Friday, May 13, 2016


Since Bean had her dance recital, I have been
thinking about writing this blog, after
getting her parents permission, I am so happy to 
write this Blog about this beautiful tyke, 
Elizabeth, known as Lizzie to us.
Lizzie is Kd's godchild but also her little niece,
her brothers child who was born just weeks after
our own Bean. She and Bean are more like sisters than
cousins but this blog is not about that,
This writing is about how much I love this 
dear one and a talent she has, bug whisperer....
I will explain that in a few.
She and I are pretty close, she calls me Mumsie
and each time she is with her Dad and she sees me,
she runs to hug and kiss me.
A  few weeks ago, Cathy, the girls MawMaw and
I were on grandma duty and were happy to also
have Lizzie with us,
That day I realized even more so, just 
how special this child is.
Its the dayI gave her the name "bug whisperer"
As we played outside, all she wanted was bugs,
We searched for bugs, and I was a hit with her
when I found some slugs,
Bean, she wanted a slug but she wanted me to put
it in her bug box but Lizzie had to hold hers.
I finally had her put it in a old butter tub with holes
in it so she would not kill it.
Then she really surprised me.
AS Cathy and I swung and played with the
younger girls she and Bean tried to catch
dragon flys. If you have never, in your childhood
tried to catch these fast flying things,
then you may not understand how special this trait is.
I call her the bug whisperer because
after about 5 minutes Lizzie came with her hands cupped
and said, "Mumsie I caught one"
I thought surely she caught a love bug,
but no, in her little hand was none other than
a Dragon fly, I was so impressed, I showed her
how to hold it by the wings without hurting it.
We continued to play, I believing it was a fluke,
she caught the slowest dragon fly, but Nooooo,
A few minutes later I hear,
"Mumsie, have another"
And she did!!!!! she caught another
holding it in the way I taught her! 
I swear this child is definitely a bug whisperer.
Bean would not have it in her hand, only
in her bug box, Tuts, she screamed just to have it around her
but Lizzie, lizzie could not have enough.
WE placed them in another butter dish.
She really wanted a lizard but we just could not catch
it where it was but she tried.
At the end of the day,
I explained to her if we did not let all the "catch of the day"
go, they would die because they were meant to fly in the wild.
She began to cry in my lap,
"but I don't want them to die, Mumise, I love them"
At the end of the day we let them go.
Her Daddy helped explain this so she could let them
go without tears.
My reason for thinking about this blog, however,
began at Bean's dance recital.
At the recital, there was a time during the dancing that
she seemed to be getting bored.
I brought up the subject bugs, well
she had to come to my lap and discuss this.
I explained how I think of her as a bug expert 
and how bugs just love her.
"They love me???"
"Oh yes, Lizzie, they all love you and I need 
you to help me because I have lizards in my shed"
"Lizards, Mumsie??"
and she was on my lap in a second,
giving me orders on what we will need,
"Okay, we gunna need a net, and a bug box, and...."
I have no doubt that next time she is with her
Dad who also lives in my garden district,
she will beg to come to MUmsie's shed,
She has a  job to do!
I love this baby, like my own and I would
like to thank her parents for allowing me
to be an important part of her life.
Love you, Lizzie!
Thanks, Frankie and Rachel.

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