Wednesday, January 21, 2015


You just never know when God will work his thing
using you as a vessel to his message.
I love my Clinique girl.
Each time I walk in our local Stage I hope she
is there. Yesterday she is, 
I mean it's Clinique "free gift" month.
I don't even know her name, sadly.
I know she has probably told me,
and its funny that I notice the pink ribbon pin
on her lapel of her white lab coat but
have no recollection of what her name 
tag states. Knowing me, I ask about the pink
ribbon made of pink stones.
She explains that the month of October, being
Breast cancer awareness month
Clinique sent one to each their employees this beautiful 
pin to wear. She goes on to explain she 
continued to wear it because her mother just 
completed chemotherapy.
Yes, the nosy me needed to enquire more.
"My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer."
Right away, I know that this diagnosis is grim.
There are two types of cancers you do not want to have
one is Pancreatic the second is ovarian.
But the Clinique girls' mom's story is a miraculous one.
You see, she was going about her business that
mom of hers, gaining a little weight here and there,
believing it was just her age, a beer belly she joked.
Finally though her belly became big enough 
that it took her to the doctor where they found
a 9 pound fibroid in her uterus. (the poundage may
be a little off but it was big!")
Right away surgery was scheduled to remove
this tumor that was benign but the same size
as a baby. She was recovering fine when
the biopsy report came in that one ovary was
found to have had a small spot of cancer.
Just because it was there, even though the docs
said she would be fine they recommended few doses
of chemo. I share with this child of her Mother
that tumor was a life saver. Had her Mom not
had that tumor, by the time she would have
had symptoms of ovarian cancer, it would 
may have been too late to save her.
The young woman is teary-eyed.
Says she never looked it like that.
She asks what does this mean for her,
who has a three year old child.
I say that she needs a good GYN appointment
so she can begin prophylactic testing
as it is a genetic disease.
She thanks me profusely and we speak for a
small bit, of how God works, that
a small pin on her lapel can cause the 
transaction as it did. I depart with a hug,
I mean she is MY CLINIQUE GIRL,
and she says she will make an appointment today
with her gynecologist.
Oh that Big Man, amazing how he works.

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