Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shout out to two busy and wonderful Parents...

"Can you two grandma's come and sleep Saturday night
with the three girls so I can take Kd away for a night 
to NOLA?" Baby boy asked...
Wanted to surprise his lil wife with a short vacation
involving no kids, just he and her.
Being a preacher of the famous words,
From 8:30 am to noon the next day, with the three
grandgirls I would not have tackled it alone
but MawMaw, Kd's Mom and I were both free so we said,
"Go for it, surprise your lil wife and get away for 
quality time"
Us grandma's arrived at 8:30.

I mean, it is not like they don't know us,
it's not like we have not stayed with them one on one
in the past....
Okay they were great grand girls.
Except just when one needed you the other two did also.
"Come play with me" said the Bean,
Tuts being watched closely with her broken arm.
Piece of cake.... SMALLS was still asleep.
Then, 5 pm came and all three needed us at once,
one was hungry, one wanted play but it was mostly
she play and we watch and other wanted bath and bed.
Poppee was nice enough to bring supper
and Aunt Janice brought us requested diet coke,
with the melt down of three grand girls,
Aunt Janice was like, "See y'all, call if needed" and
was out in a flash, Poppee stayed lil longer but all
in all, it was just I an Maw Maw again.
I began feeding and bathing, Maw keeping up with SMALLS.
By the time we had them all down,
Maw and I looked at each other and agreed,
1) Kd needs a raise!
2) Thank God she has husband who is a hands on dad
3) for two weeks out the month, he is not there.
4) Kd needs a raise.
5) We were going to have to take sleep shifts.
6) Did I mention kd needs a raise?
It was not a bad night but we both woke up
early and felt like wee need nap as soon as the
Riera Parentals returned.
We spoke of we now know why the Big Man
gives children to younger people,
by our age its hard.
Also my heart went out to all the grandmothers
I have encountered who have stepped up to raise their
Baby boy and Kd returned around lunch time.
All three grand girls were not only still alive
but each were clean.
My car was packed, was ready to get home for a nap.
BB and Kd thought this was funny that we were ready
to run out of their. Honestly we were but not
because of the babies misbehaving, we are just
not spring chickens anymore.
As I backet out the drive, i already felt lonesome
even though was glad to get home for a nap.
I also realized, we get to go home and rest for as long
as we want, this continues for them every day
and yet, they rarely complain.
I mean it is their children, they love them dearly,
but raising three children is a full time job.
Thank you bb and kd for the time with the girls.
Thank you BB and Kd for coming back.
Last but not least,
thank you for being two of the best parents
there little girls could ask for.
Love you all!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


I have an awesome Christmas story to share...
It is a true story and it is about one of my godchildren
who finds herself to be 19 years old already!
This one is about my sweet Tedi-girl.
She is an exceptional child and yet she is also just
a normal young adult but yesterday she did
an act of kindness that will explain just how special
this child is at 19.
She passes up her street almost every day and
every day there is an older man who lives
there, he is usually outside and Tedi-girl 
explains that each morning, he seems
to be outside and he never fails to wave and smile
at her. She reciprocates. His yard is filled with things
that we may think is junk but seems to be his life.
Yesterday, as she rides up the street, there he is,
the man that she reports each morning puts a smile on
her face. He waves and gives her a big smile.
But yesterday she pays it forward.
Tedi-girl goes to Walmart and buys a $50 gift card
and stops to visit with this man.
In her card she explains,
"Thanks for putting a smile on my face all year,
Hoping this puts one on yours!"
Now let me just say, yes, an act of kindness
from a 19 year old.
But I also want to add, this child is not made of money
nor comes from money. She is in college,
commutes because she does not want to add
expenses to her parents. She also works
at her aunts clothing store.
This money, she used for this gift card may have 
been the money she earned or it may have been her
Christmas money. 
The fact that she thought of this sweet man
who she has never met until yesterday,
and bought him a gift card of 50 dollars, 
well this is a special child.
She would not want me to brag of her here
but I just know this story will have many of you feeling
like its Christmas even though its 80 degrees outside.
Tedi'girl, I love you and am so very proud of you 
not only for this act of kindness but for who 
you are always!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sometimes simple becomes complicated...

So you may wonder why this title?
Where have I been?
Let me explain.
I have not blogged nor journaled much lately.
Sometimes, there are so many things
I want to do, that makes me, me
that the list just gets soon long and
I become overwhelmed and just shut
everything down until I can get my bearings once again.
Such is what has happened with the blog.
My trip to Virginia with Alli, to spend
time with my godchild, Ricky was awesome
and I would not change that for anything
yet my handmade Christmas cards were not done,
my tree or village was not up.
I contemplated not putting it up but I thought
of the grand girls and the memories I want them
to have of Mumsie and her cottage...
the tree and village went up.
The Handmade Christmas cards, although
I had to shorten the list a little, got done.
Each of my children, and my grand girls
have a gift and a love letter....
I pulled it off and now my thoughts are to
the New Year.
Hate making New Years resolutions and yet,
every year I spend lots of time of what
I want to achieve the next year coming.
Usually by Feb. first, I have broken all I have made.
So this year, I am not going to post what they 
are except for the fact that I am def.
going to journal and blog once again,
I will print pictures that I have all over my 
computer and internet but none on paper....
I will work on trying to get some of my writings
published maybe in some magazines first,
then working on the book.
This year of 2016, we are finalizing the divorce.
I am proud of both Ron and I that
we find ourselves finding a new way of life
where we can enjoy the family we made
together as friends.
So tis the New Year, about to embark on us
and yet today, I will focus on Christmas eve,
going to spend it with a special friend and
Christmas night with my grand girls.
May this season be the best for you all.
As for me......
I look forward to 2016 and what is to come.
Merry Christmas, all!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


I didn't expect yesterday to be so hard on me.
I mean she has been gone for a few years now.
Yet, yesterday I could not remove my thoughts of her.
I miss the Manor, I miss the bossy one she
was before dementia, shoot I just plain miss her.
Mom would have been 95 yesterday.
I know, she had a great life, a long life,
and yet on some days, can't help but be lonesome.
Sometimes I still wish I was just a little girl
with no worries. Sometimes I get doubtful
of what is offered to us after this life?
I hope she is there, wherever we go after
this all is over.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


For some time now,
I have just been coasting along,
Living my life, enjoying the grand girls,
my children and their loves,
but not sharing important things on my blog.
Since Fay died, I kind of lost my blogging MoJo.
Then I went on a trip to Virginia Beach to visit
with my godson, Ricky who is stationed in the Navy 
there. His Mother, my friend, Alli made the flight
there and back and I feel like a changed woman.
While there, Rick took us on a three hour drive 
to Washington Dc. Anyone who knows me knows
that I am not good on Geography and probably 
just little bit better on History.
However, the difference on History is,
the older I get, the more I want to know about
the Wars that has been our reason for freedom.
Arlington Cemetery, a visit on my bucket list,
reminded us often,
The changing of the guards at the tomb
of the Unknown soldier was touching at the least,
brought tears to my eyes.
It also made me want to know more,
such as, who are those soldiers who march
meticulously on the black mat where
foot print markings are noted to be worn 
as they take 21 steps each way to represent
the 21 gun salute.
Yes, the trip was a learning experience
and made me want to not only get home but 
learn more, use my life for the better,
wasting no time of this life, when so many
have died so I could have this life.
To learn more, to work at my business more,
to be proud of the home that belongs to me
because of the life of saving Ron and I led
before we became apart.
To not only speak of the book I am writing 
but to actually put the words to paper,
try to publish small works leading to my book.
Geography, yeah well I am a little curious,
Like I wanted to know which ocean I was viewing
out of our plane window (Atlantic)
but history, our own American history is very 
interesting to me.
Stay tuned as I share with you as I learn,
lead, pray for peace.
Let us not waste on minute of our lives so
those who have gone before us will know
their lives were not lost without respect.
Love to all my followers!

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I sometimes wonder...
Are there others who think like me?
Am I eccentric or more whimsical.
Yeah, I think I am more whimsical...
okay, back to this blog!
I can't find the picture I took that led me to the thoughts
leading this writing.
It is a heavy yellow glass piece of two children
on a big balloon ride.
I bought it on one of my antique/garage sale adventures.
I use it on my stove as my spoon rest.
Yesterday, as I washed the white beans I had cooked
off of it, I wondered....
Wondered about how old it was?
where did it come from?
What hands touched it before?
What was its purpose before it became my spoon rest?
Then my thoughts went to,
What if all my sweet treasures had a voice?
It may sound eerie or scary to some,
but for me, I am intrigued.
For instance, the chairs I picked up for 10 dollars.
Who sat on them, who bought them, who loved them
before me?
 ...and my beautiful old piano...
When were you new?
Were you bought for young children to practice on?
Did you bring happiness to a home many years ago
like you bring happiness to Mummies' cottage?
The piano, bought already painted in my favorite color,
red, has gotten me to practice piano playing again.
Having taken lessons as an adult for two years 
with my sis, C, I was never good, but I can practice
and get better.....
Then there is the stool that my friend, Jessie and I found
while on an adventure...
Who sat on you? What was your purpose?
 Then those rugs, the one above and its partner
that is mirror image in color in my living area...
How many people have walked on it before it found
its last home here on the floors on Mummies' cottage.....
Last but not least, as I could go on and on..
My dear friends, Linda and Lionelle are always looking
out for me and looking to buy for me.
On the left is the bowl that belonged to my Mommy,
one of my very favorite treasures that my Mommy gave me.
I have so many childhood and adult memories of this
bowl and all its uses. When moving to the cottage,
it is the one and only thing that was broken.
I cried when I removed it from it well packed box
and found it in three pieces.
Yes, I was able to glue it back together but from now
on it would not be used for baking purposes.
So When Linda found another same size and colors
she bought it and the smaller mixing bowl for me.
I use them so often I rarely remove them from my stove or cabinet.
If they could talk, what stories would they tell me.
I can't be the only one who thinks this way 
and yet, I am glad i am an eccentric/whimsical person
who is a tad different from most.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Not as in prayer, but as in play....
Last night, I went out on a limb. tad out of my
comfort zone, met with some women I have never
before met and auditioned for a part in this
very funny, set in the south, play.
I am so very honored to say,
they have granted me a part in this fun-filled
play, Mavis and I am super excited.
Having never been shy and known for my
famous words,
"Give me a microphone and an audience, 
and I am there"
I was going to be happy just to be a behind
the scene type of gal but they saw something
in my audition and asked me to be a part
of the cast! I am super pumped,
already read and outlined my whole script.
My bucket list has always had 
"Try out for a play" written down 
and as I scratch this off my list,
I thank all those who saw my audition and 
believed in me. I shall not let any of you down 
and who knows, I may continue with this small
Plaquemine theater group for a long time coming!
Save the dates:
February 26,27,28 show dates!

Monday, November 2, 2015

LET THIS BE MY "get back on the horse" POST

It has been a strange few days for me, 
One day I feel so good, energized then a day like
yesterday when I don't feel so good physically or mentally.
Hate those days.
I have tried to write a blog for days,
none good enough so didn't post.
Today I will because I have to start finding
myself again. 
Tonight, if I do not chicken out,
I am going to audition for a local theater group.
One minute I am excited about it,
the next minute, finding an excuse as to
why I need to stay home.
Today, as soon as this is posted,
I will go walk/ride my bike.
It is time to get this life back in shape.
I have too much to be thankful for to 
not make the best of this life.
Time to let my lonesome days, missing my 
Mommy go, time to realize how lucky I am
that although a marriage of 30 years is over,
I am fine. I am happy and I am at peace.
I have three beautiful grand girls,
two great children and two great daughter in laws.
One grand pup.....
I guess what I am trying to say is,
time to truly get into this second phase
of the game of Life.
Today, I begin, 
the first day of the rest of my life!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Peace abounds the cottage....

I have been incognito for a bit,
an access thought to be caused by a spider bite
has had me a tad miserable the last few days,
but today, much better thanks to a trip to the ER
Dept. here in Plaq. 
The peace I speak of? 
I have finally closed on the big house Ron and I
bought when we moved here to be close
to grandbaby.
Sold to the cutest little couple so excited to be entering
this part of their lives as homeowners.
For myself, a big relief to no longer have to worry
about this big home that deserves to be loved.
I know they will take it from a  house to a home.
Then, because of this sale I was able to pay
off the cottage and that is the best feeling ever!
Ron and I have paid off many homes in the past
together but this is the first time I had to 
opportunity to do it all by myself and it feels good.
Good to be independent when it comes to the finances
of my future. I will say again, it is because of the hard
work of Ron and I, starting with nothing at the ages
of 15 and 17 when we started dating
to get where we are today.
Yet, this cottage is mine, solely for me, in 
my name and I remain in love.
Some mornings I awaken in my comfortable bed
and realize this is all for me.
Thank you Big Man for the sale of the home,
thank to me and Ron for the saving we started
even when we were broke,
thanks to have found a home that suits me perfectly
and I owe nothing to no one.
Best feeling ever! Now on to other things,
joining to Plaquemine theater group.
Don't know yet whether I will try out for a part or
just help on the back parts for now,
but it is on the bucket list, to belong to a theater group.
Excited about the prospect,
Stay tuned for more on that.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


My baby girl, known here as Gypsy baby,
Turns 26 today.....
It is hard to believe, I feel too young to have a
26 year old baby.
Yet in my heart, this child will always be that
little curly top baby that was born to me
on this day in 1989.
Although she was an independent child.
She was a little Momma's girl.
I can explain how close we have been by telling 
a tale of when she was the ages 2 to 4.
I didn't work full time but worked flex nights
at Lady of the Sea for extra money when Ronnie
was home. Our reasons for working only then
was so that Gypsy baby could stay with Ron
while I slept the day after working all night.
I would get off work at 7, get her brother off
to school and head to bed to sleep.
Ronnie would find her sitting by my bedroom
door quietly coloring or looking at books.
So quiet that I never heard her.
Once Ron came to tell me and
she asked,
"Mommy, can I come in your bed with you,
I will be very quiet"
After that day, that is what she would do,
Crawl into my bed with her books
and lay quietly as I slept until her
Daddy would come get her for lunch.
Oh just remembering those days
makes me lonely for the times when she was just
a baby. No baby to the world anymore.
She is a working girl who is also returning
to college to finish her degree in English.
Another thing I will always remember and never
forget, her actual birthday.
 I always
felt no one should work on their birthday
even though I have worked many of my own.
Not for my gal, though.
Once she started school, I back to work full time
we always both played hooky from school/work.
Then we were on for the adventure.
Some birthdays I would let her plan the outing,
other times I planned and surprised.
I will always hold these days close to my heart
as now, since she no longer lives under
my roof and is usually either working or at school,
our time together is so minimal.
But today is her special day.
So as I awaken early to bake her 
birthday cookies that I mixed yesterday,
I plan on spending the day....

with my beautiful woman-child.
Her love, Kayshara at work
so will be her and I,
birthday cookies, a love note and lunch
and a movie are in the plans
as another thing we have always enjoyed together,
movie watching!
My wishes for you, my baby,
I wish you finish your degree with cool breezes ahead.
I wish you and your love continue to work together
to make the best future for you both.
I wish that life remains for you, interesting both in the
good and the bad.
I wish that you and your Dad remain close as he maintains
his sobriety and a big part of your life.
I wish we both have more time together.
and being Corny here....
Don't let anyone or any circumstance knock out 
your child ways, never too old to do kid stuff.
That even on bad days, you find something to 
laugh about.
Most importantly that you know, no matter what,
you have unconditional love from your Mommy.
Your not always, silent cheerleader.
I love you my dear baby girl!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


I know over the last few weeks, I have spoken on
topics that people may say are just too sad,
focusing on loss instead of my usual positive nature,
yet, as I told Baby boy when he pointed this out to me,
I can't change what life throws us,
I am the type that to get through something hard,
I talk about it, blog about it,
It is Cathartic for me.
Today however, I blog about my cousin, Fay's funeral/party.
You think you know somebody pretty good
trough your life, even though you don't see them often,
you keep in touch, you attend the family gatherings
that she plans. 
Then you attend her funeral and are given the honor
of going up to the altar not just to read a reading
but to pay honor and tribute to who Fay was to you.
Stephanie, Fay's daughter is the epitome of what
a daughter should be. 
You see, when our own Mom was passing,
I have 4 sisters to help. 
Steph, never left her Mothers side unless
it was absolutely necessary.
As I wrote in my last blog,
she smiled that big beautiful smile through her tears.
This tribute to Fay, laying her to rest 
was one of the best I have been to.
The immediate family was insistent that
get your tears out because after we having a party.
That we did, we all met at a restaurant called
N'toni's where they had reserved half the place for
us, had a buffet style setting and a large screen just
full of pictures of Fay through many aspects of her life.
When going to one of Fay's gatherings, you never left 
empty handed, always had food to bring home,
Following up with that her family had a table
with a framed paragraph explaining how she always
did this so for her last "Hurrah" we were to fill a bag
with treats to bring home.
It was all so beautiful, and like all funerals,
you hate knowing you have to go but once
you are there, you can't imagine not have gone.
MY cousins, first and second and even third cousins
made a tribute that Faye would be proud of!
Her sweet Hubby, Billy was so happy to see so many 
as was Stephanie and Shana, her adopted daughter.
MY heart went out to my sweet and loving 
Aunt GaGald, saying goodbye to her first born,
yes she cried much as every time someone new would
greet her, she cried, but being in her late 80's
and having lived with Fay and Billy many years,
she, at the after party, said,
"Thank you all for coming and for this day,
the rest of it, I am having a good time"
and we all did.
thanks to all my dear cousins for allowing
me the special honor of being a part of Fay's life
and death. She lives on in all of us!

Friday, October 9, 2015


I have tried to write this blog for almost a week.
My dear cousin died last Saturday, peacefully,
in her home, surrounded by those who loved her
with her home decorated for Christmas, her very favorite
time of year. 
When reading of people who say they have gone to
Heaven and ventured back to life on Earth,
they say there are no human words good enough to
explain what Heaven looks like.
I feel this way about Fay,
there are no words in the human language good enough
to explain what she was, is to us all,
but I shall try as she was my biggest, silent fan.
When I went more than a week without blogging,
I was sure to get a Private message from her saying,
"Girl you need to blog!"
To not have that ever again, shocks me when I think of it.
For this week, I have many times able to forget that
she is no longer on Earth with us.
Tomorrow, will be one of the hardest days for
You see, if you were raised in a big family,
as most of my Dad's siblings had,
there is that one who we all look up to as a second mom.
The one you call in the middle of the night
because you are sick. The one who has you at her
house on Sundays after church for the day,
the one who schedules gatherings to get together.
Our family sibling is Veronica, known as Ronnie to us.
Fay was this person to her family, her siblings, even the
extended family.
She was so much more than words can say.
Always smiling, last year, a gathering at her house
to celebrate the end of her treatments for lung cancer,
was a blow out, with so many of us gathering,
no one wanting to leave, Because of her,
we gathered as a family.
Tomorrow because of her, we shall gather again,
but for very different reasons, to say goodbye
and I am not sure I am ready for that.
When going through childhood cancer back in 1968,
going to New Orleans for treatment was like
going to New York for older parents who rarely ventured
far from the bayou Lafourche.
So Fay and her family, her Mom, Aunt GAGAld,
took us all in. Her children gave us the privacy,
slept on floors and sofas to make us comfortable.
Fay was also so much more than that.
When my Uncle Joe died, leaving behind my Aunt Mae Mae
with 6 children ranging from 17 to 18 months,
Fay was godmother to my cousin, Shana.
At that time her hubby, Billy had no children
and Shana became her baby,
while my Aunt Mae Mae busted butt to raise
these children as a single parent,
Shana was spoiled rotten by Fay.
WE laugh often that she loved Shana more than her
own child, Stephanie who came a few years later,
an only child, except for Shana, of course.
Now Steph, I can only imagine what Steph and her Dad,
Billy are going through. If my feelings are so hard, 
imagine theirs. To have had a Mother so great as Fay,
you may feel how in the heck can you go on,
but Stephanie has so much of her parents in her,
I know she will go on, she will cry through that big
and beautiful smile of hers because her Mother taught 
her how to laugh in spite of the rain,
 taught her that although we will all miss her,
time on Earth will one day end for us all,
and we will all be gathered.
Her siblings, Dela and Bert,
having already lost on sibling, Dwayne,
must also be heartbroken.
When you loose the sibling who keeps us together,
its not the easiest, however,
I know we all find some comfort knowing
her little brother, who we and Fay all loved so much,
was there waiting for her, as well as her Daddy,
My parents, Uncle Joe.... so many, so many 
to guide her through her new home.
I cannot end this blog without talking about
sweet Victoria, her one grandaughter who she
spoiled rotten, who lived in the same yard as
Fay growing up. If I can be only have the Mumsie
she was Granny to Victoria, I will have done something great.
I know Victoria is broken but she will get through 
this because her own Granny taught her so much
including knowing about God and that we shall
all be together another time.
Then my dear Aunt Glorice, Aunt Ga Gald to us all.
She plans to bury her second child.
So often we hear, no parent should bury a child,
to have buried two, and one being Fay, it just
does not seem fair. I love this family so much.
I can never repay any of them for what they did
for my family in our time of need, for the love
they have given all of us through the years.
It is so like Fay to go first,
You know she has to plan the party and spot
for each of us for when our time comes.
I sometimes wonder how can we go on
and the next minute I think that how much easier 
it will be when my time comes to say goodbye to this
life that not only my parents but cousin Fay will be there.
I have not planned these words, and will not go back 
and read it as nothing will be enough and yet somewhere I have
to end. I will end asking for prayers for us all
for tomorrow, our last day to see our family as one
with Fay, but she will always live in each of us, forever.
To have lost one of my biggest  fans of the blog,
I will continue it because I know she probably is now
able to see me as I sit here and type.
I am honored that their family has asked me to read 
at her gathering that we choose to call a 
celebration of her life.
Again no words are good enough to explain
the feelings I have about having been asked
to play a part of her mass.
Pray for us all, as we all will have different emotions going 
through our heart and heads.
Love to all.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am angry, sick over this dreaded disease CANCER
I honestly hate giving it recognition as it rears its 
ugly head on the innocents but as 
Children's cancer awareness cancer month comes
to an end, so many new diagnosis are coming
to light. A young boy from my home bayou,
A young mother with a loving husband who
i have watched grow up, with two little 
children to raise,
Then yesterday after the best day with my two
oldest grand girls,
I get word that my first cousin, Faye
is going home on hospice.
Having texted with her sweet and only
daughter, Steph, they are trying to go home
tomorrow but not sure if she will make it
to the weekend when we make it there.
BB says I am always fixated on the negative,
I am not, these things are really happening,
can't change what is and pretending to live
like it does not happen, trying to see your lives
through rose colored glasses does not change the
facts. I choose to try and be comfort to some who
suffer. So back to cousin Faye I am so darn angry.
Her family put my family up and stood by my parents
and family so many days as I battled my own cancer.
Their door always opened and now I have to be there too.
I am so angry because this started with a dry cough 
for a lady who never smoked, was always just a wonderful
woman. I small spot on her lung two years ago,
prognosis was great. She even had the best family 
reunion at her home when she was considered in 
remission. Then a few weeks ago, tumors on brain.
Had brain surgery and now home on hospice.
Yeah, I can hear all this stuff about she is going 
to heaven, will be at peace, but fact is,
I am not ready to let her go and that is so darn selfish.
Saturday, if not sooner, I am going there,
she continues to say she "Sees and talks to Aunt Minta"
My mom.....
Prayers please for all fricking Cancer,
I hate you!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have been so busy with Mumsie's Cottage orders
and helping with the grand girls that I have not had
much  blogging time. Today I complete my Christmas boxes
for this Year! I am now going to start focusing on
other things I can offer you and post those on
Mummies' Cottage blog.
Until then, good news...
is almost sold! 
Found a sweet couple who will love this
house and make it a home, something
we never were able to achieve in it.
They are so excited as I am also.
Once this feat is done, I will be focusing much
on the business.
Thanks to all of you who have ordered,
viewed, questioned my business venture.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


I searched all morning through my over 4,000 pictures to find
a picture of these two cats as kids and I just can find the
ones you see here. It could be because I have hundreds of home
videos and no stills. SO I just a have to go on with the blog of
the day, that I will.
Today is a big day, a day that Baby boy stands beside
his best childhood friend and watches him 
marry the love of his life, the mother of his sweet Natalie.
 Yes, Scott Doucet marries Laurie Terrebonne.
There is so much I can say about these two boys
growing up. When we moved to Tarpon Heights and
their interests grew apart in Jr and High School,
they were not as close but it is safe to say,
they were each others first friends.
Which made Scott one of those boys dear to my heart,
lived as part of our family for many years.
In some ways, feels almost like my own child is
marrying today.
 Way back in the 80's, 85 to be exact, I gave birth
to this little boy above to the right.
At the same time the couple below, Sue and Foe,
received their sweet baby through other ways,
adoption, but he was theirs even before he was born.
We visited them the day Scott came home to them
and there was no doubt, Sue/Foe was in love and
this child was a gift from God to them.
Then when they were three, the boys,
the true friendship began.
I remember the first day, Sue picked up BB
to go eat at Burger King and play for a few hours.
Since that day those boys were inseparable.
Two boys so different but loved each others company.
Our family videos are full of stories of their 
friendship. My favorite story has Scott on his
blankie, yes, he had a blankie, BB had a wobble
and neither were embarrassed of their loves.
We were outside on the porch of one of our many homes
and they are running circles around the blankie
pretending to be an airplane.
Scott says,
"I be a airplane when I grow up"
I correct him, "You will be a pilot, you will drive an
Forget that, he corrects me,
"NO I am going to be THE AIRPLANE"
and that went on for years.
Baby boy tired faster than Scott playing airplane,
so as Scott runs circles around blankie, BB
pulls blankie from under his feet and
our little airplane crash landed.
BB first "time out" because of hurting a friend.
I still smile when I remember this day.
 These two parents loved this boy, nothing was good 
enough for him and love abounds.
The grand baby, sweet Natalie he and Laurie gave them
about a year ago is something they had been waiting for
forever. Today they marry this child of theirs to his love,
to the Mother of his child, beautiful Laurie.
Many steps up from his first love,
Jessica Rabbit. Yes, this 4year old child,
was infatuated with he cartoon character,
Jessica Rabbit and it did not matter how much his
Mom and I tried to explain, he could not marry her
as she was a cartoon he did not believe us,
He was going to change her name to 
Jessica Rabbit Doucet.
I can't write this blog without also bragging on 
these parents. They did not just love this child,
they adored him. Being their only child,
they gave all they could to him.
Often, so he could swim, they took BB and Scott
to sleep at the Houma Holidome for their indoor swim pool.
Some of BB best memories surround something he
did with Sue and Foe.
It was nothing for them to decide at 10 pm at night to
take the boys, and yes, gypsy baby, as for years, she
honestly wanted Sue to be her Mommy, spent more
time there than home for a few years.
Back to story.
They would take the kids to the Grand Isle bridge to fish
late at night. MY boy, still loves fishing, second only to
hunting, and I am sure many of his fishing memories 
have these parents in them.
They never missed a game, a school event, anything
Scott was involved in. Not just as a child,
many years ago, when a baseball team was put together
to raise money for Meningitis Awareness for their
deceased close friend, Robert, there we parents all were,
supporting our boys just as like when they were kids.
 ... And now I will share my feelings for this man,
Scott who is almost like a son to me.
Dearest Scott,
I met you the day you came home to your parents
but it was not until you and BB were three 
that you guys became fixtures in each others homes.
It was more Rod and your house especially at night
as you didn't like sleeping away from home.
Yet, many days were spent, watching you boys dancing,
singing, building Lego castles, playing football, basketball,
you were a tad spoiled, being the only child for the Doucet's
but I think you liked my house for the fact that
there you saw what it was like to have
I love you my child.
I love you as one of those boys who spent numerous
times at my home, almost as my own.
Be a good husband the the love of your life, Laurie.
Always remember the way you love her today,
because life will get in the way to try and mess that up
for you guys. When you are having trouble finding that feeling,
look into the eyes of that beautiful child, Natalie that
you have made with this woman and know not all
can do such a thing, make a beautiful baby girl such
as Natalie. Now you understand how much
Sue and Foe loved you, why we all did the some things
that seemed crazy at the time, it was all about love.
You are a lucky man, very lucky man.
A woman who adores you, a baby girl who calls
you DA Da. I know you think of your grandparents today,
especially Ma Goose, who was so special to you.
Know that she is with you on this special day as 
she is every day. She may not be sitting near in presence,
but she has the better seat in the house, above,
along with Laurie's Dad. 
I love you, Scott.
Thank you for being part of my history,
a big chapter in my book of life,
See you this evening as you become Husband.

Friday, September 18, 2015


When Mom hit her 80's before the
St.Joseph Manor years,
before we understood just how bad her
dementia had gotten,
she made a statement to us kids one birthday.
"It's not fun to get old, all you friends, family
are dying and you are happy to still be here
but it makes you want to not make friends"
A few years later, I went to visit her at her
little studio apartment, she was in her PJ's and
clearly depressed. This was when we learned she 
would need another living option if we wanted
to keep her with us for longer.
Yet, even when she went to the Manor,
her dementia somewhat protected her from the
loss of friends and family, to the point that unless it was 
immediate fly, we didn't tell her,
She even forgot sometimes that my brother Larry
was dead. Often while at the Manor
she would comment
"i'm not making friends because they just going to die"
All of this leads me to this blog.
Yesterday we lost a cousin who has been fighting cancer.
We also lost a well known hair dresser who everyone
knew on the bayou.
It seems like each week we are loosing someone we
love or one of us siblings knew well.
Younger and younger, our family, our friends are passing away.
I now understand what Mom meant when she felt like it
was easier just to be a loner.
I could never be a loner, I like people and talking too much.
I aslo am a believer in my Big Man and the world
he promises for after this temporary life.
However, loosing people you knew,
who made parts of your past, who you love,
is hard. 
RIP Laura Lee, my cousin.
RIP "Crazy Eddie" one who all below intracoastal knew
and loved.                                                                     

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another brag post..

When I moved to the cottage in May, 
one of the first things I wanted to do was
run A/C ducts to an addition that had been 
added but never connected to the central unit.
I will not name the the businesses who came
out and said, "Can't be done, that roof too low"
"We won't take the job, "
"The ducts will have to be run on the outside of these
two rooms"
"Window unit in the bath is the only way."
Then, I had a clogged A/C drain in my attic
and although Baby boy came out and fixed
the problem he thought it was best to have
it checked with an A/C company.
This began my "love affair"
Owned by Chad Robertson
but his emlpoyees,
Lauren, Stephen, and Smokey,
the ones I know, well he should be proud
to have these people work under the name of his
Stephen came out that day I called about me blocked pipe.
Although the problem had been fixed by BB,
I still wanted him to check as well as discuss the
duct work I thought was impossible.
Stephen, he thinks like me,
"There is no such thing as can't be done"
We discussed, looked in the attic, 
looked at the addition roof and the little
room there was to get in there
and said,
"I think we can do this"
Music to my ears!
He explained he had to discuss it with Chad,
he had to get their smaller employee, Smokey to
crawl in that space, but he had a feeling it 
could and would be done.
It was their busiest season, putting in generators
before hurricane season.
fixing a/c and replacing them during the 
hottest part of the year.
I was in no hurry just needed to know about how
much the endeavor would cost.
This is how I became to know Lauren,
their secretary, never met her in person,
but her and I had many conversations of my home.
She reassured me that Chad would come out there
but Stephen said it could be done and she
had no doubt he knew what he was talking about.
I called probably weekly to find out when my ducts
could be done, again I was in no hurry but I didn't
want them to forget me.
Lauren, the secretary and I spent many
weeks talking. She is exceptional and
always friendly to the point where I called
her so much that when she was able to get me a price
for the duct work I sent her flowers for being awesome.
So last week, I call Robertsons and Lauren answers:
"Good morning Ms. Lilly"
Yep, she knows my number by
but really my name comes up on their phone...
the answer on this day was different,
"You know what? Chad is in school this week
but I think the other guys might be able to do it today
and that they did, they came that day,
Stephen and my new pal, Smokey.
Smokey is the smallest who will be 
the crawler into the small space to cut these ducts.
They promise to come back the next morning
with the things they need.
They joke that they expect breakfast,
I promise they will have breakfast and that they had.
Smokey was so hesitant, said he is not usually the one
to do this part, afraid he may go through my older ceiling.
I assure him,
"Listen Smokey, I have confidence you can do it,
Stephen has been waiting for you because you
are the smallest one who can get up there 
and he has confidence in you"
They eat breakfast and they begin.
Just as planned, when Stephen told me months
before, "There is no such thing as 'Can't"
I have air.
But more than air, I have what I feel are new friends,
The were professional, they did this job
without Chad having come look at the job
as he was out of town for school.
I made them all do the happy dance
and I have central air throughout my home!
Kudo's to Stephen, Smokey, Lauren
and Chad who owns the company.
Chad, I never met you but you have an
exceptional group of people working for you,
a group that you can trust to keep your business
running on those times you are so busy
or out at school to better your business.
These guys will forever be my generator, A/C people!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last night Tiffy and I attended Nottaway Plantation
for a Murder Mystery Dinner theater.
If you have never been to one, you must go,
if you have not been to one at Nottaway,
make that your first! 
First, let me rate the atmosphere,
because of the small cold front, it was with
less humidity as we walked the beautiful plantation
grounds of Nottoway, having already been on the tour,
I knew of the families that have lived here before
and it takes you back to that era.
We then made our way to Randolph's room
where the supper would be held,
Food? Grand! I was starving, made sure of that 
so I could enjoy the meal.
Started with a glass of Champagne and cheese
and crackers, three of my favorites.
As Tiffy and I chose our table,
others began to come in.
Our first seated guests was the sweetest young
couple on their second anniversary.
We found that our table would work as a team
to figure out the murder so from then on
us four, looked for others for our team.
We were joined by two other married couples
and we were set. One of the best parts of the night
was meeting, laughing and sharing our lives
with each other. 
(picture of our group with the cast)
AS the meal was served, the mystery began
to take place around us, you must pay close
attention to the happenings.
I have been to a few of these murder mystery suppers
but this was one of the best, done different from all
Scene one happened, I won't give away any of the story,
plot or answers as that will give away the fun
for others.
After each scene, a new course.
Crab Cake and Crawfish cake was our appetizer,
Oh my! I think it was my fave!
Rich, well seasoned with a wonderful sauce,
Cleaned that out quickly, told ya, I was HUNGRY!
Scene two takes place all around this beautiful room
made to look like the year of 1857.
Acting was grand, so was the salad, served 
after scene two:
Spinach salad with a vinaigrette made there
on the plantation, I think Feta cheese,
yes, I ate all of that too and I am not a big
salad eater so, yes, it was great!
Another scene, the plot thickens and because
our table is a team, we begin discussing scenarios...
Third course, fish and beef tips with grilled squash
and potatoes, carrots, okay now I am STUFFED,
but next is dessert... my fave,
Murder mystery continues and our table was so much
fun, we hit it off right away and everyone 
participated with the mystery as well 
as sharing our lives. 
Then dessert and coffee....
Tuxedo chocolate cake....
to die for, and the coffee, which I love was a good cup
of Java. Oh and I forgot the wine also served with 
the entree'. Finally is was time to put in your thoughts
for who, what, why did the murder take place,
kind of like clue,
"Colonel Mustard, in the study with the candlestick"
Our table did not win but we had a good story 
we contrived.
Look at Nottoways' Facebook page as well as their website.
Treat yourself to a fun filled night!
i still think the meeting of new friends were the 
best part of night.New Facebook friends!