Thursday, November 24, 2016


The day of the year where we gather with family/friends,
and we give thanks for all we are so very happy to be
thankful for. I try not to let my thanks list build up
to big because then i get stuck.
Today, I have so so much to be thankful about...
It is almost the same, I am sure as many of my followers,
and yet, maybe I am feeling just a little more thankful 
this year than others.
Let my start with the obvious.
1) My bestie's, oh my bestie's!
Just thinking of the day three weeks ago
when one young mother lost her life,
and my dear bestie's were hurt in ways that
will have them in painful therapy for some time.
However, they are here I can talk, text, touch them.
Not all have been so lucky this year. 
So many have lost loved ones this year,
who feel a tinge of sadness when thinking of
the day of Thanksgiving.
2) My Grand Girls, oh those three girls!
You know, they say, when you don't have something,
you can't feel the loss  because you don't know how it feels
to have them. For me, first, to be able to have children
when every doctor told me growing up it was impossible.
Two children later, one beautiful DIL and another
who finds herself in love with my baby girl has me
hoping of more babies.
For now, back to the three grand girls...
No words can explain the love I have for them.
Each with a different personality.
It feels like they have always been with us,
we are blessed, I may be biased, but I think we received
the three best girls in the world.
They love their Mumsie, well except Jem, but we 
working on that!
3)My children.... Yes they are grown,
31 and 27 but when I look at them, 
as you do if you are fortunate to be blessed with children,
I still see them as my little children,
I have spoken of this so many times but that
feeling just does not go away.
Not long ago, BB said to me, something he has said
many times in the course of his marriage,
"Mom, I am 31 years old!"
"But when I look at you, I don't see that grown up
man, I see the face of the same one you see when looking
at your little girls, the same you will see when they 
says to you, 'Dad I am (fill in blank) years old'
4) New friends, old friendships rekindled bucket lists

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