Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in commision!

Yes, I did it, I decided it had to be a new Apple.
Yes, it killed me to spend the money and I feel 
like I should have gone with something cheaper,
but "Once you go MaC...."
oh, you know the saying!
Now I have no excuse to get down and dirty into
some wonderful posts and Lord knows, many
ideas have passed through my mind in the week I didn't have
my computer. While waiting for the new computer I walked
around Barnes and Noble...
I can stay there all day and yet wanted so much,
felt like I needed to get out, but I didn't.
I have neglected good blogs, journaling,
thinking deeply. The visit to Band N
sparked a fire under me again.
There must have been 200 different journals
and of course, I wanted each one.
Another collection is not something I need,
but it is a definite want.
I have got to find the me I haven't been for some time.
Journaling has become something I do sporadically now
and I miss it so much, miss writing my deep thoughts
where they can have a life.
Tomorrow a story of my Oprah, OWN
and a book I am reading.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's a fact.."

I cannot live without a laptop. I have not been able to get my laptop to work following The spilled coffee fiasco that I want to blame on my pups. Today I will turn in the old one in hopes I can trade in for a new one, In hopes that my hard drive can be saved to new computer... If not... PROJECT! Gunna have many pic CDs to reboot. I wasn't going to buy a new one but I am a blogger and this iPad Blogging is the pits.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bean today

No, not as in the eating type.... Bean, although getting better, her parents decided it best to leave her out of daycare for the week. She's so lucky to have these parentals. Maw maw cathy had her yesterday and today is mumsie and pappy's day. It's amazing how close bean and hobl have become in the short time we have been there. Absolutely adores him now, will give him kisses now without the big sigh of relief when it's over that she used to do. He won't ever be the pappy that gets on the floor and plays but he will always be the pappy that makes up cute songs to make her laugh, who puts on mumsies clothes to make her laugh, he will always be good for a toy at any store she accompanies him too. Every little child deserves grandparents that each give something different to her. She's so lucky... We are so lucky today! A whole day with the bean.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a blah day and yet so good

You know, you can look at things one way and it's okay to feel down. You can also see the good parts which is what I am trying to remind myself. My pain is not bad at all which has me having weaned myself completely off the duragesic patches. This is good but it has a way of putting you in the funk for a few days. It will also probably get a little worse as my pain may not require any narcotic meds right now. I'm weaning off all of it which puts me already in a sad state. Yet yesterday, when sitting in the office of the neurosurgeon with my HOBL, I am so worried all of a sudden for him. I can see his fear and worry, his hands shaking, and I feel very sorry for him. He is not one to be ill and I see he is scared. After the relief of Dr. Leichty explaining that he is not a candidate for the cement procedure because the bone must be porous and his is strong and healthy, after he relieves us that this bone fracture is indeed bad but thankfully, stable and the best thing to do is put him in a brace and let it heal like any broken bone for 8 to 10 weeks, I see the color come back into Hobl's face. We discuss his recovery and pain management and on the ride home things are better. This morning he feels so much better but my mind, my heart are not so well. It doesn't matter how old family members are, when they hurt or being hurt by poor decisions that affect others, it puts all in a damper. No details here as it is not my place or right to speak but prayers are needed for parts of my family and all would be appreciated. Yet, even with this heavy on my heart, and my body adjusting to needing no pain meds right now,there is good. Good, not that bean is sick but good that my services are needed there and I drive over to baby boy and kds house to see a sick lil girl. Her mommy has to go to work, which is hard for her. I hope she feels a lil better knowing that this is why I moved here, why myself and her mom are retired, so we can help in these situations, that bean is with the second best people who love her, the first being her own parents. The good part in this is that all bean wants to do is be rocked and watch the goofy movie and there is nothing this mumsie loves more than rocking, kissing warm foreheads, cuddling while watching one of her all time favorite movies. Heart is heavy, heart is full, sad for some moments, so grateful for others. Completing the sale of the thibodaux home tomorrow which will relieve hobl from much stress. We lay in bed last night together and he comments that we are good companions.... This brings me peace, a warmness. I say we need to remember that when life gets in the way and we are short or ugly to each other. It's what long lasting couples can draw comfort from but the world tries to make this unimportant, it is of utmost importance. We need to nurture these relationships even when it seems easier to condemn or speak negatively of. If you have a significant other, whether estranged or good, make it right, make it better. Sorry if this blog seems like just one big piece of run-on sentence.. It's the day I am having. Pray for the children in the world....especially today for those in my family, thanks!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cannot live without my laptop

I doused my computer with coffee and now can't get it to turn on at all. I am lost without it. The iPad is good for lots but not for a blogger. Will Have to either get it fixed or a new one... Aggravating since there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Love my pups but them in the morning with a computer and hot coffee just is a hard mix. Anyhoo, Ron sees neurosurgeon today and we are praying that he will be a candidate for the cement procedure that is non invasive and will hopefully take away his pain and get him back to work within a few months.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado shootings

Another terrible shooting, this time in a theater where people had Gone to relax, enjoy a few hours away from their daily lives, to get Lost in a movie for a few hours. As many heart wrenching stories come out I find a little more about the individuals who were victims of this tragedy. Like all tragedies it is the stories of hope and faith that are reported the most and you here of ordinary people who had extraordinary lives. Like the brother of one of the victims, who was also within minutes of the mall Shootings a few years ago, stated, he is begging people through all this to never Mention the shooters name, to give him none of the glory that he craves. He asked this of our president who met with all the families for hours yesterday. Obama agreed never to mention the name of the shooter and I too agree not to do that. Instead, let us focus on the families and friends, the ones who have died or been victimized by a minster. Aside from one man, who was in his fifties, all the rest of the dead were under 30 years old. The youngest of the deceased was a mere 6 years old, a whole life ahead. As usual, there are those out there who want to find fault with the innocent. There in the theater was a young couple with their 3 month old baby. Many have outwardly Stated they had no business to be there with a newborn. Yet I say, I remember being young and poor with babies. They probably thought it was a way to enjoy a night. The fact is, this is America and they did nothing to deserve condemnation. They are the innocents, they deserve not to have to explain themselves. I continue to hear the stories as its my personality to do this. Our country needs to wrap our arms around those who were in that theater and pray lots for all for those left behind are the ones who will suffer the most. I can't go a morning without thinking of the 6 year olds parents and how they will manage I also spend lots of time thinking not so much of the shooter but his parents. They too need prayers as much as the rest as I am sure they are filled with quilt even though They really are innocent in all of this. Come together country and pray for all involved. (apoplgies for the typing as done on iPad, laptop caput)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Have you ever?

Have you ever been to a new place within a half hour
of your home and thought that a 
"Whole new world" has been opened up to you?
The bestie, Laurie and the bestie babies
went yesterday to Denham Springs.
From the new house, Denham Springs is less
than a  half hour away.
When we drove into the litte town 
and found North Range Avenue
I could hardly catch my breath.
There we found over 15 old buildings jam packed
with so many antiques and vintage finds that 
the bestie and I were overwelmed.
Today, we find ourselves going back because
we just could not see nor take it all in at one time.
I was happy each time I thought that this little treasure
of a place was so close to me.
I will become a staple there.
Cannot wait until
the niece, Rebecca comes for her staycation
because we are definitely going to spending time there.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Staycations are grand!

Ever since buying the new home,
bestie, Laurie and her babies have been planning a 
staycatioin here.
Today is finally the day that they are coming
and I just cannot wait!
We gunna lay around, be lazy,
hit some antique and flea market sales,
plan nothing and have fun every day.
Hoping the other bestie, Ann meets us on Thursday
to head to Denham Springs for antique hunting.
Having HOBL home was not expected but
even he is so excited about the change in our daily routine
and a visit from close friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The poor HOBL...
In May, after falling off a ladder in the new house he messed
up many muscles in his back.
The good news was that after an MRI there
was absolutely no damage to his back, in fact, the doctor was 
amazed to see a man at 50 years old to have a back with not
one problem with it.
HOBL has trouble realizing that he is no longer 20 
and he also has trouble with the fact that he needs to slow down sometimes.
Last week, when cutting Baby boys grass,
as they take turns cutting each others grass when the other is at work,
he lifted something and felt a "pop"
when you hear and feel a pop, it usually is not a good sign.
He went to the doctor to be told thankfully, 
it seemed to be only the same muscles.
Yet after days and still not getting back to normal he decided
to go to Urgent Care for xrays.
The Urgent care physician almost freaked as the
regular xrays showed....
a broken back!
Yes, on L-2, a broken spine!
He is insistant on leaving Sunday for a class in Colorado for work
but after that, I do believe the company will send him home 
to have this thing evaluated by specialist.
Pray for my poor HOBL for anything dealing 
with pain and medical issues becomes a big deal 
with a recovering drug addict who has been sober for 
many years as he has been.
There is no way he can get through this without pain meds.
as the doctor told him yesterday and although
I have faith that he will do what he has to do to protect
his sobriety and get well,
It is still a fearing time for us.
He are hoping that after another MRI 
it will be the type of fracture that rest and physical therapy
will be able to heal without surgery.
Fear of the unknown for me is the worst as we have
built such a good life and do not want this to turn 
our little world upside down.
Will keep all posted....

Friday, July 13, 2012

A wedding to plan for

MY friend, my lil neighbor who is known to most
as "Katie, the neighbor is engaged to be married
to her high school sweet heart, Brent.
There is so much I can say about this girl.
She, over the last 7 years, has become one of my
favorite people to hang out with as she is a younger
version of me in a lot of ways.
Before we moved, we could be found many days on 
Lee Drive scrapping or just hanging out and talking.
She is crafty, loves to scrap.
We share the love for antiques and garage sales.
What I love the most about Katie is her loyalty to her
friends and family.
We used to jokingly call her the neighborhood caller.
While in high school, she would visit all us neighbors
and make sure we were all doing well,  keep us all connected
by filling us in on what was going on in our neighborhood.
As an adult, she has become a young woman to be proud of,
as I know her parents must be.
In a world where teens are doing wrong, experimenting
with so many things out there that are so dangerous,
Katie has remained true to herself and her relationships.
I know her parents have to be so proud.
I know I am proud, proud of the way she lives her life
and to say she is my friend.
We may be many years apart, but she and I are both very serious
about continuing attachments to friends and family no matte
how far we may be from them.
Brent is a lucky, lucky man.
He has a future wife who is one who will always be loyal,
always be at his side, no matter what they face.
When you have Katie's love, you forever have it.
I am glad I am one who she shares her love and life with.
Congrats, Katie and Brent...
Katie we have lots to play with now, 
so excited to be part of the next year with you.
July 5, 2013 will be here before ya'll know it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


My dear, Meg is coming play in the new house with me today!
If you are lucky in your life, there are those people
you will meet in your life and bond to forever.
Meg and gypsy baby have been very good friends
since we had moved to Thibodaux.
As they got older, Meg and I shared the interest of paper crafting,
scrapbooking. She, because of this, has remained 
one of my young friends.
Today she is traveling to Plaquemine to come play
with her "Momma LIl" in the new and improved scraproom.
Just what a funky mood needs as I have been up early
excited about our day together!
Ducks are on the stove, all sides just need to be heated
so that we can play all day.
An added plus....
gypsy baby and the kelmiester are coming and hang for 
a bit to see Meg. 
It's gunna be a good day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wish I had wrote this!

Been in sort of a funk lately.
Not sure why but we all know the feeling,
not depressed really but just funky feeling,
not feeling like doing anything, feeling lazy and 
just not comfortable in my own skin.
Have lots I want to do but just don't feel like doing any of it.
Like I said, we all get it and the best thing to remember
when this "funk" settles in is:
I know it does for I have been here many times in my 
almost 49 years.
I have been filling my reading with true inspirational stuff
that is always good for me when I feel like this.
A few days ago, searching Pinterest,
I come across this beautiful statement,
-kurt vonnegut
Oh this is so beautiful that I wish I had wrote it myself.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I love me a bargain!

 This morning, as I drink my coffee, I am also surfing the
World Trade store to see the sales.
I am happy to see the above cup on sale for $6.99.
Of course, this is expensive for a mug and this post is about a deal.
I bought the same exact cup to add to my "happy" dishes for
3 dollars at Marshall's just last week.
 I also talked about this oil heater I picked up at the Jockey lot
on Sunday for 10 dollars even though the woman at the
flea market had a $50 price on it.
I was happy to see on ebay that the above one just like mines
was priced at starting bid for $50.
I also saw the below one for $75 via ebay and I decided I am going
to paint mine to look like this before putting it in
my Cajun house display.
Bestie, Laurie and bestie babies are coming next week 
for a staycation. Can't wait to find more of these type of deals!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A long weekend, fantastic!

 On Friday, went play with Bean and her cousin, Lizzie at 
Maw Cappy's house. I found a new app. for instagram called Snapseed.
What it can do to a simple picture makes me so excited!
This picture is the grunge application.
Thanks,  Lauren for introducing it on Instagram.

On Saturday afternoon, I headed to Laffeyette to watch my
godchild Cameron dance her heart out.
If you ask her what dancing means to her she will tell you,
"My life is on that stage"
When she dances, you believe that to be true.
She is so talented.
 I decided to sleep in Laffy so that I could spend time and rock
this little cutie, Silas "Sy" Tamplain.
Sayra and Miki are so proud of their little man and should be.
He is now 7 months old and stayed at a three hour dance recital.
Never cried or fussed, only watched in awe and danced to the music.
I still do not know what that baby's cry sounds like as he never did
 I was loving our rocking session, just knew that after
45 minutes I had put him to sleep as he was dead weight in my arms
and so quiet. When Sayra came to check by looking over my shoulder,
the lil fart was still wide eyed, just loving the rock.
A baby after my own heart.
 He was an unexpected blessing to his parents as well as all of us.
He is magic, the sweetest little thing.

 This picture above is after the recital we took Cami to the hibachi grill.
She had never watched the show and loved it.
She looks a little worried in this picture as he has just caught all our
food on fire, but all was good and the food was fantastic!
Cami was tired of wearing her fake eyelashes and thought it would be
cool to have her daddy wear them.
Oh what a daddy will do to make their little girls happy.
Ready for a night on the town...
Not gunna happen.
He was a good trooper.
So glad this boy found sobriety as he is such a sweet heart.
On the way home, Cami and I had to stop at the
Jockey lot which is an outdoor flea market we love.
My favorite booths are those that are like garage sale stands.
A woman had this old gas heater from the early 1900's with a sign that
said 50 dollars. I knew it would be perfect cleaned up in my cajun house
display in the new house but I wasn't paying that amount of money.
She asked me to  make an offer. I explained the only cash I had was
a ten dollar bill in my wallet. She said she would take that and i
became the proud owner of this part of history.
I love it! The cuts are so fancy for a heater.
 Cami and I then went to Thibodaux to meet Malaina and her Mommy
half way to come and spend a few days with me in Plaquemine.
I paired these two off as both love dancing and both love scrapping.
They are two years apart and this was the first time they met 
as Cami is my side of the family and Malaina is HOBL's side of
the family. It was a perfect match.
I helped them put together their paper bag albums and told them
to use all I had taught them to decorate their albums.
They spent a full day and half of the next to finish them a
and they were proud but I was most proud because with no 
help from me, they both had remembered and used techniques I 
taught them.
Each evening we walked the pups in the new neighborhood so
I could show them all I loved about the new place.
They agreed it was a peaceful place.
They then returned to their scrapping.
They loved all the space in the new room 
and I loved the most imporant part of scrapping"
"Clean up as you go and keep the room organized to get your
best projects done"
They did a wonderful job of that and I had little to do at the end of
our visit as I spent little time up there as they played.

IT was a wonderful time and before you know it, it was Tuesday
afternoon and time to bring both of them back to Thib. to meet
their rides home. It is getting hard to get all the little ones
in my life because there are so many of them and their times
of freedom are so limited. I also am starting to feel my age
when trying to keep up with kiddies.
Yet I value time spent with each of them.