Thursday, May 19, 2016

TLC Reality TV....

I am a big reality tv finatic.
I love exploring others peoples lives via
these shows. 
TlC is my favorite channel for these shows.
Where Amy and her little hubby are separated,
I can relate to so much she says.
that is so different from any marriage I have known
but I find it interesting...
there are others and I like them all.
Yet there is one I am struggling with,
starting this Fall..
I am Jazz, a young teen who is transgender.
This child I believe was born a boy
and is being raised as a girl.
On the commercials she speaks of
having to be on hormones to stop her body
from male hormones taking over.
She is beautiful, and talented.
I know their reason for possibly accepting
the offer is not so much for money but to 
open the door for others like her.
I have a problem with one commercial however.
When her Dad makes the comment,
"I have to protect our family, our child"
and I wonder, how is coming forward on a tv
show going to help protect his family.
Not meaning to judge their decision as everyone has
their reasons but it is a statement that to me,
seems completely different from  a reality show
protecting his family. 
I guess, if I were in the same place,
I would move somewhere where my daughter
would be known as nothing buy a girl and
raise her in that way with out people knowing
what her daily struggles may be.
Of course, this is just my opinion and I wish
this teen a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle
and I hope her parents, when they say,
" We need to protect our family"
find that even when they have signed up for 
a reality tv show.

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