Monday, October 31, 2011

Glenn Campbell

Yes, I am probably too young and I am probably
going to sound like a dweeb by saying as a young
girl, I loved Glenn Campbell.
You have to remember I was the baby of 7 and the oldest
was 23 years older than me, so I had a wide range of music
to listen to and love.
I loved Glenn Campbell.
Last week as I was rocking one of the TES babies I
was thinking of an old Glenn Campbell song
and how it could be a mantra to life.
It made me go home and look up the words:
glen campbell
Is this not perfect lessons to live by?
It is my song of the week,
going to sing it in my head every time
I start to think I am better, that I don't have
patience. I am going to smile as I hear
Glenn Campbell sing in my head.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

JIlaxing day

Heading to Plaquemine today to spend the day
with the Bean, her parents and BB's inlaws.
Going to play with the girls,
Jilly bean and Frankie's little one, Lizzie.
Going to watch us a good old Saints game
and grub on some Crawfish soup and
an apple crisp that is in the oven as I blog.
I can't get over just how much I miss that baby
after just one week of not seeing her.
I am sad that I won't see her trick or treat tomorrow.
Again I will say it,
she is the only thing that makes me wish I didn't have
a job to go to every day.
When my work days are over though
I know, somehow, I will have to be closer to her.
I would give up my dream of living my retirement years
on the water to be near her every day.
Her poor parents will probably get sick of seeing me
every day when that time comes but I know
one day, I will live near her and when she calls and
says, "Mumsie I want to come to your house"
It will take minutes not an hour to get there.
Happy Sunday to all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can it get any better?

I speak often of just how much I love my job.
Even on days that my body doesn't want to cooperate,
it is the job that gets me up and moving.
We have this beautiful new building but until three
weeks ago I was still in the old building.
It wasn't really working, I was not where the children
needed me to be. I was walking way more than my
body liked.
After proposing an idea to my principal and with the
support of the two assistant principles it was decided
that the nursing office would move into a small
outer office of the assistant principal.
I love my new space and, if it can be possible,
I love my job now even more.
I am in the life of the children again.
I am able to nurture more than I was able to before.
I am hands on and because of where I have been placed,
I am able to help the assistant principals with some of
our students who need the extra help from people who love
them. Many days in the last three weeks I have been able
to rock babies. I LOOVVVVEEEEE rocking children.
They climb into my lap and I just sway my fancy chair back and forth.
Sometimes it was for babies who were sick, running fever
and we were waiting for their parents.
Twice it was for children who just have a rough little time
with school, with life in general.
Sometimes instead of discipline or being reminded
of all they have done wrong, they just need to be rocked.
Yes, I know they still need the strong discipline
but that is not my part, my part if to nurture.
I am also so close that I can encourage those children
who struggle with rules.
Being able to offer incentives like helping me if they follow
the rules has helped some students have better days.
It is amazing what a troubled child will do to make ice bags
for the nurse. I have also been able to help one of our
students who loves to draw learn new techniques.
He asked me yesterday if I could be his art teacher....
So long story, short,
school nursing is not just about calling home for students
who are sick, more than just checking immunization records,
doing hearing and vision screenings.
It is even more about nurturing the whole child.
On days that are hard for me, HOBL says
"Retire, ga-gee"
I can't explain why that is not an option for me right now.
I am selfish.
I need to be needed by all these children whose lives
are not easy. It is these reasons that gets me up on days
that are hard and gets me dressed to go to TES.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh how I have missed my computer and my blog!
My charger had broken and it took forever for my new one
to come in. I had decided if it didn't come in today I
was going to buy myself and IPad!
It came in, saved myself 500 dollars so I am HAPPY!
I will get back on tract tomorrow with my blogging life
but tonight, after a long week at work, I just want
to put on my pj's and lie around here, play on the computer,
scrap a bit and just enjoy this blustery weather...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A year in review:

It has been a year without Gina B. in the life
of TES. There have been many sad days since then
when we wish she was still here because often
we say,
"Gina would know what to do"
Yet there have been many good days at TES, too.
WE all feel as though Gina B. is still a part of TES,
Her picture sits on my desk in a frame marked
"Guardian angel"
and many employees come to see her, to leave messages to
her, to remember her.
There is a tree in our new atrium that is her tree,
planted in her honor.
The days continue on because I know, I really believe
that our Gina B. is in the best place, the highest honor,
the place where we all want to be when this
temporary life here is over.
I know that when I go there, because I work hard to assure
my space in heaven, it will be her right behind my daddy
waiting to greet me, with that big smile you see
above. This picture in my heart makes me smile.
I have often said that many days I forget she is gone
and those are the good days.
One year without Gina B. and it's okay today.
We continue to do good work with special children
often remembering
What would Gina b. do.
Love to all!
Smile today, it is what Gina b. would want.

Monday, October 24, 2011

annual pumpkin carving

As we waited for the other Riera's to awaken from a nap
JB and I played with the pups.
She has learned to art of open mouth kissing but is quite
stingy with giving them out, but this child loves the 4 legged set.
She loves her two boxers and they can make her LOL when
no one else can. Her Kitty is a source of entertainment for her.
Therefore, it did not surprise me when she offered a kiss
to Trixie, full mouth open.
She is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was important to me that bean at least get her hands in some
pumpkin guts. Kd, before joining the Riera's had never carved
a pumpkin and Kelli had not either.
Unfortunately, Kel and baby girl left before we began carving
because she had to work, darn Chili's!
Back to the bean, she wasn't sure how she felt about
pumpkin guts but she had a taste off the top her DeDa removed.
She is interested in anything her parents are doing so she
watched as her mommy cleaned.
Even Mommee got in the carving action.
I love this picture. One of my favorites in a long time.
Mommee's jackolantern. She went with the classic face.
So proud of this woman, That in December she will be 91.
KD working at her carving.
She has improved tremendously over the last few years
on her pumpkin decorating skills, and she is cute,
so all is good.
The BEan with the finished products.

Thanking the Big Man for this wonderful gift that
has become part of our lives.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

my children are sabatogers

I have been telling these two children of mine I have to get a
picture for my Christmas cards.
They sabotage each photo op.
Yesterday I ask them to at least know I am going to
take at least one picture for my Christmas card.
What follows is what I have to choose from.
People may wonder why my Christmas cards are always
so funny.
I mean with what I have to work with, what are my choices?
I even think they are getting the Bean in on their antics.
What is BB doing? Pretending he is taking cheerleader pictures?
Baby girl is eating the Bean's head and Roddie has his
drama face on.
At least Kd understands this is important...
This one may have been "good enough"
but then Baby girl, who by the way, did not dress for the pictures
like I had asked, decided she had to corrupt the picture
with her infamous middle finger.
Even as I tried to hold it down, she managed to get it up.
Baby boy's "prom picture face"
and baby girl looking like The bean just passed gas...
This one will not do.
KD however continues to be the trooper.
Baby boy again making fun of my pictures
and baby girl making the evil eyes...
This year I may just leave the picture out.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another day...

Yesterday my body denied me the plans
I had for my 30 year reunion.
Today it is okay, yesterday, I was quite upset about it.
I will try again next weekend as my class meets
at the French Food Festival.
Today, today is a brand new day.
Today my kiddies and their loves are coming
for our annual pumpkin carving,
The bean's first ever.
Homemade roast beef sandwiches
and french bread. Banana pudding and
homemade icecream made with HOBL's brand new
ice cream maker and the most important part...
pumpkin carving!
Going to take The bean to the pumpkin patch
for the first time.
I cannot wait to put her little hands in the
guts of a pumpkin to see what she thinks about that.
It's going to be a fantastic, fantastic day!
Pictures to follow, that is a given.

Friday, October 21, 2011

30 years have gone...

Tonight is my 30 year football game reunion.
It is a traditional thing at South Lafourche High school
that on homecoming night the classes of
10 year, 20 year, 30 year walk down the field for the game.
I was there for my 10 year walk and was too involved with
my life to do the 20 year one.
I have said many times, and I am not proud of it,
"I keep in touch with the ones I wanted to and the rest,
I don't really need to see"
I am ashamed of this statement but want to always be
honest here where I write my feelings.
I was so wrong, so wrong to make such a self-righteous statement.
This year, when Jade died I had many emotions.
I regretted not staying in better touch with those
who shared my childhood with me.
I could write a book of memories I have with so many
of these people I will see tonight.
We are getting older. Yes to many we are still young.
To my sisters, they still think I am a little one
and can't believe I am celebrating my 30 year renunion.
I have made many friends since I have moved to Thibodaux.
Two of those wonderful friends happen to be girls
who graduated with me in 1981 and I barely knew back then.
Tonight I will ride with one of those women to our old
football stadium to meet the other who is going early.
It is one of those things that you think you don't want
to do and then when you do it, you are so happy,
so blessed that you did.
It will be a good night.
Tonight I will see some who I have not seen in 30 years
and there will be many missing who have passed on to
another place, I choose to call heaven.
Tonight's going to be a good night.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

collections vs. hoarding

I love the TLC show, hoarding.
I often watch it and cannot help but think about
how these people cannot see that it is not healthy to live
that way. When they speak, they explain about their
"collections" and how they can't part with them,
yet they can't seem to find them in their hoarding spaces.
I know, for me, I have way too many collections.
I have been a collector since I was a little girl.
If I like something, I never stop liking it and I seem to take
care of my collections.
For instance, I love journaling and I love collecting journals.
I have some that are not written in and I have many that
are filled to the hilt with my words, my thoughts.
They may never mean anything to anyone but me,
but they are stored in a place of honor in my bedroom.
On a bookshelf, lines a whole row of filled journals.
As Cami-girl explains them, they are my written novels.
Then there is my collection of scrap things.
If I fall in love with something as I have with scrapping,
I have a tendency to need all/most of the things
that go with the hobby.
I have a collection of stamps and a collection of cricut cartridges.
I am proud when people come to my home to "play"
with me in my scrap room.
Many of my people know to call or make a play date with
me if they have a project they want to work on
or just want to feel crafty.
I love not only sharing all my scrap collection with others
but I also get very excited to show others the craft of scrapping.
HOBL does not understand this one.
How when I am in the middle of a project, the scrap room cannot
be cleaned. I don't try and explain it, just tell
him that my scraproom is off limits to his OCD cleaning.
I don't have to explain because in our marriage,
although we joke sarcastically about our ways,
we both know that some things are to be respected
no matter how we feel about it.
He leaves my scrap room alone and I leave his side
of the closet alone.
It helps our marriage so much.
I also have a book collection.
I don't collect all books even though I love all books.
A book that lives in my home is either one I love,
can't live without or it has something about it that
brings me strong, good feelings.
There are others...
I have a cross stitch string collection,
have to have every color,
I have a coffee pot collection,
I own a wonderful miniature/dollhouse stuff collections.
I get so proud when the little kiddies come to my home
and one of the first places they want to go
is in my china cabinet that better than holding my wedding china,
holds most of my miniature collection.
It makes me happy that when they leave,
I have to wipe many lip and fingertip marks
off the glass of my china cabinet.
So what separates me from a hoarder.
I value my collections, I care for them
and each hold a place of honor in our home.
My home is neat and organized and if asked,
I can produce each collection and discuss it in its entirety.
One day, if ever I have a larger home,
I long to have an entire large room, dedicated to my collections.
It will hold a library, a wall full of book shelves to hold my
self-written "novels" as well as every book I have ever
fallen in love with since I was a child.
It will have a comfortable chair with a snuggie over the side of it.
I will have a space for crafting, whether it be scrapping or building
doll houses, It will be able to be messy until the project I am working on
is complete. If that home never comes it is perfectly fine
because in this home I love so much, each collection is perfectly
tucked into their own spaces of honor.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictures of the week

Not much time for words on these pictures..
first two are from Tues. Hugh's football game.
Saturday KD, Baby girl, Kel, myself and the bean
went to Oak alley after Pappy's bday party,
Cannot believe I forgot to take pics of the
50th birthday party...
Not happy about it at all.
Can she get any cuter????? I think not!
Sunday was Little Miki and Sayra's baby shower.
In December they will welcome their son, Sy
into the world.

C crochets the most beautiful heirloom blankets for the
great nieces and nephews, this one was for Lucy
the picture does it not justice.
She is so talented with this blanket stuff.
Tedi-girl is healing nicely from her knee surgery
and is just as cute as ever, loves her Nannie!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yes, my dear HOBL is 50 years old and unlike
any other birthdays he has ever had, he has asked
for a gathering for his birthday.
Today I will cook a chicken spaghetti for him
and a shrimp fricasse' for baby girl who's birthday
is Monday.
Kd and the bean are coming...
a red velvet cake has been ordered and I forget
sometimes just how much I love cooking for
50 is a big deal for my HOBL.
I have missed him, I am glad he is home.
My life is easier when he is here and although
we don't do much when he is home,
there is a comfort and peace I have knowing he is here.
Our whole marriage has been a life that he went away to work.
It never bothered me as it bothers me now that we are
in our midlife years.
I am proud of our marriage. I am proud to tell people
we have grown up together.
I am proud he knows everything about me and I, him.
So today is his 50th and I am hoping that before he turns
60 our lives have come to a place where he is home every night.
Happy birthday, HOBL
I love you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grandpa, tell me bout the good old days

My new vehicle has XM radio which is one of my favorite
things about my new wheels.
Often I am surprised by an old song I have not heard in
some time. Yesterday it was the old Judd song,
Sometimes it feels like the worlds' gone crazy
grandpa, take me back to yesterday
when the line between right and wrong didn't
seem so hazy.
Did lovers really fall in love to stay,
and stand beside each other come what may?
Promises were something people kept
not something they would say.
Did families really bow their heads to pray
and daddy's really never go away...
...grandpa, everything is changing fast
they call it progress but I just don't know.
Oh how I loved that song back in the day,
and still do. Again, it is something I want for my
The part of the song that makes me have "gro-cud"
(makes me want to cry)
I think of all those children and their mommys and daddies
who have gone through divorces and I realize what
a true blessing it is for the children who never have
to worry about Daddy going away.
Go to Itunes and listen again to the oldie but goodie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

yada, yada, yada...

Yes, here I go about my weight, my health again.
All who follow this blog know how I need to loose weight
and I am so tired of those who say,
"I wish I had just 15 pounds to loose"
or other comments to feed me what I need to hear
to fool me into believing that I am okay.
Well, the fact of the matter is, I am not okay.
It is one thing when my back surgeon reminds me
that I have put on weight since my surgery and he
did not fix my back for me to put extra weight on it
to mess up the surgery.
It is another thing when for the third blood test in a row
my cholesterol, total, hdl, and Ldl, and triglycerides
are all abnormal. I see my doctor and friend, Dr. Pitre
all convinced that okay I am not going to get this weight in order
so I will just take cholesterol medication and at least
stop my heart from plaguing up.
Yet, my friend, she tells me no.
Medication is not what she recommends right now.
We have a conversation as to how I am fighting genetics
but she proves to me that this issue is strictly from
my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.
She insists that I can do this and I have to do this
and that putting me on medication will just give
me reasons to be lax, and in a year or two I will come
back to see her with 20 more pounds on my body and
diabetes and she will know she helped in that.
She reminds me that there are side effects to cholesterol meds.
that I should not have to worry about.
Instead of a prescription for a cholesterol lowering medication
she hands me a handwritten diet she wants me to follow
written on a little sticky pad paper because it is that simple.
I am challenged to loose 15 pounds in three months,
that is very doable, if I do what I am supposed to do.
If in three months it is not done, and my numbers continue to climb,
she will have no choice to put me on meds.
but she won't be happy about it.
So today I feel the motivation that I have been lacking for some time.
I hope it continues through the next three months so
when I go back for another blood test, I am not only happy
with those numbers but the numbers on the scale.
This is not about looking "hot"
(already know I have accomplished that lol)
This is about stopping diseases that I have complete control over.
I am a nurse, who must practice what I preach.
I may not be able to stop the damages that radiation has
done to my body but this, if I allow it,
will be completely my fault and I don't think
I can live with that knowledge.

Monday, October 10, 2011

You know this is coming

You know that after spending a weekend with my Jillybean
that you are going to be bombarded with pictures and yes,
even the cutest little video ever.
I am most happy about the fact that not only does the bean
know who I am but she is happy to come with me,
to leave her other MawMaw that she sees much more than
me to spend time with me.
She and I had the most fantastic time together.
My favorite memory?
At around 3 am, she was fussy so I went to her and began
to rock her. I closed my eyes so she would think I was sleeping
and it would be cool to do the same.
when she felt weightless and I thought she was asleep
I open my eyes to see this precious little girl just staring up
into my eyes, like she was so in love.
Right there, my heart melted even more for this
grandchild that I would die for.
Being with her reminds me of feeling I have forgotten
that I had when my own babies were her age.
Love, love, love, I Love this child
in a way that only a grandmother can understand.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

MIghty optical Illusions

I am always looking for blogs to love/follow.
This morning I came across one called
Mighty optical Illusions.
It brought me back to a time when I was young
and loved books that sported optical illusions.
Evidently the owner of this blog likes it as much as I.
With our new technology, there are so many more
out there than the old black and white pictures
I used to love "back in the day".
If you are like me and love illusions, this
site is a must see place.
On a "what you doing today" note.
Heading the the bean,
her Mommy is on a well deserved bachelorette
party in Mississippi and tonight,
I get to keep her until tomorrow when her Mommy returns.
Today is going to be an awesome one for me!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

I am not sure why I am so saddened about the
death of Steve Jobs, the face behind the name APPLE.
Yes, he was only 56 and had pancreatic cancer which
is one of those that, as of yet, there is no cure for.
That in itself is enough to make me saddened
but there is more to Steve Jobs than this and
that he led Apple to stardom.
He was a leader of our world, never letting
others doubt stop his vision.
When other companies were folding because
of the economy, he believed in "slow and steady"
not comparing APPLE to others.
He was there when Mac and the sayings
"Once you go Mac, you never go back"
Yet, again it is none of this that makes me saddened
by his death.
It is the man people said he was.
Although he was an icon, he still always spent time with
all even the lower man on the assembly lines.
When things got bad for Apple he received a pay check of
a dollar until things picked up.
Now that is a quality of a man that is just not seen that often.
To us, he was an Icon, no one we knew specifically but
a household name we all knew who was.
To his family, he was only a daddy, a husband, a son,
a brother.
For those family members, I wish them peace.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My Tedi-girl is having surgery today for
a nasty knee issue that has bothered her for some time.
Often her knee cap pops out of place which sends
her to the emergency room in much pain.
Through the process of testing they have found that it
is actually a genetic birth defect she has had and
the surgery is quite complicated to fix it.
They will either have to take a piece of her own hamstring
to stabilize the knee cap or use a cadaver ham string muscle.
Either way my lil god child has a long recovery and lots
of pain ahead which just makes me sick to my stomach.
This child is way too sweet to have to go through this
but you know the saying,
"That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
She is a trooper and will do this with a smile on her face.
I am going to meet them there early before work,
hoping I get to see her flying high on her
pre-op. shot....
should be good for a video or two...
Prayers for my lil girl, please.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Gwyneth Paltrow, Country Strong.
Ahhhh, my childhood home, what memories I have there.
This picture was taken when it was new, way before
the last Collins baby lived there.
Yet when I look at it, good memories of a
wonderful childhood fill my head and heart.
This place, in my mind, will always be home.
It was not the building but the love that HOME provided.
I place where I longed to be on the long days of school.
I hope my own children have a sense of peace
when thinking back to their childhood homes.
I know it is not the building but the feeling
that where your parents are is home,
that there you are always welcomed
and you know you are loved.

Monday, October 3, 2011


... my baby girl is gay.
Yes, I now have her permission to blog about
her life while joining the world of a gay woman.
We, her parents, her family, and those who loved her
have known this for some time.
I am proud, proud of the way she has handled herself.
It is an open subject in our home and when
she told us, my only tears were for the fact
that I don't want the world to be mean to her.
Her answer to that was true baby girl fashion,
"Mom when have a ever gave a f@#& what the world thought of me."
She is right, she doesn't care.
Her Aunt Donna, HOBL's sister who died many years ago
was also gay. This was back in the 80's when life was
very rough for gay people. The world has changed
and I like to believe that people like Donna have paved
the way so life could be easier for my baby girl.
There are still some however, who believe having a gay
child is a "cross to bear".
This makes me angry. This is not a cross, this is my child,
I do not care that she is gay, I care that she continues
to be a responsible adult, that her morals remain the same
as they were before. I proudly say to people that my
child is gay and I get many reactions, I do get angered by
those who believe this is something not to talk about.
She is my child, I love her unconditionally, and this,
really does not and should not, ever change the way I love her.
I understand that not all parents love their children
unconditionally and that makes me sad for them.
I say to BG, we have to be outspoken about this cause,
because we are to continue to carry the torch her Aunt Donna carried
back in the 80's, to change the way society looks at gay individuals.
As her daddy said, "I will put a sign in my yard saying,
"My daughter is gay"
if she would allow us to.
Baby girl is in an awesome relationship with a young woman
who is very smart and pretty,
who attends LSU and who we like very much.
I see baby girl with her, and her happiness and I smile,
because what I want for her is happiness,
same all parents should want for their children.
I adore you baby girl!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lou's Mission

Sharing photo's of the most perfect day spent with
one of my favorite families.
Mr. Charles had a wonderful day yesterday, spent
with all his family.
Only one grandchild couldn't be there,
he was out of state for a college event.
Doing something like what we did yesterday is one of those
things that you are excited to attend but also nervous.
Once there, it was just like the "old days"
like time had not passed and reminiscing of
the good times filled all conversations.
Mr. Charles and Ms. Geri with their 5 children.
Holly, David, Tina, Ann and Peter.

The most amazing part of this day was the fact that
in just 4 months this Louvierre family raised
the most money out of all the teams for the ALS foundation.
In 4 months, they raised 16,000 dolllars!
That was not counting what they made in donations
for their team that was made yesterday.
Nothing but amazing.
Peter accepted the award for his family,
for Lou's mission.
What a wonderful family these Lou's are.