Monday, January 5, 2015


Back from Vegas.
It was great, didn't win big but came home
with what I left with so that is a win for me.
A new year, a new day.
I am not one who likes New Years resolutions
but I do look at the new year as a way to
start some new ideas.
So, like many, I am going to begin again
to watch my weight. I have been good with this
before the New Year but time to get back
on the wagon.
I have not been good about my journaling.
With the things that have happened in the year
of 2014, I just got to where I didn't want to write.
Call it a block but I am determined to begin 
journaling daily again.
I also have a desire to not only scrap for others
for profit but scrap for my little grand babies.
I have not done much in Bean's book and she
is about to turn 4!
Have not even began J. Belle's....
Lots to do there.
I have had so many paying scrap jobs that I 'focused
on that but now, time to scrap for those I love.
I am praying, hoping, excited about
the prospect of selling this big house,
for me, for Ron, for my little family to put
an end to this chapter of our lives.
I want my own home, I want Ron to be
free of having this house as a "Monkey on his back"
It is the last thing we have from our old lives
and we are both ready to move on.
Anyone who knows me, knows how I love older
homes, old wood floors, the home I want
is still for sale in the garden district and as
soon as this one sells, if I can,
that one will be mines.
I love, love, love decorating, old things.
vintage, have not been able to do that here
as I have held off for the big sale.
Today, the house will show and I have my
fingers crossed that maybe even an offer is coming.
My realtor, Vickie has been most helpful 
but the homes here are just not showing.
Today it will..... Say a little prayer
that we can all move on with the sale of this home.
Then you will see the changes of the new year
for me, 
Welcome 2015, good riddance, 2014!

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  1. Good luck Lil!!! Praying!!! Love you!!!