion.
Very excited to get back into that.
It is the first time in my whole life that I am in 
a different catholic parish,
don't even know who the bishop is here.
Time to get back into the faith that I have neglected
some in the last few months.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Engagement ring part 2

Yes, I am still having trouble getting over the fact that my
engagement ring is gone.
When I begin thinking about it I can't stop.
Almost to the point of obsession.
When I speak to someone about it's loss
I almost always tear up.
I wonder where it is at, where it lives,
was it lost, in some garbage dump or
was it stolen by the movers and hocked
for money. It aggravates me that I will never know.
St. Anthony has been prayed to,
yes, I even tried that...
I have resigned to the fact that I will never have it.
In my heart, I really think it was stolen.
I left the movers here alone one at a time 
when driving them to the hardware store for 
the screws they lost... another long story.
Maybe I shouldn't think like that but
I took such good care of the jewelry box,
packed it myself, it only rode in my car to the
new house and it is the only thing missing,
the only thing missing....
I search ebay at least weekly under vintage engagement rings
hoping to find something similar to the one I had,
knowing that this will never be good enough any way.
HOBL just doesn't understand the loss.
Says things like I should have taken better care of it,
it's lost, you have to get over it.
Or that he can't believe that I want another ring after all we just bought.
He doesn't mean to be insensitive, he just doesn't understand
what the ring meant and just buying another just won't do.
That ring stood for all we have been through, gotten past
in the last 28 years.
It's funny because every man, when they find out, think
it is not a big deal.
Yet every woman I speak of it with are sad for me,
brought to tears in the eyes of many.
Women "get this"
I have been in the past a terrible nail biter.
I finally had kicked that habit about 9 years ago and was so proud
because my wedding ring and engagement ring,
when I wore it, looked so much prettier on my hand with my
pretty nails. I, since loosing the ring, have gotten back to biting
my nails... I hate that but the habit is back.
As of yesterday my mind is obsessed with a new idea.
To find a good picture of the ring and try and have it remade.
I believe that only that will make me feel better.
Today I will go through my wedding pictures for the best picture.
I am going to talk to Tom Birdsall, jeweler about designing me
the same ring. 
Enough, I know, but you men out there,
that ring you gave your wife, you have to know
means more to her than you will ever understand.
It is cherished even though she may not mention it.
Even if she is like me and does not wear it every day,
it is as important to her as the vows she said on her wedding day.
It symbolizes all you are to her, all the hard times and the best times.
It reminds her of all the things that were said in confidence
that if a ring could talk, would know.
It reminds her of that day those vows were said and the days
your babies were born. 
It is not just diamonds and gold but a life that began 
the day you gave it to her, the day you asked her to marry her.
A symbol of all the reason she stays in the marriage.
Another ring just would not do.
It is not a matter of money or needing a ring to feel like you are married.
It is the symbol of the life that was established on the day you two became one.
For us, it was established on
March 9, 1984.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What is the soul?

(My Nannie and I on my communion day)
Even before these last two weeks that brought the death
of my Nannie and Mr. Charles,
I had been thinking a lot about death.
It had not been an obsession but every once in a while,
when alone with my thoughts, 
it was death that I thought about.
I have never before been afraid of death.
I think it has something to do with being a little 5 year old girl
who faced death, believed she used to really talk to the Big Man
and He told her she wouldn't die yet.
Yes, it sounds weird, but back then,
as a little girl, me and the Big Man were tight.
Since that time I have never been afraid of that aspect of death.
Yet, lately I had found myself wondering.
I would get periods of thinking about it and wanting
to cry with the thought of dying and leaving my family.
Leaving the visible things that I know, for a fact, are true.
This morning I wake up early to watch OWN channel
to see Oprah's soul series.
this morning one of my favorites are on.
Oprah asks him,
"What happens when we die?"
He answers without a doubt:
"We return home."
and he goes into detail about this, which I believe
in fully, the soul.
He explains we will all experience our soul when our
personality dies. That when we go home we will experience
all the things that we did in this life were important and
we will see all we did on Earth and how it impacted 
our and others life on Earth.
"What is the soul?"
Oprah then asks.
"It is the part of us that existed before us
and will exist long after we are gone, forever."
I choose to believe all of this, as it gives me comfort.
The thought of nothing after, of being buried and then nothing,
scares me. I cannot live a life believing this.
No one should as it is so sad, so lonely.
Some may say, it all just doesn't make sense,
how can you believe in something that cannot be proven?
I say,
"I rather spend my whole life believing and die to find
out I was wrong than to live not believing to find
out it was all true"
I know I have a soul. I know it is bigger than me and
my personality. I know it leads me sometimes in a way
that doesn't make sense at the time and days or sometimes
years later, it all makes sense.
To know that when I die, all those things will be revealed to me
is comfort. To know that no matter where I go in this life or
the life after, My soul will not change and will follow me everywhere.
It is as real to me as the breath I take.
Happy Soul Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

 Last night after spending a long day in Thibodaux with Momma,
I just wanted to view and oldie but goodie via Netflix.
is what I chose as it's one of my and Gypsy Baby's favorite.
Oh how much I had forgotten about the tremendous acting 
by two of my favorite actors,
Johnny Depp (swoon) and Leanordo DeCaprio.
Leanordo, playing and autistic teenager is featured here,
before he was Jack on Titanic.
Having, in the last 8 years learned so much about autistic children,
his acting is amazing in this movie.
Probably one of his best ever, although it is rarely mentioned.
Depp plays his bigger brother.
Having been filmed in 1993, neither had yet 
his the famous life they now possess.
Their acting is flawless and Depp's beauty is captured
more than once in this film.
The story line is amazing, surrounded around
their home-bound morbidly obese mother and these children.
It has probably been over 8 years since the last time I watched it.
It remains one of my favorites even today.
If you have not watched this ever, or it has been years,
put it on your Netflix list and let me know just how 
amazed you are with the acting of these two now famous actors.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A day in Thibodaux

It's time for the pups annual check ups,
shot days, nail cutting, bet they are so excited about that.
Made arrangements to leave them there and pick them up
in the afternoon as I miss my Mommy.
Also going to try and visit some friends today.
I love my new home, happy that I am here
but didn't expect to miss Thibodaux so much and the
easy access I had to my DTB people.
I am in no way lonely here in Plaquemine 
but I am lonesome. Today going to get my fill
so you people, if you get a text from me...
Ima coming!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am loving reading the above title,
"Smile because you can"
Seems so simple, right?
and it is....
today it is easier than yesterday.
I hate when I have a day like yesterday.
Just felt down, don't know if it was the back issue,
the let down of the funerals made this week,
the let down of the vacation being over and
time for normal life again.
I am so glad for the above words as well as,
So relieved that it is true.
Today, set some goals for myself.
Going to get all on that list done.
Going to get in that scraproom that I have been
having trouble getting in the groove with.
I have so much to be thankful for.
I think of my Nannie...
how she lived every day to the fullest.
Even on those days after breaking her hip and
being told she would never walk again,
she got up and proved many wrong.
Even on the days that she got up to sit in her chair all day,
she was happy. I want to follow in that way.
Today is a good day and I am going to smile...
I will 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saying goodbye to Mr. Charles

I have put this blog off for long enough.
Only because there is so much to say and it's hard to say it.
After my Nannie's funeral on Monday, I went to spend some time
with bestie, Ann and to share memories of her Dad,
to talk about the beautiful funeral that went on Saturday.
I wish I could post verbatum the eulogy Peter John wrote
and shared with us as well as Father Ronnie's homily as
it said all that needed to be said about such a fine man.
Mr. Charles was like a second father for all of us kids who 
hung around his home when we were growing up.
He corrected us if we needed it but teased us also.
When he was on call for the hospital, it was a quiet
night at the Louvierre home and more than once,
Ms. Geri came in to tell us to stop laughing because Mr. Charles
needed to sleep.
One thing I always admired Mr. C. and Ms. Geri for was 
their date nights. They would leave the 5 kids home and any 
other kids that may have been at their home to go eat out
and/or see a movie alone. On those nights, I remember them bringing
their left over chinese food home and the kids took turns on who was
able to eat those left overs in the morning.
Date night was not something that couples did back in those days but
they did and I always thought how special that was.
 I was one of those people who was also
privaleged to see another side of this man
as a nurse working at Lady of the Sea.
there I realized just how important he was to the facility
that we all took as a second home, a second family.
He was looked up to, and as Peter mentioned in the eulogy,
if someone could not get a vein, it was Mr. C. who was called.
I also have to mention another thing Peter mentioned which was
it took his grandchildren to soften Mr. C. He was another person around
those grandbabies. I understand that even more now that I have my own
Bean around. Ms. Geri taught us all what it truly means to be a wife.
Although all 5 kids were there nightly to help her with the needs of
their father, it is she that Mr. C. wanted and she rarely left his side.
When Peter took the time to read the marriage vows we all recited 
on that same altar he stood on to say goodbye to his father,
he showed us that his mother carried out those vows over and beyond
what was ever expected. I know her days will be long now.
I was very touched by Father Ronnie's homily as he put a question
to the 5 children.
He spoke of the terrible disease of ALS and how hard it was to
accept this but he asked them,
"If it were not for this illness, would you 5 siblings be as close as
you are today? Would you have all gathered in your childhood home
to care for your ailing father and your mother as you did?"
Would they have stopped all they did each day to fulfill their 
love for each other and their parents?
Many of us with siblings know we don't do nearly enough together
to nurture those relationships.
Had it not been for this terrible disease, the Louivierre children
would have been just like the rest of us.
Father Ronnie reminded them to keep up those bonds as it would
be their Dad's wish that they remain as close as they are all now,
letting go the pettiness of the world and love each other.
I know that it made Mr. Charles extra happy to see 
all his children spending more time together.
I could go on forever about this wonderful man, his wonderful wife,
his 5 children and his 10 grandchildren,
how many others he helped raise, like his niece Angel.
All he has done for so many in his life but it's time to lay it to rest.
Memories of this man will forever be with me, always
warming my heart, making me proud that I was part of him.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Aunt Nan TA-TA

 The best god mother in the world will be buried today.
One of my Daddy's sisters, the chose her, when I was born
to be my Nannie. That has been a gift that I never thanked my parents for.
I have thanked my Nannie many times.
I was born to older parents who had many children and not much money.
At that time, my Nannie had raised her two children already
and treated me like a princess.
There are many stories of the things this woman did for 
me. There is the one I love and we talk about often.
When I was going through cancer treatment and wouldn't
eat anything, she walked blocks of New Orleans to buy
luncheon meat because I said I wanted it.
She got back to the hospital so happy that I would finally eat.
I took one bite and ate no more.
That is what my Nannie was.
 She bought and made me the very best gifts.
My parents didn't have enough money to buy things that
were not necessities, my Nannie did that.
Every Christmas Eve she would come to our home for 
an early gumbo and to bring my gifts.
I waited anxiously for her gifts because it would always
be the latest craze or the most wanted items by children.
One year she bought me a Texas Instruments calculator.
I was sooo happy as these things were expensive and
not many had them.
I went to bed that night with the calculator, mesmerized by
the red LED display of numbers and the thought that
with this, I could do most all math.
Her gift always, always included something hand
crocheted, because she was the finest crochet person I knew.
Dresses for me and my doll were never forgotten.
She taught me about bingo and pull tabs.
When she had her first granddaughter, Heidi,
just a few years after I was born you would think
she would have less time for me but she didn't.
Instead she brought me everywhere along with her grand babies.
 She worked as Dr. Fisher's nurse for many, many years.
Always bringing samples of medications to our home.
Always made sure if any of us were sick, Dr. Fisher
would see us that very day.
She let me sleep at her home whenever I wanted and I loved her house.
Still do, for when, in the last few years I would visit,
I still loved that house.
There are so many memories I could write about my dear Nannie.
It would take all day to spill all those in my mind and heart.
Instead I will end with these words.
If you look up godmother in the dictionary, it is her name,
Anita Guidry that should be seen there.
She taught me what a godmother should be and I used her
as my model for being a godmother.
I can only hope that my godchildren, all 5 of them 
feel the love from me that I have for this wonderful woman.
Rest, my dear Aunt Nan TA-TA until we meet again.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heaven just keeps looking better and better, doesn't it?

On Wednesday, after the most perfect day on the island, with perfect winds and crabs biting, after saying many times from 730 am to 530 pm, that this is one of the very best days of my life spent with my babies, I came into the camp to find out that not one, but two people I love dearly had passed away within an hour of each other. My dear, godmother, Anita guidry, who taught me what being a good Nannie was all about, and my besties' daddy, mr. Charles who was diagnosed with ALS just a year ago were gone from this place we call earth. Each deserves their own space on my blog and will get it when I get home. Yet, yesterday was mr. Charles' beautiful funeral and it was so warming to see all the people who gathered for such a wonderful man. As I awakened this morning with thoughts of that funeral and began to think of nannies on monday on my last day on the island, as I waited for the coffee to brew I reached into the cabinet to grab a coffee cup and I saw one in there who had a comic picture of an old lady, wrinkled and frail, holding a coffee cup. I grabbed it out of the cabinet to see what the joke was all about. There the words of this post were. "HEAVEN JUST KEEPS LOOKING BETTER ISN'T IT." I am touched by this cup that is supposed to humor me and instead comforts me. Because this week, on wednesday evening just around 7 pm, this statement became a true one. At that time, heaven became looking better because two fine people went there to wait for all of us, to prepare our place. I made a vow at mass yesterday, after hearing father Ronnie's eulogy that I will post more about later, that I will get back to my Sunday rituals of mass. Not because I believe I won't get to heaven without it but to help prepare my place in hopes to being close to these two people and all those who went before them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Island adventures

Forgot my big computer, all packed, at home. My dear followers know how much I hate blogging on ipad. But.... "a giils gotta do what a girls gotta do"😳 Grand isle is lovely, my favorite time here is early in the morning,here when I waken early just so I can see the sun rise, drink my first cup and watch the sun rise. All as been most pleasant, the time spent with each is meaningful. Rod got here from work around 12:30 pm and Anna and dana at 6. I love seeing HOBL here as its the one place he kicks his feet up on the recliner And I see rest. Yes, he still mops at least every day and as the song goes, "if it makes you happy.-" A,, Kelmiester says gypsy is out of her daily element as at home she never awaken early, doesn't drink coffee and rarely cooks. kudos go where kudos are due as my wee one can cook awesomely! The first night was shrimp rapped in bacon with onion slices...- Last night, shrimp spaghetti. We all, with exception of HOBL,explored crabbing. The old fashioned way with sticks (well, galvanized pipes in this case)chicken necks, string. The 6 crabs we got gave us hope for today. Watching my little family all together in the camp with my children's aunts,anna and dana made my heart glad.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we come!

Grand island, here we come!,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bradley on a new adventure

Four years ago this February, 
a dear friend and school nurse, Monica
said goodbye to the son she knew.
After a tragic car accident on his way to work
at Thibodaux Regional, Bradley suffered a severe head injury
and never awakened to be the son she and her family once knew.
She and her husband, Steve along with her extended family did
what many of us could not even begin to think of.
They took him home in his semi-comatose state and
began the family altering task of caring for him.
Many of us wondered how? 
No one would have thought any less of them had they decided
to admit him into a long term care facility to help with his care.
Not these parents, not this family.
They took him home, not only cared for his basic necessities
but exercised him, nurtured him, brought him in his wheelchair
to every event he was able to attend, went to church.
All in the hopes that something would spark, and their
personal "sleeping beauty" would awaken after months,
even years and ask, "What the heck happened?'
He was known to have the same muscular build he had had
since playing football for ED White even after 4 years of 
being wheelchair and bed bound.
His mother, Monica was known to have said on many occasions
that Bradley would be very upset with her if he awakened
after 4 years of sleep to find that his body had not been
maintained in the way he always maintained it before.
This week Bradley passed away to the curious place
we call Heaven and will be buried on Monday.
I sit here outside today and I wonder why?
Why after 4 years of the extended illness was it time to 
die? I wonder about his parents, his brothers,
how long their days will be now that Bradley will not
be there to tend to. I am so very sad for their loss
yet, I have this sense of peace for them, that even though
they cannot see or feel it now, that will once again be
a family that can take vacations, go see a movie,
sit to read a book, able to sleep a whole night... I also sit here thinking that this lesson,
these 4 years were never about Bradley or Monica or Steve.
Not about his two younger brothers or any of the rest of the family.
I want to believe that their strength, their care was to teach others 
what true love, true unconditional love is. 
That not only did they never take the easy way out but went 
above and beyond what most of us would think we are capable of.
They have taught me that even through all of that, you can still smile
even if you don't feel like it. You can still think and speak positive,
still hope. Their 4 year ordeal is over but it will never end.
I and many others will continue to always think of the Story of Bradley
Hymel and remember what an honor it was to know and watch this
family. As I said, they have taught so many lessons, it is their turn to rest.
To be just like others who have lost a child, never the same but finding
peace at the end of a long journey.
The Big Man, he needed a "Big boy" in the big heaven...
Bradley was called and he went, his parents do not question, their 
faith being that that many of us should try and have.
Rest in Peace, Bradley, move and laugh, fish and play ball...
To the family, may God be with you all during this time 
of sadness and loss.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

HOBL comes home, Grand isle vacation almost here!

HOBL missed his flight yesterday to come in
was soooo disappointed as I am ready for him to come home this time.
The home is more fun when he is here in it.
Hoping on Friday to come out of this walking cast 
because I broke my heel... Long story.. not today...
On Monday, we leave for our yearly Grand Isle trip.
WE all have been looking forward to it for so long.
It is the one time a year, aside from last year when we skipped
that the Riera clan takes the time to spend days together
in Grand Isle.
It is always a time for relaxation, reconnecting.
Gypsy baby is between jobs so she and Kelmiester
will hopefully be spending the whole week.
This year, we also get to add the Guilbeau in-laws
to our vacation. When a child marries,
that family also becomes family...
Can you tell how excited I am about this vacation.
Of all the places I have been,
Grand isle is still one of my very favorite places to be.
Was it not for the hurricane dilemma, expense of living there,
and Bean being 2 hours away from GI,
I would so want to have lived there....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So touching, Thanks, Stacy for sending this!

I often speak of the relationship I have with my now, 92 year old,
demented mother, I speak of how much I love her but how I feel like
I have lost the mother I once had.
This morning, I have this in my email box from my dear friend, Stacy.
I cannot thank Stacy enough for sending this as it puts into perspective
that if I think it is hard for me, imagine how hard it is for her.
These are the words I think she would like to say if she could.
How I would love to have a picture of myself and my mother 
just like this....
Word of Warning:
If you have an elderly parent kleenex will be needed as you will
shed tears when reading this.
Love your Mother and be ever so thankful that you still have her!

hanks Tired touchingl! ♥
Letter from a Mother to a Daughter: "My dear girl, the day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If when we talk, I repeat the same thing a thousand times, don’t ...interrupt to say: “You said the same thing a minute ago”... Just listen, please. Try to remember the times when you were little and I would read the same story night after night until you would fall asleep. When I don’t want to take a bath, don’t be mad and don’t embarrass me. Remember when I had to run after you making excuses and trying to get you to take a shower when you were just a girl? When you see how ignorant I am when it comes to new technology, give me the time to learn and don’t look at me that way... Remember, honey, I patiently taught you how to do many things like eating appropriately, getting dressed, combing your hair and dealing with life’s issues every day...
The day you see I’m getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what I’m going through. If I occasionaly lose track of what we’re talking about, give me the time to remember, and if I can’t, don’t be nervous, impatient or arrogant. Just know in your heart that the most important thing for me is to be with you. And when my old, tired legs don’t let me move as quickly as before, give me your hand the same way that I offered mine to you when you first walked. When those days come, don’t feel sad... Just be with me, and understand me while I get to the end of my life with love. I’ll cherish and thank you for the gift of time and joy we shared. With a big smile and the huge love I’ve always had for you, I just want to say, I love you... My darling daughter. "

Monday, June 4, 2012

A weekend to treasure

Beginning on Thursday for a long weekend,
Tedi and Tiffy came to Riera R and R.
From the minute they showed up to the minute
they left, we had a wonderful visit.
Above is Tedi and I scrapping.
So many things were discussed.
I always say Tiffy is such a good mother to Tedi
but Tedi makes it easy because for a 15 year old
teenager, she has her head on straight.
She and her nannie spent a lot of time just talking
and it had been too long.
The older she gets, the harder it is to find the time
to spend together because she is a socialite.
I am glad for any time she can give me.
I don't know if she is just faking it or really means it,
but she seems to really enjoy our time together,
whether it be scrapping or shopping at flea market stores,
she always seems happy to do it.
The weekend was about relaxation for Tiffy and I think
she got that here. 
 On Saturday, my besties, Ann and Laurie spent the day 
along with bestie babies and my sweet Abby, my niece
who is best friends with bestie baby, Jessica.
Bestie Laurie had just came from a vacation and bought
me this house warming gift, a vintage clock 
that I fell in love with right from the minute I saw it.
Bestie Ann also brought me my favorite circle E candle
Bird of Paradise. Nothing was needed so the gifts were appreciated.
Sweet Abby and baby, Jessica love nature and animals
so they were in their element when finding a nest that fell out the tree
that had two babies that could not fly yet.
It was entertainment for at least an hour.
After sweet Abby called her Pop for advice,
it was decided that they would fly soon and the best thing 
was to leave them there, as they did.

 These girls are growing up so fast!
Sweet Abby, on the right, rarely looks her age of 12.
I was so happy to find that this picture here finds both the girls
looking their age and not older.
This is a scrapbook page for sure.

 We did some front porch sitting at the new abode.
All loved the new house, my favorite
part was that there are so many areas to relax and
it will be even better once we have all our outdoor furniture and
our outdoor wharf on the water.
Having no wharf did not stop any of us from enjoying the
waterway. On Friday night, Tiffy and I took the pups out there
and began to read, watching the sun go down.
When we looked at the time it was 8:30 pm!
So relaxing and to spend it with my first niece, the one 
that made me an Auntie Lil was fantastic!

 I call Lindsey, below, a bestie baby but she really has become
a great friend to me. Here, we were cutting up.
when she saw the picture, she said,
"Delete that picture, you told me silly face and you didn't do it"
My response to her was,
"Girl, my boob, looks like it's attacking you, isn't that
funny enough???"
 I love this picture of the besties.
I will scrap it with a picture of the three of us when 
we were teenagers.
I think we are aging well considering we are soon to 
be 50...50.....
Our friendships have waxed and waned over the 
years but because it has withstood many things,
I am so proud of all we do to maintain this love 
we have for each other.
 Below is me making fun of Tedi-girl....
she loves taking pictures of herself in different scenarios.
She denies it so I showed her how she looks some times
when she takes the camera out.
Of course, she is much cuter than I am in her photo shoots.
 Below is our Thursday night supper.
Baby boy came over with KD and Bean to cook 
supper for his mom and cousins, Tiffy and Tedi.
Unfortunately, because Tiffy took the pictures
she isn't in any of them.
Gypsy baby and Kelmiester also spent time with us this weekend.
Loved all the company.
I was sad when each couple of people left but more
so when the last group left yesterday, Tiffy and Tedi-girl,
I was sad. I was already having a tough day as since
I broke my heel (another story) and had to wear this 
day walking cast, my back is acting up.
They packed up and drove off and I wanted to cry but
held it together, Until I went into the kitchen and saw 
on a chalk board I have a message from my dear Tedi...
"Tedi loves you always"
then I shed some tears.
It reminded me of being a little girl, raised in the big home
of Dursette Lane.
TIffy, Tie, and Beck would come with their mom and Dad for 
the weekends and I would always get so excited for the 
weekends that they would come.
As usual, the weekends would pass so fast and on Sunday afternoon,
they would pack up and head back to Houma, where they lived at 
the time and I always would be so sad,
would retreat to my room and lay low for the rest of the day,
read or watch TV, wishing it was just Friday and not Sunday.
It is exactly what I did yesterday.
Layed low, read and watched TV for the rest of the day.
Cannot wait for the next visitors...