Friday, October 28, 2016


...Those famous words,
"It's a small world"
and yet, yesterday, I was once again reminded of
just how true that statement is.
Yesterday I left my cottage early to
go to watch my Elise in a play,
her first in her College years
(It and she was awesome, by the way).
The reason I left early is my car
seems to always detour to Breaux Bridge.
Yesterday was not different,
I may have to get that car looked over
the way it pulls over for all antique or yard sales.
I walk into one of my favorite antique stores there
but its been well over a year since visiting.
Two men are sitting behind the counter
"bull shitting" as we call it DTB.
"I be that gal right there is a cajun girl"
"May ya, sha" I say in my best Cajun accent
"Golden Meadow first 4o years of my life."
I begin to look around and one of the men says,
"I used to work with a guy offshore I think from
that area, Ronal Riera."
I am like "WHAT??"
Of all the names, Riera???
Okay, our name is not like Cheramie, Guidry Thibodaux,
its Riera, there are  literally 9 of us in all
of Louisiana and not many more in the US of A.
Ron, myself,  his new wife,Roddie, Kd and the
three grand girls and gypsy baby.
I am shocked and begin to explain that he is
my ex-husband ! Total shock.
This guy not only knows Ronnie but lots about him
Explained to myself and his friend at the counter,
how many times they received letters of recognition
with the company, Island because of Ron's hard work.
I and the man are so surprised by this
and he wants his number, instead I do better,
I call Ronnie and tell him the story and they 
speak to each other for a little while.
Each time I tell the story I am reminded again
what a coincidence this is!
Yep, extremely small world!

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