Thursday, September 15, 2016


On the other end of my post of yesterday,
I've another story that I will leave out names
and change it up a little as the person
who is the main character has not given me
permission to post this but the story is a lesson 
for us all!
Weeks ago and episode happened where someone
I love dearly needed some time away,
could afford it but others wanted to help
and she was not wanting to accept the help.
I kept thinking to myself, I guess it would be hard
for me as well as when I want something that is not
a necessity I have trouble spending my money on it.
In fact, if I don't make the money by working
my little scrap business for it, I will not buy
it or go away for fun.
The next morning after this episode happened
as I was saying my "Momma Rosary"
(Rosary my Mom gave all us siblings before
she died for helping her so much)
This idea came to me.
"When we turn down or refuse help from 
another we think we are doing what is right
but we are actually stopping those persons
from being a disciple to Christ,
we are not allowing His mercy to be bestowed on us.
There will always be a time where we can do
the same for someone else, yet it if we are turned
down, we are not being allowed 
to do God's work"
I sent this to this person and I guess it hit her
and she allowed others to be Disciples.
( or maybe she had already figured it out and
I had nothing to do with
Remember, when someone offers to help you
in some way, whether it be clean your yard,
offer money because they know you are struggling,
anything such as that. Allow it, it may not even 
be about you, it may be something that person 
need to do for themselves.
Think about it, think about it.....


  1. Hello Lilly,
    You probably won't remember me from the now-deceased ScrapJazz, but I have your blog saved as a favourite in my browser, and I was just going through cleaning it up and found you. I was the English girl adrift in Singapore, completely immersed in paper and virtual friends, in lieu of friends I could touch. I don't get much time to play with my crafting these days, but I wanted you to know that reading your blog again has calmed the chaos of my day and reminded me how close we all are to God.
    Thank you, old friend from years ago. I would wish you the best, but you already have it, so I wish you better than the best!
    Rosey (Squirrel) XX

    1. I do remember! So glad you have reconnected with me, so much has happened....keep in touch!!!!!!

  2. Girl, I've said this countless times. Just a week ago when giving, the person didn't want to accept and I told her, "If you can't do this for you then do it for me and let ME feel good doing this for you." ;-) Great minds!!