Saturday, September 29, 2012

St. Joseph manor visit

I know I probably blog too much about visiting my Mommy 
at the manor. Shoot, I probably blog too much about bringing
Bean there to visit. Yet, something magical happens when 
i visit there with her.
As I said before, It is important to me that Bean have memories
of my Mommy so I try and bring her often.
There is something about the Bean though that makes her visits
even more special, magical.
Bean is a friendly child, loves people and loves talking.
I always make it a point to go into the dining room with her at coffee time.
There, the elderly come to congregate  and when they see a child,
they light up. When the encounter a child like Bean
it makes their day, puts smiles and giggles in their afternoon.
Such is this day. 
I let her take her little baby with its bed and comb to each table
and explain in her "Jilly Language" about her baby.
They loved it and so does she.
If you have young ones, take them to visit our elderly,
it will make your heart happy just to see these two generations
mix. I am so glad I get to witness the transformation each time.
 Going to share some pictures of the day.
I have the cutest little video of Mommy singing to bean
and bean just mesmerized by it but it just won't load
and I am sad because I so wanted to share the sweet moment with you all.
Above picture is bean waking up from her nap at mommee's.
she loved her nap there, rocked with mommee until she fell
asleep then made it to Mommee's bed.

After the nap we sat outside the beautiful grounds of
St. Joseph manor and waiting Rebecca who came for coffee with us.
Somewhere in this little girls heart and head will be memories
of such a beautiful place spent with such a beautiful woman.
She won't know the old mommee, the one we remember prior to dementia,
but her memories will be just as sweet when thinking of her
great grandmother who played babies with her.
Happy weekend to all.....

staying in today, nasty weather. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Late Effects

Our new friend will become Anna's Endocrinologist. This is due to the amount of chemo and radiation her little body has endured. Unfortunately, her life without medicine will be short lived. Once the late term side effects kick in, she will be on medicines for the rest of her life. On the bright side, clinic appts. and testing are now down to 1 time per 

That above few sentences is thankfully, from the blog
of sweet Anna, the little girl I have spoken about a few times
last year who was battling cancer.
She, today is celebrating her first year anniversary of
having received her stem cell transplant and another month of NED
better known in the cancer world as 
Why, you may be asking, have I picked these few sentences to 
share with my bloggers?
It is with great excitement that the children who have cancer in today's
world are seen and treated for the term, Late term side effects.
Back in my day there was dead or alive, treatment was given 
with no regards as to whether or not you would survive.
It focused on the survival part and for that I am grateful.
However, there is that other part of me who feels alone sometimes
in the world. There are no doctors out there who can explain to me
what radiation and chemotherapy has done to my body and yet
each tell me I am fortunate because one, I am alive,
and two my symptoms that I suffer still allow me a normal life.
They are hidden from the world.
For those things I am grateful. 
Even on the WWW it is hard to find many who are still here
today who had radiation back in the day before it was monitored.
I feel guilty many days because I have pain that cannot be explained 
to anyone and feel like I should just suck it up.
I feel guilty on the days that I just can't get anything accomplished
and just want to lay down and read all day.
It makes me feel lazy and that is something that I never have been.
The older I get, the more I feel the effects of the radiation I have had.
So happy for dear sweet Anna and her future and all the children
who are in her category of 
Childhood cancer survivors. So happy that when they get to be
my age, as I pray they will, all will be understood as to the price
we cancer survivors pay for life.
And yet, it is all worth it. I am thankful that I am doing so well.
I am thankful that I was able to give 30 years to a career that
really was a passion. I am thankful for the two children who were not
supposed to be. I am extremely happy about the Bean.
I pray daily for acceptance of myself for it is I who is the hardest on myself.
Happy Thursday! 
Bean and I heading to Thibby to see the Mommy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ahhhhh... post anesthesia sleeping

Yep, yesterday was  my every three year colonoscopy
so spent the day in bed sleeping off the after effects of anesthesia.
oh, not gunna lie, that anesthesia sleep-off is the best.
For a whole day, all you are expected to do is sleep.
I did that like the best of them.
Today, today, back to the real world and it's going to be
a good day in the real world as Bean coming to spend
the afternoon with me. 
Our house is being painted today so not much can be done outside.
Think me and the Bean will make a quick trip to Baton Rouge,
look at the craft stores.....
Love taking her places as she loves to shop.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shades of Grey finale"

I did it! I completed all three books of
It was hard...... to finish I mean.
After the first one, aside from all the sex stuff,
I really was intrigued with the story.
By the middle of the second book and for sure
through the last one I had to force myself to complete it.
If you reading the books and don't want to know the end, 
stop reading the blog right now
 It is lots of words to have what every
family has.
They come into the relationship with each a history.
They meet and fall in love, have much sex, some kinky,
some regular love making.
They work on their relationship until each is comfortable
with the others past lives.
They get married, the have an unexpected baby,
He finally gets used to the idea and is happy,
they have a second child and they become the normal
family life. Isn't that what we all do aside from
the S and M sex that the book starts with?
I like to think I am a deeper reader than what this 
book has in it.
The first few sex explanations draws you in but by the third book
I just skim over those parts for the plot of the book.
Once you read the first few encounters, they all seem the same.
There are some good plots during the story line but
I had trouble finishing it. I can't say I am disappointed that I did.
Because I am an avid reader, I like to think
that I read all kinds of things
yet this is one trilogy that I will not repeat.
I like to say that I love reading, doesn't matter what it is.
I just don't think the author is a great writer, she is not the worst either.
Mediocre at best.
To say I will not see the movie is a lie.
To tell the truth, I think I will look forward to the movie
because I think it will make for a better movie than a book
and I want to see what a producer will do with such a book.
If you like a book filled with sex, this is your trilogy.
If you like a love story, probably not the ones to choose.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A day of a rare happening, the ones that make me the happiest

There are many things that are not explained when becoming a parent.
How often have you heard,
"Wish they would come with instruction books"
When in the heat of it, you think, it'll never end.
You think this during the good times, you think this through the bad times.
You do your best as a parent to make sure you teach them
what family means and being a sibling means.
Then it happens, they grow up and begin to live their own lives.
They still love each other and would do anything for the other
but their time together, their time with you becomes slimmer and slimmer.
It happened to me with my siblings, it happened to my
two babies, and believe me, it will happen to your babies.
So, when those days come that they are together again
under the same roof for no matter how long it is, 
you treasure it. You savor it. You watch them.
You watch them with the next generation as the proud daddy
explains to the Nannie all his little girl is, all she does.
You watch them catch up on the months that have passed 
since they were together.
Most importantly you realize, that just like you,
no matter how much time it is since you see your sibling,
they bond of growing up together is there and there 
are no words needed to explain the bond that will always be there.
None of us feel like we get enough time with 
gypsy baby, it's because she works a lot but also because
she is busy living her own life.
She is the baby, our baby and we want her to see us more
but we also understand that she is a grown woman now,
with a life outside of us. 
Yesterday was one of those rare days.
Yesterday I had my two babies together for the majority of the day.
We also had the added pleasure of KD getting away from 
work to have lunch with us.
We all played with Bean as she showed off for us and
especially her Nannie all those things she now can do.
When Baby boy was my only one and I wasn't sure
if I could have another, I prayed for a sibling for him.
I wanted him to have something in the way of family 
in case something happened to HOBL and I.
We were blessed with gypsy baby and she is so different
from all of us and it is those differences that makes us love her so much.
When in our presence, she becomes all of our baby again.
I know, after watching them, that even if they don't spend
the amount of time together that they once did,
they will always have each others back.
I know they irritate each other sometimes but that sibling bond,
has been instilled in them and when life gets bad for them,
they will call each other, they will always do for each other.
They will always enjoy their time together even if it isn't as often
as it once was.
After BB left with Bean to take his own nap with his own
baby and her Mommy,
me and gypsy baby headed to my bed for a nap together.
When we are together, she reverts back to my baby,
allows me to hug her, love her, pet her hair,
nap with her. I need this, so does she.
After we have been sleeping for an hour or so,
her daddy comes in to do his own loving on his baby girl.
She pushes him away, of course, but all the same,
she loves it, because even in HOBL's eyes, she is our baby.
I think she comes home sometimes just for this because
don't we all, sometime just need to be loved by your momma and daddy?
So you out there, with your little ones under toe,
with those sibling fights going on in your home, those that
you wish would just go away as you try and get them to 
understand that one day they will need each other,
enjoy it, bask in it.
Soon they will be gone and living their separate lives.
They will call you to complain about the other
and you will listen and try not to add any sentences to
their paragraph because you will know, that no doubt
about it, that when the time comes, they will
be there for each other, because you have taught them well.
Yesterday was a rare event in the the Riera home.
One that I will remember forever, not for the big stuff that didn't happen
but for the little things, the jokes, the sharing
that I were lucky to be a part of.
Love your babies.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Love my Apple's

I love all my Apple devices.
I would have more if my pocketbook allowed it.
I have the iPhone and the Macbook Pro,
I have the iPad.... oh, and of course, iCloud
to link all these babies together.
Behind all my favorite gadgets
is this man, Steve Jobs.
I received this 
little cartoon in an email filled with nice sentimental
cartoons of the "Jobs" himself.
This man is missed by many.
Even those who did not know him personally, knew him.
If you ask almost anyone is Steve Jobs, they will know.
They may not know who was the first president or 
who is our vice president, they may not know the answer,
but Steve Jobs...... we know him.
I have his book on my reading list.
I want to know who this man was, not only what he did for the Apple
but who he was to his family and friends.
When the announcement came about the new iPhone,
it made me sad.
It's the first time a device came out that I don't remember
Jobs being the one who made the announcements.
RIP Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11...

It is 11 years since the September 11 Catastrophe.
It happened on a Tuesday.
I remember, it was a beautiful morning,
one like today. A cool sunny morning.
Like the  shooting of Kennedy, it is said,
we all will never forget what we were doing,
where we were when the second plane went
through the towers and the world realized this was not an accident
but an attack.
The youngest child was 2,
Christine Hanson. She would be 13 now.
The oldest was 11 and there were 5 children who lost their
lives between these two.
Yes, 8 children in all.
Eight children who were supposed to be in the world today
just because of their age.
Baby boy was 16 and baby girl was 12, just one year older
than the oldest child to die in the towers.
They are now both adults, living their lives as those 8 children should be.
Life goes on after such a tragedy and yet, being an American,
on this day, all of us are thinking of this day.
A day history was made for a negative reason.
President Bush has been put down much for the things
he did as President in 2001. I believe he handled the first few
days after this date well. I felt I could see the stress on his face
each time he was speaking of it, visiting the site, the families.
A war still exists today because of this disaster.
Because of this we have lost many other soldiers all in the name
of 9/11.
Today give  the respect this day calls all of us to give.
Say a prayer for all those who were lost and continue to fight
in the name of freedom.
Every year I remember the day with one of the patients who 
came into Dr. Hutchinsons office that day, I think I tell this story here
each year when the date comes up.
He was an older gentleman battling cancer, was in WW II
and even though we were told not to make a much talk to our 
patients about the tragedy, I was highly upset the morning I checked him in.
He too, was teary eyed. I bring up the episode and he looks at 
me in the eyes, with his heart showing through his own eyes and makes 
one statement,
"We fought in WWII so that you kids would never have to see this."
I will never forget this day nor this man.
Make this a day of honor.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

overheard at CVS

The beautiful weather this morning had everyone probably
wanting to be outside.
For some little kiddies, it may have even been cold.
Such was the case of a little girl at CVS .
She was walking along her daddy, who seemed frantically looking for
The child of about 4 said to her daddy,
"Daddy, you are so warm, you the warmest person I know"
"Thank you , baby, that's nice."
"Daddy, I am really cold and I know if you hold me
your warm body is going to make me feel better."
"I can't hold you right now, sweetie."
Then I think he probably looked in his little girls face,
saw her little arms all folded up, and he changed his mind.
I was in front of them in the aisle when he couldn't resist
picking her up. He didn't hold her long as by the
time I turned the aisle, they were coming up the same one.
He put her down and I overheard her say,
"Thanks Daddy, I am not cold anymore because of your warm body."
Not sure why sometimes small things like this choke me up.
I thought of Baby Boy and his own little girl.
I hope she looks at him in the same way, 
thinking there is nothing he can't fix.
I hope for him, she speaks these type of words to him
but mostly I hope that when a moment like this happens,
he doesn't just blow it off, but remembers how 
special that small moment is.
That he takes her in his arms and she feels the protection
of a daddy who loves her more than life itself.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just a little humor this morning.

ndergarten Perp
7 of 20

On this beautiful Saturday morning, with a nice cool front expected to come 
into our area tonight making us feel like fall will come...
I little humor to give you a LOL this am.
Today Tiffy and Tedi-girl are here for a visit as South Lafourche
came to play Plaquemine High last night.
Tedi-girl, Likes her football games, mainly because
her boyfriend plays for South Lafourche.
We are heading to Baton Rouge for some shopping this day,
gunna meet gypsy baby and kelmeister for a little lunch.
It's gunna be a good day!

Friday, September 7, 2012

there is always a story, and I will find it.

Kd, being the best DIL ever fills me in on an estate sale today 
and tomorrow in Plaquemine,
I drive around and find it.
It's in the cutest little old house ever and as usual,
an estate sale usually means a death of someone who belonged
to the ones hosting the sale.
I find out from one of the daughters that the house and its
contents belonged to her 95 year old mother named Vera.
She did fine, lived on her own and still drove until 3 months age
when her colon ruptured and it was not found until it was too late
causing her to die from peritonitis.
I say to her it's hard to be sad with having had her live to 95
but I also understand hard letting her go as my own Mommy is 92.
Most of the things left for sale are normal household items.
I know however that I am compelled to buy something.
One, because I just want to own something that belonged to Vera
and two, because I like old stuff.
I buy a few containers to use in my scrap room and....
I buy this cool, although tacky ice bucket that I know no 
one else owns. It is plexiglass with silver tongs
the top has 4 Plexiglass ice cubes.
SO tacky and I love, adore it!!!
I have needed an ice bucket forever and I had to have it.
As I check out, I get to meet Vera's older but very handsome son.
I can tell this is hard for him, sitting in the home he grew up in
watching his Mothers things go for dollars.
I make small talk with him explaining I am going to
use some of these things in my scrap room and will
think of his Mother each time I use them.
He becomes a little choked up and says how hard this is.
"It's like invading her private life, one that she is unable to live."
I get what he is saying and share with him that I understand
exactly how he feels because my Mommy is 92 and we are so blessed
to still have them and remain selfish in loosing them because 
we are always just their little girls and boys always.
He shakes his head yes,
says it's exactly how it feels.
So as I wash my beautiful ice bucket and the containers 
I will use in my scraprooom I complete the promise I made
to Vera's son,
each time I look or use them,
I will think of his Mother.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

another WHAT?????

So, While we are going on with our days,
trying to find the best in all our days,
I stumble across this news article in the STIR

So imagine your 11-year-old daughter has stomach pains. You and your boyfriend decide to take her to the hospital. After some tests, the cause of the stomach pain is revealed: Your 11-year-old daughter doesn't have the flu nor food poisoning. Nope. She's pregnant. So, just as you're trying to adjust to this astounding news, your 42-year-old boyfriend asks for the keys to the car so he can run an errand. And he never returns. This story gets much, much, much worse before it's over.
When it turns out your 11-year-old daughter is pregnant and your middle-aged boyfriend suddenly disappears, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. But then the boyfriend saves you the trouble by calling you and apologizing for knocking up your 11-year-old kid.
And it gets worse. The man, Gregory Johns, then robs a couple at knife-point. There, he reportedly leaves a note also apologizing to the 11-year-old girl for sexually assaulting her.
And it gets worse. Then the guy breaks into the home of an elderly woman, and allegedly gags her and ties her up for 12 hours. He also calls his girlfriend and tells her that the cops will have to kill him before he goes back to jail. Oh yes, did I mention? He'd been in jail 10 times already -- on charges ranging from aggravated assault to armed robbery.
Eventually, the dude holes up in a hotel in Florida, where the cops find him. He reportedly comes out of the bathroom with a knife in hand, threatens the police, and they fatally shoot him.
While we're all pondering why this mother let her 11-year-old girl around her criminal boyfriend (because this is no doubt what everyone will focus on), let's consider some other facts: We now reportedly have an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her mother's dead middle-aged boyfriendWho is going to say this is a blessing? 
I hope the mother does what is right for this little girl for a change and that does not include forcing her to have her dead criminal boyfriend's baby
I am a fond believer in ProLife.
I have said in the past, that even if the mother's life is in danger
the baby has a right to life.
Then I read a story such as this and I wonder....
am I really PROLIFE?
How can an 11 year old deal with the trauma of first, being raped
then, being a momma.
Even if the baby is given up for adoption, this 11 year old's life is not good.
Shoot, this would be like Cami or My Nee' having a baby
and just the thought of that makes me want to loose my breakfast.
I like my rose colored glasses, where I can pretend that things like this do not happen.
Some of the kids in our family are going through a rough time in their life
but even what they are going through is peanuts compared to this horror story.
Again, there are those who will blame the mother...
I don't know, maybe some blame needs to be put there but hey,
she is going through enough here I am sure.
The facts are that whether we pretend things like this do not happen,
we all know they do. Ignoring that it does is not going to go away.
Seems like the more I pray, the more I find to pray for.
this story is just tragic...
nothing else to call it but tragic and then there is the one thing
that cannot be overlooked.
there is the womb of this 11 year old child is a little life
struggling to be born. 
Hoping that it has a chance at life because it is innocent
and did nothing right or wrong.
Just exists, separating cells, having a hearbeat...
Oh, there are no easy answers here.
As a Mother, I guess I would be looked upon as the Mother who
is crazy to allow her 11 year old child to have a baby.
Yet, after explaining all to my child,
I would probably still try and get her to have the child.
Call me crazy but i guess I am really ProLife.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Judge orders sex change for Mass. murder convict

BOSTON (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday ordered state prison officials to provide a taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder.
U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled in the case of Michelle Kosilek, who was born as a man but has received hormone treatments and lives as a woman in an all-male prison. Robert Kosilek was convicted of murder in the killing of his wife in 1990.
Wolf is believed to be the first federal judge to order prison officials to provide the surgery for a transgender inmate.
Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 12 years ago. Two years later, Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery is a medical necessity.


update of Gabby not good...

I posted a few days ago about the precious little teen who 
was taken from her home while her mother was working.
Last night on my way to Wally world her case was the conversation
on Nancy Grace on the Xm talk radio channel I love.
The news is not good.
The home was not broken into which means poor Gabby knew the 
bad guy. There has been fresh blood found on a fan she 
left on in her room. There has been DNA evidence
in the apartment of a man who was helping her mother
do handiwork around their home.
A part of that DNA was duct tape...
All signs lead to the death of this child but until her
body is found, her mother holds on to the hope that she is alive.
The ride from Wally World to my home is short.
I could not hear all I wanted and yet, I felt like I had heard enough.
It seems like Gabby's mother may have dated this man in the past also.
He probably was watching, stalking the home, or maybe because
the two adults were friends, she mentioned to him that she had to go
to work and he was just waiting for her to leave.
Again, I say "shame" to those who want to blame this mother.
Single Mothers have it so rough, they are expected to 
never have a life outside of their children. If they date and this 
man happens to be someone who would harm their children
there are those who feel that makes her guilty.
The life of a single mother is lonely. 
They struggle with not having a loving partner to share their lives with.
If they do find someone they have to worry about this one
coming into the life of their child and doing things to hurt them.
I always said I would never have another man discipline my children.
Had HOBL and I struggled and separated or heaven forbid, he
would have passed I probably would have stayed alone
until the kiddies were grown. 
The life of a single parent is a lonely one.
Yes, the children are enough in most cases, but there are those times,
I am sure it would be nice to share their life with someone else.
It is what poor Gabby's mother was probably thinking when she let
this man in the circle of her life. She will regret this decision forever.
There are those who want to find her guilty, no one can hurt her more
than she is probably hurting herself right now.
Nancy Grace reports that this distraught mother has not 
been able to eat nor sleep since her little girl has gone missing.
I can't even imagine what this is doing to her.
I wish so much that they would find Gabby alive but the signs don't point that way.
When thinking about this tragic story, follow it to its end,
pray for them but also for all single parents, be it male or female,
it is not an easy life for any of them.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to my little niece...

Happy Birthday to my first born little niece, Tiffy.
Yes, she is my little niece even though we are only two years apart.
She was one of my first best friends, along with C.
We have had so many adventures together, our childhood is so intertwined.
We were raised more like sisters than aunt and niece, as her Mom,
my sister, Veronica always had me with her.
One of our favorite memories are standing on top of 
daddy's old chest freezer with brooms singing,
"I'm leaving on a jet plane."
When we heard it on the radio days later we both
freaked as we really thought we had not only made that song up
but thought it had been stolen from us.
As we grew, we went out together, cried about lots together
and laughed a lot.
She now, is a single parent to one of the most awesome teenagers, Tedi-girl.
I often brag about what a great mother she is.
She also has recently tackled going back to school to get her RN degree
as she is right now an LPN.
All who have had the privilege of being nursed or having a family member
nursed by Tiffy, know they have had the best.
Yes, my BEDA, as my kids have always called her can
drive you crazy.... make you laugh,
but she, has lots that others look up to.
Happy Birthday to one of my first friends ever.
You have lots to be proud of on this birthday.
I love you, forever and ever.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Complaining 101

Yes, the storm is over and many are still without electricity.
It is easy for me to sit here in my home with A/C to 
say people who complain to the power company are really ridiculous.
But I  know even if I didn't have power or a generator,
I would probably be complaining about the heat and my miserable
uncomfortableness to my HOBL but I would not be blaming
the poor workers who have been working crazy hours, nonstop
in the heat to get the power back on for the people of the bayou towns.
I guess I am fired up about this because of posts on FB explaining
how so many are actually complaining to the workers themselves
who are in the neighborhoods to get the power on.
Lets not forget that most of these individuals are probably hotter than us
working in the brutal heat of Louisiana, leaving their own 
families in the heat of their homes who also may not have power.
Some have suggested, instead of complaining to them if they are 
in your area, bring them water, bring them a snack,
tell them they understand the hours they have worked away from
their families. My Daddy used to say to me when I complained,
"If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."
Wise words as we await the comfort of electricity to all people in our areas.