Sunday, September 4, 2016


I have always had an infatuation with Martha's Vineyard.
Because I have loved and been obsessed with everything 
around the Kennedy's and the things that happened
at Martha's Vineyard and the Chappaquiddick waters.
Like BB said, he has heard of this place since he was like 5.
So, back to the story.
A few weeks ago, I told my bestie, Laurie
"I am going by myself to MV"
"What??? I want to go, please.... I need this!"
Was her answer.....
She thinks she barged in on my Bucket list
but she is one of the two people I would love to
have a girls week with! The other is our other bestie,
Ann. "OMG! I would love you and Ann to come!"
Now I was smart asking Laurie to come,
you see, I was going to Martha's Vineyard but had no clue
how I was getting there and had no clue where I would stay
following getting there. I don't worry about things like that.
I would have been like the Virgin Mary on the day our Savior
was born.... "Do you have room in this inn?"
Laurie is the ultimate planner, probably more than
needed but I was so glad she was coming and planning the trip..
Honestly, I did not plan it this way!
But I didn't stop her either.
After days and night of studying, not sleeping,
she found us the perfect spot, but then she was doubting if she
could find better, I told that gal,
"Get on that phone and BOOK IT!"
and that she did!
Now we had an issue with the other bestie.
I guess we didn't explain enough to her and how cost 
efficient it was, but her main reason for option out was
she did want to leave her hubby, Moody.
He has been sick last few years so as much as we
wanted her to come, we didn't want to push her 
but we wanted her with us so badly.
Then the other night, while having supper with Laurie,
she was second guessing her decision as her love,
told her she should go. When Laurie told her about
the BandB she had found, how nice the owner was,
How we could fly round trip for 200 dollars, she
really wanted to come, she went talk to her Moo
They think they busted my bucket list VayCay,
I was cheering inside to be on my dream place with 
my two bestie! Then yesterday, they surprise me with 
a day visit to the cottage, and they brought my bestie's baby, 
Linz! We talked about the trip, booked and paid our
flights and now we are definitely going on my dream
place! I am so ecstatic as this place is not something
I will be able to explain to anyone, to experience it
with the two girls who I have been friends with since
second grade..Well, I've not been this happy for
a while! When we were Seniors in high school,
us three with a few other friends, flew to Disney for
our Senior trip, yes, we are a tad older now but 
I feel the same excitement I did way back then.
Martha's Vineyard, bet ready, the three Besties are on their
way come November! 
Thanks to Bestie, Laurie for doing all the hard work!

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