Saturday, August 1, 2015


 Seems like just yesterday, we walked this same hall,
Baby boy, holding Bean on the way to visit her
baby sister, Tuts for the first time.
Now Bean walks on the side of her Daddy as he
holds his sweet Tuts...
 Tuts is a Mommy and Daddy girl, but more so a Mommy girl.
Her face here was for the fact that she wanted her Mommy.
 As a friend of mine stated on a Facebook post,
and the beginning of a blissful caos,
so real... and yet, that little baby,
has hit the jackpot with the family she has been blessed with!
 Two grandmothers, One MawMaw and one Mumsie,
always wanting to be there to pick up the slack.
So in love with all our little grand girls.
Never in my whole life, did I ever imagine I
would find myself so happy, so content, so peaceful
and so darn in love with three little girls who call me
Mumsie. Hope one day, Gypsy Baby and Kayshara, shara
can add to this gang of beauties.

 Pappy was there for the important day.
We may be separated, find ourselves both happier
in our new lives but there is one things we will
always agree on, we are proud and love the two children
we were blessed with together and the joy of
their own accomplishments will be shared by us both.
(Pappy can rarely take a picture with his eyes open)
 ... and here, our sweet and lovely, Jemma,
not even an hour old yet.
Such a calm baby, this is before her first bath.

 As they bathed her, Tuts, sitting on her Daddy's shoulders
was not sure what to make of a wet, naked baby.
The babies she knows are those that are in 
the doll form or in the cousins that go home with
another Mommy and Daddy at the end of a visit.
This one is hers, forever to be part of her life,
looks like she is not too sure here.
 But this big sis, Bean, oh she understands and is
already in love with her newest sister.
This child loves, adores her family.

 The nurse told her that to start her feeding she needed
to push the nipple into her mouth and I tell you,
this girl listened intently and did just as she was told,
Baby J latched and sucked like a pro.
 Cousin Lizzie, who is more like a sister to these girls,
came for the visit, with her Daddy, Pae' as we all know him.
The photo below is one of my favorites from the whole morning.
All their faces, enjoying the birth, the miracle of life.

Yeah I know I am a tad dramatic when blogging,
talking about our family.
Yet, anyone who knows me, knows its how I roll.
I, being a childhood cancer survivor, who was not
supposed to live past the age of 12,
having all these blessings, being able
to have my own two children,
my own grandchildren,
well none of it is taken for granted.
I am one blessed Momma, Mother in law,

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