Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First full vacation day

Blogging from my iPad so the format may be a little different.
I am in heaven!! As a cabin in the mountains with HOBL and the pups is pretty darn good.
The weather was nasty today and HOBL had decided he was staying in the cabin today
To rest from the loooonnnnggggg drive which left me to do what I love to do, spend time
With myself, to stop at every little hole in the wall store, to watch the people, to get my bearings
On this new adventurous place. I stopped at a few antique stores today and booked
Us a dinner theater for tomorrow night. So excited about that as I have been once before and loved it.
I am also excited about tomorrow to go,to the titanic adventure place. I have always been curious
And interested in the whole titanic story somthismis right up my alley. HOBL cooked us steaks on the pit for lunch and
I was on my way. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful but whether it is or not, not
Going to stop me from making the most out of this week in Tennessee.

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's almost Christmas

Time to grocery shop.
Buy the things to make the gumbo.
I smartly ordered the rest of the meal all cooked
at Rousse's this year.
All I have to do it heat it all up.
Making smart decisions in my older days.
Don't want to spend my time with the kiddies
slaving over a stove.
Going to make the gumbo and potato salad today.
In the morning just have to heat it all up.
Mom is all ready for Christmas, had her
hair and nails done yesterday and finally found a
beautician who cut her hair the way she likes it besides
taunt Mone who hasn't been able to get to mom to cut it.
Will pick her up tomorrow to come spend our Christmas with us
and have her packed for C to pick her up in the afternoon
to spend Christmas down the bayou.
She is so excited to go to her old
Our Lady of Prompt Succor church to see all her old friends.
I am excited for the holiday but cannot lie,
also going to be glad when it is done for one more year.
Cannot wait to see the bean open her presents as she
seems to love that part of Christmas these days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas week

I know, I know, I haven't been blogging much.
One of my new years resolutions will be not
only to blog almost daily but to have them full
of content, thoughts, meaningful things.
For this week, lots to do as we prepare to have our
little family Christmas on Saturday for lunch.
I cannot wait, this year I know my babies and Kd will
love their xmas gifts. As for the Bean, well
she is probably going to be overloaded here as well
as every other Christmas visit she attends.
Can't help but spoil that little baby on her
very first Christmas.
Today my pal, Megan is coming and play all day.
Have to get a corn soup on the fire for us for lunch
as I don't want to cook while we are playing.
Scrapbook room all day,
spent most of the day yesterday organizing so we
can find the things we need today.
I miss my Meg, can't wait to spend the day with her.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Guilbeau Christmas

Kd's parents were gracious enough to invite us
to their Guilbeau Christmas gathering yesterday.
They have always been so kind as to make us
a part of their family since BB and Kd married.
The food was delicious, the company was grand.
Watching the little ones open and enjoy their gifts
however, was the best part ever.
I know the bean is ours and so everything she does
is so fantastic to us.
Yet I do believe this child is much advanced for her age.
She is walking and has 5 or 6 teeth.
She understands the concept of unwrapping gifts.
She was the very best little girl yesterday as
was all her little cousins.
Having a conversation with one of Kd's little
7 year old cousins is what really reminded me
of the spirit of Santa in a little child's life.
I asked him what he wanted from Santa.
His answer,
"I want him to bring me magic so I can fly."
He did get a Harry Potter wand, so he may just
get the magic for Christmas.
Thanks to the Guilbeau's for a wonderful day.
(I apologize for my cackling laughter)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holidays are really beginning..

HOBL is coming home today for 7 weeks!
These two little critters will be sooooo happy!
Now I will feel like the holiday is really beginning.
It is much deserved on his part as he has
worked way too much this year.
The house is quiet and I find myself looking
forward to the daily company.
Like I have said before, it's not
like we do much, we are both content to stay
home and do nothing but just knowing
each other is there is a good thing.
Wrapped all my Christmas presents yesterday.
Ordered Christmas Eve lunch for our little family
yesterday, opted out of cooking it myself,
going to let Rousse's do it instead.
Leaving Christmas day for Tennessee.
Pain is under control so life is really good right now.
Enjoy holiday season friends!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manor Christmas party...

Every year Momma has a Christmas party at the manor.
This year, the siblings decided to all come because
it was so close to her birthday.
Rosie couldn't make it, dumb work;^)
The rest of the siblings were there plus a few extra.
Our family friend, Camille France was invited by
taunt Mone and he showed up to visit.
C came in a little late but made it!
She decorated momma's door for Christmas, her specialty.
Baby girl showed up...
she hates the pictures I take but this is always what
I get when taking her picture.
She said the solution is to pick up the camera,
yet that won't happen and she is constantly looking
at the pics on my camera, so I know she doesn't mean it.
The biggest surprise was that brother showed up and
brought along Cheryl, Em, Zachary and Abigail.
Abigail still lives in Em's belly but she was there.
Then there was me and my good ol' mommy...
This picture here is my very favorite by far....
Z loves his own Mommy!
It was a fun time and yesterday my Momma turned
91, how blessed we are to still have her.
Dementia, for her has been a blessing.
I leave you with this last picture of Z.
eating his fruits, such a cutie-patootie!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hope is with me again!

I made it to to Dr. Cowen's office on Thursday.
He is a chronic pain doctor who I have seen in the past.
He and Dr. Pitre consult often in regards
to how to treat my pain.
It makes me feel more comfortable to know
that two doctors are managing my pain
as I am always so fearful of addiction
to these medications.
It never seems to sink in when a doctor tells
me that people who worry about addiction are
not those who have addiction problems.
So after much thought, fears and painful days and nights
I am willing to finally, once again listen to the experts
and get back on the Duragesic patches that I have been so
afraid of in the past. Dr. Cowen reminds
me that he and Dr. Pitre will always be honest with me
and let me know if I am not handling this pain management
properly. He reminded me that I have a legitimate problem
and will need help with pain for the rest of my life.
He told me the one thing that I guess I needed to hear
once again, that made me want to cry right there in his office.
He looked me right in the eye and said,
"Lilly, you need to stop feeling quilty about needing these medications"
So, on that very afternoon I put on a patch and within 8 hours
my pain went from an 8 on the pain scale to a 4.
By the next morning my pain was a 2 and believe me, I can
live with a 2!
This morning I would say the pain is a 3 and the initial side effects
of the patch, dizziness, nausea, and feeling drunk seem to
be gone and I can tell you, I feel like getting out today.
I have not had this hopeful feeling for some time.
I can't drive again until tomorrow so one of
my besties, Laurie and the girls will pick me
up this afternoon to go to the movies.
I have a desire to get in my scraproom and play
and I have not felt like that in a long time
I am looking forward to HOBL and I's
vacation that will begin on Christmas day
as we are heading to Tennessee for a week,
a cabin in the mountains.
Life is hopeful again.
Thanks to all who have checked in with me
or have been praying for me to have better days.
Love to all,
and big, wet, aunt Jeannie kisses!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

I used to love the cold weather
and I hope after tomorrow's doctor appointment,
I can love it once again.
After two days in bed/ in the house
I am ready for some relief here.
Trying to stay positive
but pain sucks, big time.
There are still pros in everything if you look
for them.
For instance, yesterday I watched
right there on my Ipad, in my bed.
Oh how I love my Ipad.
I made cookies yesterday for Mom's manor party tomorrow
afternoon which I will get out of the house for.
I am hoping that on Friday I can attend
Lucy's choir singing in New Orleans at the fancy
Roosevelt hotel.
Her mom and dad invited me and even offered to go out
their way to pick me up to go...
now that is much to be thankful for right there.
I just know that tomorrow will change my outlook on winter.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morris junior, off on a new adventure

Mom got a call yesterday that her nephew,
Morris Jr. Had passed away.
He is mom's nephew but like me,
Her nephew was close to her age, they were
10 years apart so they were raised like siblings.
I can tell Mom's dementia is worsening
As she had very little emotion with the news
And by the evening she didn't even mention it.
I have many good childhood memories of Morris Jr.
Especially when he retired from the military and
Moved his family to Galliano.
Although the family never really loved the bayou
Morris Jr. Was never happier than when
He was on his bayou.
Other memories of him is of a cousin who was more
Like an uncle to us.
He was a happy and funny man.
Never did I ever see this man unhappy or angry.
I remember thinking as a little girl that I hoped
One day to have a husband who was happy and fun like him.
He and dad fished lots and when he visited there was always
Some kind of party that came with his visit.
I have, in the last few years reconnected
With his daughter, Cheri thanks to Facebook.
She and I were only a year apart and for a few years
She and I rode to high school together with her
Dad. I know in the last few years he had been really sick
But his death still has shook his Cheri's world
As you are never ready to say goodbye to your parents.
I know this, though
My daddy and brother were quite excited to see him!


Monday, December 5, 2011

A weekend of pictures

Happy Birthday to Carter!
Carter is Kd's godchild, The bean's cousin.
I cannot believe he is already a year old.
To see his mother with him, well it's a heart
melting experience.
I have learned a lot about the bean when watching her with
other children.
She is a leader.
She will take control of a situation and make sure it
goes her way.
She prefers older children to play with
and is very serious about her play.

Here she is trying to tell her friend, Carson who is the boss.

Bean is pretty much walking on her own when she chooses to.
It is a funny thing this walking, if she thinks about it too much
she falls but if she just takes off with a goal in mind, she
does perfectly.
We also made a little play date in Addis with cousin, Lillian.
Again, she was so serious about her play.
Loved playing with the "big girl" toys that Lillian owns.
Here she is with Minnie, but didn't like the fact that she
was keeping her from the job of play.
Bean loved the real metal dishes that were her size.
Lillian loved the company, we went early so she was a little
"hot mess" when we got there.
I know I will be spending more time with this little one
now that I am not working and will be spending more
time in Plaq.
It's interesting to see Bean in other situations besides
just in her home with her own stuff.
She is so easy to take somewhere.
She rarely fusses unless she wants something she can't have.
Yesterday when leaving, I wanted to cry.
Each time I spend time with her, it is harder to leave.
I love that she not only knows me but loves coming with me.
When it was time for bed, she wanted her Mommy's love,
went with her mom for some cuddling then put her
hands out for me so I could rock her to sleep.
I have said this so many times but
one of my very favorite things is going into her
cool, dark, room and rocking her to sleep.
She is by far, the best little granddaughter.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

JIllaxing weekend!

Heading to the little beauty for a weekend of play.
It will be my first time with her since she is walking.
Yes, she is only 8 months old and already walking!
This put a new perspective on Jillaxing day
as I am sure it will be less relaxing and more chasing
her around now.
I am up for the challenge.
The greatest thing about not working anymore is
the time I will get to spend with the Bean.
After Christmas, going to start my weekly scheduled day
with her and I cannot wait!
Make this a special weekend, friends!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Where have I been you asked?

Seems as though I must have a secret following out there
as in the last few weeks that I have not blogged,
many have checked to see what is up with me.
Well, I am still here.
Just lots of decisions made in the last few weeks.
Just didn't have much to share with my population here.
Now word is out, so I can share...
I have decided not to return back to work,
for real this time.
Not to go on much and to bore you guys,
I will just say that having to juggle work, life, and pain.
Well, life won as it should.
Pain will never win, it may be there and part of my life
but it will not win.
So now, I am trying to change my mindset.
While growing up, while a working girl,
when you called in sick, when you stayed home,
you stayed in your pj's and rested.
I have to figure out that this is permanent
and I can do all I care to at my own speed now.
This is what I have been trying to adjust to.
If I go out in the day, and I am having a good day,
I feel guilty thinking I could have made work today.
I am getting better but it is an adjustment.
I am sitting better with my decision.
Love to all!!!