Saturday, September 24, 2016

She is old and disheveled, she is riding in LeBlanc's
motorized car. I get in line to check out behind her.
I see her leaving without her groceries.
I look at the cashier.
She rolls her eyes, "She is coming back, going to
the car for more money"
I am upset. Not for the customer, but for the
the cashiers attitude. Here she comes,
she pulls out her little coin purse and starts
smoothing out the money she has.
I move to the service check out and
I watch while I wait my turn.
I remember long ago, Oprah saying,
"Respect your money and you will have enough"
I have a feeling no matter how much this poor
woman respected her money, there will not be
enough to pay her groceries.
All her groceries are bagged.
There are no alcohol, there is no cigarettes,
only fresh vegetables and things
any household would need.
She leaves again without her groceries.
Again the cashier says to the manager who is 
helping me, "She is going back to the car for more money."
The manager asks her total. $123. I feel anger boiling.
I don't know if she has food stamps but that day she does not.
She comes back in, with the motorized car.
While she was out, I remembered I had cashed a check
sent by my dear friend, Ali for $30 she needs $23.25
I hand the $25 dollars to the little woman
as the workers were beginning to take things out of
her grocery bags.
"Oh thank you, God bless you my child"
I leave saying nothing.
This time I feel good about Ali and I being able to 
help her but I don't feel good about her cashier.
I think on the way home,
"I should have waited to help her put her groceries in 
the car,"
"Who will help her when she gets home"
I then realize I have done all I can do for this woman.
As I was leaving I hear the manager say,
"You are going to make me cry"
I hope the manager was observant of her employee.
Again, I do not write for Kudo's I write because
we must be observant of those around us.
Two Bible quotes come to mind
"What so ever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me"
"But for the Grace of God, go I"
Help your elders whenever you can!

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