Sunday, October 11, 2015


I know over the last few weeks, I have spoken on
topics that people may say are just too sad,
focusing on loss instead of my usual positive nature,
yet, as I told Baby boy when he pointed this out to me,
I can't change what life throws us,
I am the type that to get through something hard,
I talk about it, blog about it,
It is Cathartic for me.
Today however, I blog about my cousin, Fay's funeral/party.
You think you know somebody pretty good
trough your life, even though you don't see them often,
you keep in touch, you attend the family gatherings
that she plans. 
Then you attend her funeral and are given the honor
of going up to the altar not just to read a reading
but to pay honor and tribute to who Fay was to you.
Stephanie, Fay's daughter is the epitome of what
a daughter should be. 
You see, when our own Mom was passing,
I have 4 sisters to help. 
Steph, never left her Mothers side unless
it was absolutely necessary.
As I wrote in my last blog,
she smiled that big beautiful smile through her tears.
This tribute to Fay, laying her to rest 
was one of the best I have been to.
The immediate family was insistent that
get your tears out because after we having a party.
That we did, we all met at a restaurant called
N'toni's where they had reserved half the place for
us, had a buffet style setting and a large screen just
full of pictures of Fay through many aspects of her life.
When going to one of Fay's gatherings, you never left 
empty handed, always had food to bring home,
Following up with that her family had a table
with a framed paragraph explaining how she always
did this so for her last "Hurrah" we were to fill a bag
with treats to bring home.
It was all so beautiful, and like all funerals,
you hate knowing you have to go but once
you are there, you can't imagine not have gone.
MY cousins, first and second and even third cousins
made a tribute that Faye would be proud of!
Her sweet Hubby, Billy was so happy to see so many 
as was Stephanie and Shana, her adopted daughter.
MY heart went out to my sweet and loving 
Aunt GaGald, saying goodbye to her first born,
yes she cried much as every time someone new would
greet her, she cried, but being in her late 80's
and having lived with Fay and Billy many years,
she, at the after party, said,
"Thank you all for coming and for this day,
the rest of it, I am having a good time"
and we all did.
thanks to all my dear cousins for allowing
me the special honor of being a part of Fay's life
and death. She lives on in all of us!

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