Saturday, March 19, 2016

Deco post...

One of my favorite things of our Thibodaux house
was my kitchen floor...
 It was not ceramic or expensive.. it was just a linoleum in
a checkerboard fashion. I just loved it! Like lots!
So much so that at a garage sale I bought the painting below
for many reasons but the most being the floor in the picture.
I knew that even when we left Thibodaux, at least in this
painting I would always have the remembrance of my floor.
Now, in the Cottage I have just white ceramic tile which is great,
but I miss my black squares also.
This morning I am surfing the web and I see this...
and I am once again transported back to the kitchen
I loved so. It was not just the floor, it was the last house
that I am my children lived in all together at the same time
to make it a home. We had many good memories there.
So now, having seen this awesome I am having
brain farts...
Is there paint I can use on my ceramic to paint every other
white ceramic square black at it will hold up?
Probably not but I am surely going to search it out!

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