Thursday, November 17, 2016


Those of you who follow me regularly may wonder,
Where is lil?
Well I, and my two bestie's have had major life changing
events and although I have tried to write this blog 
at least a half a dozen times, I just can't seem to put it 
out there, can't seem to put my heart and thoughts into this.
And yet, I know until this blog is written I can't move forward
with my writing or my blog.
Let me give it one more try.
As most know I, and my two bestie's,
Ann and Laurie had been planning our bucket list trip
to Martha's Vineyard. We had not vacationed together 
since our Senior year in high school to Disney.
We have been busy raising children, forming families
yet now we are at a point that it was time to get our 
bucket list worked on.
You can imagine the excitement we all experienced.
Then tragedy hit us on the morning of our trip.
Although I was supposed to drive DTB to ride
with them to airport, I had been suffering with 
bronchitis so I decided to sleep in NOLA and
meet them at the airport. 
If you have seen the movie FINAL DESTINATION
you will know my feelings about not being in the
car that was hit head on with my bestie's in it.
As I packed my car to head to the airport I got 
the worst call anyone every wants to get.
"We won't make it, we have been hit head on,
Oh Lil, its bad"
and she was right, it was so bad, for us, our families
and especially for the family and driver of the other car.
I am not going to go into detail on their injuries because
that is so private. I will only say that both of them 
have long recoveries ahead but we are blessed because
each morning, we are still able to text, talk, visit.
The family of other, not that fortunate.
As they, and I heal and learn to live with the changes 
this accident has made in their lives,
we are thankful, all of us.
I have seen so much good in this world,
from our families, friends and complete strangers.
I have seen some ugly, from doctors, hospitals, as
well as seeing beauty in the same doctors and hospitals.
and yet, the one this that really matters is,
we remain together as the "three besties"
Thanks to all who helped, prayed, cooked,
shared, visited, anything you all have done,
us three appreciate.
It is a weird thing to first, almost loose you very
best friends from second grade, it is weird
to have beat the odds and not have been in that car.
I have prayed and wondered often,
"Why was I not in that car?"
and in Lilly fashion, God has answered me in the 
silence of my prayers,
"Because you are the medical one, you can help
with their recovery, you can help with Laurie's children,
you can help by being an obnoxious big mouth person
to assure they get what they need and understand
in lay terms the big picture the docs explain in ways
many would not understand."
I can't end this blog without mention of the poor unfortunate
Mother of two who lost her life that day.
We could not speak of this for their own privacy 
but again, In Lilly fashion I feel that others need to know,
close to our hearts, although bestie's were not at fault,
the emotional toll of knowing this woman has passed has
not been easy. She was doing nothing wrong, going to work
at a respected job that required her to be up and on the road at 3:15am.
We have asked ourselves alone and together, why this has happened.
The way I can deal with it is my pure belief that 
1) God has a plan for all of us.
2) God takes us when we are at our very best.
I like to believe that on the morning of November 2,
that young woman was at her very best and her 
place was ready for her.
Please continue to pray for my girls, their road will
not be an easy one, but as I said,
they will survive, they will heal.
The way they and their families have handled this
has been such an eye opener for me.
They are truly my hero's!
Love you gals,
Ann and Laurie....
forever and always,
the three Besties!


  1. Love yall girls,and pray for your healing both in body and soul. I know yall hearts and I can only imagine how this has affected yall. Positive thoughts for the family of the driver of the other vehicle. I know to well how final death is. Hopefully smething positive can come out of all this and bring each one of you closer to God. Love yall!

  2. Oh, how I love you all!!! And I thank God that you were all spared!