Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have put the happenings of my dear Lafont kiddo's on the back burner
for far too long.
Jack and Cindy's boys are growing up so fast,
their youngest, dancing queen, Malaina as sweet as ever
and also growing so fast, don't tell her though,
she definitely does not want to grow up.
Back to the boys:
Darcy, on the left is going to be a senior next school year,
his big bro. Jrew graduated a few nights ago.
His mother's text to me on that night, along
with a picture of the big event only stated,
I know what that means as this child is not
one who ever thought school was ver important
to his lifestyle, yeah it had to be done,
but was not top on his priority list.
The fact that on awards night he received the
is a high honor on our little bayou of Lafourche.
Dusty was a young man in our area who died
in a car accident and his family and high school
friends have kept his spirit alive by providing scholarships
to those who choose the work force instead of college.
Dusty had done just that and was making his mark
in the carpentry world of our little bayou.
There are not many scholarships out there for those
young adults who choose career over college.
That Jrew was a recipient of this award is honorable.
WE are all so proud of him and have no doubt
that he will be successful in his lifetime.

Then there is brother Darcy, oh my, just
not enough can be said of this child.
He may be the middle child but displays
none of those negative beliefs that are placed
upon middle children.
This child bleeds self esteem.
He adores his family most especially his dad.
He confirmed also in the last few weeks,
so loves his God. I can't say enough to
have my readers know what this boy is
to so many. Funny, loves to cook, loves
to do things to make his Mom's life easier.
I just adore him. Having been just a year
younger than his big brother in school,
you would wonder if it is hard to walk in 
the shadow of an older sibling. Not this boy,
he walks in no ones shadow.
You know that saying from RALPH WALDO EMERSON
Yeah, that one, well it could have
Darcy Lafont's name behind that quote
I cannot be near this child without leaving
with my cheeks  hurting from laughing so much.
Yep, I adore him.

….and then, last but not least,
our dear, sweet Malaina, I call her Meme…
Her mothers heart, came to the Lafont family
at a time when most would have hung up the baby days.
Her mother, she so wanted another child, a girl especially,
she got the best of the best.
A sensitive, beautiful daughter whose talent lies
in her dancing. To watch her dance is mesmerizing.
She works so hard in school and this year has
been a good one for her.
I am so glad that her Mommy keeps me updated on
all she achieves, this school year awards:
One little girl, so many achievements and that last one,
Faculty list, she worked hard for.
With all the changes in my own life right now,
hearing the progress of these three children
who call me Aunt Lil keeps me on the positive side.
ex. hubby has very little family he is close to
so I am so glad through the years, Cindy and I have
stayed close and she allows me to be a part of these babies lives.
My children and this little family are the things I am 
glad I get to keep when separating a married life
of thirty years. 
Love you all my Lafont kiddo's!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Katie the neighbor puts her sweet grandma to rest...

Mary Duet

  • "My heart goes out to this incredible family. The loss of..."
    - Linda Cormier

Mary R. Duet, 92, a native of Houma and resident of Thibodaux, died Monday, May 26, 2014.
Visitation will be from 8 a.m. until funeral time Thursday at Thibodaux Funeral Home in Thibodaux. A Mass of Christian burial will be at 1 p.m. Thursday at St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Thibodaux, with burial in St. Joseph Cemetery in Thibodaux.
She is survived by her sons, Raymond J. Duet and wife, Mary Ellen, Gary M. Duet and wife, Cathy, Sherman D. Duet and wife, Gwen, Thomas J. Duet and wife, Kelly, Daniel P. Duet and wife, Cindy, Nathan P. Duet and wife, Karen, Patrick F. Duet, Robert G. Duet and wife, Dana, and Warren R. Duet and wife, Donna; daughters, Mary J. Duet, Bernadette D. Spears and husband, Allen, Theresa D. Davis and husband, Kevin, and Gwendolyn D. Scioneaux; sister, Agnes R. Landry; grandchildren, Catherine Fangue, Elizabeth Hornsby, Michael Duet, Jerome Duet, Jennifer Rodrigue, Craig Davis, Melissa Hollier, Justin Duet, Scott Duet, Jared Duet, Ryan Duet, Jacob Duet. Marissa Duet, Jessica Duet, Matthew Duet, Brandon Scioneaux, Alaina Scioneaux, Brett Duet, Katie Soignet, and Stephen Duet; and great-grandchildren, Grace and Eli Fangue, Kobe, Hayden, Ethan and Cooper Duet, Emeline and Benjamin Rodrigue, Dani and Camille Duet, Marian Duet, and Rhett and Elise Hollier.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph C. Duet; parents, Lorett and Mary R. Richard; brothers, Raymond and Lorett Richard; and sisters, Eleanor Zeringue, Florence Clement, and Bernadette Richard.
Special thanks goes to the staff of Thibodaux Health Care.
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in her name may be made to St. Genevieve Catholic School or to E.D. White Catholic High School.
Thibodaux Funeral Home in Thibodaux is in charge of arrangement

I have spoken before of just how special "Katie the neighbor"
is to me. Only in 9th grade when we became neighbors to her
and her family on Lee drive, Right away,
I knew she was a special child but did know just how 
important she would become to me, my siblings and my Mommy.
Katie is much like this woman who will be laid to rest today.
She raised I believe 13 children and had each of them
as well as her grandchildren feel special.
It was with regret when her health and her dementia
forced her family to  place her in a nursing home.
Katie visited her every Sunday and on the day she got married
she spent hours with her grandmother because she was
too ill to come to the wedding.
Katie was there for my Mommy and my siblings
when she was in her last months. If I called this gal to 
go stay with Mommy until one of us could get to her, she would.
Mommy told everyone she was her granddaughter,
whether her dementia had her believing that or if it was
just easier than explaining how she was related.
I will travel to Thibodaux today to be with the Duet family
as I am so proud to have known many of them but 
most importantly, there for my Katie,
or as we all know her as,
"Katie the neighbor"

- See more at: http://www.lega

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


After 30 years married, being with someone since you
are 15, even if it was not something salvageable anymore,
there is still a grieving process that must happen.
 Facts are, we have both made many mistakes
and that we bring out the worst in each other.
It has been a long time since I liked who I was
when around "us".
Each time I think I am getting better, stronger,
a addition to the story is brought to my attention
and I "loose my religion"
Last week, the day before our J.Belle was born,
I met with my parish priest, Father Greg.
I left there feeling strong, free of all those things
that had me feeling angry.
That day I told both the babies that I was done
with discussing this event with them.
I wanted them to know that no matter what,
I was strong and I would be fine.
I also wanted them to know that no matter
what they decided,  Their decisions were not to be made
out of loyalty to me. I am far from perfect
but I am one who allows my fears, my hurt to come
out in anger. Today, I am done with that.
I will make my amends where needed and let it go.
Which comes to my title,
I am a self-help book type of person.
On a trip to my second hand book store,
looking for something to make sense of this life,
to get well, I found
by Anneli Rufus
Wish I had began reading this book before I checked the mail.
(don't ask what that means)
"… getting unstuck, becoming free, requires vitality,
bravery, and enough honesty with yourself, 
about yourself, to change…"
To be well, I have to do this,
I love this statement, it will be my mission statement
for the next few months.
I learned 28 years ago in one of my very first
AA meetings,
behind all anger is fear
Never before has this statement shown itself to be true
more than this rainy morning.
As I work through becoming unstuck, I share here
in hopes that someone else gains knowledge and
if faced with this will find comfort in knowing
they are not alone.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

K and K wedding...

A K and K wedding montage.
No order to any of them.
My sister, C married off her youngest son to
a wonderful gal, Kaylee who we have known her entire
life. Two great families now blended into one.
Me and my sister, c below..
she was so purty….
 This gal, my godchild, NeeNee, funny one right here.
Loves her Nannie, always asking to come to my house.
Soon little gal, soon you can come and hang out with me.
 Sister Veronica,
She was 16 when I was born and I am only a few years
older than her oldest child, she treated us like her own.
Us younger sisters would be lost without her,
 Then there is my oldest sister, Taunt Mone as we
all know her as. She was 23 when I was born,
still a "Kicken Chicken"
 Me and the best lil granddaughter.
HUgh was into photo bombing that night so
bear with
I am so glad that BB and Kd allowed me
to bring Bean with me, was so much fun with her.
 MY niece, Tiffy known to all as BEDa.
She may be my niece but we definitely were raised as
sisters, only two years apart.
 My great niece, Lucy,
My niece, Rebecca's oldest daughter.
This child, beginning EDW next school year,
everything she touches turns to gold.
She is growing into such a fine young lady.
So much like her Mommy.
 Another godchild, TEdi.
Going to be a senior this next school year.
Where has the time gone???
Yes, and Hugh doing his photo bombing again.
This child makes me proud every day.
Owen, sweet Owen,
another of my Rebecca's children.
He loves his Aunt Lil.
Not one for showing much love he does so with me
ever since he spent a few days with me this last summer.
Now constantly remembers and speaks of things we did
on that visit. Always asking to come back.

Ellen, sweet Ellen, the last 
of Rebecca and Miki's children and for sure,
the baby of the family.
Already going to second grade.
A red head cutie.

 Well here she is, the niece Rebecca.
the bond we have is one that is very special.
I was 10 when she was born.
She was always like a baby doll to me.
Many summers I was her babysitter so we both
have many memories of that.
She is the very best Mother to these four children she has.
Calm demeanor, and will never hear a will word spoken
of any of her babies.
 And here is her "babies daddy"
the two of them, make a dynamic team.
I cannot tell you what these two mean to me
with the way they nurture my gypsy baby.
She goes to these two often with her hurts and problems,
I never have to worry about them steering her wrong.
 okay, so I don't know what Hugh and TEdi-girl are doing here,
but they are cute.
Cousins, they remind me of gypsy baby and Kris growing up
as they are such good friends.
 Bean loves her big girl cousins,
not so much her boy cousins.
She tells me often that TEdi'girl is 
"So precious"
yep those are her words.
 Another great niece, ABby.
My nephew Guy and his wife Lisa's only child.
She is one of those girls that never ceases to amaze us.
Every day she is more beautiful.
She loves her auntie Lil….
 As there is no order to these pics,
here is a pic of the bride and groom,
Kand K
Kris, being only a few months younger than gypsy baby,
he was like my own growing up until we moved to 
Thibodaux. they were inseparable and many thought
he was my child, gypsy's brother when they were young.
Our extended family, we have been blessed with many
wonderful offspring but I have to say, out of all
my Mommy's grandchildren, great grandchildren,
our Kris is the sweetest. He is funny, cute but 
so darn sweet, loves to talk of old times and
always, always smiling. So proud of him.
He will make Kaylee one happy girl as she will
never have to worry about much.
Then there is Kaylee.
Here she is with her Mommy and Daddy.

We have known her forever as he big
brother, Case and BB were best of friends growing up.
AS the bayou is famous for, everyone knowns everyone.
her parents, Todd and Dolly are only a few years 
older than me. The circle goes on and on with the
ways we have all crossed paths over the years.
Now, we can forever call them family with the union
of these two kiddo's.

Next few pictures are from rehearsal, told
you there was no order to these pictures.
Bean loves her friend, Lillian who is Kris cousin on his
dad's side. We have had so many gatherings with the
two families over the last few months so they have
become close. Also sweet because beam and Lillian's 
parents all went to school together. 
 How gypsy baby got out of all these pictures is amazing.
this is the only one I got of her and look at her telling me no.
This girl, so beautiful, so much her Mommy's shoulder to 
cry on lately. I will forever be grateful for she and her brother.
I hate that they are hurting but them rallying together to 
be there for me, is amazing.

 Above, another godchild/great niece, Cameron Riley Tamplain.
This girl, she can be a poster child for overcoming obstacles
to be happy. WE hate when we don't see each other for so long
like this last separation.
Will end with this sweet selfie of Bean and I, right
before we took a nap on wedding day.
This child got me through some rough days lately.
She is so good for her Mumsie, as well as so loving to me.
I honestly do not know where I would be today if it
were not for her and the birth of her baby sister.
They give me the courage to put a smile on my face
and play like there is no tomorrow.
Enjoy the picture montage
as real blogging begins again, tomorrow.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Time to share...

Time to share my reasons for thinking of
shutting down Lilbit of my World and
the reasons why I have decided not to.
I have put it off long enough and I know until
I get this down and share with my blog world,
I will have a block to my writing.
It is a hard thing to write a post that
explains what all I have been feeling without
putting others down, yet I have never been 
a martyr and not about to become one.
I am a very strong woman and there is not
much I can think of, aside from loosing my children
that will stop me from being happy and living 
a healthy life.
I also have to realize, though as my children
have reminded me a few times over the last few
"A lilbit of your world is sometimes a lot of our world"
So with this thought in my mind and heart,
I will only say,
After 30 years of marriage, HOBL and I find
ourselves separating, ending a marriage.
This may come as a shock to many and not so,
to others. If you go back to readings 5 years ago,
you would think there is no way that couple 
would end in a separation and yet, here we are.
Again, I could be the martyr, hang on the cross,
lay here all the faults of the man who I have
called husband for many years, but even 
all this would not change the fact that we
let the "devil" come between us.
I do not want my children to hurt because of 
anything I would post or say and yet
I also know that if I am to be true to myself
and my blog, I have to share.
Thanks to all of you for prayers you may
have said for us without knowing what you were praying for.
 It is a grief process as Father Greg reminded me, it is
a death. Even with that being said,
with every day that passes, I find myself looking around,
past the shock of the events, and find joy in the
small things. Find myself exploring who I want to be.
Facts are I have always enjoyed my own company,
and lately, I did not like who I was becoming.
Now, I am seeing the joy in the little things in
the world, understanding the feeling of being
free of the negative things that were becoming my life.
Here it is, in a nutshell:
Nothing in this world is worth more than my happiness
and my children and grandchildren.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun…
(in my sing/song voice)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


There is not better blessing than a new born baby.
 Today, we added our sweet J.Belle
to the Riera/Guilbeau family.
She is perfect and we are in love!
We make some pretty, pretty babies!

These are reasons why lilbit of my world must go on.
To share our happiness with  you who love us,
well, its a necessity, like air and water for me.
My son, what an honorable and perfect portrait of  what
a father is. My daughter, Gypsy, always there for Baby boy
when it counts, when it is needed. Her calm demeanor,
big dimpled smiles will always warm us.
Maw Maw and Poppy Guilbeau as excited as I was,
waiting for our sweet new addition we talk of 
what a blessing this is for our families.
Our Bean, so in love with her sister,
insisting she teach us how to hold her baby sister,
saying we were not sharing her unless she was holding 
J. Belle herself. Just cannot get enough of her.
Baby boy said she cried not to leave her baby sister and
her family this evening.
Then there is my most wonderful Daughter in law.
As I have said before, daughter in law is just not 
personal enough for how I feel about this woman.
I cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of
herself, for appreciating life as well as loving her baby girls.
Going through a major surgery to deliver our J. belle
healthy, to immediately nurture her newborn, 
begin breast feeding at the same time she was not feeling so well.
My dear little family,
never, ever forget how you both feel right now.
Look at each other and see what a gift each of you is to the other.
Be thankful that your relationship is one that
both of you are hands on parents.
When things get rough in life, never take the gift of
each other for granted because there is no gift
greater than the gift of family.
A motto I love:
you my dear baby boy, are a perfect example of that.
I am so very proud of the man you are.
And me?
Well I am basking in the glory of another 
sweet baby girl to call me Mumsie.
I am head over heels, once again, in love!

J.BELLE's birthday!

We are going to welcome our sweet little 
J.BELLE into the world this morning!
Because she is "frank breach"
there will be no labor pains, no pushing,
all done in a matter of an hour.
Too excited to sleep last night.
Today we put all our pain, stresses, resentments aside
and we thank God for the most beautiful gift in the world,

Monday, May 19, 2014

how does things like this still happen in our world???

A Sudanese immigrant living in New Hampshire has returned to Sudan to try to save his wife, who is eight months pregnant and facing the death penalty there for marrying a Christian.
Daniel Wani is a Sudanese man with U.S. citizenship who has been living in Manchester, N.H.
His wife, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, became the focus of worldwide news reports last week after the Sudanese government sentenced her to death. She is eight months pregnant.
The Islamic court considered Ishag a Muslim and did not recognize her marriage to Wani, a Christian. That constituted a crime of adultery and she was sentenced to receive 100 lashes.
The court also found her guilty of apostasy by converting to Christianity and sentencing her to be hanged.
The flogging and the death penalty were to be delayed until after she gave birth.
Ishag is considered Muslim by Sudan's courts because her father was Muslim, though she raised by her Christian mother.
Wani and his brother, Gabriel Wani, grew up in Sudan but moved to New Hampshire. Gabriel told ABC News affiliate WMUR that Daniel has returned to Sudan to try and save his wife's life.
“I’m just praying for God. He can do a miracle,” he said. “Everyone is depressed. You don’t believe it. It’s shock.”
“You cannot believe that’s going to happen,” Gabriel said. “It’s a good family, a happy family.”
Neither Gabriel nor Daniel could be reached for comment today by ABC News.
The U.S. condemned Sudan's court ruling last week, with both the State Department and the White House calling on Sudan to uphold its human rights commitments.
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who represents New Hampshire, has asked Secretary of State John Kerry to grant Ishag political asylum.
The Sudan Tribune reported over the weekend that the country's parliament speaker, al-Fatih Izz Al-Din, downplayed the death sentence and said it was only preliminary and could be appealed in the future.

,,,or maybe not...

So much going on in my life right now,
one day I think time to end this blog and the next day
I think, why should I end something that has always
meant so much to me? 
Hard decisions, but this week, all I, KD, baby boy, 
and gypsy baby will focus on is our new baby.
A fresh and brand new baby to rock, smell, hold.
To see Bean with this precious sister, I cannot wait.
Last night i tried to start a new blog and decided against it.
Patience with me as I work out what is best for me
and my family.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

the end...

so sorry that, unless things change, i 
am no longer to add anything here on lilbitofmyworld.
I cannot allow people who no longer are family
to see things going on in our lives.
It has been a nice run.
Love to all who have followed.
Pray for my family

Sunday, May 11, 2014

dancing queen

Bean is a natural on stage.
We, especially her Mommy was so nervous for her.
We should not have been because she loves performing.
A three year old, one very little girl
on a very big stage with bright lights 
and many people watching who are strangers
to her and yet,  she danced, she danced.

She made us all so proud, and she made each of her 
grandmothers laugh and shed tears at the same time.
She has so much more courageous than I have ever,
or ever will have.
I will end with a quote from
I have no doubt our Bean will dance well into
her teen years.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

died in home???

I remember when I was a novice to  Saturday Night Live.
Sometimes, when they would do their skits as a commercial
I didn't know whether it was real or comedy.
Such was the case the other day while riding to Thibodaux
to pick up Pappy at the hospital
(his surgery was a success, thanks from him for the prayers)
I love talk radio, but something or regular radio
catches my interest.
Is it just me or why is this such a big deal?
I don't see dead people, I have never known
any to come back and have a conversation with me.
Maybe there are those out there who do see these things
but I honestly thought it was a joke for a minute.
Just in case you are interested, there is a place
where you can find out if someone died in your house.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A child who is loved...

This morning, as I sit drinking coffee, I decide it
has been a while since I've posted old pictures 
to facebook. I love me some old memories.
I go ahead and begin downloading and call it
FFF- Family/fun Friday
As they are downloading I do one of my favorite things 
to do when looking at old pics.
I study the backgrounds, trying to embark old memories
that have slipped my mind.
The one below, taken in what we called the Utility Room.
It was always a mess, the washer and dryer were never brand new,
there was always clothes on the floor, well everywhere.
My Mommy and Daddy, they weren't big on keeping a 
neat home, more into letting their slew of kids and grandkids
play. So this utility room was one of our favorite places
to hang in. After the backgrounds, I study the people who 
are the subjects of the photos, namely ME!
Note the photograph below, I am in my nightgown.
I spent much of my time in PJ"S shoot, still do.
What really touches my heart though is my hair….
IT was always curly and unruly but someone took
the time to tie a pretty ribbon in my hair.
I don't know if it was Mommy or Daddy,
and older sibling perhaps, no matter who it was,
it's a sure sign of being loved. You see, being born the
last of many, to parents in their 40's and having
nieces and nephews also being born, my hair would
not have been something of importance especially on a day
that was a pajama day.
 This revelation has me looking through a few more
and again, the hair is fixed. Well, as much as you can fix
what was a very unruly head of hair.
Here, I am with my nephew Guy, all ready for my 6th grade 
band concert….
pig tails, My mommy made me pigtails.
 My communiton, the hair is a tad messy but my veil, oh
I was so ver proud!

My second grade hair, oh those curls and yet, someone
took the time to brush and add a barrette.
A girl has to grow up feeling loved when someone always
took the time to fix her hair.
It reminds me of when Bean was a baby and someone
jokingly teased KD about the big bows in Bean's hair.
KD's answer was, 
"The kids with the biggest bows are loved the most"
Much love in the childhood of this Mumsie