Friday, November 18, 2016


I am a blogger, a writer, but when I get a block, such
as "the accident" until that is down on paper,
on blog,  All other things I want to journal about, life 
events just can't be done until that first one is.
So that one is done and I am full of things and ideas
that have run into that writing.
Many may have heard my words when I tell a portion 
of my life, or I do a motivational speech and I say,
"You will have to read the book"
and the book will be written, it is not just a joke.
I can write, I have journaled almost my entire life
on and off, but constantly since I was 21.
I have over 20 journal completely full.
As I remain contemplating this book 
my daughter, (changing her name from gypsy baby to something else)
(Just don't know what yet)
is also contemplating the writing of a book,
that child is smarter than I think she realizes
and I am just a tad afraid her book will be done before mine.
My next agenda thing on my list is to try and
find an editor to put my stories down
in some type of order that it will be read by others.
Hearing my baby girl talk of her ideas and excitement,
I feel that same excitement once again that
has been stuffed for years out of not knowing how to
organize it. I will get this done.
The hard part, is writing a book of Memiors that will
not hurt anyone by putting the words down to sell.
I know some may be offended, hurt and perhaps
that is what is holding me back but whatever it is,
just like the block from the accident,
this block about book writing has to go.
It is jumbled in my mind, some days, all I can think about.
On December 8th, I have been asked by 
two dear friends from Golden Meadow to be a speaker
I am super excited as I have not done a motivational speech.
I always say, give me an audience and a microphone and 
I am there. If ya DTB and not much to do,
meet us at Lady of the Sea waiting room on December 8th!

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