Saturday, October 17, 2015


My baby girl, known here as Gypsy baby,
Turns 26 today.....
It is hard to believe, I feel too young to have a
26 year old baby.
Yet in my heart, this child will always be that
little curly top baby that was born to me
on this day in 1989.
Although she was an independent child.
She was a little Momma's girl.
I can explain how close we have been by telling 
a tale of when she was the ages 2 to 4.
I didn't work full time but worked flex nights
at Lady of the Sea for extra money when Ronnie
was home. Our reasons for working only then
was so that Gypsy baby could stay with Ron
while I slept the day after working all night.
I would get off work at 7, get her brother off
to school and head to bed to sleep.
Ronnie would find her sitting by my bedroom
door quietly coloring or looking at books.
So quiet that I never heard her.
Once Ron came to tell me and
she asked,
"Mommy, can I come in your bed with you,
I will be very quiet"
After that day, that is what she would do,
Crawl into my bed with her books
and lay quietly as I slept until her
Daddy would come get her for lunch.
Oh just remembering those days
makes me lonely for the times when she was just
a baby. No baby to the world anymore.
She is a working girl who is also returning
to college to finish her degree in English.
Another thing I will always remember and never
forget, her actual birthday.
 I always
felt no one should work on their birthday
even though I have worked many of my own.
Not for my gal, though.
Once she started school, I back to work full time
we always both played hooky from school/work.
Then we were on for the adventure.
Some birthdays I would let her plan the outing,
other times I planned and surprised.
I will always hold these days close to my heart
as now, since she no longer lives under
my roof and is usually either working or at school,
our time together is so minimal.
But today is her special day.
So as I awaken early to bake her 
birthday cookies that I mixed yesterday,
I plan on spending the day....

with my beautiful woman-child.
Her love, Kayshara at work
so will be her and I,
birthday cookies, a love note and lunch
and a movie are in the plans
as another thing we have always enjoyed together,
movie watching!
My wishes for you, my baby,
I wish you finish your degree with cool breezes ahead.
I wish you and your love continue to work together
to make the best future for you both.
I wish that life remains for you, interesting both in the
good and the bad.
I wish that you and your Dad remain close as he maintains
his sobriety and a big part of your life.
I wish we both have more time together.
and being Corny here....
Don't let anyone or any circumstance knock out 
your child ways, never too old to do kid stuff.
That even on bad days, you find something to 
laugh about.
Most importantly that you know, no matter what,
you have unconditional love from your Mommy.
Your not always, silent cheerleader.
I love you my dear baby girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jesi!!! We love you!!!