Friday, September 30, 2016


People ask me at times,
"Did you see the news?" and I realize
I rarely watch the news anymore.
When Ron and I were together or when I worked,
I watched it every morning.
Today I remembered that I just realized Hurricane season 
is almost over and I have not had to look at news
for threats of a storm at all this year.
That is not what my blog is about this Am.
I decided this morning I would watch some news,
more because I am distraught over the Presidential campaign.
I see the devastation of a train crash in the terminal
in the Bronx. Ugh and another school shooting....
Back to the train crash. I am focused on the 
one young Mother who passed away.
There she was standing alone on the terminal,
waiting for it to stop I guess to board.
I wonder what she was thinking of...
the news says her one child was at daycare
and her husband was rushing home from a
business trip. How sad, and yet, again,
I am wondering, what was she thinking?
Probably like all of us, what we are going to eat
for supper, about her busy day,
wondering how her husband was doing on his
business trip. and for sure,
she had thoughts of her precious child.
I am obsessed with the fact, she awakened like all of us.
She probably fixed coffee or tea and fed her child,
being a single parent while her Hubby was away.
She dressed her sweet child, brought he/she to 
daycare and headed to work or errands.
Stood on the train depot perhaps with 
her cell in her hand texting with a loved one.
I pray she had no clue her life was about to end.
I also think, we all wake up in the morning, we
never think "today is my last day of life"
"today I will die" 
"I hope someone knows where my husband and child is.
That poor husband probably trying to get home 
to be with their child.
There is such truth to the quote,
"live every day as if it is your last."
RIP you beautiful woman who I have only seen
your picture, don't even know your name.
.... and things like this may be why I watch
Four weddings in the AM instead of the news.
Enjoy beautiful weather!

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