Friday, May 20, 2016


Today is our Bean's last day of PreK,
a small little graduation, then off to Kindergarten,
Yet, it is my great nephew, Hugh Plaisance that
I would like to spot light today as he also
graduates, from HIGHSCHOOL!
An EDW graduation tonight.
Today, the spotlight belongs to him on 
Lilbitofmyworld blog.....

This little tyke,
Hugh John Plaisance was born in March,
way too soon, three months earlier than his
Mom's due date. 
First born to his two amazing parents, 
Rebecca and Glenn "Mikie" Plaisance.
He was under two pounds and
I will never forget the day we all gathered at 
Ochsner hospital when his Mom could no longer
keep him in her womb.
The doctors had warned us, he would not come out
crying and he would be going straight to the NICU
at birth, all those who loved his Mom and Dad,
who were so young at the time of their first born birth,
gathered around the birthing room, so nervous for all
as my niece was also not well by this time.
As we waited, tears overflowed when we heard this
very faint but definitely there..... CRY!
We all Cried! But it was not an easy road for them.
Hugh's first three months were spent in the NICU
of Ocshner hospital. His mother, refused to leave,
so she moved in to the Brent House and there she stayed
until it was time for her to bring her baby home.
I am not going to go through all the specifics of this
childs life and the things he had to overcome over the last
18 years, but I will say, He was born to the best parents for him.
When he became overwhelmed his Mother knew what to do,
she took him out the situation calmly and tried it again
the next time. Now, to see him being so social with his
peers, well for those of us who know where he
started from, all he accomplished, well it makes
us all so very proud. Now this child, always so smart,
when I say smart, I mean, scary smart.
I can bring out the one incident that I remember 
and will never forget. It was Christmas time and he
was two. His Mother, like myself,  loves to decorate
for the holidays. I went to visit and Hugh brought
me to his manger where he played out the birth
of Christ. I looked at one of the men and said,
"Oh, look at that wise man"
and he, at two years old looked me straight in the eye,
like I was a crazy grown up and said in the clearest voice,
"Aunt Lil that is not a wise man, do you see him bearing gifts?
Do you see him carrying Frankincense or Mere?"
Since that day, many moons ago, I have never tested his
knowledge. If you asked Hugh, 
"Want to bring something to do in the car for the ride?"
He grabbed a dictionary. He taught himself to read and his
Mom figured this out when at the age of 3, they
passed the sign of a local Pharmacy and he said,
"Mom that sign says Bird all"
he was close, Birdsall's. 
There are so many other times like this that I could just 
fill this blog up with them but I want to jump to
the special night of tonight,
this boy, now a young adult, over 6 feet tall,
remains one of those who can carry a conversation with any age.
Being the oldest of four children, there were times he wished
he was an only child but when his baby sis, Ellen came,
that changed, the bond those two shared started from the day
she was born and continues today.
These four children have the best, family oriented life.
I remember a conversation I had with their Mom,
Rebecca who has always been like my baby doll,
born when I was 10. Hugh was starting EDW in Thibodaux
and I was still living in Thibodaux and they were still living
in Golden Meadow. I offered to have Hugh move in with me
a few days a week to make it easier than she driving him
to Thibodaux daily. Her answer was what I expected but 
still melted me.
"I am not ready to have my family not together
every night."
and they never did. They sold their GM home and 
all moved to Thibodaux.
Now, in August, our little Hugh will be moving to 
the same college both his parents graduated from in
Monroe and for the first time, they will be separated
for the first time and I believe this part will be hardest
part for the parentals. As I absorb this fact
that our Baby Hugh is graduating from High School,
I realize that our Bean will so quickly be in that same spot.
Slow down world!
So I say to my dear, great nephew Hugh,
Congrats, my love!
You have brought all of us so much love and laughter
over the last 18 years. Be smart in your decisions
as you continue to grow into an adult in this world
and know that those two people you call Mom and Dad,
well they will forever be your biggest fans, there is nothing
you cannot share with those two that they will freak out
or not help you with. Go into this big beautiful world
and shine your awesomeness all over.
Never forget you have an Auntie here that will forever
be a silent cheerleader, always routing for you.
Remember that there are no such thing as mistakes as all
positive and negative things in your life
are learning experiences. It will be an adjustment leaving home
for the first time, but I have no doubt you will do fine.
You are our miracle child and never did a day go by
that I have not been appreciative the the Big Man 
allowed you to stay in our world.
I love you my dear Hughskee Doo.
Your are an amazing teen, one who has not just had his nose
in electronics but who knows and actually loves having 
conversations with adults of any age.
I love lots about you but one of my favorite parts is
how you understand the importance of family.
I have always adored the fact that no matter how old you were,
you always wanted to spend time with your old auntie Lil.
I love you, Hugh,
Pure and Simple, love you!

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  1. Congratulations Hugh!!! We are very proud of you and we love you!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️