Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shout out to two busy and wonderful Parents...

"Can you two grandma's come and sleep Saturday night
with the three girls so I can take Kd away for a night 
to NOLA?" Baby boy asked...
Wanted to surprise his lil wife with a short vacation
involving no kids, just he and her.
Being a preacher of the famous words,
From 8:30 am to noon the next day, with the three
grandgirls I would not have tackled it alone
but MawMaw, Kd's Mom and I were both free so we said,
"Go for it, surprise your lil wife and get away for 
quality time"
Us grandma's arrived at 8:30.

I mean, it is not like they don't know us,
it's not like we have not stayed with them one on one
in the past....
Okay they were great grand girls.
Except just when one needed you the other two did also.
"Come play with me" said the Bean,
Tuts being watched closely with her broken arm.
Piece of cake.... SMALLS was still asleep.
Then, 5 pm came and all three needed us at once,
one was hungry, one wanted play but it was mostly
she play and we watch and other wanted bath and bed.
Poppee was nice enough to bring supper
and Aunt Janice brought us requested diet coke,
with the melt down of three grand girls,
Aunt Janice was like, "See y'all, call if needed" and
was out in a flash, Poppee stayed lil longer but all
in all, it was just I an Maw Maw again.
I began feeding and bathing, Maw keeping up with SMALLS.
By the time we had them all down,
Maw and I looked at each other and agreed,
1) Kd needs a raise!
2) Thank God she has husband who is a hands on dad
3) for two weeks out the month, he is not there.
4) Kd needs a raise.
5) We were going to have to take sleep shifts.
6) Did I mention kd needs a raise?
It was not a bad night but we both woke up
early and felt like wee need nap as soon as the
Riera Parentals returned.
We spoke of we now know why the Big Man
gives children to younger people,
by our age its hard.
Also my heart went out to all the grandmothers
I have encountered who have stepped up to raise their
Baby boy and Kd returned around lunch time.
All three grand girls were not only still alive
but each were clean.
My car was packed, was ready to get home for a nap.
BB and Kd thought this was funny that we were ready
to run out of their. Honestly we were but not
because of the babies misbehaving, we are just
not spring chickens anymore.
As I backet out the drive, i already felt lonesome
even though was glad to get home for a nap.
I also realized, we get to go home and rest for as long
as we want, this continues for them every day
and yet, they rarely complain.
I mean it is their children, they love them dearly,
but raising three children is a full time job.
Thank you bb and kd for the time with the girls.
Thank you BB and Kd for coming back.
Last but not least,
thank you for being two of the best parents
there little girls could ask for.
Love you all!

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