Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I was never afraid of being the Mother of a Gay child.....

.....Until now.
The massacre that took place in Orlando,
I hope touched many more people than just
the gay community and the families who loved them
It was my very own gay child, now 27, who told me
about it. I would have preferred to keep on my rose
colored glasses and yet, this could have happened
to me, just because my very own baby girl is gay.
How can I ignore that?
I have often said, 
"God gave me these two children to love them,
that is it, love them unconditionally no judgement barred.
Yet after this weekend, I am a terrified Mom.
I and my gypsy baby have been long time
lovers of Anderson Cooper, gay in his own right
yet so well known in the news community.
To watch his video as he tries to read the names
of the deceased through tears.
I watch and I get teary-eyed and many thoughts go
through my head and most importantly my heart....
and then I became AFRAID.
For the first time since my gypsy told me she was gay,
I had not had this type of fear.
YEs, I had fear for her to find a true and lasting love,
being gay makes this a little harder,
I was afraid that life would always be a tad harder for her
than straight kids and then I changed my thinking.
Our world has come a long way since my sister in law
came out in the 80's. What happened in Orlando
changed that, I am now in fear for my child and
all those other childrens' parents, like me,
who love them unconditionally.
I am so disappointed in our country.
We take one step forward by legalizing gay marriages
and 5 steps back. Yes, it was one hater who did the shooting
but so many jumped on the band wagon of what he did was
correct. Even heard a preachers sermon on Sunday saying
we should do like other countries and line all the gays
up and shoot them all. I mean this is a preacher,
who is supposed to be preacher love, not hate.
I will end with the fact that many people are suffering 
right now by the hands of one crazy person but lets
not be fooled thinking he is the only one with those same
I love, adore, both my children, my love for them
has not changed since they were born,
it has been a while since fear crept in my thoughts
and yet, this has surely put fear back in my heart. 

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