Thursday, April 7, 2016

Running to Home...

I have had some months of much contemplation,
so I have neglected the blog.
Yesterday, I began to change things once again.
Ya know, my life, ever changing....
My thoughts even consisted of maybe
time to start a new blog altogether,
new life, new blog....
But I could not think of a better name than
Lilbit of My World.
So as I am thinking of all of this
in the car, driving home, I am 
behind a bus. I have always loved following
a school bus on its way bringing children home.
My thoughts are elsewhere as one stop drops
off this preteen black child. 
I am drawn to him as he crosses the street
with the bus safety stick down,
he runs across the street but he does not stop.
He is the only child who gets off here
and his running continues down a driveway
where no people are seen.
As he runs I realize just how happy this child 
is to be returning home, Running to the people whom
he probably calls family. Maybe there was a special car
there telling him that someone he loved was visiting
or home, whatever the situation,
he melted me and transported me back to being a little girl.
I remember loving being dropped off or walking home
from school to Dursette Street.
Always, always being happy to return to the place
where I was unconditionally loved.
This little boys running reminded me of how my heart would
drop when one of the people I loved was not home after school.
I loved home, I loved it if it was just myself, Mom, Dad,
Rosie and C. I loved it when any of my older siblings
were visiting with their families or when sister,
Veronica was living with us for a time with her
three girls and Nonc J.
My childhood was the best, and this little boy, running 
home after a long day at school was all it took to get
my blogging juices flowing.
Stay tuned, I am back on the blogging tract.

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