Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sometimes simple becomes complicated...

So you may wonder why this title?
Where have I been?
Let me explain.
I have not blogged nor journaled much lately.
Sometimes, there are so many things
I want to do, that makes me, me
that the list just gets soon long and
I become overwhelmed and just shut
everything down until I can get my bearings once again.
Such is what has happened with the blog.
My trip to Virginia with Alli, to spend
time with my godchild, Ricky was awesome
and I would not change that for anything
yet my handmade Christmas cards were not done,
my tree or village was not up.
I contemplated not putting it up but I thought
of the grand girls and the memories I want them
to have of Mumsie and her cottage...
the tree and village went up.
The Handmade Christmas cards, although
I had to shorten the list a little, got done.
Each of my children, and my grand girls
have a gift and a love letter....
I pulled it off and now my thoughts are to
the New Year.
Hate making New Years resolutions and yet,
every year I spend lots of time of what
I want to achieve the next year coming.
Usually by Feb. first, I have broken all I have made.
So this year, I am not going to post what they 
are except for the fact that I am def.
going to journal and blog once again,
I will print pictures that I have all over my 
computer and internet but none on paper....
I will work on trying to get some of my writings
published maybe in some magazines first,
then working on the book.
This year of 2016, we are finalizing the divorce.
I am proud of both Ron and I that
we find ourselves finding a new way of life
where we can enjoy the family we made
together as friends.
So tis the New Year, about to embark on us
and yet today, I will focus on Christmas eve,
going to spend it with a special friend and
Christmas night with my grand girls.
May this season be the best for you all.
As for me......
I look forward to 2016 and what is to come.
Merry Christmas, all!

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