Friday, July 8, 2016

History of my NO WHINING signs...

Way back when I was just an aunt Lil,
before being a Mumsie, I would tell my great nieces
and great nephews that there is no whining
at Aunt Lil's house. When I was a school nurse, 
I would tell the students, tell me what is wrong but
do not whine, use your words and I can help you.
So of course, when Bean came along,
I would say the same thing. While they lived with
us and the other grandparents while their home was
being built, the Bean was a tad dramatic....
sometimes whining for no reason any of us knew.
At that time, I had a sign in my house that said
Because Bean was little and she could not read,
When she would begin whining I would point
to that sign and tell her,
"There is no whining at Mummies' house"
She totally believed in the sign.
She would rarely whine and when she did all I had 
to do was point to that red sign.
Then I moved to the cottage and the sign came along.
She would whine, I would point to sign and it 
would stop. If she whined at her house I would tease
her and tell her, I will make a sign for your house
and she would scream, "NONONONONONO"
Then a few months ago, shy of her 5th birthday,
she began to really want to read, every book I read
her I had to point to the words, she sounded out and
OH this MUmsie was oh so proud....
Until she began to call my bluff.
She came into the cottage and I saw her standing 
below the red sign and I see her mind turning,
I see her lil lips move
"Beee Cu......"
Uhhhhh  yeah, about that.....
i explain,
"Well you see, It says Because nice matters and in 
a way it means the same thing"
"No it does not" she exclaims.
And the very next day,
a new sign is made.....

I own one and now sell them for any of you who may need 
the same type of sign!


  1. I chuckled at this one because at Aunt Lydia's house the rules are: "No Whining, No Crying, No Fighting, and If You Spill Anything on the Rug You Have to Suck it Up With Your Nose!" lol