Thursday, August 13, 2015


On August 11th my baby boy turned 30....
the blog is a little late as we lost a 
dear friend and it was hard to blog on his bday.
It is hard to look at this grown man,
with four beautiful girls, including KD here,
and remember the baby he was to me.
When I tell Bean that her daddy is my baby boy,
she just thinks that is nuts but loves
to hear stories of when he was little.
Sharing here, what a sweet baby boy he was.
He came to me at a time when life was not
so great, Ron and I were on a rocky road and
he was my life line. Funny that a baby could
be your life line but he was.
He was beautiful, natural tanned, blue eyes,
white blond hair and the best little personality 
to go with it. He was a Momma's boy.
Loved his Momma. 
His favorite thing to get at the store?
A composition and pencils.
That child would pass every toy aisle 
for the school supplies. He loved drawing.
Sometimes, Bean and JoJo remind me of
him so much, other times more like their Mother.
However, it is our sweet JoJo that brings back
the most memories of BB.
The minute her hands touch her blankie,
the same fingers that her Daddy sucked as a child,
pop in her very own mouth.
He called his blank wobble, she
calls hers Bae.
Sweet memories of a sweet son.
Now as an adult, I watch him with his three little babies
and I beam with pride, of what a great Daddy he
is, all he gives to his big family.
Happy birthday my baby boy,
what joy you have brought me through life
and now to bring me beautiful grand daughters
to love.
Always my baby no matter how old...

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  1. Love you, Roddie!!! Hope you had an awesome birthday!!!

    Lil, we are sorry for your loss of a friend. Praying for ya'll.