Tuesday, January 20, 2015


NO, I have not seen the movie yet, but I will.
I am a Howard Stern listner, I can now say
that with confidence as my children are now grown
and I can come out the closet.
I was before a "closet Howard Stern listner"
Now I am an avid listener to his show,
even pay for Xm radio to hear him.
This morning after dropping off Bean at school,
I put on my fave. and he is discussing the movie,
There are so many people out there saying bad
things about this movie, saying 
Snipers, trained by our own military are not hero's 
and this show is making them out to be that.
I am sorry, in my eyes, each and every one of
those men and women who fight for the freedom 
of our country, even if it means they must 
kill some for our protection are hero's.
I could not do it. I could not kill another human
but I am not trained to do that.
As Howard and Robin discussed this,
he made it clear that shame on any of us
who live in this free country we call the US of A and
say that these men and women are not hero's.
If you want to blame someone, blame the government
officials who put them out there when maybe
they are not needed. They, these snipers
are following the orders of their commanders
and if we, as true American's believe
that they don't suffer as a result of killing those
the government think are dangerous to us,
then we are all so wrong.
These people, have husbands, wives, children.
They are our true hero's along with all those
out there who sacrifice their lives and those
who have to be away 
 from those they love 
all in the name of keeping the USA free.
I don't know why I am on a rampage this am 
about this movie and the critics who speak badly
about those who are called American Snipers.
Maybe it's because I had a Father who fought
in WWII and came home to raise 7 children
and rarely spoke about the horrors he saw there.
When he did, it was usually about the story of 
one small town his platoon blew up on orders.
How he walked this village and heard a baby crying.
He had a wife in the states pregnant with his
own third child and just the crying of this baby
brought he and his men to tears.
He and a few others, went into the burning building
where he found the only living survivor of the home,
A newborn that they placed under a tree.
He spoke of each time he saw the child
his wife birthed months later, it is this
small baby he placed under a tree he thought of,
wondering what
happened to the baby with no family or food.
Did this make my father a bad man?
no this made my Daddy a hero, he protected
our enemy line and lived to see his seven
children live in a country where they could make
their own choices, Yet if any believe he was not
a changed man by those who died because
of orders given to him, they are wrong.
Maybe my rampage this morning is also
for two brothers who served in the army
during the Vietnam era. One, Peter,
fought on the battle lines and came
back a different man, till this day,
we will never know who he might have been
had he not fought a war that many civilians
believed was his fault. Again, he was just serving
his Country, following the orders of those higher
than him, to live the rest of his life a changed man.
There is also my dear godchild. Rick who serves
in the Navy today, no he is not a sniper,
but if those higher up called him to be in a position
to protect us, he would.
So, to all you critics out there whether, seeing the movie 
or not, watch how you judge.
American Snipers are hero's,
it is because of them you have the freedom to 
say they are not.


  1. You have a gift, my love!!! THESE WORDS ARE EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!!!!