Sunday, January 31, 2010

My love for children

Often I am asked sometimes by my own family:
"How can you do all that stuff with kids?"
Some ask me why I do it.
For some it is hard to understand.
For me it is just because I completely love kids.
I cannot pass a child without touching their head
or hugging and kissing them if I know them.
Heck one day I was eating out with baby boy, baby girl,
and Kd and a child passed and I completely lost my
train of thought to stop and talk to that child.
A child I did not even know.
There is something about being around a child
and seeing the world through their eyes that I find
so amazing.
I have this gift of being able to relate to all children
no matter what their ages, of speaking to them
in a language that they can understand.
This is most definitely a gift and one I get to use
daily in my job. I can go from holding a sick 4 year old
until their parent gets there to giving tough-love
to an 11 year old who is bullying.
I do believe I have had many life experiences so that
I can share these experiences with children so
they can feel like I get them and I do share
personal stories with them.
As for my great nieces and nephews
my heart swells when I just think of them.
It doesn't matter if it is those that I see and spend
time with often or those that I talk of but don't
get to see that much. My heart swells just the same.
I see potential in each child, even those who seem
simply lost to the world.
There are those days like on Thursday when
my job finds me burned out with the fact that
5th grade girls would prefer talking to me about
periods and lice rather than speak to their own Mom's.
Telling me that their Mom's don't believe them, that
their Mom's aren't around for them to ask those
important questions. Yes, I am glad I am there to
help children yet I feel with my heart for those
who do not have a good relationship with their parents.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't smile
or laugh by something a child does, whether it be my family
or my school family yet there are also many days
that I am sorry for children.
Do not know if I would want the responsibility
of raising children in this world of today.
I see the future in all children.
So whenever I call and ask for your child,
don't thank me. You see I do it for my own
selfish reasons, I love spending time with children.
Being able to send them home when I am done
is an added bonus :^)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

guess who's going to the superbowl?

Yes, that is right Rebecca and Mikie are heading to the Superbowl!
I want to be jealous but really, this boy has been following the Saints
with season tickets probably since he was the age of his own son.
So I expect lots of pictures so we can at least feel like we
were at least part of the excitement.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Fridays make me happy, happy!
Not much to enlighten you guys on so I'll just leave you
with pictures to enjoy.
Mumsie and Scott shaking a leg at Rod-n-Kd wedding
Rod-Kd "Sealing the deal"
Hunk and Mikie sealing their deal...
Lillian Therese Collins, I must say I was cute!
Baby boy-n-girl
Baby boy, Ali, and Dempsey.
That boy loves his pups
Baby girl looking stunning
Hunk-o-burning love
participating in a skit at Renaissance festival
Baby boy-n-girl in Arkansas
Aunt Lil, Cas, and baby girl on Cas' visit to Louisiana.
Have a wonderful Friday.
Bad weather and cold this afternoon.
Get your PJ's ready.
Me? Scrap weekend...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

S&H stamps

I am reading a book right now that brought back memories
of old S&H green stamps.
Oh what those wonderful stamps brought to a little girl
being raised in the 60-70 era.
I remember Daddy licking or wetting these green treasures
with a wet towel and placing them in the little paper books.
I never really got involved in that part of the savings
but on the occasion that one of the big sisters picked
up Mumsie and I to go and redeem these green nuggets,
well I was there. I loved the green stamp store as we called it.
There were glass cases full of toys and household things
that could be bought with these stamps.
On the ride there I would dream of what type of toys
might I find there. It was not every time that I
benefited from the savings. Sometimes
Mumsie and Dad saved for something they really needed.
I would stand there in anticipation, waiting for Mumsie
to say, " I have 10 books left Lilly, pick you something."
I can't remember not one thing I was able to purchase
with green stamps. It wasn't about the prize, it
was about the whole trip, the probability that maybe
I would go home with something.
Oh how I loved the S&H green stamp store.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anniversary date

Today is 4 years since our Robert Acosta died
of spinal meningitis.
For my followers who do not know,
Rob was one of Roddie's childhood friends,
the son of Marty and Jeri Acosta.
The kind of friend who basically lived at your home
or Rod living at his.
The kind of friend that you jokingly told you
would deduct him on your income tax.
It has been a loss not to have Rob with us.
Yet I must comment on the fact that
because of Robert's death,
this year as a school nurse, we were mandated
to make sure all 11 year old students had been
immunized with a meningitis vaccine.
This was largely due to the hard work of
Marty and especially Jeri who went out there
after their only child's death to change the law
and make this vaccine mandatory instead of a choice.
It was just not enough for them to loose their child
to this dreaded disease without making his death
a cause. If you knew Robert, we was always looking
for a cause. His parents made his life, his death their cause.
Usually around the time of Robert's birthday and
the anniversary of his death I dream of him.
In my dreams he usually gives me some clue as to something
he wants me to do for his parents.
This is the first time I do not dream of him.
I choose to believe that is because he is on to
bigger and better things.
It's because his parents have done all the hard work
in his honor and now he says,
"Your work is done. Rest, enjoy your life and
I will see you when your return here,
to the place some call heaven and that I now call home."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yes, I now have a facebook account.
Had one for a few days last year when the kids told me
they thought I was too old for that.
Since then, everywhere I went, everyone and their momma
shoot even some of the grandmomma's had facebook.
So I went ahead and reopened my account.
I have to admit, I am enjoying having a way to
see how family members who live far away,
old neighbors and highs chool friends are doing these days.
I love the pictures of their lives.
I don't see myself becoming a Facebook addict
Heck, sometimes I can't even want to see a computer.
It stops me from creating and playing.
However usually every morning at about 5:00 am
you can find me on this piece of technology.
So look me up on facebook and surely will see
you there soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010


History has been made and all of us
may not have slept much last night.
The newscaster, Rob I do believe is still
drunk this morning and screaming
Saying that the state of Louisiana must
shut down on Superbowl Sunday.
Yes our Saints are going to Superbowl!
We were at Roddie and Kd last evening for
the game and I do believe I lost it when
I stood up on their brand new couch
and was screaming and jumping up and down
and the only thing that made that okay was
the fact that Kd was also.
I could say that maybe we were outplayed
and that Maybe Brett Favre deserved to win
the game but this morning I believe
that what this was was an awesome play-off game
where two deserving teams played their hearts out.
It is what a Championship game should be.
Yes, most of us would have been happier with
knowing much earlier that we had won the game
much sooner with a blow-out but now that
I know the end result, it was the most entertaining
game I have been involved in.
What an awesome way to end the game with this
young kicker to be the hero.
Listening to him speak of yesterday did make
me want to cry.
He spoke of not being able to sleep the night before
and found himself up at 2:15 am calling his Daddy.
He told his Daddy he felt as though he would find
himself in this position and he would win the game.
He said the first thing he did was call his Daddy.
Now you know this touches ol' Aunt Lil's heart.
Thanks Roddie and Kd for having us over
and thanks for the wonderful company of your parents
and Frankie and Crystal.
Each time I think of this historical event being made
it will be with memories of you guys!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zachary is a star in Scott

I knew the bayou was small but Scott must not be much bigger
than Golden Meadow.
Zachary was born on 01/10/10
(isn't that an awesome birthday to grow up with)
yet he was the very first baby to be born in Scott.
Peter sent us this awesome article of all
this cute family received with this honor.
I told Em and Andre' they won't have to cook for a while!
Em and I had a long text conversation last Saturday
as I was getting better from my hospital stint
and she like all of us who hold our babies in our
arms for the first time is in awe of this little creature.
She, like the rest of us, is now very conscious of
the world around her and as I told her while she was
pregnant she will never look at the world the same again.
I must say however that this little boy we call
Zachary David Broussard
is one lucky little boy.
You see, little Zac, I have known your momma
since the first day she was born.
She is a perfectionist with the biggest heart
I have ever known.
She will stress over every decision she ever makes
for you here on out.
She will never make a decision without weighing all the odds
and doing what she, in her heart, feels like is the
best decision for you. She will consult with your daddy
on those decisions whether it be for a simple decision
such as what brand diaper to wear or
when to discipline you. She will never pass
on any of her motherly duties to anyone else without
much thought on how this will affect you.
She and your Daddy will surround you with all the
good things in the world and try and shield you from
all the harshness out there.
She will surround you with people who love you
and want the best for you always.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Veronica, last week told us the story of how Edison Chouest was
naming one of their boats after our own Uncle Joe Griffin.
This is a big deal. One because rarely do these boat companies
name their boats by any other name than family and two
for the very reason as to why Uncle Joe died so young.
Uncle Joe was married to my Aunt MaeMae who is my
Daddy's sister. They had a good life until one day he found
himself making a crew change for Edison Chouest.
He was involved in an auto accident that he walked out of only
to tell paramedics he was fine and to help the people in the other car.
He soon collapsed and died on the scene from what they have always
believed were internal injuries that were not apparent
until he had lost enough internal blood to cause him death.
My Aunt MaeMae was left with 6 children to raise on her own.
The oldest, Joelynn was in high school, the youngest, Russ
was I believe 18 months old.
Now to speak of this awesome aunt, MaeMae.
This woman raised not only these 6 children alone but also
helped raise every grandchild who came after.
She has always been one of the strongest women I know.
She never remarried and always made her children priority.
She ran a trophy shop from her home so she could provide
for her brood. I do not remember her complaining or crying
not one time.
Edison Chouest and his company through all these years
have always took care of my Aunt and all my first cousins.
Whatever they needed Edison Chouest and their company
provided. Even 34 some-odd years later, they still
remember my Uncle Joe and his family.
We were all so touched to think that this amazing company
has named one of their boats the
Enjoy the pictures of the event.
Thanks to Uncle Darwin and Aunt Jerry who were so kind
to bring Mumsie with them when none of us Collins could
miss work to take her there.
Mumsie called last night and went on and on about
how much she enjoyed this outing and talked
of old memories as if it were yesterday.
Aunt MaeMae holding pictures of Uncle Joe

Joey and Russ the two youngest Griffin's
Aunt MaeMae, Aunt TaTa. Shana is the one on the right.
Shana is the youngest daughter of Uncle Joe and Aunt MaeMae

Enjoy your Friday and get ready for the Saints.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ronnie came home from the airport, Jesi picked him up
and they met me at the house.
Both of us are disappointed to say that we
will not be purchasing the awesome house on
the bayouside. Not because it wasn't worth it
or that everything that has been done to this home
was done in an awesome way.
Not because this bayouside home will be a wonderful place
for someone to call home.
When Ron weighed the fact that although
this house is move in condition there is upkeep
that would have to be done like painting and such
and that this one that we own outright is maintenance
free for me. We also had to weigh the fact that my
health is not the best all the time and he works
thousands of miles away and that if something went
wrong on an older home, he would worry that I would
not be able to do those things that need to be done.
I made myself a promise that no matter how much
I fell in love with the home that Ron would
have to make the final decision and I would
go with whatever he thought was best for us.
Yes, I love this home but when he made his points
in regards to our age and future I do agree that we
have made the best decision for us.
Yet we are still both just a little disappointed.
Julie and Shane, thank you so much for allowing
us to be in your home so much for the last two weeks.
For holding out for us for two weeks when you
could have been showing it to others.
You guys will have no trouble selling this place you call your home.
It was awesome getting to know you guys.
To any of my blog followers,
if you are interested in looking at this home
let me know and I will give you their contact information.
So the dream continues.


Funny that when returning to my school after
going to the doctor with C and Ted I see the sun shining.
It is exactly how my spirits are feeling...
Wonderful news for C with the surgeon today.
He does not feel like this problem in the gallbladder
is cancer, he relieved us by saying gallbladder cancer
is very rare and when seen it does not look like this.
He said it is not connected to the liver.
He offered her a few options:
He can take it out next week
or as Ted suggested,
she can wait two months, rescan and then if any changes
remove the gallbladder or if it weighs on her mind too much
he can remove it then.
Even worst case scenerio if this were a rare type of cancer
nothing would change the treatment by waiting 2 months.
He was completely optimistic that this finding has
nothing to do with the way she is feeling.
She and Ted have opted for the waiting 2 months and
going on their skiing trip in 2 weeks.
Thankin the Big Man right now...

Sorry Mikie

Nonk Jay with his three little sister in laws
Audobon Zoo, have always loved this picture...
Ange' and NeeNee being good sisters...
Jesi's first lost tooth and a new hairdo...
Hugh John and Ellie Pie on the streets of downtown Thibodaux
Ronnie teaching his favorite daughter in law the mechanics of a gun...
Ron and Baby boy on the morning of Jesi's high school graduation.
They are standing on her bed while she is trying to sleep,
Rod is wearing her prom dress, Ron her graduation gown.
Gotta love these boys...
My Abby at little Abby's birthday party...
KD on one of our family excursions, you know the ones
that always play out better in my head than in real life.
This was at an antique shop we dragged the boys to...
Taken by my friend, Teela who took Jesi's graduation pictures...
Jesi and Kira messing around at Peltier Park...
Aunt LeeLee...
Cutie-patootie C...
One of Dad's awesome photographs.
Mom thinks it was because of the new car.
Love this picture...
Roddie was always so smart, reading at 13 months...

Mikie and I had a long talk last night.
He put in a request for an entertaining, funny blog
this morning. Enough of gloom and doom
he said he needed something happy today.
Yet after receiving more devastating news
yesterday about a dear friend of mine,
well I just have nothing entertaining today.
Sorry Mikie, so this one is open to you guys.
Come on share with me a funny or entertaining
uplifting story you have.
Make Aunt Lil smile today...
However I will leave you with these pictures
in hopes that at least one sparks an old memory,
a smile to your face,
Smiles and laughter are the cure for lots!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fear of the unknown

We all have experienced the fear of the unknown.
It can drive you crazy until you get the news.
Whether it be good news or bad news,
it can be handled once you know the truth.
Our family has always been one that can
handle even more than the ordinary,
as soon as we know what we are facing.
Funny, when I hear of others having breast cancer
I may cry out of empathy for them
yet when our own sister was diagnosed with
her second bout of breast cancer I don't know
if I shed one tear.
Why? Because it is the way our family rolls.
We can handle anything once we know what we
have to do.
I hope Celena is not offended by the fact that
I must speak of her this morning. To speak of
her personal life I'm not sure I should do but
to speak of nothing, to not ask for prayers on her
behalf would just not be me.
I won't go into big detail right now in hopes that
maybe C will share with us once she is ready, once she
knows just what she is facing.
The fact is we really don't know what she is facing yet.
I will just say this,
she hasn't been feeling well lately and she has
had some tests that have turned out not so good.
She and her little family as well as her extended family
are caught right now in the
part of this medical thing.
She will be seeing a surgeon tomorrow and a probable
second opinion on Friday at Ocshner's
She will definitely need surgery to remove
her gallbladder but there is some suspicion
that this will be a little more complicated than
removing her gallbladder. There is a suspicious
lump there.
So please pray for our sister as she faces whatever
is in her future here.
Prayers can do wonders, it unblocked my colon.
Hopefully we will have good news soon
and I also hope that C will keep us all posted
on this blog.
Please be kind and give them time to absorb
all this information when she gets it.
I promise we will keep all of you posted.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrating MLK

Monday night is Bingo night however this Monday Bingo
was cancelled because of MLK birthday celebration.
Well, this just didn't make sense to C,
I mean shouldn't we have Bingo to celebrate MLK?
So C decided that we would have our own MLK birthday...
at the manor with all who could attend.
We had sandwiches, dip, king cake, soft drinks...
We invited "Sista" who showed up for a minute to mess
with us...
We were going to play UNO but as usual just spent our time
talking, catching up, laughing...
...Rosie was late (what Rosie was late?!) but came in
with a bang sporting her WHO DAT spirit...
...And we had surprise company when Mone's old beau, C.J. France
came in with his sweet wife to celebrate with us...
If pure spirit could win a game for the Saints
then the Saints are bound to win this weekend.
Good times by all.
Good times, good times
Thanks C for the idea and planning!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back on track

After a small delay with building this road and such
I am back on track.
Took it easy yesterday but was able to make it
to church and cook lunch.
Today no school thanks to ol' MLK!
Up at my usual time of 5 am and going back to
the gym today. It is good to feel well again
but it is like having to start all over again and I was
on a roll. Thanks to all of you who sent well-wishes
and prayers. This week Ron and I will make a
life-changing decision as we decide if we
will purchase this new home.
I could go for a change of scenery to
go with my road paving project...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have put off blogging about the Haiti earthquake.
One because I wasn't feeling well and this whole thing was
making me feel worse and two, because what can be said?
Should I talk about my questions to God?
Should I talk about how tragic each and every personal story is?
Should I talk about our TES french teachers who have
been on pins and needles awaiting news of their loved ones?
This morning I will type with no plans.
I will type what comes to my head in hopes that I can grasp
inside myself what I am feeling.
All of us sometime in our lives have been faced with some
type of horrible happenings that was hard to get through.
We as a community know what total destruction is.
We have seen the floods of Juan, the devastation of Katrina,
the crumbling of our own twin towers.
We know and understand what Haiti is going through,
but only to a point.
You see because even through all of this, we had family
to help us, we had hospitals to go to, we had churches
and groups to pray together. Even though people
were stranded for days after Katrina, we knew once they
were rescued there would be food, shelter, hospitals,
doctors and everything they needed to build back up.
It would be slow but there was hope for these who
lived in one of the richest countries we call home, USA.
What I feel for one of the most poorest places in the
world is something that is hard to put in words.
I cannot imagine surviving this to find my child
dying with no hospital or medical care to bring them to.
To just hold them not knowing what is wrong praying
they either die soon without suffering too much or
wake up and get better over a few days.
There are no places for them to go.
They are laid out in fields waiting for food, water.
When food and water does arrive the trucks sometimes
have to pull away still full because of the mass crowds fighting
for the necessities for life. They are afraid and
this makes them act like animals, they are in survival mode
and they are doing what they feel they must do to live.
Yet in most of the pictures and telecasts, there is
calmness, stillness, resigned fear as this
destruction settles into their minds.
Our people still argue with our governments
our public officials for what is done post-destruction.
We had FEMA trailers, free food, yet we still wanted more.
These people sit and wait for trailers that are not coming
for food and water that will probably be dropped to them
via helicopter as they hold their loved once and pray for
death or life.... Some don't even know what a higher power
or prayer is, they have been too poor to be taught these things.
I cannot even begin to explain what this has made me feel inside.
I don't want to watch yet I am drawn to the channels that
tell the stories of the people of Haiti.
As we go about our Sunday morning, our day
and we celebrate the winning of the Saints
think of one thing you will do for the people of Haiti.
As for me, this morning at church I will be making
my monetary donation to the Catholic Haiti fund.
Nothing I do will be enough in my eyes but
doing nothing is just not an option for me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

you can have fun in a hospital

Much family company last night here at Thibodaux Regional.
Baby boy left this message on the board in my hospital room.
I took off the picture but left the writing.
It has been the laugh of the night shift here.
Thanks to Kd's iphone she got pictures...
I had much company last night my great family
The sista's minus one, Mumsie, Baby girl, Baby boy,
Kd and Chase were all her to make the time go
faster. Sista's brought me surprises, color book and colors,
gum puzzle book.
The best was the company and having baby girl sleeping
aside me "just in case"
Poor Ronnie in Alaska has called many times.
Thankfully I had good news to tell him
looks like the kink in my bowel is almost completely
opened and there is quite a bit of inflammation
causing some discomfort but oh so much better!
The plan from Dr. Guidry is to recheck my xray this morning
and if it still looks good will feed me and see what
the belly does with that. If all goes well I should be
able to go home soon.
Thanks to all who have wished me well and prayed
and to even those who helped me laugh even
if it hurted.
I cannot say just how lucky I am.