Saturday, May 30, 2015


Seems like it has been forever since I blogged.
It actually has been for me....
Seeing some light at end of the tunnel of the move
to the cottage. Leaving tomorrow for cruise,
been going to pinnings, graduations,
going to miss a most important wedding today
my Meg, getting married and just can't make it.
Love her and Trey dearly, going to be there in
her heart. Once I am back from the cruise,
will begin to get back into blogging daily.
Thanks for my followers patience as I have
not added anything here in a little while.
Again, stay tuned for after the cruise,
house on Island is being house sat until
it sells, if you want a home on the Island of Plaquemine,
I am ready to negotiate....
Will be back in a week!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Mothers Day has come and gone,
Baby boy was working, so was gypsy.
I decided to go and see my gypsy even though
was at work as I never get enough time with her.
I didn't get to see the grand babies that day because
landed up getting back late from Thibodaux
but got to speak to Bean and got a 
Happy Mothers Day call from the KD and babies
as well as a text from BB which of course,
touched me. I sometimes worry needlessly about
my gypsy baby, so independent thinking sometimes
she works too much, I never feel like I have enough time
with her. Which brings me to this blog,
this morning, I sit here in my living room,
knowing only a few more days until I move
into the cottage and hear a Kenny Chesney song,

Looks like a royal in a thrift store dress
Keeps my heart and her hair a mess
She goes where the wind suggests she goes, who knows
Got a spirit that can't be tamed
She's a calico pony on an open plain
I know I'll never be the same no more, for sure

She's a wild child
Got a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy wild style
She can't be tied down but for a while
I'll be falling free and so alive
Might break my heart but God she drives me wild child

Never heard of her favorite band unless you
Been to Bonnaroo or Burning Man
She's Penny Lane in a Chevy van, she loves to love

She loves me wild child
Got a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy wild style
She can't be tied down but for a while
I'll be falling free and so alive
Might break my heart but God she drives me wild child

She'll be here until she runs
Some just have to chase the sun

She's a wild child
Got a rebel soul with a whole lot of gypsy wild style
She can't be tied down but for a while
I'll be falling free and so alive
Might break my heart but God she drives me wild child

A kaleidoscope of colors in her mind child
A touch of crazy hides behind her wild smile
So simple yet experimental
Innocent but still a little wild child

Wild child
If you have not heard this beautiful song, there is a part
at the end just read by a female voice,
saying all about my gypsy baby:


..and this part got me, as being the mother of
a wild child is not always easy, even when she is 25,
you still worry about her, but love and admire her
free spirit.
call yo momma often!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Geeze, I should just rewrite this blog,
Mumsie's Cottage or just start another
blog with stories of the cottage, but I won't,
so if ya not interested.... sorry.... now on to the topic.
I hate leaving all my great neighbors here on the Island.
There are the triplets next door and their great parents,
and there are my Linda and Lionelle across the street
who have become almost a necessity to me since
I have become single. I could cry thinking of
not having them across the street even though
I know we will remain close.
Which brings me to the blog.
Remember old Mr. Rogers? My Dad hated him
said any man who likes being around other
peoples kids that much has something wrong with them.
Ahhh that Freddie, he was a character.
Anyway, Mr Rogers used to sing a song that I 
sing to my grand babies,
"... I always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I always wanted to live in your neighborhood its true...."
Yeah I am weird like that but if you follow this blog,
you already know that also.
I had been introduced by Molly to my new neighbor
at the cottage. We share a driveway and our backyards are
also cozily close. Yesterday, she and I had our 
second conversation and we are both so excited
about both being retired and both loving a good
cup of coffee. She then goes on to tell me
her daughter and Kd's mom were best friends
in highschool so even her kids are so excited about
my move. I hugged that little Mrs. Shirley,
an elderly but spry being who is a little bitty thing
who still drives and dresses nicely.
She is leaving to go to Houma to spend time
with one of her daughters and as I hug
her goodbye I feel that gro-cud
for those who don't know, that lump in my throat.
I, for the first time in two years,
am reminded of the Mother I had before she had
dementia, the mother who Mrs. Shirley reminds me
of and I realize, If I had to pay the price it would cost
to have a neighbor such as Mrs. Shirley,
I could not have afforded this sweet little cottage.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cruise vs. MOVE

Before the idea of buying the cottage came to be,
and Ron showed me a way I could do it,
Teri-Girl, my godchild, who is graduating this year,
scheduled a cruise as her senior trip.
She actually wanted her Mom and I to go.
Of course, it may be that she has ulterior motives
for wanting us there, I was still touched that she 
wanted us to go. So Tiffy booked us this awesome room,
because she had been on quite a few so she
was able to upgrade our room to one with a balcony...
I am/was so excited...
then the cottage was bought and now I am so torn.
OF course, I am still going on the cruise,
it's paid and would not miss this, my very first cruise,
but it is also the very week the family I bought
from is moving out into their own new home.
I am so itching to be in there, unpack all my treasures
I have collected over my lifetime and
make that cottage my own.
MY OWN HOME, just me, owned 
with only my name on the deed,
well it is just such a good feeling.
I know had Ron and I worked this life out,
we still would not have been as happy as we both are
right now apart. We have found an amicable space
where we can be friends and let the idea of the
thirty year marriage go. 
There are so many things I can't wait to do in my cottage
and soon it will be here,
just wish the timing of the cruise and move were different...
all will work out,
I am just terrible about delayed gratification.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I grew up in my little town of Golden Meadow and
had not seen a black person until I was 5 and hospitalized.
There I had many black nurses who became close
to me and the best nurses ever.
Yet, I still grew up with very few blacks in my life.
In highschool, we had 10 graduates in my class
of 300 something. I never really talked or thought
about prejudice until I became an adult. 
There were just not that many in my life.
Then I crossed the intracoastal to become a 
school nurse at Raceland Upper then the next 10 years
in Thibodaux Elementary.
I honestly thought, before then that black parents
loved their children less.
I am embarrassed to say this now,
Because the 12 years school nursing taught me
they love their children tremendously, just differently.
Of course, you have those both white and black
who can love better.
I say all of this for one reason.
This morning, on social news I come across an article
where a little girl wrote an apology as to why
she could not go to her black friends bday party.
Children are not born prejudiced.
They learn that from their elders....
This opened my eyes.
As a school nurse, I also had my eyes opened by those
little children, both black and white who liked, played,
loved each other. This saddened me. this did not
come from the child as she so wanted to go to that party.
Because of the close mindedness of her father she missed it.
Children are innocent, they grow to be something different,
depending on their family background, but at school,
they all love each other, I want to learn to love all
from this  little girl as well as all the other children 
who see no color when choosing their friends.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

growing old alone...

I have been on cloud nine for the week 
having signed on the cottage and having
work done on it even though I am not ready to move.
So I rush into Wally world for a few things I need
before picking up Bean at school on Monday
but not too rushed to see an older gentlemen
sitting on the outer bench.
He is alone, I see him mumbling to himself,
I know its to himself as he is not one to wear
that blue tooth gadget in his ear.
I take a moment to watch him
His pants don't match, he sits and whispers.
For one moment, I think of getting old alone.
Being single now I wonder, will I be that way 
in years from now, all alone, sitting on a Wally bench
waiting for someone to come and tell me it's time to come home.
I say always, that I am so much more content,
so much more relaxed and happy since single.
Now buying my own home,
I feel independent, today I painted
and felt proud. Then I see this little man 
and I feel an urge to tear up.
As much as I want to be single, I don't want to
grow old by myself. No one should.
Shoot, I think I don't want to grow old at all.
I have a blast right now yet, I am almost 52.
MY years are catching up on me.
So as I leave Wally world and my little man
is still sitting I bid him a good evening,
he only waves. I smile because I will not be him.
I have my children and thankfully, Ron and I have
saved and bought the things we need to be able
to live in assisted living should we need to.
So the cottage is my forever home until
it's time to move into St. Joseph Manor.
Take the time to be something to an older person 
you know.

Monday, May 4, 2015

glass knobs, bring back memories.....

There are so many things in my little
that I am so glad Mol's
(blog name I will use for the seller who is now my friend)
did so much of the hard work on the inside for me,
leaving things like this:
 So hard for me to remember what I have and have not already
shared on my blog, so just going with the heart.
Mol's kept all the original light switches and door knobs
to the home. She did not just leave them, 
she took them down, cleaned them, painted them and put them back.
How can I ever thank her for all that hard work??
Today I want blog about glass knobs.
No these are not the ones brand new made to look old,
they are original to the home...
Not just a knob in a hole, but  surrounded by
what I consider art.
Brings me back to being a child, my home growing up
had these same knobs, ours had key holes where 
skeleton keys fit. When the key was not in, it was a peep
hole into the next room. Always had
to throw a towel over the knob in the bathroom to
ensure privacy and no one looking at ya.
Remember, I was the baby of seven,
23 years between me and my oldest sibling.
Making for little nieces and nephews the right height to
sneak peak through the keyhole.
Yet for me, it was the glass knobs that had my imagination.
As much as I am a socialite now, as a little 5 to 7 year old,
I was little girl fighting cancer.
I spent lots of time alone.
So when looking into these glass knobs I saw people.
I saw into the homes of others.
The memory I remember the most is one day,
Looking into the middle of the knob,
I watched a party going on.
It was not in a home, but more a building
like our church party room, called 
The LaSalette Center.
In that big room were many tables, people talking
and laughing, dancing.
It reminded me of the many weddings I had been to 
at that very building. Then as I was dreaming my little story,
I noticed a little boy, probably about my age.
He was dressed in what I remember to be a little
short and shirt in the nautical look, you know,
little pinstripe, white and light blue with a wide
collar and  came to front to tie in a big knot right
to the front. The year had to be much older than where
I was on my side of the knob, which was 69ish.
Then all of a sudden, this little boy, also
noticed his side of the knob and as I looked,
I saw him come right to the knob of his side
and put his own eye to the glass.
It scared me for a minute, like I was caught.
I jumped away and out of that room.
The memory stays with me even after over 40 years!
Maybe it is because I had a few dreams 
consistent with the imagination of that day.
I am sure, as I settle into 
I will, more than once, place my eye to those glass knobs
just to see what is on the other side.
Thanks, Mol, for the sweat you put into our cottage!