Thursday, November 24, 2016


The day of the year where we gather with family/friends,
and we give thanks for all we are so very happy to be
thankful for. I try not to let my thanks list build up
to big because then i get stuck.
Today, I have so so much to be thankful about...
It is almost the same, I am sure as many of my followers,
and yet, maybe I am feeling just a little more thankful 
this year than others.
Let my start with the obvious.
1) My bestie's, oh my bestie's!
Just thinking of the day three weeks ago
when one young mother lost her life,
and my dear bestie's were hurt in ways that
will have them in painful therapy for some time.
However, they are here I can talk, text, touch them.
Not all have been so lucky this year. 
So many have lost loved ones this year,
who feel a tinge of sadness when thinking of
the day of Thanksgiving.
2) My Grand Girls, oh those three girls!
You know, they say, when you don't have something,
you can't feel the loss  because you don't know how it feels
to have them. For me, first, to be able to have children
when every doctor told me growing up it was impossible.
Two children later, one beautiful DIL and another
who finds herself in love with my baby girl has me
hoping of more babies.
For now, back to the three grand girls...
No words can explain the love I have for them.
Each with a different personality.
It feels like they have always been with us,
we are blessed, I may be biased, but I think we received
the three best girls in the world.
They love their Mumsie, well except Jem, but we 
working on that!
3)My children.... Yes they are grown,
31 and 27 but when I look at them, 
as you do if you are fortunate to be blessed with children,
I still see them as my little children,
I have spoken of this so many times but that
feeling just does not go away.
Not long ago, BB said to me, something he has said
many times in the course of his marriage,
"Mom, I am 31 years old!"
"But when I look at you, I don't see that grown up
man, I see the face of the same one you see when looking
at your little girls, the same you will see when they 
says to you, 'Dad I am (fill in blank) years old'
4) New friends, old friendships rekindled bucket lists

Friday, November 18, 2016


I am a blogger, a writer, but when I get a block, such
as "the accident" until that is down on paper,
on blog,  All other things I want to journal about, life 
events just can't be done until that first one is.
So that one is done and I am full of things and ideas
that have run into that writing.
Many may have heard my words when I tell a portion 
of my life, or I do a motivational speech and I say,
"You will have to read the book"
and the book will be written, it is not just a joke.
I can write, I have journaled almost my entire life
on and off, but constantly since I was 21.
I have over 20 journal completely full.
As I remain contemplating this book 
my daughter, (changing her name from gypsy baby to something else)
(Just don't know what yet)
is also contemplating the writing of a book,
that child is smarter than I think she realizes
and I am just a tad afraid her book will be done before mine.
My next agenda thing on my list is to try and
find an editor to put my stories down
in some type of order that it will be read by others.
Hearing my baby girl talk of her ideas and excitement,
I feel that same excitement once again that
has been stuffed for years out of not knowing how to
organize it. I will get this done.
The hard part, is writing a book of Memiors that will
not hurt anyone by putting the words down to sell.
I know some may be offended, hurt and perhaps
that is what is holding me back but whatever it is,
just like the block from the accident,
this block about book writing has to go.
It is jumbled in my mind, some days, all I can think about.
On December 8th, I have been asked by 
two dear friends from Golden Meadow to be a speaker
I am super excited as I have not done a motivational speech.
I always say, give me an audience and a microphone and 
I am there. If ya DTB and not much to do,
meet us at Lady of the Sea waiting room on December 8th!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Those of you who follow me regularly may wonder,
Where is lil?
Well I, and my two bestie's have had major life changing
events and although I have tried to write this blog 
at least a half a dozen times, I just can't seem to put it 
out there, can't seem to put my heart and thoughts into this.
And yet, I know until this blog is written I can't move forward
with my writing or my blog.
Let me give it one more try.
As most know I, and my two bestie's,
Ann and Laurie had been planning our bucket list trip
to Martha's Vineyard. We had not vacationed together 
since our Senior year in high school to Disney.
We have been busy raising children, forming families
yet now we are at a point that it was time to get our 
bucket list worked on.
You can imagine the excitement we all experienced.
Then tragedy hit us on the morning of our trip.
Although I was supposed to drive DTB to ride
with them to airport, I had been suffering with 
bronchitis so I decided to sleep in NOLA and
meet them at the airport. 
If you have seen the movie FINAL DESTINATION
you will know my feelings about not being in the
car that was hit head on with my bestie's in it.
As I packed my car to head to the airport I got 
the worst call anyone every wants to get.
"We won't make it, we have been hit head on,
Oh Lil, its bad"
and she was right, it was so bad, for us, our families
and especially for the family and driver of the other car.
I am not going to go into detail on their injuries because
that is so private. I will only say that both of them 
have long recoveries ahead but we are blessed because
each morning, we are still able to text, talk, visit.
The family of other, not that fortunate.
As they, and I heal and learn to live with the changes 
this accident has made in their lives,
we are thankful, all of us.
I have seen so much good in this world,
from our families, friends and complete strangers.
I have seen some ugly, from doctors, hospitals, as
well as seeing beauty in the same doctors and hospitals.
and yet, the one this that really matters is,
we remain together as the "three besties"
Thanks to all who helped, prayed, cooked,
shared, visited, anything you all have done,
us three appreciate.
It is a weird thing to first, almost loose you very
best friends from second grade, it is weird
to have beat the odds and not have been in that car.
I have prayed and wondered often,
"Why was I not in that car?"
and in Lilly fashion, God has answered me in the 
silence of my prayers,
"Because you are the medical one, you can help
with their recovery, you can help with Laurie's children,
you can help by being an obnoxious big mouth person
to assure they get what they need and understand
in lay terms the big picture the docs explain in ways
many would not understand."
I can't end this blog without mention of the poor unfortunate
Mother of two who lost her life that day.
We could not speak of this for their own privacy 
but again, In Lilly fashion I feel that others need to know,
close to our hearts, although bestie's were not at fault,
the emotional toll of knowing this woman has passed has
not been easy. She was doing nothing wrong, going to work
at a respected job that required her to be up and on the road at 3:15am.
We have asked ourselves alone and together, why this has happened.
The way I can deal with it is my pure belief that 
1) God has a plan for all of us.
2) God takes us when we are at our very best.
I like to believe that on the morning of November 2,
that young woman was at her very best and her 
place was ready for her.
Please continue to pray for my girls, their road will
not be an easy one, but as I said,
they will survive, they will heal.
The way they and their families have handled this
has been such an eye opener for me.
They are truly my hero's!
Love you gals,
Ann and Laurie....
forever and always,
the three Besties!

Friday, October 28, 2016


...Those famous words,
"It's a small world"
and yet, yesterday, I was once again reminded of
just how true that statement is.
Yesterday I left my cottage early to
go to watch my Elise in a play,
her first in her College years
(It and she was awesome, by the way).
The reason I left early is my car
seems to always detour to Breaux Bridge.
Yesterday was not different,
I may have to get that car looked over
the way it pulls over for all antique or yard sales.
I walk into one of my favorite antique stores there
but its been well over a year since visiting.
Two men are sitting behind the counter
"bull shitting" as we call it DTB.
"I be that gal right there is a cajun girl"
"May ya, sha" I say in my best Cajun accent
"Golden Meadow first 4o years of my life."
I begin to look around and one of the men says,
"I used to work with a guy offshore I think from
that area, Ronal Riera."
I am like "WHAT??"
Of all the names, Riera???
Okay, our name is not like Cheramie, Guidry Thibodaux,
its Riera, there are  literally 9 of us in all
of Louisiana and not many more in the US of A.
Ron, myself,  his new wife,Roddie, Kd and the
three grand girls and gypsy baby.
I am shocked and begin to explain that he is
my ex-husband ! Total shock.
This guy not only knows Ronnie but lots about him
Explained to myself and his friend at the counter,
how many times they received letters of recognition
with the company, Island because of Ron's hard work.
I and the man are so surprised by this
and he wants his number, instead I do better,
I call Ronnie and tell him the story and they 
speak to each other for a little while.
Each time I tell the story I am reminded again
what a coincidence this is!
Yep, extremely small world!

Friday, October 7, 2016


For a few blogs I have shared how giving to others
less than us, Paying it forward.
Today I blog on giving too much,
being hoaxed.
I was at Walmart, buying things for my chili for
tomorrow's Pumpkin deco party.
While in the store had a cute conversation with a
little family, three little children, mommy and Daddy.
They were buying Play-dough and teasing
their Daddy about it, I guess Dad was not a fan of play-dough.
We went on our way and I checked out,
as I was loading my groceries in the car
a very thin, sickly woman was roaming the WM parking lot.
"I won't get close, can you help me out? A dollar, for a 
sandwich? I don't want a ride but i am trying to
get to my sisters house in Addis..."
I so want to give her money but I have a feeling she
is not going to eat with it. 
"I can't give you money, but I can go and get 
you something to eat in Walmart or you can have these
"No I really need the money as my stomach is sensitive"
it killed me to say,
"I am sorry, I don't give money to strangers but I 
will buy you a sandwich" She walks away,
I call her back, I give her two dollars, 
"Thank you so much!"
But she does not go into the store, she
continues to try and hustle others, I think, 
"by the time I get this car loaded with groceries 
and she still is bothering people I will go and
get my two bucks back and report her inside the store.
Then the little family I laughed with in Walmart
come out and the Husband spots her
She be-lines right out of there, I tell him, shoot I just 
gave her money. He says loudly for all to hear,
"Yeah and give me my two bucks back I tell her as she passes
me, she pulls out my two dollars from her bra 
and hands it to me with the meanest scowl on her face.
I look at the young family and say,
"I mean why didn't she just take my two dollars 
and buy herself some play-dough, her life would be
so much better."

Thursday, October 6, 2016


My head is jumbled with so much I want to blog and 
I don't want it to be confusing to my readers,
so let me try and put this in perspective....
I know and love Martha's Vineyard (MV)
because the Kennedy's loved it and have left 
so much history there.
I love MV because it is the type of VayCay 
of relaxation, writing, starting my art journaling,
I love this trip because the Besties will be with me.
But one of my main reasons is.......
I have always thought, when my book is done,
I want it to be in the Susan Branch way.
She used her own handwriting, with small drawn
pictures as well as photos to tell her stories.
Yesterday I get the book I have been wanting,
by yep, Susan Branch...
I went to bed late last night reading her book
all about the Island we are about to visit,
I am energized, energized about seeing 
all the things she writes about,
writing my own book,
beginning to journal in a different way,
making myself and the two besties
an art journal to bring with us,
Well so many things.
I text my Besties after sending them pictures of my book,
"Finally got my MV reading, one of my fave
authors, lives on MV now, I'm going find her,
if I get arrested for stalking will you girls get me out?"
One answers,
"Lil you can go knock on her door and run...."
I reply,
" If I knock I ain't running, I'm getting this book signed,
then they can handcuff me"
and the next text,
"You can go to jail, I am going to MV"
Well I know where I stand with the bestie's...
So, Susan Branch if ya not on the Island, I know what
your cottage looks like (yes, she calls her home a cottage,
just like me!) If you not home, I will just leave you a note,
if you still live there that is.
If ever you looking for a good read,
that makes your heart happy and see a different type of writing,
they type of author I want to be,
Pick up a book by Susan Branch, cheap on Ebay.
My very favorite,
"Girlfriends are Forever"
Might just have to see about getting the bestie copies,
but maybe not since they leaving me in jail! lol

Friday, September 30, 2016


People ask me at times,
"Did you see the news?" and I realize
I rarely watch the news anymore.
When Ron and I were together or when I worked,
I watched it every morning.
Today I remembered that I just realized Hurricane season 
is almost over and I have not had to look at news
for threats of a storm at all this year.
That is not what my blog is about this Am.
I decided this morning I would watch some news,
more because I am distraught over the Presidential campaign.
I see the devastation of a train crash in the terminal
in the Bronx. Ugh and another school shooting....
Back to the train crash. I am focused on the 
one young Mother who passed away.
There she was standing alone on the terminal,
waiting for it to stop I guess to board.
I wonder what she was thinking of...
the news says her one child was at daycare
and her husband was rushing home from a
business trip. How sad, and yet, again,
I am wondering, what was she thinking?
Probably like all of us, what we are going to eat
for supper, about her busy day,
wondering how her husband was doing on his
business trip. and for sure,
she had thoughts of her precious child.
I am obsessed with the fact, she awakened like all of us.
She probably fixed coffee or tea and fed her child,
being a single parent while her Hubby was away.
She dressed her sweet child, brought he/she to 
daycare and headed to work or errands.
Stood on the train depot perhaps with 
her cell in her hand texting with a loved one.
I pray she had no clue her life was about to end.
I also think, we all wake up in the morning, we
never think "today is my last day of life"
"today I will die" 
"I hope someone knows where my husband and child is.
That poor husband probably trying to get home 
to be with their child.
There is such truth to the quote,
"live every day as if it is your last."
RIP you beautiful woman who I have only seen
your picture, don't even know your name.
.... and things like this may be why I watch
Four weddings in the AM instead of the news.
Enjoy beautiful weather!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

She is old and disheveled, she is riding in LeBlanc's
motorized car. I get in line to check out behind her.
I see her leaving without her groceries.
I look at the cashier.
She rolls her eyes, "She is coming back, going to
the car for more money"
I am upset. Not for the customer, but for the
the cashiers attitude. Here she comes,
she pulls out her little coin purse and starts
smoothing out the money she has.
I move to the service check out and
I watch while I wait my turn.
I remember long ago, Oprah saying,
"Respect your money and you will have enough"
I have a feeling no matter how much this poor
woman respected her money, there will not be
enough to pay her groceries.
All her groceries are bagged.
There are no alcohol, there is no cigarettes,
only fresh vegetables and things
any household would need.
She leaves again without her groceries.
Again the cashier says to the manager who is 
helping me, "She is going back to the car for more money."
The manager asks her total. $123. I feel anger boiling.
I don't know if she has food stamps but that day she does not.
She comes back in, with the motorized car.
While she was out, I remembered I had cashed a check
sent by my dear friend, Ali for $30 she needs $23.25
I hand the $25 dollars to the little woman
as the workers were beginning to take things out of
her grocery bags.
"Oh thank you, God bless you my child"
I leave saying nothing.
This time I feel good about Ali and I being able to 
help her but I don't feel good about her cashier.
I think on the way home,
"I should have waited to help her put her groceries in 
the car,"
"Who will help her when she gets home"
I then realize I have done all I can do for this woman.
As I was leaving I hear the manager say,
"You are going to make me cry"
I hope the manager was observant of her employee.
Again, I do not write for Kudo's I write because
we must be observant of those around us.
Two Bible quotes come to mind
"What so ever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me"
"But for the Grace of God, go I"
Help your elders whenever you can!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


On the other end of my post of yesterday,
I've another story that I will leave out names
and change it up a little as the person
who is the main character has not given me
permission to post this but the story is a lesson 
for us all!
Weeks ago and episode happened where someone
I love dearly needed some time away,
could afford it but others wanted to help
and she was not wanting to accept the help.
I kept thinking to myself, I guess it would be hard
for me as well as when I want something that is not
a necessity I have trouble spending my money on it.
In fact, if I don't make the money by working
my little scrap business for it, I will not buy
it or go away for fun.
The next morning after this episode happened
as I was saying my "Momma Rosary"
(Rosary my Mom gave all us siblings before
she died for helping her so much)
This idea came to me.
"When we turn down or refuse help from 
another we think we are doing what is right
but we are actually stopping those persons
from being a disciple to Christ,
we are not allowing His mercy to be bestowed on us.
There will always be a time where we can do
the same for someone else, yet it if we are turned
down, we are not being allowed 
to do God's work"
I sent this to this person and I guess it hit her
and she allowed others to be Disciples.
( or maybe she had already figured it out and
I had nothing to do with
Remember, when someone offers to help you
in some way, whether it be clean your yard,
offer money because they know you are struggling,
anything such as that. Allow it, it may not even 
be about you, it may be something that person 
need to do for themselves.
Think about it, think about it.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I have put off writing this post for a few weeks.
Only because I don't write it to brag on the things
I do or how I live my life. Believe me, I am far from
perfect, I am a sinner just like most of us are,
yet I have a big heart, again, like most of us have.
I may be different in the fact I am a people watcher 
and the things going around me.
So I write this not for recognition but to say
if we pay it forward, without letting those know
what you have done for them, The Big Man will
let you know He sees.
So a few days when things calmed from the floods
I went to BR. I had gotten a reward card for
$100 so I wanted to treat myself to a movie
and wanted go to some of my thrift stores I venture to.
At my first store, I witness a man asking the cashier
if she could hold a shelf he needed post flood
"I need to go get some cash from my wife for this,
Can you hold this for me?"
her answer, quite sarcastically,
"I am not supposed to hold things, I will give
you and hour but then its going back on the shelf."
"No ma'am I will be less than 15 minutes"
"Hurry up she answers"
Having seen his worried face and he short tongued
answer, I ask, "How much is it?"
She rolls her eyes and explains I can't sell it to you yet.
I answer, "I don't want to buy it I want to know how much
it is" Six dollars.... SIX DOLLARS....
this woman, putting this man through worry over 6 dollars.
I hand her a 5 and a 1 and she looks at me confused.
"When he comes back in, don't tell him who I am,
just tell him someone paid it"
I walk away. I don't pay attention if and when he
comes back in but when I get to the register,
the cashier is nicer, she is smiling,
she tells me the man was in shock, almost in tears
and he said that if the person who paid is still here,
let them know I will also pay it forward today.
After, I go eat at Panda Express,
place is packed as it has the best food for a 
fast food restaurant. The line is almost outside and yet
the first worker you meet is a young spanish girl,
she is hot, sweaty and yet everytime someone walks in the door,
"Good afternoon, how are you?"
To others in the line,
"Would you like a sample/"
If she noticed the workers did not understand her 
English she would speak Spanish to them without 
a beat. How good that must have had those tired workers
feel, finally someone who spoke like them.
She is busy and yet she smiles constantly, 
when ordering food from the kitchen
"Please and thank you" come out
of each command. I decide to eat my food there,
I sit close so I can continue to watch her interact
with others. It quietens down and I think, well 
finally she will take a small break.
NO, she get wipes, a broom and starts cleaning
the tables, sweeping the floors,
This girl is an awesome employers.
I take the time to write her a love note.
I explain that I have watched her,
she is what all people should be when working
with the public, how she has brightened 
everyones day. I get up to hand it to her
wrap to 5 dollar bills in the note.
"OH, no Ma'am, I can't take tips"
"Its not a tip, its a love note"
She seems shocked thanks me.
After a little while she comes back to my booth,
teary-eyed, thanking me so much for the note.
"Ma'am, today is my first day, I just moved here
from California and I miss my family so much,
you have made my day."
No sweet girl you have made my day and 
many other people who patronize this place.
Story does not end here.....
Remember I have a gift card from AT and T.
I treat myself to the movies, a pizza at the movies
and as I make my order I hear a young family 
behind me, two young children,
and they are trying to figure out the cheapest way
to make this experience for their family 
a good one. I can tell there is not much money
for snacks. As I walk to where you pick up pizza
I hand a 20 to the employer and tell him
after I walk away, use this money to get that
little family whatever snacks they want.
I go into my movie feeling good.
And then, the Big Man rewards me.
I have 15 dollar free rewards play at
Hollywood Casino. I am too cheap to spend much 
of my money at casino but this is free play.
One hour later, I walk out with $115 cash
and still have $50 dollars on my rewards card.
It may not always happen this quickly that
you are rewarded for paying it forward,
but eventually you will be rewarded.
It was a great day for me that day last week
when so many were struggling with flooding
I was thankful that I could go to my comfortable cottage
and having made myself and a few others 
happy for paying it forward.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


I have always had an infatuation with Martha's Vineyard.
Because I have loved and been obsessed with everything 
around the Kennedy's and the things that happened
at Martha's Vineyard and the Chappaquiddick waters.
Like BB said, he has heard of this place since he was like 5.
So, back to the story.
A few weeks ago, I told my bestie, Laurie
"I am going by myself to MV"
"What??? I want to go, please.... I need this!"
Was her answer.....
She thinks she barged in on my Bucket list
but she is one of the two people I would love to
have a girls week with! The other is our other bestie,
Ann. "OMG! I would love you and Ann to come!"
Now I was smart asking Laurie to come,
you see, I was going to Martha's Vineyard but had no clue
how I was getting there and had no clue where I would stay
following getting there. I don't worry about things like that.
I would have been like the Virgin Mary on the day our Savior
was born.... "Do you have room in this inn?"
Laurie is the ultimate planner, probably more than
needed but I was so glad she was coming and planning the trip..
Honestly, I did not plan it this way!
But I didn't stop her either.
After days and night of studying, not sleeping,
she found us the perfect spot, but then she was doubting if she
could find better, I told that gal,
"Get on that phone and BOOK IT!"
and that she did!
Now we had an issue with the other bestie.
I guess we didn't explain enough to her and how cost 
efficient it was, but her main reason for option out was
she did want to leave her hubby, Moody.
He has been sick last few years so as much as we
wanted her to come, we didn't want to push her 
but we wanted her with us so badly.
Then the other night, while having supper with Laurie,
she was second guessing her decision as her love,
told her she should go. When Laurie told her about
the BandB she had found, how nice the owner was,
How we could fly round trip for 200 dollars, she
really wanted to come, she went talk to her Moo
They think they busted my bucket list VayCay,
I was cheering inside to be on my dream place with 
my two bestie! Then yesterday, they surprise me with 
a day visit to the cottage, and they brought my bestie's baby, 
Linz! We talked about the trip, booked and paid our
flights and now we are definitely going on my dream
place! I am so ecstatic as this place is not something
I will be able to explain to anyone, to experience it
with the two girls who I have been friends with since
second grade..Well, I've not been this happy for
a while! When we were Seniors in high school,
us three with a few other friends, flew to Disney for
our Senior trip, yes, we are a tad older now but 
I feel the same excitement I did way back then.
Martha's Vineyard, bet ready, the three Besties are on their
way come November! 
Thanks to Bestie, Laurie for doing all the hard work!

Friday, September 2, 2016


Some may not know I am a childhood cancer survivor.
I beat a cancer at 5 years old that was incurable.
Every September, I am reminded by media
it is
Back in 1968, there was no internet or all the media
of today to announce to the world I had cancer.
There were no money jars, no walks to raise money,
only people who knew I was fighting to live
was my immediate family and my little town
of Golden Meadow.
Being 5, I should have been having fun in 
kindergarten, making new friends,
instead my parents older to have a 5 year old,
and my siblings were scared beyond belief
to find out I would most assuredly loose
a kidney and probably my life but if my
parent gave this Dr. Fisherman all medical 
rights to their little girl, he did not think he
could save me but he could hopefully find a cure
and save others after me.
Of course I knew none of this.
I only knew that I was sick and the medications
they gave me made me sicker.
Let me tell you what the child inside of me remembers
the most....
I remember being in what was called a "ward" back then
a long hall with many baby bed and tiny beds with 
only curtains separating us. 
Back then parents weren't allowed to stay with 
their children. So still to this day there
is a certain time of day, the light will come through
the window at around 6pm and the nighttime
news was on our few tv's we shared between
a ward full of kids,
and I can still here the cries of babies and
children wanting their parents, their loved ones.
Being a nurse now, I still can't think of why
they thought in 1968 the best way to treat sickness in 
children was to send their parents home at night.
For me, even though the crying made me some nights
cry, I knew my Mommy or Daddy or an older adult 
sibling was waiting in the waiting room.
Because my Daddy let the hospital know on day one,
He did not care what the rules were, he was not
leaving his baby girl alone, ever. 
I knew once all the other parents were gone and
the nurses had made their rounds, this one sweet nurse
would let my parent back in.
I didn't mind that my parent or whomever was staying
with me that night I am sure rocked many
other peoples children. I knew I was not alone.
Then their was the practice of the
parents were not allowed in that room either.
So of course, we children cried and screamed
for our Mommy's and daddy's.
I know, now being a nurse that the things done in 
that room were necessary but the route they
did it was in humane.
Once we got in there and we cried or kicked
they held us down and did and IV change,
marked us for radiation and there were threats
"If you don't stop crying you won't have your mail"
Mail was a big deal when you are in the hospital
for 8 weeks. "We won't let your mommy spend the
night if you don't stop crying" 
I know my 53 year old mind only remembers what
a 5 year old mind can remember but so much has changed.
Once my kidney was removed I still could not
go home but I was now in a room with only two other 
children and parents could stay.
I know now it was probably because
we were very sick or on the 
"gunna die" list.
Either way, I was glad my family was with me.
My niece, Tiffany was two and a half
and my favorite visitor besides my sister, Celena.
I was rotten, I knew being sick I could pretty much
get away with anything. I didn't know the reason was
because I probably had only a few more months 
with them. Growing up, my parents did not tell
me much and treated me like everyone else even
though they thought my time was limited.
It is because of this treatment that I grew up
and never used the cancer as a crutch.
Because of this I am a nurse,
Now as an adult, I have issues because of
the radiation given to me. too much was given
but I am not bitter, they thought I would die
and it is probably that treatment that kept me alive.
Yet some days are not so great. I try and act
like my parent brought me up, not to use
the cancer as a crutch but on a bad day it's hard.
Anyway, I write this not wanting sympathy
but to pay tribute to September as Childhood cancer
month and to bring awareness to the few adults in
the world still alive from childhood cancer.
I know my cancer had a lot to do with who I am now.
I know there are few to compare me to as most have passed,
On a bad day filled with pain from radiation to my back,
I may get pouty but I know without that treatment I
would have just been a name in the family,
"the little girl who died from cancer"
Instead I am Lilly.
A retired nurse who gave 30 years to the field.
I am Lilly
the mother of two beautiful children who I was told I 
would never have.
I am Lilly,
Mumsie to three grand girls who are amazing.
I am Lilly ,
who loves people, people watching, giving to others,
I am Lilly
who likes to laugh and do silly things to make others laugh.
I am Lilly 
who still loves toys especially miniature ones.
I am Lilly,
one of the lucky, saved by new wave meds at the time
and loved by older siblings and family, to health.
I am Lilly,
praying for all those little sweet children
who fight the battle in the month
of childhood cancer awareness,

Monday, August 8, 2016


As I sit here on my 53rd birthday....
what (cough cough) 
as my brod in law would say,
my 30th anniversary of my 23rd birthday,
that sounds better, thanks Nonc Jay!
So I see on Facebook all the back to school pictures
I think of all the first time parents of Kindergarteners,
us having our own Bean starting on Wednesday....
Brought me back to a time back in the day....
When my own baby boy began Kinder.....
yep, I had gypsy who was 10 months
and I held her in my arms as he bravely kissed us
goodbye and climbed on the big yellow school bus 
for the very first time. My thoughts...
"OMG! He can't even see out the window, he is 
too small"
As I watched his little hand wave in the window that
showed only the top of his head.
As I turned so he could not see my tears,
my mind went to all the other things that had kept me
up at night....
"Who will show him where the bathroom is?"
"How will he know how to walk in a straight line
when for the last 5 years he has only held his 
Dad and I's and walked on our side?"
"Will he give trouble not to nap since he has
not napped since he was 4"
"How will he find his classroom?"
"What if he does not like the food?"
OH how our minds worry about our little ones
when they leave for the first time.
I am here to tell all you first time parents....
When I began school nursing and saw the process
teachers, paras and everyone go through to teach
the little ones the rules would have relieved all
those anxieties I remembered over 20 years before.
yet, even with all that being said,
you will worry, you will probably tear up...
you will think of them all day and wait
so anxiously for that same big yellow bus to bring them
and you will be full of questions and the answer you will get?
I don't know or a shrug of the shoulders...
Happy first day to all you little ones,
and especially my favorite one, our Bean!
SOOOOO beware... it will happen each time!

Friday, July 22, 2016


It's fun now, that the two older grand girls 
can come and play together, but I still do enjoy
one on one time with each of them.
Yesterday I had Tuts and Bean.
Tuts cried for her Mommy and Bean
cried to sleep at Mummies....
They both got their
So once we brought Tuts home and Bean and I
were waiting for Aunt Nan C we heard music....
So I hurriedly ran inside for my wallet,
Bean didn't have her shoes on, cement was hot,
we missed the truck,
but to no avail, we saw the way it turned and
I decided...
WE are going to catch that truck,
my thoughts were, Beans feet will burn so I will
let her run in the grass while I walk quickly
around the block to catch the darn ice cream truck.
I said to the Bean,
" Give me your hand... we going to catch that truck"
And her memory must have gone back to Wednesdays
after school when she would come to the cottage
and we would walk the neighborhood for adventures....
As I hurriedly grabbed her hand,
wallet in hand,
"Give me your hand, we going to catch that truck,
her words...
Ohhhh Be Still, My heart...
Memories with the grand girls, its what i live for!

Friday, July 15, 2016

My Godson becomes a Husband.

Today, this evening, in the beautiful state of Virginia,
my godson, Ricky, will become a husband,
to a wonderful woman he found while doing his Navy
life on Virginia Beach.
I am sad that I am not there yet I will be thinking
of them today and will be celebrating with them in a few
months when they come here to Louisiana.
 Above, gypsy baby and Rick at Lady of the Sea Easter
egg hunt. 
I always was afraid I just didn't do enough with him,
as I take this Nannie thing seriously.
Yet, If you ask him, he will brag about his Nannie.
He make me proud when I hear Nannie from him.
Having found the woman for him, One that will follow him
wherever his Navy career takes him and it is something
he has wanted for a long time, wanting to begin a life
with a wife at his side, hoping for children to call him DAd.

 ( he and his Mom and step Dad a few years ago)
His life along with his Mom's has not always been easy.
Before his step dad, Bryan came into the picture,
his Mom sometimes had three jobs so he could 
have all those extra things he needed,
biddy basketball weekends, Dixie youth baseball,
all stars he usually made, the shoes that he wanted
but really were costly for his Mom.
He never wanted for what he needed,
I tried to help when I could,
having him spend many days with me in the gyms 
because his Mom had to leave for work,
but she always made time for the games,
I don't think she missed many,
she has always been his biggest fan,
so proud of her baby boy no matter what he achieved.
Like all of us, he has not always made the smartest
decisions but has always learned from them.
His career in the Navy has found him finding
his place in the world, now with Sarah near him
he will soar. 
I love you Rick, will think of you all day
as you begin your life as a couple, no longer
just you to concern yourself with.
As I wrote to you in your love letter,
Words of wisdom for marriage bliss:

Love you my dear godson, I am so very proud of 
the man you have become.

Friday, July 8, 2016

History of my NO WHINING signs...

Way back when I was just an aunt Lil,
before being a Mumsie, I would tell my great nieces
and great nephews that there is no whining
at Aunt Lil's house. When I was a school nurse, 
I would tell the students, tell me what is wrong but
do not whine, use your words and I can help you.
So of course, when Bean came along,
I would say the same thing. While they lived with
us and the other grandparents while their home was
being built, the Bean was a tad dramatic....
sometimes whining for no reason any of us knew.
At that time, I had a sign in my house that said
Because Bean was little and she could not read,
When she would begin whining I would point
to that sign and tell her,
"There is no whining at Mummies' house"
She totally believed in the sign.
She would rarely whine and when she did all I had 
to do was point to that red sign.
Then I moved to the cottage and the sign came along.
She would whine, I would point to sign and it 
would stop. If she whined at her house I would tease
her and tell her, I will make a sign for your house
and she would scream, "NONONONONONO"
Then a few months ago, shy of her 5th birthday,
she began to really want to read, every book I read
her I had to point to the words, she sounded out and
OH this MUmsie was oh so proud....
Until she began to call my bluff.
She came into the cottage and I saw her standing 
below the red sign and I see her mind turning,
I see her lil lips move
"Beee Cu......"
Uhhhhh  yeah, about that.....
i explain,
"Well you see, It says Because nice matters and in 
a way it means the same thing"
"No it does not" she exclaims.
And the very next day,
a new sign is made.....

I own one and now sell them for any of you who may need 
the same type of sign!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Most days I am in contact with my daughter in law, Kd,
at least once and I visit/babysit for her so I see how hard
she and BB work to raise three little girls that are
all close in age. Although, I would not want to go back
to that time period when my own babies were  young,
there are days I miss it, like a lot.
Because I was a darn good nurse, but I believe the best thing
I ever did was raising my children.
Looking back, I realize just how fast it passed
and how hard it was, but that it was the best job I
ever had, the most rewarding.
This morning while surfing Facebook and internet,
it is filled with drama and death right in our
own backyard, Baton Rouge,
and it has me wanting to, once again, to put
on my 'rose colored glasses'
Oh the world the struggles of todays world.
So with all of that jibberish,
let me share a funny story I keep thinking about
and laughing to myself as I recall a moment in time....
HAHAHA Can you see how she was even back then.
A fond memory I will remember forever.
Write down the little things your children do,
one day you will be glad you did.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nostalgia prevails today....

I am not sure why but today I am filled with nostalgia....
Thinking of childhood, thinking of fun summers,
thinking of how blessed I was that although I was born
to older parents and we didn't do much as vacations go,
we did do "stay"cations before it was popular.
Today while surfing Facebook I start looking at
cousins pages and I come across this sweet and happy
face. Always smiling, always laughing.
Even on the rare occasions I have seem her crying,
she was still smiling. So let me bring up a few memories.
Dina lived in Houma, we were both the babies of big
families, she the baby of my cousin, Jerry who
I never knew was my cousin until I was grown,
because we called her "Aunt Nan Jerry"
Every summer Dina spent one week at her grandmother,
my aunt LeeLee and then I would spend a week at
her house in Houma. Big deal for me as I rarely 
strayed far from my immediate family.
I think back on all the days we spent in our
back yard swimming hole. Dina, a year younger than
me, always sported fancy bathing suits and I thought
it was a big deal because she got them because she
was on a swim team! back in the 60's organized
sports for kids just was not popular on the bayou and
I thought she was a big Shit! excuse my
We shared many secrets I am sure but I can't remember 
any this day. Then when I went to her home....
let me just say their family unit was one different from
mine and I admired it. For instance, when her siblings
and she was young, they did not have a tv in their family room.
It really was a family room. Which meant on weekend mornings
we climbed into Aunt Nan Jerry and Uncle Darwins bed
for morning cartoons. So cool all of us laying in bed
watching tv. They also usually had a family project going on.
the one I remember in particular was the hooked rug
the family was working on, I learned how to hook rugs
there. Also at that time, it was safe to walk to the stores
close to their home, we walked there to spend the few
dollars my parents would have given me
"In case" I needed it. 
Of course, I needed that gel that came with a little straw
that you could blow your own balloons...
and I needed that magnetic wand that would add
magnet strands to a mans face....
I loved visiting there and I loved
the nights Dina spent at her grandmothers
which meant I was able to also sleep at my aunt OraLee
who still lived in the family home that was once a hotel.
What a great childhood we were blessed with.
And there is my nostalgic remembrance of the day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where I am, is Home....

Most of my peeps know that gypsy baby has come to
spend at least the summer at the cottage.
Needed a fresh start and although she was like,
"Lord, Mom I am 27, having to move back with my Mom"
I reminded her,
"Wherever your Momma is, is home, you can always come home"
and that she did, it has been almost a month and i think
last night made three nights she actually slept here,
but having a place to call yours, a place where
a bed and pillow is always awaiting your arrival is
all a gypsy baby needs.
Of course, her Dad would say the same thing,
she is always welcomed there as well
but her and I have lots in common.
So last night, for whatever reason,
I was thinking of that, how wherever your parents
are, no matter how old you are, where they live,
that is your home.
I went back in my memory to a time when Baby Boy was
a mere 18 years old. He had moved out on his 18th bday
because could not live by our rules.
Since then, we had moved to Thibodaux and
once he went into rehab. came out to live with us
in the apartment we were living in at the time.
We told him the same thing, where your parents
are you are welcomed if you can follow the rules.
During this time we decided to buy a home in Thibodaux
which would take Baby boy off the sleeper sofa he had been
living on at the apartment to having his own room once again.
As we were moving, we were all a tad happy to get out the 
apartment, well I and the kiddo's, Ron always like apartment living,
On one of the moving days, I watched as BB put his things up on the
walls into his drawers, things we had put in storage coming
out to be with him. He followed me outside that day.
Thanked me for giving him a place to stay.
Then in a shy voice asked, "How long can I stay"
Liked to knock me off my feet, I had to hold
back tears as I said to him same thing I told gypsy a 
few weeks ago.
"Baby, as long as you are sober you can stay until you die"
Meant it then and I mean it now.
The thought that he felt there may be a limit to how long
he could be there saddened me.
Of course after about a year, he had had enough of us all
and bought his first home as soon as he graduated from 
college. So to all you adult children out there,
Where ever your parents are, you are home.....

Saturday, June 25, 2016


 Our Sweet Tuts, the second of three grand girls turned
two in May. She is cute, smart and oh so Funny!
However, she has a big love for "Bae" her blankie
that she drags everywhere and for sure can't sleep without.
She also has a big love for her crib that she puts herself to sleep in
as well as a big, big infatuation with her Mommy and "DaDA"
Therefore, it has made it very hard to have her
overnight. She likes "Muzie's Howz" as long as the sun is 
shining and no sleep is involved.
 So, as with pictures here of her second birthday,
I wanted to try and start keeping her for the night.
Bean has always loved spending a night or two at
Mumsie's and at Maw Maw and Paw Paws but
her beginning was different from Tuts.
They lived between our two homes while their house 
was being built so she was used to sleeping away
as well as that girl is a socialite... does not want miss 
a thing. 
Tuts, well she is very different.
However, she turned two and began speaking in 
sentences, telling you what she wants,
"NO!" being her favorite when she means it.
She also loves "Yes Ma'am" and " I love you"
The sweetest disposition ever.
So back to the topic.
I wanted her to try and spend the night.
"Good luck" her Mommy said as she sent
her off with a small bag and Bae.
All day I reminded her, 
"You going to sleep at Mummies tonight"
"Yes Ma'am" and  "okay"
I used my new Flamingo sheets as an incentive.
"Where Nannie Jew?" she asked a few times, the
name she calls my Gypsy Baby.
"Working". My answer.
"Where DaDA?" "Work" same answer.
"Where Sissy?" "Going to movies with Mommy"
"Where Jemma Jemma?" she calls her baby sis
that she just started actually noticing.
"Sleeping at Momma's"
By 7:30pm after a day of playing and wearing
this lil tyke out, laughing at all her antics.
We played in Mummies bed and laughed at videos
of her family, I read her 4 books and then I said,
"Okay, Tuts, time to night night"
"NO!" OKKKaaaaayyyyy.....
"Well, Mumsie's just going to rest her eyes...."
"Ok Muzie,"
" I love you JoJo" "I love you Muzie..."
and I close my eyes.....
After a few minutes I peak my eyes open to check
on our progress and that lil fart,
her eyes were so wide and her nose almost touching mine.
How can you not laugh... 
yes, we both laughed and we started all over.
After four more tries with the same response....
Oh I got this! She is almost out, and that she was,
and even without the "white noise" machine,
our Sweet Tuts, slept all night at her Mummies' Cottage....
I don't know who was more excited the next morning,
tuts or Mumsie.
She opened her eyes, pried mine open and
said, "I slept a Muzie's howz!"
Oh yes, you did my sweet little girl.
...and a new milestone begins between myself and tuts,
not just playdates, but sleepovers are in 
our future. Happy second year, my sweet Tuts,
You make me laugh, you keep me feeling young,
you always, always remind me just how very
lucky I am for you and your sisters and
that the future, with you and I in it has just
began a new chapter.
"I love you, JoJo" "I love you, Muzie"
(forgive Mumsie's rough look in video!)