Monday, August 3, 2015


  There are lots of beautiful things here in 
the Garden District of Plaquemine.
Yesterday with the "cold front" (cough cough enter sarcasm here.)
        I took advantage of a bike ride.
I rode along a street that I had looked at a home to buy
and was privileged to run into Mr. Country.
Most in Plaquemine, know Mr. Country.
A young man of the age of 91 who
has wonderful stories to tell, was a POW,
never has had surgery and still takes care
of his home and yard.
On this day, I stop to admire his squirrels
who are tamed by this balance stick that holds
and ear of corn that has to be turned to get the corn
as it has a weight on the end.
No doubt Mr. Country makes these.
He comes out to speak with me as he likes
talking as much as I.
We have had a few encounters and each
was a learning experience for me.
On this day we discuss the squirrel feeders
he not only has on his trees but he makes to sell.
Of course, I order one for my one tree in my back yard.
A delightful man, speaks of how he builds these feeders
and how spoiled his squirrels are and how the feeders 
make these work for their                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
I wish I had gotten a video of how they actually work.
I could have stayed there all day watching them eat.

Then to add to the show, this little critter, lays down on the 
platform of the feeder and Mr. Country explains that this 
little squirrel is now full but not about to give
away his perch here on His feeder.
He sleeps across the bar and he
steals my heart.... Hoping my own feeder
by Mr. County will call to the squirrels at the cottage.
Sweet, squirrels, extra sweet man,
Mr. Country!


  1. call me when you want me to kill them so me and rod can eat them.

  2. Cute squirrels!!! That's a cool feeder!!!