Thursday, October 22, 2015

Peace abounds the cottage....

I have been incognito for a bit,
an access thought to be caused by a spider bite
has had me a tad miserable the last few days,
but today, much better thanks to a trip to the ER
Dept. here in Plaq. 
The peace I speak of? 
I have finally closed on the big house Ron and I
bought when we moved here to be close
to grandbaby.
Sold to the cutest little couple so excited to be entering
this part of their lives as homeowners.
For myself, a big relief to no longer have to worry
about this big home that deserves to be loved.
I know they will take it from a  house to a home.
Then, because of this sale I was able to pay
off the cottage and that is the best feeling ever!
Ron and I have paid off many homes in the past
together but this is the first time I had to 
opportunity to do it all by myself and it feels good.
Good to be independent when it comes to the finances
of my future. I will say again, it is because of the hard
work of Ron and I, starting with nothing at the ages
of 15 and 17 when we started dating
to get where we are today.
Yet, this cottage is mine, solely for me, in 
my name and I remain in love.
Some mornings I awaken in my comfortable bed
and realize this is all for me.
Thank you Big Man for the sale of the home,
thank to me and Ron for the saving we started
even when we were broke,
thanks to have found a home that suits me perfectly
and I owe nothing to no one.
Best feeling ever! Now on to other things,
joining to Plaquemine theater group.
Don't know yet whether I will try out for a part or
just help on the back parts for now,
but it is on the bucket list, to belong to a theater group.
Excited about the prospect,
Stay tuned for more on that.

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