Saturday, June 25, 2016


 Our Sweet Tuts, the second of three grand girls turned
two in May. She is cute, smart and oh so Funny!
However, she has a big love for "Bae" her blankie
that she drags everywhere and for sure can't sleep without.
She also has a big love for her crib that she puts herself to sleep in
as well as a big, big infatuation with her Mommy and "DaDA"
Therefore, it has made it very hard to have her
overnight. She likes "Muzie's Howz" as long as the sun is 
shining and no sleep is involved.
 So, as with pictures here of her second birthday,
I wanted to try and start keeping her for the night.
Bean has always loved spending a night or two at
Mumsie's and at Maw Maw and Paw Paws but
her beginning was different from Tuts.
They lived between our two homes while their house 
was being built so she was used to sleeping away
as well as that girl is a socialite... does not want miss 
a thing. 
Tuts, well she is very different.
However, she turned two and began speaking in 
sentences, telling you what she wants,
"NO!" being her favorite when she means it.
She also loves "Yes Ma'am" and " I love you"
The sweetest disposition ever.
So back to the topic.
I wanted her to try and spend the night.
"Good luck" her Mommy said as she sent
her off with a small bag and Bae.
All day I reminded her, 
"You going to sleep at Mummies tonight"
"Yes Ma'am" and  "okay"
I used my new Flamingo sheets as an incentive.
"Where Nannie Jew?" she asked a few times, the
name she calls my Gypsy Baby.
"Working". My answer.
"Where DaDA?" "Work" same answer.
"Where Sissy?" "Going to movies with Mommy"
"Where Jemma Jemma?" she calls her baby sis
that she just started actually noticing.
"Sleeping at Momma's"
By 7:30pm after a day of playing and wearing
this lil tyke out, laughing at all her antics.
We played in Mummies bed and laughed at videos
of her family, I read her 4 books and then I said,
"Okay, Tuts, time to night night"
"NO!" OKKKaaaaayyyyy.....
"Well, Mumsie's just going to rest her eyes...."
"Ok Muzie,"
" I love you JoJo" "I love you Muzie..."
and I close my eyes.....
After a few minutes I peak my eyes open to check
on our progress and that lil fart,
her eyes were so wide and her nose almost touching mine.
How can you not laugh... 
yes, we both laughed and we started all over.
After four more tries with the same response....
Oh I got this! She is almost out, and that she was,
and even without the "white noise" machine,
our Sweet Tuts, slept all night at her Mummies' Cottage....
I don't know who was more excited the next morning,
tuts or Mumsie.
She opened her eyes, pried mine open and
said, "I slept a Muzie's howz!"
Oh yes, you did my sweet little girl.
...and a new milestone begins between myself and tuts,
not just playdates, but sleepovers are in 
our future. Happy second year, my sweet Tuts,
You make me laugh, you keep me feeling young,
you always, always remind me just how very
lucky I am for you and your sisters and
that the future, with you and I in it has just
began a new chapter.
"I love you, JoJo" "I love you, Muzie"
(forgive Mumsie's rough look in video!)

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