Thursday, December 24, 2015


I have an awesome Christmas story to share...
It is a true story and it is about one of my godchildren
who finds herself to be 19 years old already!
This one is about my sweet Tedi-girl.
She is an exceptional child and yet she is also just
a normal young adult but yesterday she did
an act of kindness that will explain just how special
this child is at 19.
She passes up her street almost every day and
every day there is an older man who lives
there, he is usually outside and Tedi-girl 
explains that each morning, he seems
to be outside and he never fails to wave and smile
at her. She reciprocates. His yard is filled with things
that we may think is junk but seems to be his life.
Yesterday, as she rides up the street, there he is,
the man that she reports each morning puts a smile on
her face. He waves and gives her a big smile.
But yesterday she pays it forward.
Tedi-girl goes to Walmart and buys a $50 gift card
and stops to visit with this man.
In her card she explains,
"Thanks for putting a smile on my face all year,
Hoping this puts one on yours!"
Now let me just say, yes, an act of kindness
from a 19 year old.
But I also want to add, this child is not made of money
nor comes from money. She is in college,
commutes because she does not want to add
expenses to her parents. She also works
at her aunts clothing store.
This money, she used for this gift card may have 
been the money she earned or it may have been her
Christmas money. 
The fact that she thought of this sweet man
who she has never met until yesterday,
and bought him a gift card of 50 dollars, 
well this is a special child.
She would not want me to brag of her here
but I just know this story will have many of you feeling
like its Christmas even though its 80 degrees outside.
Tedi'girl, I love you and am so very proud of you 
not only for this act of kindness but for who 
you are always!

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