Thursday, June 16, 2016

A sense of smell can take you back....

I am not sure how many are deep thinkers as I.
Today I should say "deep smeller"
Many many years ago, when my kiddo's were children
a woman came into the doctors office I was working in
and I smelled her perfume and knew I wanted that scent around
me forever. 
She told me it was just a body lotion from 
Clinique called Aromatics.
That very weekend I bought my own and have
worn only that lotion for at least 23 years.
As my babies grew they often could be heard
saying, "I smell my Momma"
or "My Momma was here" just because of that smell
made by Clinique. I have worn it for so long that I can't
even smell it anymore on myself but often others
will ask what it is I am wearing.
This brings me to another thought,
often if you are behind me when when I walk into
my cottage, you  may hear me say,
"Smell, it smells like an old church"...
as I tak a big whiff of this wonderful home 
I call my cottage.
Below, the picture? It's a photo of my Mom's pillow.
The same one she used most of her elderly life. 
I have not washed the pillow case since she passed.
I can still smell her in the case.
A few weeks ago, my sister, C was here with the other
sisters so she slept with me and I had her smell it,
she agreed, Mommy's scent is still with us and I 
can't bring myself to wash to case. 
Which now brings me to another story.
Bean slept her one night last week and forgot her
favorite pajama here. So, a few nights ago,
myself and MawMaw Cathy babysat the three
grand girls so their parents could go on a date.
I brought Beans suitcase back that housed her favorite
PJ. I explained to her that she may want to wash
it before she wore it again because Mumsie had
not washed it yet. She opened the suitcase,
grabbed the gown and smelled it.
Didn't just take a small smell but
a deep, loving whiff.
Then said, "Oh, no Mumsie, I am wearing this tonight"
"Smell it" she insisted.
And I did, I smelled a combination of the cottage smell
and the Clinique Aromatics lotion,
"It smells like you Mumsie, I am wearing it tonight"
Yes, the kid will be eclectic like her Mumsie
and smells will take her back,
back to places of comfort and warmth.
I hope my smell will forever be in all their hearts and memories.

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