Saturday, May 21, 2016


Another spotlight blog as Mumsie celebrates here the
birth of our spitfire, JoJo, Tuts and all those other names
we call her.
Jolee Claire Riera is Two today!
Not the best picture of the Mumsie, but captures so
much of what this child has done for me over the last two
She came to us at the same time I found myself ending a season
of my life, thirty years of marriage. Although the separation
and divorce was needed and wanted by both of us, its
just never a pleasant experience. JoJo helped that cycle of life.
She is not her sister, Bean in any way, funny, and likes
to make others laugh. She gets a joke, for instance,
she and I do this little thing,
I say, "I love you, JoJo"
and she repeats "I love you Muzie"
no matter how many times I say it, her comeback always 
"I love you Muzie!"
So the other day when he Daddy came to pic her up,
I said my usual "I love you JoJo"
She gave that impish little smile she possesses and said,
"I love you DaDA" and began to laugh. At the young
age of 2, she knew she was pulling my leg and she understood 
she was. I repeated it and so did she,
"I love you DaDa"
She has finally found her love for the cottage and can
have a JoJo/Mumsie day.
Napping was always hard anywhere for her because
she so loves her crib and puts herself to sleep in it.
I just could not get a nap here, then the magic round
library chair came in and it is not only my happy place but hers 
as well!
She loves her Bae, the blank you will most often see her with.
Sucks the two fingers her Daddy and her Auntie Jew (gypsy baby)
did.  Being with Tuts brings back lots of memories
of my Mothering days as she is the child who reminds
me the most of my adult children when they were that  
age as she has the most of their mannerisms. 
Another thing about Tuts, she has a quality of playing and
entertaining herself, something her big Sissy never really learned
having been the first one.  Although she began the "terrible two"
stage a few weeks early, "NO!" becoming her favorite word,
said with emphasis, she is a sweet heart, loves giving and 
receiving love, loves dancing, not a big fan of her
baby sis yet but I know in time those two will be each others
best friends. Today she and her little family head
to Chucky Cheese then toys R Us for a bike for
the birthday party then we will gather this eve for traditional
Happy Birthday cake and singing.
Thank you JoJo, for making these last two years easier
because you have been in it. Thank you for always making me
smile and laugh, even when its because you are messing up.
When you leave the cottage I walk around and there are traces of you 
everywhere and I smile.
So as I close with the typed words,
"I love you, JoJo"
My heart hears now and always,
"I love you, Muzie" 

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday JoJo!!!! ����⭐️������❤️��